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Rihanna Has Beautiful Hair -- Vote Now!

Rihanna Has Beautiful Hair -- Vote Now!

Rihianna heads out of her New York City hotel on Tuesday afternoon (June 16) to celebrate the opening of The Carol’s Daughter Back Room Hand and Foot Spa in Harlem.

For the 2009 BET Awards, the 21-year-old Umbrella singer is up against Tracee Ellis Ross and Taraji Henson for the “Beautiful Hair” category. The network writes, “From curly to cropped, the locks of Rihanna, Taraji and Tracee are consistently stylish and always on-trend.” Vote for your fave at

The 2009 BET Awards will air LIVE @ 8PM ET/PT from Los Angeles on Sunday, June 28 on BET.

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Credit: Jackson Lee , Daniel/Sean; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • curious

    That is an actual category?

  • oseary

    I vote No because her hair usually looks terrible.

  • jd09

    Who’s she up against? Paris Hilton’s poodle who gets a new haircut everyday? I think people with weaves shouldn’t be allowed in the competition

  • true blood

    She could win in the Best Legs category but not for hair.

  • Halo

    ITA with #3 – That’s not her ‘real’ hair, so she shouldn’t have even been nominated.

  • Cammie

    She is stealing Adam Lambert hair, and her legs look swollen

    I kind of like her outfit

  • mertz

    yes it is. they also have a best skin one that i remember voting for perviously. aside from the actual awards for entertainment for the bet awards they also have a lot of other fun acknowlegements as well.

    i would vote for tracee and taraji, although riri’s my girl. everyone vote for taraji!!!! or even tracee because they have really healthy natural hair. not to say rihanna doesn’t…but i think she should let her hair down…figuratively.

  • Pepsi

    The girl looks like she’s wearing a rooster on her head.

  • shannon

    Aren’t the BET awards for artistic contributions?

  • rocky


    ITA!! Unless they come up with who’s got the best weave, then it’s a “Who Gives A S**T” for me.

  • nany

    kogucik czy kurka ?

  • magic

    Rihanna loses in the hair category but wins hands down for most overexposed celeb.

  • whamster

    I am sick of seeing her and her hair

  • name…

    she looks good :)

  • RB

    The girl is the new Katie Holmes/Paris Hilton. Out every bitch day for another bitch photo-op.

  • anna

    BEST HAIR? whats wrong with the world?

  • beak

    Why would they nominate Rihanna? She looks like a WoodyWoodPecker Prince wannabe. I bet Prince will be pissed if she wins. lol

  • lmao

    When she wins, Michael Jackson is going to come on stage and steal her award!

  • T

    She has very pretty legs, shame about the dude face.

  • chewie

    I would vote for her if she agrees to shave her head bald if she wins.

  • ashock

    JJ got the category wrong.
    It’s best hair PIECE.

  • hannah

    ummmm thats crap

  • cupcakes

    I don’t know why they’d nominate Rihanna for best hair. Her hair has been looking pretty bad lately.

  • good news

    What does Rihanna do besides go out clubbing and shopping?
    Is she ever going to put out a new album?

  • G-UNIT


  • princess

    what is rihanna? a wh0re with man clothes and hair with naked pictures of her and her childboy, a discusting voice and HAIR.. uuuuuuughh… go away far away…. go do soft porn with CB.. that’s the only thing u can.. suck dick

  • mertz

    why wouldn’t she be in this category. her hair is just as high profile (literally) as she is. she’s had the most hair transformations for the past 2/3 years and everyone plus their mama is on the bob, mullet, shaved sides tip.

    okay. we know she uses hair pieces. it’s funny how people make it seem like the girl doesn’t have natural hair. she had her hair pretty long previously, and she cut it off…so what…i have to agree with some people taking umbrage with some of her hair styles etc…but i’m glad she cut her hair and did something else, she can still grow her hair out since hers grows quickly.

    for the category though if we’re talking about best hair, good picks for the category and go taraji or tracee. vote for them!

  • princess

    she is not beautiful, she hasn’t got beautiful hair… nada niente
    she is just a piece of garbage wanting to be famous… selling herself to the paps, the world and ofcourse CB with her naked soft p-rn… guys come one she is nothing.. just a babyfaced black girl with too many nothing skills, she got famous because jayz wanted to F*CK her

  • LaLa

    Rihanna is SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!

    PRETTY GIRL!!!!! :)

  • mertz

    lol #28 too much haterhades??? seriously. rihanna would have gotten famous with or without jay z, and that’s the truth. she got lucky that for him and for her that both their fortunes were changing at that same time. also he didn’t f her, but keep on to that fantasy because it’s still burning in your being.

    she was going to popp off either way with or without jay-z/island/defjam/universal et al. it may have taken her longer since she had all of her demo recorded here with local producers but she would have gotten signed and had her career blow up.

  • always

    Rihanna uses too many weaves and extensions to be considered for Best Hair. That should be an automatic disqualification. Plus, hair does not grow that fast and her look is getting stale.

    Her hair may be high profile, literally, but it does not look good and it’s always the same sky-high style that showcases her huge forehead.

  • princess

    hahahahahaha ofcourse he f-cked her, you stupid ass.. why would beyonce hate her than? not becaues she looked like her of sounded like her.. because she has no talent at all.. she has no voice like mariah carey, withney houston, or even beyonce..

    why would they invite everyone they know…. even gwyneth paltrow( i mean come on) to her wedding? expect riri? ooh yeah because she hates her.. she didn’t even knew they were getting married… yes that’s a fact..

    and uhhh.. riri always told everyone that jayz is her teacher.. that jayz never would let her get a bad image in the media because she is not raised like that.. you know what that means in showbizz land.. dont you?

    and no she wouldn’t get famous like THIS, because than she would have other songs and other styles.. come on don’t you see how naive you are?

    you know nothing about her, neither do i actually but tell me
    she is really a good girl gone bad… hahahahaha she met jayz in a hotelroom.. DINGDONG does a bell rinkle in your hole head?
    no i guess not otherwhise you wouldn’t think im a hater… because i loved her first.. but she is getting too much attention and she’s becoming paris 2 hahaha

    oh and tell me, wouldnt you f-ck jay? if you would get millions and publicity, wealth and every damn thing she has right now? i bet you would if you were a black bajan with a bigforhead and a pig nose.. yes you would

  • Tina

    She needs to let people miss her, go away until June 22

  • wft

    i think bet is trying to crack jokes..its so funny i cant stop laughing…i am going over there ight now to vote for taraj.. she sure deserves it than this talentless brood..what does she do again?????

  • Jane

    Looks at those gorgeous legs. Rihanna is a beauty.

  • Rogger

    RiRi look and her hair ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

    love you Robyn <3

  • yki


  • yki

    You is stupid, bitch

  • Sharon

    anyone saying this girl looks like a dude is reaching. Short hair does not mean manly when you have ultra-feminine features like Rihanna. Let’s get real. Her face is soft and feminine like Halle Berry’s-big eyes, button nose, heart-shaped face. Manly is what you call the “Rihanna look-alike” Teyanna Taylor (who does NOT really look like Rihanna, I’m just making a point). Now Teyanna does look like a little dude.

    Rihanna’s hair looks a mess here, but I like the statements she makes with her hair. She does it big.

  • chelsi

    You is@magic:
    Of course she will win, luv her <3

  • chelsi

    Of course she will win, luv her <3

  • Cammie

    What statement does her clothes and hair make..Iam trying too hard, What would she look like if she didn’t have round the clock designers sending her clothes or personal hair stylist..back to the long brown weave, she is a label robot without personal originality.

  • So True

    Aside from the legs, Rihanna often looks like a dude. She has soft eyes but she does not have ultra-feminine features like Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie. That’s why so many think she looks like a guy.

    Some women can rock short hair or even go bald, Natalie Portman for example, and still look soft and feminine. Rihanna is not one of them. Her jawline is too square and her forehead too mammoth. When she’s not made up, she straddles the line between manly and tranny and her face looks weird and alien-like when she overemphasizes her large forehead (see numerous airport photos).

    Both Rihanna and Teyanna look alike and both look like men at times. At least when Rihanna wears skirts, you can tell she’s a woman because she has really good legs.

    Yeah, she does the hair real big, but it’s not flattering. It does get her lots of attention which she seems to really crave.

  • enoughalready

    This chick is so insecure, when ever you see another girl celebrity looking a certain way, you best believe she will be coming for you. Ciara has been walking around London like this and now Rihanna, instead of taking singing lessons, starts walking around like she is being productive.

    If she had an ounce of true talent she would’nt have to do this, but it’s Rihanna and we all know were her talent is?

  • ?

    She was seen with chris brown again

    Nice message you are sending to all your fans that look up to you.

    Hey lets all get millions of tattoos, shave our head, go back to the guy who abused us and be stupid enough to take naked pictures that will obviously get leaked!


  • Nikki

    Rihanna does have (or had) long healthy hair. If you look at her high school singing competition, you’ll see this.

    Also, look at this video which shows a picture of her as a child.

    When she became a celebrity, they added weave to her hair and eventually this damaged her natural hair which is why I think she decided to cut it off. She wanted to start fresh. I think she ought to get rid of the piece on top and start over.

  • hoodbitch

    i luv da dress she’s wearing and her shoez r da sh!t!! hataz need 2 fall back!

  • LA

    @Nikki: Her hair has always been nappy, that video shows it. It was probably brittle too, like most nappy hair. Thats just how it is. Weaves dont change your hairs texture. If you look at her roots even with her hair pieces, you can see that they are nappy.

  • Rory

    The only person falling back is Rihanna when Chris smashed the 5 five head against a window

    Haterz…HA..Crazy Fans…fall back

  • jason

    Agree with #33, she needs to go away for a while. Even people who like her are tired of constantly seeing her in the press.