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Jennifer Aniston Makes Selena Gomez Run Away

Jennifer Aniston Makes Selena Gomez Run Away

Selena Gomez has always been and will always be obsessed with the Friends franchise, especially Rachel (Jennifer Aniston).

Yesterday afternoon, the 16-year-old actress dished to all about her run-in (and run-away) with Aniston at Friday’s Women In Film 2009 Crystal And Lucy Awards!

“I was shaking!” Selena told JustJaredJR. “I ran into Jennifer in the bathroom and she goes, ‘Hi!’ My legs started to shake and I ran. I didn’t know what to do because I freaked out. I always say that I worship Rachel McAdams as a movie actress but for comedy – the whole reason I started my show and mannerisms, they were after Jennifer Aniston. It was so funny, they were playing clip reels of the work she’s done and I quoted the whole thing. Every single thing she’d say, I would say it. People were sitting there laughing at me and they’re like, ‘Wow, you’re obsessed.’ I freaked out, but I was happy she got the [Crystal] Award.”

FYI: Yesterday, People hosted a sneak peek of Selena‘s Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program, which will air next Friday (June 26).

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  • anna

    haha i love jen too

  • fresh


  • burn bit** burn

    I hope she gets herpes

  • pear

    JJ JR pls

  • samantha

    aww… jennifer aniston has a fan!

  • LLM

    So in love, credit Keep1 at JJB M3B

  • marisa

    i love jen! Haters- get off this thread if you don’t like her, and go to your boring old role model freak Jolie.

  • So ture

    hahaahahaha It is so ture. Even her fans still think Jennier Aiston is Rachel from friends. They love her because of it .

  • jen

    old role modle? Jen is old not jolie.

  • LLM

    Tabloits admit they lie – Brad and Angelina deny rumours because of their family/kids

  • diva

    how sad that this coat tailing bimbo is some ones idol, maybe because she was married to brad, or maybe because she keeps bringing up their name for attention, or maybe it’s all the whining over the years, she can’t act, haven’t helped a soul with all her millions, smokes like a chimney, pays for positive writes ups, coke addict, bed hopping ho, did i miss anything?

  • amy

    awwww I love Rachel from friends too I love her for her hair also.

  • ugh

    This site is so pro-Jolie (sad attempts at ensuing Aniston bashing via lame titles) it’s sick.

  • lets

    did selena run of jennifer? ;o

  • Jen

    aww, Selena is so cute.. I like Jen Aniston in movies but I never saw friends so I can’t say it was for that like Angelina fans claim :D… Nice story…

  • taylorswiftfan

    That is so cute. I don’t know why people hate on Jen just because they’re Jolie fans. You can appreciate both actresses without being some sort of “traitor”. I love Friends to this day and even though Rachel wasn’t my favourite character she was such an important part of the show.
    I’ve been following Angie ever since Girl Interrupted and she is a really impresesive woman.
    All this hate even in cyber form, it’s so unnecessary. Critiquing and comparing is one thing but to spit such venom, does it somehow make people feel better about themselves?
    Anyway, to the point I think it’s so cute Selena had a little starstruck moment in the bathroom.

  • diva

    no, selena looked at the man face with a wig on and didnt know it was jen the chin and she got scare and ran outta there, poor selena had to see jen up close and personal, the real deal, hahaha

  • Kate

    #11 Diva can’t read apparently.

    She’s her idol because of her comedic role on FRIENDS.

    I love Selena, and Jen as well. Adorable little story.

  • Miller

    Awwww, maybe they can become bffs since they are on the same level emotionally and intellectually. Sooooo sweet.

  • thats_right

    she ran away from Jennifer because the poor girl got scared of her ugly face thats why she ran away looooooool can you imagine in the bathroom seen Jennifer Aniston she should have ran back to the bathroom again not to pee on herself from the nightmare seen Chinifer’s face and that wrinkled ugly dress of hers ughhhhhhhh.

  • Miller

    Maybe they will become bffs since they are on the same level mentally and emotionally. They can share clothes and boyfriends, sooooooo sweet.

  • diva

    Kate, #18, mind your own business, it’s a gossip blog and i like calling it as i see it, this woman is a fraud who is selfish with no talent and she is paying for all this attention because she hasn’t done anything else worthy of awards and accolades, that’s what she uses her millions for, instead of giving to charity, she buys awards and favorable writes ups and magazines covers, all to stay relevant, what a crack of B.S.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Selena looks like she is barely 12 ! And Aniston looks 40+.

  • LOS

    #22 A life. Get one.

  • john

    i understand why Selena ran away, i was with Jen twice and ran away both times, but not before she gave me that big fat check she owed me for pretending to be her boyfriend. i dumped her in the streets where she belongs.

  • chin

    leave #22 alone, i like her post, she is funny and telling the truth, why don’t you do as you are telling #22 to do, get a life, you are on here too, pot meet kettle.

  • LOS

    #26 But I’m not on here wasting energy being hateful.

  • chin

    Jen the chin had breast implants, just to show off at that awards show, i feel sorry for the real talented actresses, they had to sit there and do the best acting of their life, pretending to care, while this fake wanna be actress steals everything that belongs to the deserving actresses. it’s not fair, but like someone already said, her millions are being used.

  • lia

    You’re an idiot and try forming an actual sentence because I can’t undrestand that mess of sentences. And lol, here comes the Pro Jolie team in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • thats_right


  • lia

    “Maniston ugly, team Brangie forever, omg chin chin sucks, I HATE CHINNIFER MANISTON FOR LIFE ANGIE AND BRAD rock!” Shut up. I’ve seen your comments on Perez, go on his wbesite.

  • lilly

    i have lost all respect for Hollywood if this person is the representative for what Hollywood have to offer, where are all the real actresses? are they serious with this? how did they come to this conclusion? this is just sad.

  • Matt

    All the crazy Brangie fans aren’t helping Angelina. I very seldom
    even come to this sight because of the way you act. You better
    get busy on Megan now cause she is so much hotter and soon
    that is who you will be seeing all the time. Sorry guys but
    that’s the way it goes. Megan’s hot, she’ll have boy friends which
    is totally more interesting than hearing about kids all the time.
    Brad and Angelina are the same old, same old all the time.
    Really getting boring.

  • mamasita

    look at aniston back in the years…. not hot and not blond

  • mamasita

    and youre uhum beautiful miss jolie

  • I love jen

    I love you Jennifer,you are the best.

  • Princess

    Who cares! two nobody’s

  • anonymous

    Poor child. She actually thinks Friends was a good show with good acting. LOL! She’ll go far.

  • mamasita

    ofcourse she sucks.. she is nothing but a tv star not a real actress.. like nicole kidman and all the others who are coming up but cant get a chance because of these stupid people out there like lohan en aniston.. even paris is making movies…. where is the world going?

  • mimilala

    That is super cute. Selena Gomez is adorable, and I can totally see why sweet-natured girls would find Jennifer Aniston inspirational. The wild, overly sexual, experimental, free-for-all female type just doesn’t go with all women.

  • http://www.isareal nina

    Than why did JA win an Emmy and Golden Globe for her ‘bad acting’ in Friends?

    no one has lost her sex appeal for than miss Jolie. Big lips and no curves, Brad can keep her! Please, Rachel Weisz, Marion Cotillard, and Penelope Cruz are much hotter than aNgie!

  • mamasita

    yeah she won that one nina because it was a funny show.. not cuz she’s the best actress in the world.. and she won it too because she was married to mister bradley back in the dayz

    yes big lips no curves and a bigforhead too.. he will leave her too one day.. but i couldn’t care less about brad.. he’s not so hot as they make him
    JEN&ANGIE.. only thing they both share is sleeping with brad.. hahaha

  • http://www.isareal nina

    Brad has also lost his looks. He was God in the 90′s but he’s lost them. And his cannes interview made him seem like a douchebag. And you’re wrong about JA’s Emmy win, she won because her comedic acting was perfect in Friends. Just like how Angelina won her Oscar for Girl, Intterupted because she had perfect dramatic acting. Angie is pretty but isn’t that hot. Marion Cotillard is the Sophia Loren of this century.

  • cLAIRE

    I love SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kay aye

    mimilala @ 06/16/2009 at 3:57 pm
    Very true. Selena is very wholesome and sweet. If you have never seen her tweets, you should check them out. She seems like such a little doll – always positive , happy, and nice about everyone and seems to have a lot of close female friends. It would make sense that she would be a Jen fan.

    No, not everybody dreams of being a promiscuous, sultry, bad girl with little regard to marriage or friendship. Especially not nice girls like Selena.

  • Andy

    I’d take Jen in a minute. She’s hot, happy, funny and has a ton
    of friends. Even people in the work industry talk about how nice
    she is to them. Angelina on the other hand doesn’t do anything
    for me. I would never want six kids or more, she is every into
    herself and what she wants. She has lost way too much weight,
    and her figure is not what it use to be. I was surprized when I
    saw a old picture of her, at 23 she had no butt and her arms
    and legs were not great even then. I am not being mean to
    her, that’s just the why I see.

  • lilly

    Angelina never used her looks for publicity like most actress, she use her name and fame for good, charity, even if she is one of the most beautiful women on earth, that’s why Angie does not care about looks, every one else does, let Megan (copy Kat) have that title, that’s all she has, it won’t last, unlike Angelina, she has too many titles to name.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol how cute =p
    selena looks cute but i think when she wears her hair like that she looks like shes 14
    i can just imagine her running away =]

  • thats_right

    #31 to LIA
    Don’t tell me where to go, truth hurts right? when your chinifer is scaring people away now hahaahah my god what a trash look at her look at her dress? she is a mess, I feel sorry for her.

  • lia

    NO I feel sorry for you for being a troll who hates on another actress to defend the ‘Saint’ couple! Chinnifer? How would you feel if I said Mangelina? You’d think it’s stupid just like how I think your use of chinnifer is stupid. i REALLY REALLY want to see what you and your chin and whole body looks like when you’re 40. Being an internet troll is lame. Peace.