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Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Phone and Fun

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Phone and Fun

Jennifer Garner takes some time out for a phone call while Violet spends time with her nanny on Monday (June 15) in Boston, Mass.

The 37-year-old actress recently talked to Santa Monica City Council member Richard Bloom about creating school buffer zones where the paparazzi cannot stand near Violet‘s school.

Bloom joins other city council members who are trying to restrict paparazzi access by creating buffer zones throughout Hollywood.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer and Violet out and about in Boston…

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jennifer garner phone fun 01
jennifer garner phone fun 02
jennifer garner phone fun 03
jennifer garner phone fun 04
jennifer garner phone fun 05
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jennifer garner phone fun 10
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Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • sally

    I know she just had a baby but she sure looks like she might be cooking another :-)

  • sally

    I know she just had a baby but she sure looks like she might be cooking another :-)

  • Nice

    clumzy looking better today. No man pants, no torn underwear,no nannies who dressed better than her.. good job.

  • to nice

    um,..but she still dress violet PJ’s.

  • Susie q

    Well, Halleluia! Paparazzi buffer zones. Finally. It’s gotta be so scary to have all those paps so close to your children. I don’t envy celebs at all.

  • Lillianne

    Violet is going to be a beauty.

  • elzee

    JG learns from others people mistake. DO NOT HIRE A HOT ATTRACTIVE NANNY!!! Thats guarantee that BA wont try to tap that ass.LMAO

  • Missy

    There are certain people who complain about being photographed but they are always out there to be photographed. Are we gonna go a whole day without seeing Kate going to a store or pumping gas?

    or seeing Jen take or pu violet from pre-school? angie and brad bring their litter out often enough not to be forgotten.

  • jenfan

    jen is so beautiful

  • anna

    wooow she looks SO PREGNANT

  • asdfghjkl;

    enough about them, wheres ben? lmao jkk [;

  • Katie

    Violet is normal & so happy kids, Finally i found one normal family in hollywood, God Bless Affleck’s family.

  • Keira

    Violet is the most cutest, happiest most adorable celebrity baby. Shes my fave. =)

  • LA

    She does not look pregnant at all. You guys are idiots. She didn’t lose all her baby weight and her outfit is boxy.

  • LA

    Uh she does not look pregnant at all. You guys are idiots. She didn’t lose all her baby weight and her outfit is boxy.

  • Missy

    I’m pretty sure Ben Affleck is going to run for some kind of political office. I believe that’s what all this happy and normal family is all about. I know, I’m so cynical, but probably right.

  • Big Fan

    Jen looks good, not to over styled, but working it just the same.

    She doesn’t have to go all out, but this style looks good for her. Instead of running shoes (nothing wrong with) she is wearing flat, better fitting jeans, and a comfortable top (not a t shirt). Way to go Jen. Keep to your style, just jazz it a bit.

    As for the pics of Violet. Pictures of her should not be taken, nor made available for blogs when she is not with either of her parents.

  • I love the paps

    Phoney beeotch, she realized after the parents couldn’t take it anymore that she should do something about the paparazzi. She loved every minute of it until she realized that they weren’t following her but her daughter now that is f#king sick. Mommy dearest!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    god job jennifer
    u finally attempted to look nice
    i mean that purple shirt is a real change from ur usual clothes and thumbs up on wearing a bag
    so good job for not being boring =]

  • JLO

    Look how beautifully angelic Violet looks! If only my ugly children looked half as good as this.

  • Annie

    What a beautiful little girl!! Look at Suri Cruise….She is so sad and pathetic.( Good job Tiny tom and Katie). WE LOVE YOU VIOLET!

  • amy

    how beautifful

  • so sad #18

    So sad #18.

    Really, you are so very far off base. It was not Jennifer Garner who went to the city council, it was the other parent and the preschool itself. Ever see one of those videos from outside the preschool? Disgusting! I felt for the children that had to go there.

    To suggest that Jen only now called the city council because the attention wasn’t on her, is obviously not a parent.

  • annab

    Violet is too cute…has her mom’s expressions. Very normal people indeed. It’s how it should be..celebrity or not.

  • Sarah

    #18, she complained about them (the paps at the nursery school) in an interview over 2 months ago, its not new. She said Violet didn’t understand why they didn’t stop with the cameras after she said “please dont take my picture” She said “I said please!”

    That said, JJ you are no better than the paps at a nursery school for publishing pictures of Violet alone. She is a CHILD dmmit! LEave her alone!

  • Pippi

    I swear this is the prettiest, happiest little girl of the celebs kids. She may not be decked out in designer clothes but there is not a kid out there who could hold a candle to her. This is exactly why Jen and Ben try to protect her from the media. It’s pics like this that they crave. I love seeing this gorgeous kid being a normal happy healthy little girl and so do a whole slew of other people. We should be ashamed but it is such a joy to see her in action. She is truly BEAUTIFUL. I wish she could be free to run and play without the paps, but then I wouldn’t be able to see her. I LOVE THIS KID!

  • Pippi

    Jen is beautiful too and there is no way she looks pregnant Sally #1 and 2. Get your eyes checked kiddo. You seriously need glasses. Either that or you are just a nasty b!tch looking for attention.

  • happy child

    Violet has to be the happiest celeb child ever.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Violet’s hair looks like she got highlights. HEr roots are brown- as was her color until the last 7 months.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Violet’s hair looks like she got highlights. HEr roots are brown- as was her color until the last 7 months.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Jennifer GArner is the cause of all this. She used to call the photogs. She was the one who notified them when she’s got family outings, so it will help her brand herself as “a mother”.

  • agent

    Ben never goes out with his fam and does errands by himself. It’s always JEN that takes Violet everywhere as if she is addicted to that weird attention. They are NOT a NORMAL couple b/c they are famous. Ben must hate that she goes out with his daughter and exposes her to the paps. He can’t do anything so they have to waste taxpayer money on getting zones for their celebrity family? PLEASE. Hire some freakin’ bodyguards to surround you/guard you. Stop trying to ACT like you can live normally. Ben, you should’ve married a non-celeb like your BFF warned you. We love you still Ben but do NOT like Jen. If you must have another celeb, go back to LIV Tyler now that she’s free again.

  • Bruce Banner

    How can you cal a little girl sad and pathetic, #21?

    And you know that how, #31? They told you?

    He should-and did-marry the woman that made him happy, #32.

  • amy

    #26 not really . I have seen cuter. Let’s hope she won’t end up like like cluts like her mother.

  • amy

    Protect her from the media?oh please ! she is out with her everyday getting photogs. She is using the kid for carrier advancement.

  • kelli

    # 29….don’t be silly. Jennifer did not dye her kid’s hair.

    Kid’s hair changes as they get older. I was blonde when a toddler….and gradually my hair turned light brown. Even during the summer months….my hair got highlighted naturally from the sun.

    I bet you don’t even have kids……otherwise you would not have made the comment.

  • beck

    they are not normal.

  • star

    Violet is adorable!!! I wish i could download one.

  • Adri

    Jen looks really good today. Violet is a sweetie.

  • Adri

    @Bruce Banner: I’ve noticed that you come on the posts, pull 3 to 5 comments by their numbers and write argumentative questions. It would be nice to read just a statement of your own opinion for once instead of just questioning other comments all the time.

  • Bruce Banner

    It’d also be nice if I won the lottery, #40. Here’s an opinion: Shut up and those people I pointed out earlier are idiots!

  • Adri

    @Bruce Banner: Well I guess you like saying, “Hey # 5″, What #12, How come #32….etc. I would just like to read what you think instead of always that. But maybe you have nothing interesting to say. To each his own I guess….

  • Bruce banner is funny

    ……………..too funny, Bruce Banner!

    Hey #32, Ben was out with his family over the weekend, trying to avoid paps BTW. Do you read anything besides JJ?

    Complain if Jen is caught by the paps running errands and complain if Ben manages to escape the paps while doing things with his family.

    GEE, can’t have it both ways. Well, ok some people do have it both ways……………..but that is a WHOLE different kind of blog. hee,hee

  • Chemist

    Violet looks just like my lab rats.

  • Everyone is not a 10

    Dang people U should be glad that you aren’t required to post your own photo with your comments. Would love to see what some that make fun of everybody else looks like.

  • Adri

    @Bruce banner is funny: I think Bruce wrote this himself. His opinion is that he is funny. Shocker!

  • man in the moon

    The person at @ 29,30 & 31 is without a doubt the most ignorant individual in the entire world. Where were on the day God gave out brains. Playing hookey huh? No wonder you are a bonafide moron. Agent @32 you are the second most ignorant person on the universe. Ben was out with his family this weekend. Put you pea brain in gear before you engage in writing nasty comments on the web. You only show your stupidity.

    Having said that: The Garner-Afflecks are the most desirable celeb family in the business. Violet is super cute and happy as any 3 yr old could be. So much jealousy.

  • Chemist #44

    I know children should not be up this late but when my drug addicted mom passed out on the floor, I decided to log on the JJ site and have some fun. It is my only outlet. I wish I had been born to different parent but no such luck. I envy what Violet has and try to make myself feel better by writing cruel things about her. I will take my meds and try to improve. Please forgive me y’all.

  • Miss West Virginia

    Violet is so beautiful she looks unreal. I swear this child looks like a porcelin doll. I wish I could give her a big ole bear hug and a kiss.

  • Chemist #48 take your valium

    Chemist 48 is a demented relative of the above rat like child.