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Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off Shirtless

Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off Shirtless

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his shirtless sculpted body while tanning at his hotel pool in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (June 16).

The 24-year-old soccer superstar has recently been hanging out with hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

She talked about her budding relationship, saying “He’s a very nice guy – and an incredible athlete. We’re getting to know each other and I have to leave it at that. Cristiano and I are good friends. Very good friends.”

DO YOU THINK Paris and Cristiano are more than “good friends” – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo showing off shirtless…

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cristiano ronaldo shirtless 01
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 02
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 03
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 04
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 05
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 06
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 07
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 08
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 09
cristiano ronaldo shirtless 10

Credit: ODuran; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • anthony

    I’m pretty sure we should first define what ” good friends ” means to both of them considering their track records..

  • winter

    Yeah, good friends who use each other for famewhhhoring. Ah, a relationship made in superficial heaven.

  • shenanyginz

    he was hot for like a nanosecond.

  • Dance Teacher

    He looks like a gay poolboy to me.

  • Yar

    Is he gay?

  • mju8

    Gross. I wonder how many different types of STDs there are between them. Maybe they could compare notes lol

  • Sarah

    “Good friends” I don’t know. What I don know tho is that Just Jared just made me smile with these pics. Lol XD

  • lisa

    I feel like a nut.. but Who is this guy? I am just out of the loop… But I have to say there is just something Nasty about him.. I hate sterotyping someone but he does look gay, and the “pool boy” refrence is just so on point.. Why is he getting press?

    Seriously who is he? OK ignore my question.. I saw the pic, not the write up.. my bad.. but still is he GAY?

    Not that there is anything wrong with it?

  • jenna

    didn’t he say he would never date paris hilton b/c she’s just not that hot? o well… i guess that’s hot.

  • lala

    It is more like a one night stand. He is trying to make it in America and she is Parasite but famous enough. They can help eachother out.

  • jenna


    sounds about right… i guess you shouldn’t be dissing, if you’re gonna be kissing some ass… :x

  • rachel


    no he’s NOT gay and i’m pretty sure of that.

  • bobble head

    paris is getting a bit long in the the tooth for this high school nonsense.

  • benji

    i would imagine it gets very tiring dealing with paris’ ego, hence the revolving door boyfriends.

  • Realme2008

    I’m picking up very strong gay vibes from him! He should also go easy on the eye brow waxing!!!

  • nathalie

    Cristiano was a favorite of mine up until I found out he’s supposedly dating Paris. How low can you go?

  • lol

    umm… i thought they say he’s hot? he looks gay. well, americans find gaybert hot, i guess they’ll find him hot too.

  • Robsten

    sorry but i thought his body was hot or something!… but in this pics he look ugly!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    he’s gayer than gay.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    and tangerine. hahahahahaha..

  • mertz

    to lisa…you probably don’t watch or play soccer…everyone from here and the other side of the world even in some remote places who follow soccer know who this kid is and i’m sure as of perez’s move that most man u fans like me are pissed at this sluttiena of a dude (who is all europa…you know what i mean. i don’t want to bring up the portugese slangs) or are absolutely glad to be rid of him and his epic attitude. he gets around a lot doesn’t he.

    i hope he’s concentrating on recovering or else if this goes bust especially at madrid the madrianos will call for some heads to roll.

    all i can say about her is ugh. worst. why can’t she go away. she’s so played out.

  • mertz

    also there are lots of soccer players on vaca in the us…keep your eyes out. they are an easy lay (doesn’t say much for their breed)

  • eekomeeter

    GFwB Good Friends with benefits…
    But in this case, just the benefits…how can they be good friends after knowing each other less than a week? Paris is the most immature nutcase in Hollyweird. Anyone who has a BFF TV show is a scary individual…she’s almost 30, yet acts like she’s 12. No amount of attention can fill this chick up…what normal guy would want to be attached to her for more than the temporary fame that comes with it? meanwhile, her last BFF Nicole is living the dream Paris wishes she could have. A caring man, a beautiful daughter and baby on the way, and lending her name and efforts to charities that matter..Paris needs to take lessons.

  • marisa

    hot but too tan….and….paris. that did it for me. she’s too old to go parading around every guy that has two legs and a penis for 2 weeks and then he’s out of the picture.

  • superstar….

    For those living under a rock Cristiano Ronaldo plays “Football”……..he’s like Kobe Bryant but 100 times more famous around the world…….He was named the footballer of the year for 2008/9…..He has just been bought by Spanish club Real Madrid for $165 million from English club Manchester United.

  • Perri

    Not his best photos, but I find him hot as hell. I like em darker, so for me he is > than David Beckham. As for Paris, I call BS. That guy is never going to settle down with her or play pretend boyfriend. No way. He has probably already moved on as she is spinning this. She has a habit of making up stories.

  • more soccer men, please

    I think his thighs are hot. I love soccer legs. I do not like his tanorexic skin , though.

  • IL

    making his way to america? are you crazy?
    he is now in the best football team in the world,
    the whole world knows that, but not you, you live in the US so you probably only like sports with fat guys and junkies
    he don’t need America


    He is gay. FACT! *-*

  • jed


    you’re a racist idiot, a total plank

  • sully


  • larissa

    they’re both GROSS!!!

  • hrhkat

    he is pretty hot, but with that douchey trucker hat, and the all over orange skin, its not right…

    whoever said orange was the new pink, is seriously disturbed..

  • KYM


  • Wow

    He don’t need America…
    Yes he does. Like the old saying ” if you are not famous in America you are not famous at all”

  • lala

    I am not racist. I hate racists.I know few people from portugal and brazil who always mistaken for being gay . Two of them has dread locks but the ones who has just regular hair style does get the same thing too. I just put what I know that all..

  • LIv

    This dude can pretty much have any chick in the free world who watches soccer but instead chooses to create a supervirus with Wonky. Why does he hate his penis?

  • Lovefl8

    I don’t think he is Gay. Well, he was voted the sexiest man alive by a European Gay Magazine. I think he should be concentrating on recovering so he can be a 100% fit fro Real Madrid. And Paris, OMG she is not pretty at ALL.

  • sienna

    @Dance Teacher:
    2 me too.. :)
    Those flip flops look so funny :D

  • Christina Bledsoe

    God, next thing you know they’ll be “so in love”.

  • sienna

    I think something got between his teeth and he is trying to get it out. eewww.. Man, he has less hair than a woman. Go easy with waxing and eye brow plucking man :))))

  • Holy Cuteness

    nice pics… :-)

  • LUma

    I just can’t find him sexy, all I can see is a good looking gay guy.

  • serafina

    Amazing athlete but horrid taste in women. Good Luck in Real Madrid Cris, but like always, glory glory Man United!

    I really wish he’d stop waxing. I don’t get his aversion to body hair.

  • mertz

    he and paris do not know each other as of last week…they’ve known each other for maybe the past 2 to 3 years with paris trying very hard to get in his pants (documented) so nice to see he finally gave her the break and hit it (crude, but i guess it’ll do. makes my empty stomach whirl). gah. both officially dead to me. imagine if she becomes an official wag. that would be worst that that carrie underwood chick becoming a puck bunny. this is bad news all around. we don’t need another posh. one is enough…unless they are willing to do battle for worst wag ever.

  • fact


    He’s not gay just European

  • manu_fan

    gay or not…that is one of the best football players around at the moment. for f*cks sake get yer heads out of that hole and learn about the world.

  • me

    wtf is those shorts? man.

  • http://cristianoronaldo fatima

    nunca pensei que nos estados unidos voces fossem tão preconceituosos,ele não é gay, e é um bom filho e um bom irmão que mal tem ser portugues ou brasileiro temos a mesma cultura com muito orgulho

  • You know me!

    Hes not gay assholes..
    he just likes to take of himself unlike you people..
    Hes hot