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David Cook Dating Scene Queen Lana Jade?

David Cook Dating Scene Queen Lana Jade?

New photos have surfaced of American Idol champ David Cook getting a little intimate with scene queen Lana Jade.

A JJ reader says the pair was spotted gazing into each other’s eyes after his Towson, Maryland show on April 3rd. Lana also met up with David at the Borgata March 31st show in Atlantic City and at his May 30th Virginia Beach show.

Before Lana, David was romantically linked to fellow Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell.

15+ pictures inside of David Cook and Lana Jade

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  • mmm

    What is a scene queen? Don’t make me google it please!

  • bebe


  • Cooh

    @mmm some sort of emo chick but not emo,she is”happy”

  • yoMumma

    i dont like his comb over. you should embrace your baldness lol

  • DC fan.

    Well.. as long as he’s happy.

  • jenny

    umm.. Who is Scene Queen Lana Jade? Never heard of the person

  • mmm

    Thanks Cooh! Now I am wondering why this would even make news on this site, slow day I guess. I am just thankful for the lack of Spencer and Heidi news:)

  • wow

    Well, people here might not have heard of her, but Brandon Urie sure knows who she is! Careful, Baldie! Or maybe he doesn’t care if she posts a tell-all blog about him when they’ve broken up.

  • lilly

    who cares about this?

  • kacey

    He could do worse, but this is not newsworthy.

  • Insider

    Pretty convinient for her, these pictures that are 2 months old hit the internet after he dumped her in Va. Beach.
    Like her hating blog posts about Brendon Urie.

  • alison24

    Wow. He sure has a thing for cheap, skanky girls. (Scene Queen=fame whore groupie.) Doesn’t he know he can do much better than this? This one is just nasty and has a bad rep. Your fans and family will be proud of you. He’d have to be as drunk as he looks to want that. This girl is notorious for putting it all out on the web–looks like she’ll get her 15 min. again.

  • sienna

    omg she is whacko

    i hope her myspace doesn’t get hacked again!!! LOLLLLL

  • publicenemynumber1

    Trust me, they aren’t DATING! More like an employee/employer type of relationship. Girl has been passed around alot! Just ask Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disco.

  • LOL

    So David Cook is seeing a scene queen aka a musician’s slut for hire. Get some brains David pick one that hasn’t already been in a blog mess in the past.

  • BeanieBabe

    A scene queen is another term for groupie babe. It’s a girl who lurks around trying to hook up with celebs, and then getting her 15 minutes of fame from it. She’s dates other dudes that she then flaunted all over the Net, and has lots of pics of herself with various artists. David Cook is a dumb ass.

  • asdfghjkl;

    she doesnt even look scene. more like a poser.

  • anon1

    I can’t wait for the inevitable blog she’s gonna post about how good he is/isn’t in bed and what his kinks are. Be sure to provide lots of details Lana. Yum.

  • marisa

    who is this fifteen minute frill?

  • Ferny

    If these old pictures are coming out now… guess whatever they had is over now!

  • Suzy

    Don’t get what the big deal is. So he’s hanging out with a cute chick? So what. Who really cares about this crap?

  • larry

    She might be cute but she’s a cute chick with a mean streak! She’s z list if she’s on any list, but if you cross her, she writes nasty online blogs about your sex kinks. I thought Cook was supposed to be smart???

  • anon1


    Suzy, Lana Jade is a well-known Rock ‘n’ Roll groupie wh*re. I’d post the blog she wrote about her last hook-up, Panic at the Disco’s Brendan Urie, but the details are FAR TOO FILTHY for this site. Like p*rn* filthy. David made a HUGE mistake here.

  • Timetogo

    Ok, this cracks me up. Dave sure has a type. If what people are saying about this girl is true, I say run awwayyyyyy Dave. Run away. LOL He is cute though. I love that pic of him holding her hands and looking into her eyes. Kinda hot.

  • Timetogo


    Smart….but not when it comes to chicks. All smarts go out the window. He’s a dude.

  • kristie

    seems to me like this is nothing but a rumor. probably started by her, no doubt.

  • cookie-love

    in this case, i prefer Kim C
    why not someone like Carrie, Dave? she’s blonde too, that would be perfect idol-couple

  • Ferny

    Kristie, it’s a rumor. But not started by her. It’s started by some David fans (who should not be called fans) who are a bunch of losers without a sex life and think David shouldn’t have a sex life too.

    The girl hasn’t talked about david, just leave her.

  • Timetogo

    Yeah she says on her twitter that she is single. That is sad if “fans” leaked these photos. David is like uber private. He never talks about shiz.

  • Nita

    Noooo…!!! Hope they’re just friends. David, we know you’re a waaaaay smarter than this :)

  • Alicia

    Funny how Lana and her friends leaked the pictures, now theyre trying to blame FANS. How WRONG is that? Face it Lana Jade, you’re nothing but an attention whore, who will never amount to anything, so you leech on these ‘rising stars’ in hopes they will pull you up…but really YOU are dragging them DOWN. YOU leaked these pictures, you got YOUR 15 minutes, so stop trying to blame the TRUE fans for ‘hacking’ your website to get them. Hmmm, kind of like when someone ‘hacked’ into your website to post a blog about Brenden Urie…someone who USED you and you mistaked that for a real relationship? HAHAHA. You are NOT a scene queen….so please stop calling yourself that. You are a joke compared to Hanna or Jac. Yet you wear Jacs bracelets…Jac hates you too, but thats funny you support her by buying her bracelets…and yes, you are TROUBLE! In case anyone reading doesnt know…Jac dated ‘Ryan Ross’, a band member with ‘Brenden Urie’(Lanas so-called ‘ex’ LOL!) Lana you are a joke! Quit trying to act upset that this was posted…YOU wanted this, now DEAL WITH IT! What….are you trying to act all ‘pissed off’ because you want this David dudes sympathy? He probably USED you too, and maybe you mistaked that for a relationship of substance …and then maybe he dumped you(aka took out the trash!) and you released these pics? Hmm THAT makes more sense to me than someone ‘hacking’ into your shit, you lying piece of trash! Now go complain to everyone who doesnt know about this story, about how these ‘leaked’ photos are getting you down…they will look it up, in turn giving you more attention. Its a shame you had to use this dude to do so, he seems pretty legit! Hope YOU are happy. Now feel free to reply under a fake name and defend yourself. its plain obvious who you and your friends are on these comments…because face it…NO ONE likes you, therefore who the hell would stand up for you? Especially when you did this!

  • wangotango

    Yeah Ferny, this crap is being stirred up by some nasty b*itches on a certain web site that claims their fans that will give you the real truth about David . They like to think what their doing is for his own good and predict doom and gloom for his career is he doesn’t date who they think he should date, actually they don’t think he should date at all or behave like a puppet on their string. One the the losers on that site actually stole these pictures from Lana’s myspace and bragged about sending them to multiple sites including JustJared. A bunch of losers who need to get a life. David will never f*ck you, so get over it. A 26 yr old who gets laid every now and then, this is a scandal? Puleeze.

  • Steve

    Man that is really sad and pathetic if someone who claims to be a “fan” would be involved in invading Cook’s private life to that extent. What did they do? Hack her myspace? With all he’s been through lately he don’t need to be treated like that.

  • anonymous

    David, you should use your down time to write some better songs than you put on your last record and stop chasing slutty women. It’s going to take more than banging scene queens to make you the “most famous act in the world”! LOL at you on Larry King last night saying you want to be the most famous act in the world! How very humble of you! LOL

    Maybe if you start to be more preoccupied with becoming a great artist than you are with becoming famous, you might actually become more famous.

    Take some songwriting lessons and/or read some books by the pros. The songs on your CD are duller than a bread knife. Jimmy Webb wrote a great book. McCartney isn’t giving free songwriting lessons to American Idol winners anytime soon. He earned the title of the most famous musician in the world without ever claiming that was his goal or acknowledging that he had achieved it.

    Get a grip.

  • Kat

    @steve Someone with the password leaked those photos. I’d guess her or one of her bffs.

  • puleaze

    @ steve

    OMG someone hacked Lana Jade’s myspace AGAIN!!!

    Do a little research on her. People ‘hack’ her myspace A LOT, lolz.

    She’s leaking this shiz, or her friends are. And they’re trying to blame David’s fans from a website where the photos were first leaked to. By the way, visit the website in question…from the little research I’ve done, no on there thinks David shouldn’t get laid, just not by girls who have a reputation for posting nasty details about musicians and their sex lives when she’s dumped.

    This totally fits her M.O. She gets dumped, her myspace get’s ‘hacked’.

  • Rideordie

    So they were never “dating” just some random hook ups? Well at least all she did was post the pics and not her usual Dear Mr. Whoever letter. The pics are pretty tame though. So maybe they were just friends? She is being unusually tight lipped. Maybe she respects this dude and the stuff that just happened to his family? Who knows…

  • carry

    WYF, I can’t believe he is dating another fame whore-skanky blond, didn’t he learn the lesson with KC?He is a nice guy but has terrible taste in woman.

  • Sarah

    no one hacked any website. that is a total lie. She said that the last time about Urie that someone hacked into a site. She is full of it. The photos were intentionally leaked by her because she wants the attention. She was considred to be in Paris Hilton’s tv show…so she loves the attention.

    There is nothing her stupid so called lawyer can do. She is all over the internet. And the photos are fact. She has been seen with David Cook in at least 4 different locations. And she posed willingly for those photos that are all over the internet.

    So don’t blame any fan site. Those photos were not password protected at first. They were public and then later on she put the password on it.

    Thank god, sites like Davidcook-uncensored exist because they tell it like it is, not like other stupid sugarcoated Fan sites that want to make David Cook look like a saint. And I heard the moderator on that board is a lawyer too.

    He dates trashy and uneducated chicks who are looking to streatch their 15 minutes at his expense. They make him look not credible. He is an A lister and needs to take advice from Justin Timberlake. Justin is the same age as David and Justin associates himself with classy girls, not David. It is disappointing.

  • Steve

    Somebody hacked my myspace once. I was wondering why everyone was laughing at me behind my back and sending me weird text msgs. Then I got on my myspace and I found someone replaced my profile pic with a picture of my *ss. Don’t even ask where they got that pic from. Anyway the way some of Cook’s fans treat him they should be ashamed to call themselves fans. Some of the nasty things they said about that cute Kimberly Caldwell girl were just disgusting.

  • puleaze


    Four other locations? Not just Virginia beach, maryland and the casino? spill girl!

  • anna


    Yeah, but people are accused of hacking lana’s myspace everytime some dude dumps her and she stirs up trouble online. Kind of…odd how that happens.

    She has a history of these kinds of accusations. Cook fans, for all of their weirdness, haven’t been accused of hacking before…bad taste in clothes and too much food, yes, myspace hacking, no.

    And the vast majority of david’s fans kept their lips shut about caldwell no matter what their opinion. don’t let the rabid few color your opinion.

  • Ferny

    LOL see the fans from that uncensored board? They’re here and in every Cook post every time trying to promote that stupid board.
    They have been harassing Lana for some time.
    David and Lana haven’t seen each other and whatever there was between them is over. The fans twittered these pictures yesterday and were the ones sending them everywhere.
    It’s a shame they think they should control his love life. They don’t even care for his music, they just want to dream about having sex with him. Like it’s ever gonna happen. stupid losers.

  • jill

    Whatever they had is over? funny that every time something’s ‘over’ between lana jade and some dude, her myspace gets ‘hacked’.

    Yes, people on that board twittered the photos, but who leaked them? Sorry, she’s got a history of pulling stunts like these.

  • Steve

    Anna, Sorry, I didn’t mean the majority of his fans are like that. He came to my college a while back. Put on a great show. I really like him. Most of the ladies that came seemed real nice. But I overheard a couple of them talking about Kimberly Caldwell and the things they were saying were just disgusting. I mean he broke up with her ages ago. Even if they didn’t like her or were jealous they should have gotten over it by now.

  • Sarah


    Ferny you are an idiot.

    those photos were intentionally leaked by a friend of Lana Jades. Lana wants the attention. I advise you to do your homework on this chick first before you start blabbing about things you know nothing about.

    And if you are talking about the DCU board (Davidcook uncensored board) again you are wrong. For one they have a hot looking young moderator and administrator that runs that board that works in Advertising and I assure you those fans want the best for David. This Lana chick is not it.

    DCU is the BEST board out there on David Cook.

  • alison24


    You must either be Lana or someone near her. No one is jealous, we just hate to see a nice guy’s career and rep tarnished by the likes of you.

  • Kit

    I’m so disappointed. I wish he would find a nice, decent young lady. He seems like such good guy.

  • Ferny

    LOL Sarah! Promote that board again.. go go! You don’t do that enough. Ridiculous.
    And yeah, the fans are behind that, don’t try to deny it. Go celebrate your little victory to your stupid board. Just leave David alone. Respect him a little bit.
    And sorry to break it to you… but the fans don’t decide what’s best for him. The hot looking moderator should go find another one to hit she ain’t getting from David.

    Btw, if you think Justin’s gf is what’s good, LMAO! you’re pathetic. She’s a wannabe actress using him hon.

  • Sarah


    Hey Alecia – I love you.

    And Just Jared you guys rock. But you should have quoted your souce as DavidCook Uncensored. Isn’t that who first published the photos.

    A lot of fans are interested in who David is dating, even said it on Larry King last night.

    Anyhoo you both rule!