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Megan Fox is an Outrageous Personality

Megan Fox is an Outrageous Personality

Megan Fox fills out a sexy, Kaufman Franco high-twist jersey gown at the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on Sunday (June 15).

The 23-year-old doesn’t know why people are so obsessed with hiring her for movies. Megan told EW, “I can’t figure that out. I mean, Transformers made $700 million and that opened a door to introduce this ‘new girl,’ and I happened to be such an outrageous personality that people wanted to start writing about me because it was deemed controversial. I think if I had been a typical Hollywood actress and I said all the right things and I had been a publicity android, it wouldn’t have escalated to this level… I don’t feel like I had to climb a ladder, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve earned [all this attention].”

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  • lola

    Megan, you’re hot but definitely NOT the next Angelina:

    I can’t wait for Transformers 2 though. I love Shia!

  • asdfjk;

    she’s pretty and all, but her cockiness really shines through. She should be grateful people are talking about her because all this “star” treatment will end soon. She needs to get over herself.

  • mslewis

    Don’t worry, Megan, hon, in a couple years, after every other movie you’ve been in, except “Tranformers” bombs, nobody will remember you. Of course, then you will be even more outreageous, screaming for attention, and people will say “Megan, who”? It’s coming, believe me, because you have no real talent and everyone knows it.

  • Jeff

    She’s really getting annoying. She’s trashing on big celebrities and saying pretty outrageous things and yet she does not get why people are writing about her.

  • me

    at least she is honest :)

  • a total fan

    I was starting to like this girl…now not so much.

  • SUBsub

    Shia looks so handsome! Such a cutie!

  • jd09

    C’mon people why all the hate? For once she’s being completely honest. I think she knows she’s lucky and she’s just playing her cards right. And heck, don’t tell me you all wouldn’t do the exact same thing if you were given the chance!!

  • Spfxgirl

    I really can’t stand this girl. Her personality sucks!!!
    She is such a pretentious nobody.!!!!

    Her only part that i think looks good is her hair and she has beautiful eyes. As for everything about her, no way man she’s fake.

    If she came across as being down to earth and actually being a beautiful human being. Then fair enough.

    Another Paris wannabee.

  • fresh

    I bet she’s the biggest bitch in real life. Wow, you’re hot–bit accomplishment. Get over yourself.


    i said it before and i’ll say it again unlike angelina she’s not a homewreaker

  • hOTT

    whore nobody wants to hear what u have to say! stfu stand & look pretty

  • justine

    shia is hothothot!

  • SoNNYriente

    at least she’s honest???
    um, i think it’s called tactless.

  • maryrowery

    I think we need some rest from her…

  • Katsaridoula

    she sooooooo tries to be like AJ!!! It cannot be more obvious :-))))

  • Cammie

    Concave chest, bad orange, pox mark skin, the only thing pretty are her eyes…

  • marissa

    why do this b**** always have to talk out of her ass?

    shut up and just look like a angelina jolie wannabe.

  • mr

    She looks like she should be in porn. She should close her lips and stick her tongue back in because she can sell the sex in mainstream movies only so long before people start expecting her to throw in a little acting with the cheese. Also, she’ll never get a female audience or work with respectable actors in respectable movies unless she shuts up and starts showing a little RESPECT for the craft.

  • marissa

    i mean will she ever shut he f*** up??

  • wendy

    Really, another tidbit about the transformers movie premiere(s). This is getting a little much don’t ya think?

  • nora

    I think I hate this bit ch as much as I hate Kate Goss….

  • daniela

    why are Angelina fans so obsessed with her??? because you are afraid that she could replace her, after all she’s only 23.
    She looks really good and Shia looks amazing, he’s hot, they would make a great couple

  • missme

    I think she looks really pretty here but ugh. I am kindof sick of hearing about/seeing her!!

  • rpatzfan

    stupid comments from a stupid whore

  • dfjfj

    I’m SICK of her.

  • Sara

    This girl makes your typical actresses seem downright humble. I cannot wait for her to flame out, like we all know she will!

  • daniela

    And also I think is unfari to compare her to Angelina Jolie now, you should compare her with Angelina when she was 23, and now she’s a humanitarian and has done a lot of good things but at that age she just said a lot of crazy things, in fact she did more stupid things that Megan.

  • m.t

    She is Hot but Not the Next angelina she Can’t act Sorry that is ture Megan can’t act like angelina

  • fresh

    “I have an outrageous personality”—no you don’t. Your publicist wants you to try to be controversial to get you attention but sadly you have said nothing of interest. You’re just a stuck up bitch. Yeah–you’re attractive but that’s it. You are the next Carmen Electra not the next Angelina.

  • JessicaM

    ha.. it looks like she had to resort to some tissue to fill out this dress

  • JJ

    I don’t get why everyone thinks shes so cocky? She admitted to not being a good actress. She said in the future she could be if she tries hard.. Thats honest and humble. Most actresses do not admit to their lack of talent.

    And MF said she knows shes not ugly. So what? It’s true, shes beautiful.
    If she said “oh i think im ugly” everyone would accuse her of fishing for compliments. If she said “yeah i think im beautiful” she gets the arrogant comments. Seriously guys..what the hell?

    “what we call conceit in others we call confidence in ourselves”

  • Elaine

    Check out Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s Los Angeles premiere 2005, apparently someone else has.

  • m.t

    she LOOKS FUKE

  • bigdeal

    she is gorgeous–but does need to get over herself.

    seriously hot girls need to start looking at other things besides the mirror!!!

    it’s amazing to have the “whole package”–beauty, brains, and a nice personality.

    instead of agonizing over herself, megan should pick up a book. trust me, anything you say wont attract more or less guys…plenty of guys will still go crazy over you megan, no matter what comes out of your mouth…you’re hot, GREAAAT accomplishment… look and start doing other things!!!

    the reason people are so mesmerized by angelina is that miraculously, she is still down to earth and smart and cares about other things (even though she is stunningly gorgeous). everyone respects her because of her brain, and COUNTLESS guys still go crazy for her. that is something all of us beautiful ladies should aspire to be…go angie! megan, take a note from your mentor’s book = )

  • so fug

    how old is she? 23? more like 43.

  • fresh

    And stop comparing her to Angelina. She’s nothing at all like her. Angelina has talent—5 golden globe nominations–3 wins-an Oscar—-A goodwill amabassador travelling to the Congo and Iraq–a mom of 6–making it look easy. Megan Fox is a wannabe—i dont blame her—i want to be like Angelina too—but I have my own identity–she doesn’t. Seems like she needs to read a book or two.

  • VNY

    Ahhh! i was there shes soooo nice! :)

  • SoNNYriente

    i hate comparisons, but to be fair, daniela, the young angelina had already won an oscar for girl, interrupted. so, her acting chops had already shown then. am not an angelina fan, just to be clear but as i said before, it should be a compliment to angie fans if megan fox is compared to angie, seeing as the latter one seems to idolize the former.

    megan would be hot if she just learns how to communicate. she sounds insecure in all her interviews because she sounds like she’s always trying to prove something. she comes off as a pseudo-intellect, trying hard non-conformist.


    #3: i agree with u,

  • z

    Im respecting Shia more than this cheap Angie version.

  • xanadu

    NASTY and a DIVA

  • bigdeal

    she knows reality, she even said herself angelina was a method actress and she doesnt want to be compared to her…but i do agree with SONNYRIENTE when she says she sounds like shes trying to prove something

    she kind of reminds me of demi moore (even though she is much more beautiful than demi moore) they both are limited when it comes to a female fan base…but then again that is because her confidence seems like cockiness. the reason females identify with angelina is because she’s not into herself and is not cocky. females like girls who aren’t threatening, and megan seems like she is

  • Shyen

    I despise Megan Fox. She is NOT BEING honest but more cruel and fake… Sorry, she wants attention that’s why she says that. She wants to be like Angelina… because Angelina is known from telling the truth in her interviews. But the difference is, Angelina doesn’t bash other actors to get attention!!

  • ehnso

    confidence isn’t having to announce to the world that oneself is confident. it’s just being. she could just be one, but nope. she has to declare she’s mature, she’s real, she’s smart, she’s blah blah blah. declarations of such are a sign of insecurity to me. those who are completely confident wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to what others are saying. the surgeries also don’t say real and do not make her any different than the multitude of actresses in hollywood that go under the knife. and all the while (in some interviews), she has dissed fellow actors.

  • bishop

    the weak link in Transformers. Her arrogance and ugly comments will only hurt her down the road.

  • ehnso

    from that ew snippet, it appears to me that she likes being perceived as “controversial” and an “outrageous personality.” she certainly seems to be feeding off of those perceptions. controversial and outrageous are a dime a dozen in hollywood. nothing new.

  • reBecca

    She looks like Kate Beckinsale. Where have I seen this look before?
    I guess her people read alll the negative posts about her other hairstyles.

  • mamamia

    Cool gal, she seems to not take herself too seriously and that really is a good thing.

  • ehnso

    @ bigdeal,

    She is full of herself, isn’t she? Her interviews are always peppered with “I’s” or any reference that calls attention to herself being different—such as her being a real, controversial, smart, very sexual and mature girl who doesn’t like to use big words because that would be trying hard. That is being cocky. I don’t like her, but I have to admit, even this tired approach of supposed “honesty” is sadly keeping her in the mainstream.