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Kate Gosselin is a Busy Banker

Kate Gosselin is a Busy Banker

Kate Gosselin drops by a local bank as she runs a few errands with a bodyguard on Tuesday (June 16) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old registered nurse recently got a ‘touch-up‘ on her famous hair over the weekend.

In yesterday’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselins were visited by American Chopper‘s Junior and Mikey Teutul. In the show, the guys gave Kate a colorful pink Vespa which was later donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

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  • Missy

    I just commented on the Jen and violet thread, I thought we were gonna make thru the day w/o seeing Kate going to the store or pumping gas.

    So she went to the bank today!

  • kay

    i was just thinking the same thing Missy. Jared and Kate has got a thing going on.

  • L7

    Who is that guy she is with….has she traded up? Nice move Kate.

  • E

    Kate is making herself oh, so much important than she is …it is all an illusion. Kate and Jared make money off of each other.

    Look at Kate’s kids, she dresses better than they do.

  • kay

    PS ….Not a nanny must be working everyday now.

  • E
  • baby huey

    Well…a run to the bank with Kate. I see spin-off. TLC could milk this thing with J+K+8 till the kids are having their own families. Shudder.

  • Jane

    She sure looks old for 34. She looks like she is in her forty’s.

  • Tina

    OMG…she is actually dressed like a typical mother would dress..not a 20 dollar hooker…It’s about time Kate!!!


    How old is she 40 she looks it.

  • ned

    even movie stars dont need body guards PA people dont give a care about her who is she trying to impress?

  • Adnil

    To each his own – this attention must be what Kate needs. There are plenty of families that have many children and manage to just get on with it without all the fuss.

  • Jeanne

    Can anyone, I don’t care if it’s gosselin or anti-gosselin people posting, but what does ROFL mean? I’m not good with computer abbreviations and have seen at at both blogs(anti and pro gosselin).

  • sue

    why is she on just jared shes no movie star maybe she thinks she is. Her reality show sucks its all a lie and its all staged boring. Maybe we will get a break and they will cancel them they have been on to long.

  • fugly white shoes

    What the he!! does she have on her feet? I hope she didn’t spend more than $1 on those shoes, because she got ripped off! Atrocious!

  • jj

    yeah just jared we only want to see true actual stars and singers someone that acually has talent. Not this no talent witch she didnt even write her own book what a fake.

  • kay

    ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing ROFLMAO = my ass off

    LOL= laugh out loud….something Kate has us doing regularly with these fake attention seeking outings.

  • ROFL

    Rolling on floor laughing

  • jj

    @Jeanne: roll on the floor laughing.

  • jenny

    wow how showy who is she to hire a bodyguard. is not like she some big shot.

  • Nanea

    Famous hair? More like infamous hair!

    She looks as if her kids had a go at it while she was sleeping.

    Why is her bodyguard out there? Is he making sure her huge ego remains intact?

  • Morgan

    Please, please, please make her go AWAY!

  • love mikey

    That Mikey Teutul is a sweetheart.. That was really cool of them to donate the vespa to Ronald McDonald House. Maybe this site should have more on the Teutuls and other real families if this is the way JJ is going anyway.

  • advertising whore

    #14 sue, my guess is that JJ is somehow getting a kickback of some sort for posting info about this ridiculous family reality tv show. b/c i agree, she/that show is not famous nor do people care. so why does this website waste time/space on it? money is the only reason i can come up with. that or the photos are really cheap?

  • Live N Let Live

    the best revenge is to live well! Go for it Katers!

  • Bodyguard

    she has a bodyguard because of all of the jealous Kate haters trying to take her down and their show, just read the comments. I’d get one too, you all are creepily obsessed.

  • wow

    this bitch sucks ewwww

  • Kate Is Classy Hot

    she looks fab! Very pretty lady, classy look too! With the money she makes, I’d have a bodyguard walk me in and out of a bank too! The bodyguard looks fine, she does have some cute guys around her. It is what it is. Live it up and be happy!

  • Brenda

    @Kate Is Classy Hot:

    She might not be looking so hot and happy come Friday when In Touch does a feature on her beating the hell out of one of the tups. It was just on Entertainment Tonight.
    The other day when the cops arrived she decided to spank one of the girls just as the cops were arriving. They caught photos of the whole thing and the paps told the cops. I wonder how Kate will look in one of those orange jumpsuits with the number across her saggy boobs…

    Just what every kid wants in their scrapbook a pic of mom on a national tabloid beating the crap out of them. Yes sir FANS, she’s a class act and the kids are doing fine. I got a nice bridge too sell you too!.

    Orange is one of her favorite colors right? Real classy…

  • MD

    Kate is a rere!

  • Blessed

    she’s like a fine wine, she gets better with age, she looks younger now then she did when the kids were babies, now she can breathe and live a little that the kids are older and not in diapers and don’t need so much, they’re able to discover a little more all the time, stretch their boundaries and not need Mommy there at all times, I think it’s great she takes care of herself, gets out, that she and Jon both have some fun, not anyone’s biz to judge any of it, we don’t pay their bills, tax wise or other wise and the kids are healthy and have more then most ever will, plus two parents that love them and protect them. Even with all the chaos, the two are keeping the kids safe. There are so many children being abused in the world and people point the finger at the Gosselins? So many kids being neglected and all they can do is put a focus on the 8 Gosselins. What I see though is people are just jealous of Kate being a paid housewife while they are not and probably rarely get any appreciation for their job at home, so a big shout out to all mommies, it’s a tough but precious job! Those that have been blessed with kids are lucky! Hope she inspires lots of women to take care of themselves and make mommy time too, not just 24/7 time for kids, an adult has to pamper themselves once in a while too and take care of their health and do things that help their confidence and self worth, or you get pulled in always doing for your kids, healthy balance in everything. As long as they keep it balanced for their family, the kids will be just fine, no matter where the marriage goes. I’m a child from a divorce, and it was healthier to have my parents apart then together, plus my parents seemed happier split. Now I have 4 parents, 2 step parents, lots of love!

  • evalynn

    why does she need a bodyguard?

  • joan

    I wish this family could live happy.

  • joan

    I think Kate dresses her age.

  • Vicki

    EVERYDAY we hear from this tramp with no life….

  • World is Crazy These Days

    hmm I was spanked as a kid, I turned out just fine. I imagine lots of parents still spank their kids (maybe not in public, but behind closed doors). I even got my mouth washed out with lava soap and other things that probably in today’s world social services would not accept, but now, if a parent or teacher even grabs a child’s arm CHILD ABUSE!!!!!! Helmets everywhere or *gasp* child abuser, what ever happened to the days where kids could climb trees, ride bikes without all that gear, it’s become an overly protected world now with wimpy kids growing up as wimpy adults. TOUGHEN UP people! Like you were not spanked as a kid! Like you probably spank your own child but come on here and act like it’s a jaw dropping moment to get a little paddle to the behind when a kid acts out or throws a tantrum.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • E

    NO RED SPOONS! Kate gosselins beats her kids! She is a fraud and people need to research this scam-artist.

    The Gov. of PA needs to do something about the exploitation of children in the state of PA in reality shows. Looks like the Gosselins are spending all the money made off their kids’ backs. The kids will be taking “jr. kindergarten” only going 3 days a week instead of full time like normal kids, so Kate can keep them filming the show. How selfish can fans be? The Governor of PA needs to put his foot down.

  • erbear3780

    I agree. I totally think Kate is getting a bad rap as usual, and I do not consider a smack on the butt to be abuse. I think a lot (not all) of people today are afraid or too lazy to discipline their kids in any way, and that is one reason things are getting so out of control. Of course, hitting a child with an object or leaving them with a mark is totally out of the question.

  • sassy

    I think a smack on the butt is not abuse… if she had been hitting them in the face or something then that would be different IMO.

  • 8XploitedFaces

    In Touch magazine has pictures of Kate spanking Leah.
    if she spanks with cameras all over, can you imagine what she does when the cameras are gone?

    Those poor kids.

  • squattmunkie

    why does she need a bodyguard? No one wants her! I can understand when shes out of town with the kids. Someone could easily snatch one. But really…a bodyguard for a trip to the bank!?

    I also see Mr. Gray has left her, GOOD! But its only a matter of time before she is sleeping with this man. And just a little bit more time before the kids call him daddy.

  • 8XploitedFaces

    @Jeanne: RollingOnFloorLaughing! :D

  • sassy

    go spank the Governor of PA then E , go reprimand him next, tsk tsk…..(watch much E! Tv or just read the Eonline gossip for your info?) roflmao @ the gossip obsessed who believe everything they read, I bet the Nat’l Inquirer is your Bible. You need a life, advocating for kids is one thing, doing it on a gossip site and then belittling Kate for everything else too under different names on here, you need yourself a life. Gossip is just so reliable! (rolls eyes)

  • Inez

    @fugly white shoes: $250 Cole Haan shoes.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn I Don’t Care

    “Do you think Kate Gosselin was out of line for giving her kid a smack on the butt?”

    Depends on the situation- Was it out of anger and frustration? Or did the kid need a good swat on the behind? Some of my kids have never needed a spanking– some did.

  • 8XploitedFaces

    @Bodyguard: Oh please. The crazy stalker fans that think they have “meetings” with Kate are the ones she needs protection from. Kate’s bodyguard went to all her book signings. “haters” don’t go to book signings, FANS DO! Us “jellus haters” wouldn’t cross the street to spit on her.

    Also, all celebrities who have been killed were killed by FANS. John Lennon, Selina, Rebecca Schaffer.

    FANS, not “jelus haters.”

    All we want is for the filming to stop and the kids to be safe. Shame on us!


    oh go have yourself another drink you no lifer commenter on here who has nothing better to do then obsess over everything Kate Gosselin, to even know where she gets shoes, how much, you are pathetic! Waste of space! You and your Nancy Grace histrionic BREAKING NEWS on Kate Gosselin!

  • 2true
  • Sicko Phant

    She is a beautiful warm loving woman with a winning personality. I love her hair. (rolls the the eyes, picks the nose. flicks the booger) …….ROTFIEF (rolls on the floor in epileptic fits)