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Bruno Covers 'GQ' Magazine July 2009

Bruno Covers 'GQ' Magazine July 2009

Sacha Baron Cohen hilariously takes the July 2009 cover of GQ magazine as his naked alter ego, gay Austrian fashion journalist Bruno. In the issue, Bruno answers your burning sartorial questions. Here’s a few LOL celebrity-related ones:

Dear Br√ľno, how can I get some “Efron hair”? Or at least some “Pattinson hair”? Ich vouldn’t bother getting a Zac Efron hairstyle right now, cos ich am about to change mine and he’s certain to copy me again. In terms of grooming, ze only thing he hasn’t copied me with ist getting his ballensack pierced‚Ä” vell, he hadn’t had it done ze last time ich saw him.

Dear Br√ľno, what do you sleep in? In reality, ich sleep in a seaweed body wrap
under a Zac Posen Navy-Cut Nightshirt. In mein dreams, ich sleep naked in a giant reed basket drifting slowly down ze Nile, cradled in ze arms of Daniel Radcliffe.

Dear Br√ľno, is it okay to “manscape” down there? It’s more zan okay; it is most essential. Be careful if you do it yourself, though‚Ä”yesterday ich tried to self-wax mein arschenhaller
und glued meinself to ze bed. Manscaping ist important, but not as crucial as getting regular anal bleaching. If Br√ľno didn’t get his schmutziger arschenhaller bleached twice a month, his shtinker vould resemble Dizzy Gillespie during a trumpet solo. In Austria anal bleaching ist considered so important zat it’s paid for by ze state. In fact, you cannot run for office if you don’t have a vhite arschwitz. Indeed, ex-chancellor Kurt Waldheim vas elected on ze back of a prishtine anus. Zere are added benefits to getting ze bleaching‚Ä”on my last session, mein beautician, Klaus, found ze long-lost head of a David Beckham action figure up zere.

For more Bruno outtakes and more hilarious Q&A, visit!

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Photos: Mark Seliger/GQ
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  • PP

    IS That Kate Gosselin????

  • Anna

    can this guy just go away?

  • bobjustbob

    Poor Isla Fischer, imagine being married to a freak like Sasha who walks around for months in character (and his poor kid too). He’s a weirdo and I agree, not funny at all, yet everyone praises him like he’s so innovative and hilarious, like he’s breaking barriers (didn’t Ben Stiller do the whole spoofing male models thing awhile back? Now it just seems like it’s rehashed material).

    Hope this movie bombs, SBC needs to be brought down a peg or two, that silly Borat movie inflated what appears to be his already large ego and made him think he is a comic genius. I just don’t get people’s tastes these days *shakes head* when it comes to comedy, their standards are low.

  • fresh

    I think he’s funny but way over the top. Its kinda disappointing that this movie is going to make millions of dollars by respresenting gay people in this light–which i think is very wrong.

  • helga

    he’s disgusting!

  • NativeNYker

    I agree with Helga! & I don’t really see the humor.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • sims

    My sentiments exactly. Sacha’s had his time a few years back, he’s just unoriginal and boring now. His jokes are just cheap shots at some poor soul’s expense. He needs to find something more mature to do with his time and spend more time with hhis struggling ‘actress’ wife.

  • kay

    PP @ 06/16/2009 at 9:53 am

    IS That Kate Gosselin????


  • athena

    Whoa!!! Sweet baby Jesus….this cover scared me silly…how did the editor get away with this cover…..Please, start putting male models on your covers again…The big screen and Hollywood publications are the actors arena.

  • getreal

    He does think he’s pretty funny. Too bad he’s not. Pervert.

  • athena

    @fresh: I agree with you.

  • lol

    he is funny. and that cover is more hotter than aniston’s.

  • a total fan

    # 11- they got away with this cover because it something they have done before the only difference is that he is missing the tie.

  • isabella

    I really don’t get this humour, and everyone keeps saying “oh, it’s just British humour” and i’m British and don’t find him funny at all! That’s not ‘our’ humour at all and it’s just sooo over the top and pointless. Yeah Borat had his funny moments but this is just too far, it’s really childish and stupid xoxo

  • a total fan

    # 10- they got away with this cover because it something they have done before the only difference is that he is missing the tie.

  • aly02

    One word = GROSS

  • ewww

    not funny. at all

    tired of him already and the movie hasn’t even come out yet

  • taylorswiftfan

    His legs are so feminine.

  • frenchy

    i love this Bruno character! At least someone dares to make fun of those cruel gay caricatures of themselves swarming in the media and fashion and having the nerve to judge and hate everyone.

  • LUma

    I think he is not funny, I did not find Borat funny but stupid and this new movie seens to be even more stupid, I think he has some very good friends in hollywood who wants to make him a super star, I think if you are jew you can go very far in hollywood even if you got no talent. All this media atention he is geting is not because he is funny but because he has people working very hard( a lot money) to make him happen.

  • Pandora

    I agree, if he were my hubby, I wouldn’t find it so funny. It would get old quickly. I personally think he’s hilaruous but that this kind of humour does have a “shelf life”. I think he may be scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point because a bit of the initial shock value resulting in the giggles (for me, anyway) has worn off.

    @ PP — ROFL! I think he’s more attractive than Kate (and that’s not saying much!).

    As to him being offensive to gay people. I’ve discussed this w/ my gay friends. Some find him to be others, don’t. My take is that he shoves *thee* most extreme example into the faces of those who loathe gays the most and in doing so, he really highlights how seriously they take themselves (i.e. those of certain religious persuasion who are going to “save” gays, or rednecks), and how ridiculous they are. You’ve gotta love that. Well, *I* do. :)

  • jenny

    EEEW who in god name would buy this issue. YUCK!!!!

  • mertz

    REGULAR anal bleaching. lol. thanks jared. love sacha.

  • Lisa

    i love this guy! he’s freaking hilarious!

  • connie

    funny man!

  • mertz

    i would buy it and i’ve never bought a gq in my life. it’s funny how females can always pose naked, but dudes can’t (not like i want to see manbaggage all the time though, but neither do i want to see wag’s all the time either and they hypocrisy is actually stiffliing)…so good on him. like the vanity fair cover i think with jonah hill, seth, et al. good on all of them. comedy is not like how it was back in the day but no one will accuse our current comedians of sitting down on their a$$ while time passes. good on all these guys for keeping us laughing and pushing limits.

  • rpatzfan

    eww! horrible and not funny

  • Sacha rocks!

    Sacha is hilarious, yay for all the out-of-this world/none-traditional comic approaches he takes! I love all these comments that come from people (most likely in Middle America or some other obscure place) being close minded is not cool. Laugh a little, celebrate life’s diversity, enjoy a bit of culture and art. Cheer up & take humor in life!

  • mertz
  • enjoying life HELL YA Y NOT


  • bagabou

    IMO he is at is ONLY funny when he voices that hilarious little creature in Madagascar movies, he’s good in that. He’s better heard than seen. Because either than that, he’s not that funny, his humour is basically making fun of others and insulting people and then he stands back to get a reaction from them, and voila, a lame comic career is born. He’s boring. I’m not being close-minded, he’s just not funny and I’m just not that into him.

    I feel sorry for Isla too, on another site, they have her at a recent event, alongside him as Bruno and she looks embarassed. Bet then don’t ever end up getting married, they’ve been engaged forever and no sign of a wedding. It won’t happen, they’ll split (he’s rarely with his kid anyway it seems). Isla is lovely and needs to get with a man who doesn’t play dressup in real life and on screen all day long, must be weary for her to be with someone who is constantly in character.

  • Life_is_the_Pitts

    I thought it was jen aniston with her hair cut same pose she did

  • anonymous

    SBC is not funny, nope not even half as funny as he seems to think he is, totally overated and his type of mean, insulting and condescending humour fades away quickly. People who laugh along with SBC are likely the same people who get pleasure out of watching other’s people’s discomfort and pain.

  • jupi3

    A WEIRDO!!!!!!! Why pay any attention to a freak of nature such as this!?!

    Scorpionic physiognomy. YUCK and double yuck!!!!!!!1

  • anonymous

    OMG, he looks like he could be Jennifer Aniston’s brother in that pic!!! He is posing in that same ridiculous, doggy, naked for no reason pose she did for GQ awhile back, but missing a tie! Right down to the same hair colour and the longish chin, Sasha and Jennifer, could be siblings!!

  • jupi3

    You have to have a sick mind to find him funny or call his work “culture” or “art”……unless you’re using a perverted sense of those words.

  • jewel

    Ha, ha, I too see a huge resemblance to Jennifer Aniston. If Jennifer ever wants to get an idea of how she would look with shorter hair, she should just look at a picture of Bruno LOL. I’m also not a big Sasha fan, his humor is often mean spirited and the whole walking around in costume/character al the time and not being seen unless he’s playing an alter-ego, is just plain weird.

  • London gal


    I totally agree and I’m from London. I was pretty amazed how so many Americans found him funny.

  • LuckyL


  • hmm

    I think he was kinda funny the first movie. this is overload and done with now. can he get a new shtick ?

  • Daddy

    He is hilarious, but I agree he’s over the top and can be offensive.
    I love him anyways. I need him to make me forget a bit about the economy.
    By the way, the cover would be even hotter if he had “bunny hands” like JA. hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    There’s something seriously wrong with this dude, i feel sorry for Isla Fisher. I know he’s just trying to be funny, but he’s taking it too far SERIOUSLY!

  • SBC is hilarious

    He’s very funny but I’m sure a lot of middle Americans don’t get him
    because the irony is lost on them and goes completely over their
    heads as you can tell from the comments already posted……lol.

  • Lrissaa’

    Ugh, DISCUSTING !!

  • GGG

    he’s a jew who hates muslims.. who wants to $uck americans d!cks so he can make money.. thats why he did kazachstan and al the other crap like ali g and all the other carachters he has done….. BORING NEXT

  • faith


  • TVsnark

    Am I the only one who think he looks like Stuart from “MadTV?”

    “Look what I can do!!”

  • mertz

    lol. there’s a bunch of dumb dumbs showing their true colours by making some valid points yet totally disreagarding their hints of intelligence by propagating a circular argument. i forget what those are called, but i love them because i make them all the time but i know how to get out of a dead end argument. it’s okay if his brand of humour is not to your taste. what he is doing is not ground breaking, and if you aren’t thinking about what he is doing then you are surely missing the point. like ggg’s comments are completely unfounded, but as this is a free speech website people can pull stuff from their a$$ and make it legit (kinda like what sacha does all the time…but he’s in on the joke, and the fact is that the joke isn’t intelligencia snobbery or anything like high echlon thinking. the joke is a joke for all of us and mostly what he does is a reflection of the world. it is. it may not be yours but it most definately is a commentary on people and society definately). you can call it whatever you want, even sh*t, and although i cringed at that person’s use of cultural art, i understand where that person is coming from and infact he/she isn’t far off. the term is quite accurate to describe comedy, even his brand of comedy. i don’t want to argue against some of the stuff people have posted, but i responded to the ones i remembered/stood out, but some people are really posting (even if it is their opinion, to which the have a right to) some really dumb comments. IT’S OKAY IF YOU DON’T LIKE BRUNO. now get over it. even i don’t think he’s the funniest ever, or doesn’t come off as a contrived dingbat…but like most people of my generation who grow up watching ren and stimpy, duckman, beavis and butthead etc…this is NOTHING new, and neither is he shocking whether he is british or not. definately grew up watching borat, bruno, ali g on bootlegged cable since we easily get international shows here so of course people here were aware of sacha prior to his fame. maybe now kids growing up have a lewd/left of center taste in humour but then so what. he’s not hurting you is he, and just like everything else that’s available you can make choices and you can choose to either buy into it or not, either watch him or not. stop with the complaining.

    LuckyL @ 06/16/2009 at 12:39 pm LOL, I LOVE THIS MAN
    moi aussi

  • ElleBrovy

    SBC is just out there making people laugh… sure it’s not EVERYONE’s type of humor.. but he makes MANY MANY people (myself included) laugh so what’s so wrong with that.

  • mertz

    i should’ve added southpark or even team america or some of the other shows out there to that list. absolute classics with cult followings and definately not for the popular mass.

    and also i love MICHAEL MCDONALD from madtv. classic.