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Jessica Alba's Weekend Wedding

Jessica Alba's Weekend Wedding

Jessica Alba carries her baby Honor Warren as their family does some sightseeing and attends a friend’s wedding in France on Saturday (June 13).

The 28-year-old actress was being investigated by the Oklahoma City Police for plastering shark posters on public property, last week. “I got involved in something I should have had no part of,” she said in a statement released last week.

Jessica will soon be filming The Killer Inside Me, also starring Kate Hudson and Casey Affleck.

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  • sia

    A smile wouldn’t go amiss. Jessica’s hair does look lovely though, very girly. The little one doesn’t look like either of them, especially the dad.

  • deea

    jessica is very beautiful and sweet….buuut…i am afraid the poor child is going to be fat:| when she grows up…and will end up comparing herself with the mother..:(…very kissable and chuby though:D

  • Leslie

    deea: I don’t agree. She’s a baby and has all that cute baby weight happening. Whether she’s fat or not when she gets older, she’ll be loved just the same.

  • Rocky

    Awwwww, will you look at those thighs! I want to squeeze them! What a cutie she is.

  • ellie’

    Such a beautiful family

  • proenza

    cute as always

  • Flatbush hooker


  • Rita

    Jessica Alba tries way too hard to shed her ‘pretty’ image, to be considered serious for bigger and better roles… but it’s not working! You just portray yourself to be idiotic with each attempt! That shark poster incident was way too unfortunate.

    Know what you have and work it; go for sexy, romantic comedy roles and please stop speaking in public. I’m embarrassed for you.

  • Flatbush hooker


  • Flatbush hooker


  • mary

    Honor is such a cute baby!!

  • deea

    oooh..:)…i have nothing against over-weighted people…but jessica also stated she comes from a family with a lot of over-weighted members,she herself was afraid that honor is gonna jump into that gene:D…..of course she is not going to be loved less for that….is more a question of how she(honor) will deal with it..having such a beautiful mom

  • Nahla

    A friend in France?OKayy…. At first, I thought Jessica wouldn’t be that much of a great mom and it was true…..she was very awkward with her baby (didn’t know how to carry her and all) but she’s starting to get it. Any woman can be a great mom anyway! and she is. Honor looks more and more like Jessica, good for her. She’s like a chubbier version of Jess right now =) Too cute

  • Savannah

    Honor is so chunky and cute. If she is too chunky it’s not her fault! Mom feeds her.

  • aileen

    Jessica doesn’t know how to dress she’s wearing a grey sweater, a red and white dress and carrying a yellow purse. I like the picture with her with Cash carrying Honor. Her daughter is getting prettier and will slim up once she starts walking my sister had a really fat baby but once she started toddling around she lost her fatness.

  • Vacationing in my backyard

    A wedding in France, how nice…sigh. Rich people sure know how to live.

  • pam

    Honor looks exactly like her dad.

    look him up!

  • emma

    I was a chubby baby and then when i started walking my parents said i lost all the baby fat. Honor is cute.

  • NativeNYker

    The investigation will go nowhere as is usual with celebrity goings on….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Caroline

    come on ppl a chubby baby doesnt mean she will be fat. alot of babies are chubby and they become thin when older. doesnt mean anything.

  • Riley

    That little girl gets cuter by the day. I can’t wait to see her a year from now when she’s walking and her hair grows longer. Jessica seems to be a wonderful mother and always takes her baby wherever she goes, even to a wedding.

  • justme

    Man Jessica Alba always looks pissed, poor Cash, she must be one moody gal to be with. Maybe she is in need of a post to stick shark or whale protests or whatever stupid thing she was protesting on, maybe that will make her happier.

  • pink roses

    Awww! Honor is getting cuter and cuter. With those little chunky legs.

  • pink roses

    I was a fat baby, and by the time I was walking I was stretching out, and got skinny as a rail.

  • diane

    The baby is so cute ! I love fat babies !! Jess is beautiful as usual and will always be !!!

  • a realist

    I like when celebs feed their babies and do not starve them because they went them to be skinny. Like what Courteney Cox, Katie Holmes, and other celebs did. They feed their baby girls like they are baby actresses. That is disgusting.

    Hats off to Jessica, Angelina and those celebrities who feed their babies.

    My mother told me I was a fat baby, but when I started walking, I lost all the baby fat. And I remain skinny to this day.

  • Luv Jess!!!

    Honor is going to be beautiful in a year or two I can tell. She is adorable!

  • mimilala

    Jessica and Honor look so cute. I love Jessica’s hair there, nice summer style!

  • Sally

    Jessica is adorable!

  • pretty baby

    I must admit, Honor is pretty. She is beginning to look more like mom than dad which is always good for a girl. I think her dad is handsome and a baby boy who favored him would be handsome as well. But a girl should look more feminine and I am happy to see that Honor is following after Jessica. I love her blond hair and it is interesting to see that she is lighter in coloring than both her parents. She took after her two grandmothers I see.

  • honor

    Honor looks exactly like a boy! Not a very attractive baby.

    don’t think she will be cute as she gets older. take a look at her dad

  • Janet

    You see? This is precisely why people should not call babies ugly because their looks are constantly changing in the first three years. I thought Honor looked like a cute boy but now she looks like a girl and she is pretty. But there was no way a pretty woman like Jessica Alba and a good-looking guy like Cash were going to have an ugly child. Honor may very well be beautiful in time, she certainly has the genes for it, we just have to wait and see. At any rate, she is a lovely, fat baby and is dearly loved by her folks and that is the most important thing. I would snatch her up in a minute if I could.

  • Bella’s mommy

    Looks like Jessica is losing more weight.

  • Tazina

    Jessica needs to install good eating habits with Honor now, and eventually this will just be a way of life. She’s old enough she could be put on a lower fat milk, eliminate junk food and if she’s hungry between meals, try and fill her up with nutritious snacks. She may lose more weight when she starts running around of course She shouldn’t be on a diet at her age but good food choices could do a lot.

  • maryrowery

    beautiful dresses!

  • missporky

    nope. a big head and a piggy nose does not make cute baby

  • make-up artist

    she’s amising!

  • merylu

    I love this girl, I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls in this world, just gorgeus and very humble. She’s always carriyng Honor and taking care of her. No nannies. I just love her

  • merylu

    I love this girl, I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls in this world, just gorgeus and very humble. She’s always carriyng Honor and taking care of her. No nannies. I just love her

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao im still laughing about those shark posters
    i can just imagine her, she probably was so thrilled that she thought she was doing a good thing, u gotta love idiots sometimes =p
    she looks really beautiful in that reddish dress
    she looks bit more hispanic than usual
    i feel sad for her, she hasnt had a real job in a while
    that last thing she’s worked on is that movie where she’s mentally retarded, i think

  • Bruce Banner

    What are you talking about, #26? Not feeding their babies?

    You shouldn’t call babies ugly because they’re babies, #32!

  • janet

    Brucie Boner- I never said one word about calling Honor ugly!

    stop putting words in other people’s mouth you idiot

    ps….that is a stupid comment Brucie. There are cute and ugly babies……so what?

  • mzqt

    Honor looks soo cute! Jessica’s getting back to her really skinny self, I see.

  • http://ht tiffany

    What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL mom and baby!!!! Both are just beyond adorable!

  • http:?? Wow

    Gorgeous family.. love Jessica’s hair.

  • ah!

    adorable little girl! katie holmes and tom cruise should take notes this is what a real, normal, healthy, family looks like.

  • JUlia

    Jessica is adorable,but Honor is not cute

  • rachelsun

    Honor is beautiful. she is beginning to resemble her mother! The only “ugliness” here are you people w/ your stupid hateful comments about a beautiful child. I don’t care what you look like (even though the critics most likely look the same as dog sh$t) Your comments make you “ugly” people inside and out.

  • Ivana

    Honor is such a perfect mix of Jessica and Cash, she is sooo cute!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Jessica is so lovely.