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Russell Crowe Rides Onto 'Robin Hood' Set

Russell Crowe Rides Onto 'Robin Hood' Set

Russell Crowe and costar Kevin Durand (pictured below) shoot new scenes for the much-anticiapted movie, Robin Hood on Tuesday (June 16) in Wales, which borders England.

The Ridley Scott-directed blockbuster, which also stars Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian, has taken over much of a Pembrokeshire beach with a cast and crew of over 800, plus 130 horses.

Robin Hood is set to be completed by August for a wide release in 2010.

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  • Okay NoW

    I know Crowe can be a total jerk, but when he looks hot, he looks hot!

  • cute

    He does looks good there and he’s a great actor.

  • jaye

    He looks ridiculous. Robin hood? Should have been called Robin Hood His Later Years. Yeah they had to cover that boy up, wouldn’t have wanted to see him in tights. lmao

  • Tru dat

    He is a great actor, but he is wrong for this part! I can see him in this movie being Friar Tuck, or the evil Sheriff of Nottingham or even theevil King John. But Robin Hood? That role BELONGS to Orlando Bloom. He is perfect for it. Plus Russell Crowe looks too old for thepart. I bet he will play it like he is just going to be Gladiator all over again.

  • rocky

    @Okay NoW:

    What man doesn’t act like a jerk sometimes, LOL! Yup! He looks HOT and I can’t wait to see him in this movie. Can’t take away from the fact that he’s an amazing actor.

  • Frankie

    Jared, Wales in not in England, they are 2 completely different countries that make up Britain.

  • jussi


  • ali

    This will be fabulous. Both Crowe and Blanchett are wonderful actors – they will light up this story. Fabulous!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    this will be an epic failure. who wants to see a old fat robin hood?!? russell crowe as robin hood?!? get-the-fcuk-outta-here!

  • jain

    how can it be a block buster, when it’s still being filmed?

  • Maya

    Wales, England…..***slaps head**** NO JARED!!!!! lol. I LIVE IN ATLANTA BUT AM FROM WALES…WE ARE SEPARATE FROM ENGLAND

  • icey

    This has Cate Blanchett so I’m there!

  • looking good

    Oh please, give me Russel Crowe any day over some teen
    heart throb playing Robin Hood………You need a MAN who is a first class actor who can add substance and grit and has screen presence playing the role not some pretty boy!!!!

  • oi ve

    @jaye: Obiviously you haven’t done your research and your only reason for posting is to diss Russell Crowe. The full spectrum of the story is the ‘life of Robin Hood’ from young boy to adulthood.

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n: And you are perfectly proportioned and an Adonis in your own right? Get over yourself. RC is not here to be your everything. He’s a great actor and ‘serves the medium’ better than most.


    he proves once again what a complete arse he is.

  • mouche

    Maybe Crowie hasn´t aged that well, but he can certainly handle a horse! I hope that Ridley Scott makes this Robin Hood movie as cinematographically fantastic as his debut the period drama “The Duelists” was!!!!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    could of got kevin costner!!

  • Jem

    I wish people would get it into their heads that WALES IS NOT IN ENGLAND!! Makes me so mad! Yet, you never see people saying Scotland, England, do you???? How can they continue to teach people this in school. Get it right Idiots.

  • no

    Too old for the part.
    Robin Hood is meant to be a dashing hero, not a middle-aged fat man.

  • Imzadi

    Don’t know about Kevin Durand, but that ‘s Scott Grimes (E.R.) with Russell Crowe in the pictures.

  • COCO

    Oh dear the Welsh people will not be happy with you they would hate to be called english!!

  • meems

    I can’t wait for this. Great casting. I love Cate!

  • jengirl

    I didn’t see Kevin Durand in any of these pictures.

  • @19….get your facts straight

    Goes to show you don’t know your History as Robin Hood was not
    a dashing hero in real life. He was only portrayed that way in Hollywood movies in the thirties by Errol Flynn. Russell Crowe is not fat, he put on weight for Body of Lies and has now lost it all.

  • Lotto

    As some have mentioned Wales is NOT in England. I am Welsh and do not like being called English, no offence, just as Canadians do not like being called American. I’m not being funny but why do some American’s call the UK England? Hello there four other countries. jees

  • mertz

    lol. he hasn’t lost all the weight he put on for the other movie…he’s lost most of it. and like i said when we found out (on this website) he was cast for the role and that he’s working with ridley (love him) i said that i love robin hood (still do) and that this movie will bomb (still think that), and these pics or any other prerelease shots will do anything for the release of that movie. way to go and hitch your wagon to another robinhood film…and this is going to bomb. the only saving grace is cate…and if this was being backed by stupid disney.

  • ash

    Yeah, he lost the weight people, get over it. Stop trying to make something out what’s not there. He’ll do fine.

  • Sillymovie

    What a nice set of pictures to counter those pesky ‘Russell is behaving like a DIVA yet again’ stories……meanwhile this movie looks b-o-r-i-n-g! Considering the 150 mill budget I feel another giant movieflop is waiting to happen…

  • bald outing

    isn’t he too old for flicks like this?

  • yuk

    No one cares about the historical Robin Hood. We WANT our Robin Hood to be a dashing hero.
    The brilliant man that Russell portrayed in A Beautiful Mind was a horrible human being. They made him sympathetic for the film.
    History has no bearing on movie making. It never has. We want to be entertained, not taught.
    And sorry. Russell IS fat.

  • ismail

    OMG !

    Russell looks so great !

  • ismail

    @ash: Yeah, he lost all the weight he gagned before .. he did exercices with an NBA trainer ..

  • Sharon

    If Russell Crowe is fat, then Orlando Bloom is an Real Man alpha male (NOT!)

    The shallowness of people is unreal….

  • rocky

    @@19….get your facts straight:

    I agree with you, but Errol didn’t have a pony tail. Russell looks awesome. Fat? Not really!

  • rocky


    Well aren’t you a charmer. So you want to be entertained and not learn anything in the process? Try those S**T reality shows on TV. They’re probably right up your alley.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Jared. You better count your blessings that Richard Burton isn’t around. He’d slap you silly for confusing Wales with England! Someone called him an Englishmen once and he was quick to respond, “I’m a Welshman, not an Englishmen”.

    You made a mistake. Don’t do it again. HA! HA!

  • stop

    Stop remaking Robin Hood over and over and over and over and overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrragain.

  • rocky

    @looking good:

    The Magic Word is MAN!!!! Russell is sure that! He’s a great horseman as well.

  • no thanks

    I’ll stick with Errol Flyn’s version, thank you very much.

  • @38

    So your definition of “man” icludes someone who has such a sense of entitlement that he throws things at people he sees as less than him when he doesn’t get his way?
    Hmmm, interesting. I would call him a child, not a “man”.

  • anonymous

    looking good @ 06/16/2009 at 1:21 pm Oh please, give me Russel Crowe any day over some teen
    heart throb playing Robin Hood………You need a MAN who is a first class actor who can add substance and grit and has screen presence playing the role not some pretty boy!!!!

    Russell Crowe proved what kind of a man he was when he attacked some hapless clerk in a hissy fit. I guess that makes him a Hissy Man.
    You are right though he is no pretty boy. You’ve done your job now, sweetie, you can return to the Russell Drooling sites. Don’t forget to vote a thousand times for Russell Crowe: Most Handsome Man in Universe Poll at Hello. ROTFLMAO!

  • @40

    All the negative comments are from the same person posting
    over and over again…….lame!…….He apologized for throwing the phone, he then went on Letterman and faced the music and not hiding out, it takes a real man to admit fault and learn from it, that is exactly what he did.

  • @42

    You can tell yourself that it is all one person, but that doesn’t make it true.
    A LOT of people don’t like Crowe because of his off screen antics.
    And yes, it does take a “real man” to admit fault, but a “real man” wouldn’t have done something like that in the first place. You make it sound like an isolated incident, but it wasn’t. Russell has a long history of acting like a spoiled brat. Not a “real man”.

  • @42

    Wow, did your favorite actor miss out on the part???….Is that why you sound so upset at Academy Award winner, Golden Globe winner, Bafta winner, New York Critics Award winner etc etc Russel Crowe…….lol.

  • Imzadi

    Russell Crowe isn’t perfect, but as long as I enjoy his movies, I don’t care. I still like him, he is what he is and he doesn’t care what others think. Directors and costars also don’t seems to have a problem with him. He has a temper, so what? And regarding “fat” Russell Crowe: He is an actor, not a model or a pretty face. I still think he was HOT in 3:10 Yuma or Gladiator. And he doesn’t look very different as Robin Hood.

  • ismail

    Okay, let’s just stop talking about Russell Crowe’s bad temper !

    We don’t care about what kind of man he is !

    He’s a talented actor ! Great actor, he’s just amazing !
    He’s an academy award winner, golden globe winner and Bafta award winner ! So f*ck the rest !

  • oi ve


    Your “WE” is not my “WE”. Please don’t speak for others.

    I, personally, prefer historical films.

    As for those dissing on Russell, we all make mistakes and learn from them. I wish he hadn’t thrown the phone or done other things, but I think you have to look at it as his fault and let him move on. As for looks, unless you are the man of the hour “Hugh Jackman” or pretty boy “Orlando Bloom” are any of you, who are complaining about Russell, god’s gift to men or women. If not, ’nuff said.

  • oi ve

    last sentence of mine made no sense:

    As for looks, unless you are the man of the hour “Hugh Jackman” or pretty boy “Orlando Bloom” then there is no room for complaints of Russell’s looks. If not, ’nuff said. I usually find that most who complain of Russell’s looks have a fair shot to go themselves.

  • @46

    Sorry, I do care what kind of man I am spending my ten dollars to see.
    Which is why men like Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe will not find me in the audience for their films. If the fact that they are horrible human beings doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of their talent, more power to you. But I just can’t ignore their off screen actions.
    I love movies like this, but I will not be paying to see it with him as the star.

  • Rick

    I’m not a huge fan of Russell’s, but I’m willing to give it a try. After all, this movie has the great Cate Blanchett and if she’s in it, my rear is in the theater seat.