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David Letterman Apologizes Again

David Letterman Apologizes Again
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  • jess

    a joke may be a joke but when the joke is about someone young, it’s always below the belt. good thing he apologized.

  • pixy

    ugh…i’m sick of the letterman and palin thing. enough already. anyways, if pattzie comes off of this whole twilight craapp in one piece…i’m gonna be impressed. those fangirls are stupid as fuukkk

  • JaN

    INSINCERE APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!! He made 4 or 5 more jokes about the fight with the governor during his stand up last night, THEN after sitting down gave the INSINCERE apology. FIRE LETTERMAN. I am boycotting all CBS shows and sponsors of the Letterman show. He needs to retire immediately.

  • JaN
  • JaN

    Sign up if you want sexual exploitation of children to stop. Join the protest at CBS in NY today.

  • Rhonda

    Letterman still hasn’t apologized to all “the slutty flight attendants”

    a 62-year old man making sexual jokes on national tv about a 14-year old girl (or 18, doesn’t really matter, the fact that she had sex with her teen-age boyfriend, makes NO difference) shouldn’t be acceptable to ANYONE.

    Gov Palin has accepted his apolgy, but I’m not sure working women have!

  • Cattty

    Rape jokes about woman any age are not funny. Dirty Dave needs to get fired. To make an apology and laugh while doing so is not an well meant apology . His apology got a wee bit stronger when he saw the number of women who are pissssed off and want him fired as he should be.
    Lettermans show is totally off limits at our house. Perverted old man makes me sick.

  • mertz
  • gg

    overreact much people? seriously, uptight. no wonder this country is so messed up – everyone takes all this time worrying about nothing when there are bigger fish to fry.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    OH for heaven’s sake!!!!!!!!!! Palin needs this attention to stay relevant – this is what happens when you are a dimwit. EVERYONE has been making jokes about BRISTOL being knocked up given her “abstinence” tour and all. Palion knows for certain the joke was about Bristol but when Failin’ sees an opportunity she takes it even if it means dragging her family into the chaos like when she got Bristol and Levi to drag their relationship to the public for votes. Gee, Failin’ Palin had no problem calling our Prsident “a terrorsit” – she did not apologize for that as McCain apologized but yet now a COMEDIAN who is exercising his freedom of speech has to apologize to this opportunistic dimwith like 100 times! The true justice is that no one – not even the Rrepubs take this woman seriously. They use her to attract a certain base and that is it. This is why Gingrich and the likes totally snubbed her last week and did not let her speak at a Repub convention. As a woman, I think she makes women look bad. She is telling the world it is ok to be dumb and uninformed as long as you are pretty. Palin, please go away, there is civil unrest in Iran, North Korea and people losing jobs. Does she really think we have time on a late night joke? Seriously. Get a grip. And where was the outrage when McCain called Chelsea Clinton a dog years ago. Is that ok? Or the outrage when a Repub Senator just likened Michelle Obama – an accomplished woman – to a guerilla? Where is the outrage? Oh I get it, it does not satisfy Failin Palin’s agenda. Sick of this woman. There are smarter and more interesting women – in both parties – to pay attention to. Seriously. Go Letterman! I am a woman and my momis a feminist and we both fully support David!

  • jeimy

    @Jolie hot chin not:

    wow, that is great!! thank you for telling it like it is.
    Enough of this woman who has accomplish nothing

  • Jolie hot chin not

    thanks jeimy! :)

  • diva

    wow!! you go,….Jolie hot chin not, I’m with you 1000% , palin take your dumb self and your baby making under age daughter and go some where already, if Dave was lying i would not support him.

  • Jen

    he already apologized he doesn’t need to do it again..

  • groundcontrol

    I’d like to give Dave credit for finally realizing the joke was inappropriately aimed at an inappropriate target – it doesn’t really matter which daughter. But this really only came after the entire CBS network lost a huge advertiser and was fearful of losing more money. Embassy Suites (part of the Hilton empire) had pulled all their CBS advertising. Others were ready to follow.
    There really should be more outrage over the typical sexist and insulting jokes naturally calling some female a “slut.” It’s tiresome. Some men never grow up. This type of joke is cheap and easy to make. Work a little harder at your humor, Dave.

  • twitter

    woo Time travelers wife

  • Ally

    ThanksJolie hot chin for saying the truth,however,some peoplecannot handle the truth.

    Jan,you might to boycott,Sat.NightLive/TheTonight Show because Leno and Conanmade jokes about Palin’s eldest daughter.SNL really went low.All I will say is incest is not comical.Palin did not attackLeno, Conan,and she went on Sat.Night Live after the show made a terrible joke about Todd and their daughters. Sarah was all over the news then about running as VP.Now,it does not matter how you stay in the news ,as long as you stay in the news.
    GET A GRIP!!!! Palin will be on Letterman as a guest in 2012.Water under the bridge.

    For what it is worth, Letterman was referring to Bristol .The joke was really not funny.That is worst thing a comic can do is make a dry joke.Next,Letterman & staff,did not check his facts to see that Bristol was not in NYC or the game with Sarah.
    If Letterman had said “Bristol”by name, none of this would be happening.

    Ppliticanskids,minorkids,are offlimits.
    Bristol Plain is not a minor child nowasshe was during the campaign…and thenkindofminor becauseshe was engaged.Kids don’t get engaged.
    BristolPalin would have been fair game because she is a celebrity: a national spokesperson for being against teen pregnancy,People mag cover story and many more endorsements to come.

  • lakers fan in boston

    they r taking this thing way 2 far, the 1st apology should have been enough
    damn paris has a shit load of shoes, cant hate on a chick who has a good shoe game
    i could just imagine some shoe fetish guy going crazy lol

  • Justme

    Rape jokes about women young or old are not funny and never will be. An apology made and laughing at the same time is not a genuine apology. Lettermans apology became serious when he heard he might be getting fired. Hope they do fire him.
    I am not from the states so this is not about Obama. I am glad Sara Palin spoke up about her daughters. Any mother who would let that go by without saying something well i would wonder what the heck is wrong with the mother. So good for her.
    As woman we should all take a stand about perverted rape jokes whether it be kids or women in general.
    Letterman is not laughing now and it looks good on him.
    I would like to see them fire him and that is my opinion which i am entitled to.

  • CeCe



  • Catt

    Hahahahaha Letterman went too far and i too hope he gets his azz booted. Go to They are real women who are not going to put up with this shhit anymore. Letterman is a dirty old man and he aint laughing now.

  • youallneedjesus

    He apologized and that should be the end of it. The joke didn’t go very well and that what it was, a damn joke. If you want to be truthful, one of Palin’s daughter did get pregnant, right under Palin’s nose while she was underage!!! He was making fun of that situation, not promoting statutory rape, had he said Woody Allen or R. Kelly, then he was talking about statutory rape.

  • Halli


    Rhonda… Sarah Palin nor you can make this about women.

    This is not about “sisterhood” because Sarah Palin doesn’t know what that word is. As a woman she insults me and I’ll believe that she cares for women when she stops charging them for their own RAPE KITS.

  • Christopher

    I know that its the same loser who is calling for Dave’s firing.

    The man WILL NOT nor should he be fired.

    He’s a legend who’s been a part of TV for over 30 years. David doesn’t need to publicity to get on TV but Sarah Palin sure does and she had no problem trying to slander Dave’s name and using her daughter to score cheap political points. Maybe Sarah ought to govern her state instead of picking fights with 19 year old boys and comedians. When people start to take jokes from comedians seriously…. that’s where the problem is. Sarah Palin’s fans are insane and uptight.

  • Christopher
  • Vestes de Cuisine

    <3 David!!

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