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Kate Gosselin Highlights Her Highlights

Kate Gosselin Highlights Her Highlights

Kate Gosselin shows off the new highlights in her famous hairstyle as she fills up her car at a local gas station on Monday afternoon (June 15) in Reading, Penn.

The 32-year-old reality TV dad was seen outside the family’s home with twins Cara and Mady as well as their dogs, two German Shepherd dogs named Shooka and Nala.

A new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs TONIGHT (June 15) @ 8PM ET/PT on TLC.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin highlighting her highlights…

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kate gosselin highlights 02
kate gosselin highlights 03
kate gosselin highlights 04
kate gosselin highlights 05
kate gosselin highlights 06
kate gosselin highlights 07
kate gosselin highlights 08
kate gosselin highlights 09
kate gosselin highlights 10

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  • niko

    Looks like a comb over. Is she going bald?

  • http://justjared sELINA

    Wow do we really need to know.

  • Jon Gosselin

    Thank God she finally learned how to pump gas. What a dope.

  • emma

    mady and cara got haircuts.

  • CC

    She looks depressed. GOOD!

  • Anakin

    I hope TLC put the kids’ money in trust, and not have them find out when they’re 18 that there’s no money left because of their parents especially Kate.

    And why does Kate need a bodyguard when she travels alone, I could understand if the kids were with her.

  • TLC

    I wonder how many inches this BG is packin’ for Kate.

  • Cathey

    Who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares????????
    When are these people and everybody else going to realize that these kids are scared for life with this stupid show and stupid, selfish and selfcentered parents!!!!!!!

  • anakin

    I hope TLC put the kids’ money in trust, in case the parents spend it all, especially Kate. And why does she need a bodyguard when goes out solo?

  • anakin

    I hope TLC put the kids’ money in trust, in case the parents spend it all, especially Kate. And why does she need a bodyguard when goes out solo?

  • Sam

    Wow weeee, Kate has twotoo tight old fashioned skirts – she’s so cool!

    Those dogs are adourable, they know Jon loves them, so easy to see. THAT alone proves who is the better person!

  • kendra

    The neck is looking a bit saggy . Gobble gobble.

  • jc

    I wonder if she changed bodyguards now that word has hit the internet about her first one, who she said was married, was actually leagally divorced as of this April and whose petition for divorce was filed Sept 2008 apparently when Kate told Jon it was over and they separated. Hmmmm…

  • Denise

    They are sure living “green”. It’s 15 minutes from their home to Reading and Kate drives it at least once a day.

    No wonder she learned to pump gas.

  • http://justjared think +

    Boy, by the look on jon`s face (directly looking into the camera) I wonder how long the picture-takers will have such a great vantage point ?? It`s amazing how many pics we`ve seen of this family on their private property.

    Looks like a new trend setting hair style might be around the corner – kate looks like she`s letting the short side grow out !!??

  • K

    Her marriage is falling apart and she gets highlights.There’s someone with her priorites straight.

  • nora

    #5, she always looks pisssed of and depressed. That’s part of her charm….
    I can’t believe she has a new style! Denim mini, Tight V neck shirt, boobbies to show, and wedge heels..Wow..New one!!! Ha.
    I think this dream house of there’s needs to be sold again, and they need to move.
    Actually, they need to get on with thier lives and stop living for the papps.
    This is cleary a family who is letting life live them, and they are not living life.

  • aska

    i really don’t like this hairstyle. it just screams trying hard b*tch. unlike the victoria beckham asymmetrical bob which i liked before everyone started getting it, this one just looks cheap.

  • Rhonda

    Where’s Steve the bodyguard? Kate probably started treating him the way she treated Jon and he ran for the hills.

    Ps. Those dogs are not abused. I have a two year black german shepherd and he looks exactly like theirs. Those are happy family dogs.

    the kids on the otherhand look miserable. While they look angry at the camera you can tell they are totally “with” their dad.

    What’s funny is Kate “trying” to smile, hope her face doesn’t break.

  • aska

    and it looks dyke-y, no offense to lesbians.

  • sandy

    She’s morphing from a “Christian” mother into a cheap looking wannabe starlet before our eyes. Move to Hollywood Kate. It’s where you belong.

  • speak the truth

    I donno, I think she’s pretty. Kate Gosselin may not have that nice of a personality, but I think she looks great for a mom with 8 kids!

  • Meepzy

    Famous hair…?

  • Sally

    WOW jon looks like he had a wild weekend with somebody?

  • L

    I am so sick of this woman’s face, she is so smug.

  • Lillianne

    I have yet to see this hairdo on a single person other than this wannabe. It must be one of those “Oh, I love you hair” and then laughs behind her back.

  • shannon

    Adorable outfit. She’s looking really good. Nice to see her smile.

    I don’t approve of the long lens shoots of Cara and Mady though.

    I’ll be watching tonight. Along with about 4 or 5 million other people.

  • http://justjared Jackie

    If you don’t like someone thats ok, but her necks getting saggy, gobble gobble, there are not many women that will not happen to.

  • http://justjared Jackie

    If you don’t like someone thats ok, but her necks getting saggy, gobble gobble, there are not many women that will not happen to.

  • June15

    Once again Kate looks great. Very beautiful lady. I’ll be watching tonight too, good summer TV, light hearted and cute stuff. Keep smiling Kate! pretty summer like clothes, and she stays in great shape for having had 8 kids, that’s awesome and a great thing to teach children, to care for your health and appearance, so many moms let themselves and get fat and unhealthy.

  • Beautiful

    Beautiful lady, beautiful kids. Should be a great show tonight!

  • Jealoushatersgetalife

    Her hair is on everyone dopes including post spice and Rihanna! The fans love Kate and you idiots need to get a life and stop dumping on her!

  • TwylaNTylersMommy

    we’ll be watching the GOSSELINS from our new outdoor tv by the pool! Kids are already excited to see the OCC gang with the kids again. Great show! I admire Kate, with everything, she keeps fit and in trendy clothes for her age. Very pretty lady. Jon lets himself go, to bad he and Kate couldn’t work out together, that is what my hubby and I do, it makes it fun and involve the kids too. Our kids with yoga are hilarious, Mommmy, I wanna do some yogurt, haha. 3 year old twins, they grow so fast.

  • Tia

    I think her hair looks cute on her, never understood why people make such a big deal of it, it works for her cute skinny face. I like the highlights too.

  • kylieK

    Kate’s hair works for her thin face, it’s cute on her, I cannot imagine it on many others, but it works for her, gotta go for what works, I think she is stylish for her age group. Cute mom.

  • JonAndKatePlus8OnTonightYAYYYY

    I was wondering what I was going to do tonight, I forgot it’s on tonight, I cannot wait!! KEWL

  • Misery Loves Company

    the people who hate on Kate r jus jealous of her life and her looks. Misery loves company, as they say.

  • VaVOOM

    her legs are hot! I’d hit that!

  • Jam on Toast

    I liked her sunglasses so much, I had to buy a brown and black pair, they are really nice glasses. She has so many cute clothes, she got me turned on to Ann Taylor, not seen Kate wear them, but got some cute little white, black and khaki capris with zipper, on sale, very reasonally priced stuff. Their clothes are good quality too. Sold me on them!

  • JOn N Kate N 8

    JOn doesn’t lOok so hot, he looks older then kate, seems like a great day tho.

  • Eugenics Now

    4-5 million mental R*E*T*A*R* D*S will watch tonight. Live it up mongoloids. Don’t forget your pork rinds and drool buckets while you watch white trash play house. Who’s playing Daddy Tonight?

  • Terri

    wish the cameras would leave the kids alone, they always look stressed and unhappy. adorable outfit, I want to find that top, that would be cute with capri jeans, does Kate have a stylist who shops for clothes/.


    someone needs more fiber in their diet *ahem* kill joy Eugenics, bleck on pork rinds, we’re having grilled chicken breasts, zuchini with tomato, onion and little mozarella and some grilled potatoes, hubbys playing chef tonight, then we’ll snuggle in to watch Jon and Kate play house like you call it, I think it’s cute stuff, sorry you’re having such a bad day Eugene, increase the prunes or fiber, maybe that will cheer ya up *twinkle in the eyes with a cute little smile*

  • http://justjared Jackie

    Wow 41, you forgot to take your meds again.

  • 8XploitedFaces

    Help send TLC a message. Please sign.

  • jusSOdarnCUTE

    cute pups, cute kids, cute parents, cute show

  • nice pictures

    when she smiles she does have a pretty smile, the papz must really have great lenses to get in that close!

  • dan

    jon and kate plus 8 plus her legs look great!

  • GayleInezGarcia

    @Eugenics Now: They got to get their “entertainment on” by watching a family self-destruct!
    Hope the rabbit-ears still work!

  • wOoT WoOt

    bodyguard has a nice butt!