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Katie Holmes Tapes SYTYCD Segment?

Katie Holmes Tapes SYTYCD Segment?

Katie Holmes walks back to her car wearing a fun and flirty dance number after working with the hit dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, at CBS Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 14).

SYTYCD is filmed in front of a live audience at CBS Studios, so the 30-year-old actress must be doing a special segment for the show! L&S sources say Katie is working on a slinky Broadway-inspired number!

Last weekend, Katie met with FOX producer, Nigel Lythgoe, who’s a judge on SYTYCD.

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  • mike

    Look at those legs :)

  • Camille

    Oh my god oh my god !! Where is her Bodyguard !! xD

  • @


  • ramona

    Camille on other sites her bodyguard is there. She’s also carrying a black hat. Its safe since paparazzis cant go in there but still they managed to snapped pics of her.

  • sienna

    She has wierd body proportions. Head looks small compared to those arms and legs.

  • …..

    She looks so toned and healthy!

  • LolaSvelt

    I can’t wait to laugh at her dancing.

  • sushi

    wow!!!! bravo she is beautiful and has great legs not the skinny anorexic ones that make me puke

  • jade

    Why? Why? Why?

  • the other jo

    Super man stride she’s got going there. Man legs, small head, flat upper body! Reminds me of those books that young children have where they’re divided into three and you can mix the people up! You know the sort, hairy man legs on a nurses body with a barbie head.

  • McD

    Her head is the size of a softball

  • anonymous

    Thanks no.7 for the ratings contribution. Admit it you are dying to see Katie, you are curious and you like her a lot. Trolls beat the true fan watching Katie’s pictures everyday.

    Such devotion and love.

  • snowy

    I will believe it once I see it.

  • Pattycake

    @sushi: Glad she hasn’t made you ill, sushi…like sushi does me, but that’s another story. Those gams are hers are truly not skinny. Neither are they toned and muscular the way a pro dancer’s should be. She may have talent but she has not been practicing or exercising.

  • Jim

    There is nuttin sexy going on there.

  • lm6o

    Greg Berlanti begged Katie so now Nigel did some begging too.

  • ian

    uberSEXY and not trying too hard
    unlike Megan Fox who looks trashy

  • 2009

    Its too bad photogs would never leave her alone.Im banking the Australia press and people are awaiting Katie and will stalk her,Suri and Tom. Not good.

  • jughead

    Not a fan but she looks good.

  • TUTU

    WTG Katie…

    check this out…cant wait for this

  • koko

    Will SYTYCD let her dance with a child in her arms? I can’t wait to see that.

  • lol

    eew. she is so fugly. and look at those hippo legs.

  • the ghost of L Ron

    I wonder if Katie worked out her dance steps on the clay table beforehand.

  • she is ridiculous!

    She was ridiculous dancing on Eli Stone and now can’t believe she is really doing this. Downgrading should i say?

  • lioness

    Sorry, but she just does not look like a star…she’s too plain..nothing outstanding about her at all. My daughter is more attactive than her.

  • so fug

    whatta face.

  • bandmate

    Natural and all around talent. No airbrushing and surgery or skeletal legs. Seriously beautiful inside and outside.

  • CC

    Letting her do the show could be a test of how well the mind control is working or they could be beaming signals at her . She does look confused.

  • ^_^

    haters will eat crow

    remember Valkyrie a hit and Katie’s Broadway also a hit
    and overall had great reviews

  • z

    lovely and Suri sometimes sports that same cute funny expression

  • Bonnie

    On X17 this morning they slammed her but good! It Was Great!!!! But Camp Cruise must of gotten a hold of them and made them change their tune. There are a lot more pics of her on X17 walking like the pigeon toed freak that she is.

  • to:^_^ @ 06/15/2009 at 2:22 p

    Neither Valkyrie nor All My Sons had great reviews. In fact, Katie was singled out as the weak link in AMS. Very obvious that she lacked the acting skills next to Lithgow, Weist and Patrick. Plus Tom’s performance was also criticized. And Valkyrie wasn’t the hit Tom was hoping for. He was also hoping for an Oscar nod which didn’t happen. And oh my Katie’s lousy Broadway performance didn’t get her a Tony nod either.

  • nan

    Did Tom teach her the “Crazy Couch Dance”?

  • dabu


    Valkryie cost $75 million to make and that doesn’t count promo/marketing costs. Only made $83 mil domestically which is far below most TC films. Made the lion’s share (100 mil) thru foreign distribution. Was out for 16 weeks. And tommy girl had to get off his butt and go to Asia to promote it since he still has a huge fan base there. And if I may point out Lions for Lambs Tanked. Did you forget two industry staples Variety and Hollywood reporter negatively reviewed it?

  • bianca

    The jealous crazies got out of the locked facilities.

  • albert

    love her long legs

  • AEP

    Valkyrie a hit?? Are you high? It made about 200 mil WORLD WIDE….compare that to Star Trek that has made over 232 mil just in the U.S in 5 weeks ( Now that’s a hit) Or compare it to Nic’s movie, Austrailia, that made 211 mil WORLD WIDE, Even SHE beat Crazy! Check out box office MOJO if you don’t believe me. Valkyrie was VERY mediocre, at best. And I didnt see a Tony award for Katie, did you? Or an Oscar for Tom, did you? In fact, they didnt even attend either award show.

  • Me!

    If she weren’t married to loser cruiser, nobody would give a shit about her!
    She is so yesterday’s news!!

  • AEP

    Your right Dabu. They reported the marketing costs for Valkyrie was another 75 mil, poking its head to about 150 mil total. With half of gross sales going to theaters, they didnt even break even. Wow, what a hit.

  • Abby

    My eyes, my eyes!!!!

  • Wi

    I’m a total weirdo for saying this, but her head and her large body kind of make her look like one of those characters in the MIB movie’s that just had its head blown of .

  • hOTT

    does Katie have nothing to do?

  • TWPumpkin


  • jolie-pitt lover

    No matter how much shit you guys talk about TomKat and suri they just seem to be getting more blessing because no matter what hurtful words are said about them they seem to happy and living a good life regardless

  • Mike

    Lets see……doing a bad B movie this summer?Yep. Doing a stupid sitcom dance show, check. Seems to me, her only way out of this is to divorce Crazy and get out of Scientology. OR, stay home and do TONS of charity work to win people back. But I honestly think the Scientology is what sank them both. No win for anyone. Especially the kid.

  • WTF??

    Hey jolie pitt lover,

    Tom and Katie CAN’T GET ANY BLESSINGS. They don’t believe in God. Scientology teaches that there is no God but yourself.

    Don’t believe me? Do some research.

    There are so many ignorant “fans” on this site. LOL

  • :)


  • reese

    KH is the complete package.Her talent is really real acting not political or shedding her clothes or sexual acts. She’s also beautiful and a great person. She’s not like other cheapos that show off their bodies after giving birth or doing PR stunts they are hot and sexy.

  • ck

    Reminds me of those Bigfoot sightings from the 70′s

  • bishop

    The real America’s sweetheart and All American girl next door.