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Brad & Angelina Donate $1 Million to Aid Refugees

Brad & Angelina Donate $1 Million to Aid Refugees

In support of Angelina Jolie‘s eight-year relationship with the UN Refugee Agency, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation has given $1 million to help displaced people in Pakistan.

According to People, the head of the agency, António Guterres, thanked the foundation for its assistance.

Earlier this week, Angie and partner Brad Pitt donated $1 million to St. John’s Children’s Hospital for the creation of the Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center (named after Brad‘s mother) in his hometown of Springfield, MO.

On Thursday, Angie will appear on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and join Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to talk about World Refugee Day in Washington D.C. Angie will also appear on Friday’s Today Show.

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  • heaven

    thank you, Angelina, for remembering those who needs help. this is why you and your family is blessed. because you give so much of yourselves to others. thank you for making the world a better place, little by little.

    and to those who donated and prayed for those in need, thank you to you too.

  • set

    Old news

  • sq

    Hate Angie and Brad all you want. Say whatever you want. They’re good people and their hearts are in the right place.

  • umm

    well atleast even if they are not the celebrity top earners, they never forget to share their wealth.

  • LuckyL


  • releka

    The Pitt family is blessed that Angelina came into their lives.

  • lurking

    Their actions speak louder than words. I applaud them for their tireless efforts in bringing relief and attention to those in need. What can I say about them? Truly remarkable!!!!!!!!

  • t.m.delafonda


  • snowy

    Beautiful couple with beautiful hearts.

  • D9

    Brad just bought 1 picture worth just as much.

  • releka

    Luv her!!

  • ana

    amazing couple,amazing people..God bless them!

  • irma

    One reasons why these refugees are getting all the help they can get, Brad & Angie donated their money, time & effort. They are the good role models for young & old. May God continue to bless the refugees & God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.
    Guli, make sure to let us know that you are fine once you are up & able to blog. Take care of yourself. Don’t worry about us, we are still going to be here once you come back from surgery. Remember to take it easy after surgery. Goodnight to all. God bless.

  • jolie-pitt fan

    @D9: He can spend his money what ever & wherehe wants to spend it, after all that’s his hard earned money not yours.

  • jolie-pitt fan

    Thanks to Brad & Angie the world is a better place.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    blah blah blah..

  • marina

    they inspire to help. I bet the people who receive the benefits will not find any fault in this donation.
    Greetings to all fans!

  • akim

    Brad and angie are doing good deeds and making a difference

  • jasmine

    There’s an old saying: : Donate with your right hand but keep your left hand covered.

    It’s so nice that the JoliePitts have to have the amount of money they donate publicized……how crass. How often do you seen the likes of the following celebs show how much they donate:

    Tom Hanks
    Charlize Theron
    Susan Sarandon
    Nicole Kidman
    Steven Spielberg
    Jennifer Aniston
    Vince Vaughn
    Reese Witherspoon
    Halle Berry
    and on and on and on and on.

  • Shana

    Only 1 million dollars? Way to spare it. I agree with @set: Old news.

  • Alexanderina

    This is great news. Brad and Angie are truly amazing and so generous, not only with their wallets but with their time as well. That money will be a great help to the refugees in Pakistan.

    I am so proud of them and so proud to be a fan of theirs.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread

  • Kirstie

    I love how people are judging how much he spent on a picture. The fact is he and Angelina give millions of their money away every year to so many different causes. I think that’s fantastic but I know people will talk bad about them no matter what they do. It’s a shame because they have big hearts.

  • idiot will always be an idiot

    #16 is having a meltdown. her trying hard wannabe idol didn’t have a thread today. better tell Jared that she just admitted she’s a lesbian and that she wants Jolie to be her girlfriend so she can have a thread already and you can sing your stupid praises there.

  • sweetie

    both are beautiful inside and out :-)

  • from People re this donation

    “Having just finished a four-month shoot for the thriller Salt, Jolie will be a stay-at-home mom as her family moves to Los Angeles while Pitt films Moneyball”

    This family stays together and gives together. Luv them.

  • groundcontrol

    Kudos to the Jolie Pitts.
    Much needed money for a troubled part of the world. Let’s hope it helps to provide education and alternatives for youth tempted by terrorists.
    You’re probably in bed by now but my thoughts are with you, GULI!

  • sammy

    Angelina is an amazing woman and has really changed Brad for the better they are humble people and very classy, Angelina has really transformed and become such a great role model for all actors i really applaud her and the family for helping out these poor people

  • jasmine

    Why can’t they donate in private like 99% of all the other celebrities do?
    Why does their donations have to be publicized? Donations should be a private thing. Telling people how much you donate is just crass.

  • Dani

    Only a million dollars? Yeah that’s pocket change I can’t imagine what they’re going to do with it. lol you guys. The Jolie-Pitts are alweays givving yet the haters keep hating. Unless you give a million dollars out all the time don’t judge. I love Angie and Brad. They’re beautiful and kind.

  • dianad1968


    I replied to your guess on the last thread. It wasn’t Megan Fox….just some English model, Katie Price.She is usually referred to as the “low rent Posh”. Just like Megan is a wannabee Angie. No matter how hard she tries, she will never be anything else.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the information. BP and AJ donate to many causes, many trolls never know about. If an organization is thankful and want to make an announcement to garner attention to this worthy cause, than it is all good. Many charities and organizations rely on the kindness of strangers. This cannot be done without press releases, news items and the goodness of high profile people. If giving is done “quietly”, how do you know it was given and the organization benefited, or is this a standard cop-out given by hens to justify the self-absorbed narcissistic lifestyle of many in Hollyweird.

  • To set

    Oh set,
    So sad you can’t read. This is the 2nd $1 million donation they have made this week, you know that equals $2 Million they have given away this week. Guess you didn’t even compete 3rd grade so you are illerate. Get yourself to a literacy class, they are free.

  • akim

    Why did the X publicize her used bag donation and publicized her tshirt charity and did not even give a dime

  • a total fan

    Shana @ 06/17/2009 at 10:48 pm
    A million goes a long way. To you it may be only a million to those who truly need it, it is a hugh bessing. Be grateful you are not in the poistion to have to benefit from as you put it only a million dollars. God has truly blessed this couple. And I admire them greatlly.

  • dianad1968


    I hate using these words, but DROP DEAD!!!

  • kc

    I forgot jenho’s charity is opening her legs and doing nakked photoshopped covers for magazines

    Brad and angie are the real deal. Giving millions to charity and jenho fans have to criticize them. No wonder no one went to see management because people dont want to donate their money to jenho’s surgeries

    Jenho’s next movie will not bomb. Four out of 7 then 5 out of 7 should have her retiring for good

  • groundcontrol

    jasmine @ 06/17/2009 at 10:53 pm Why can’t they donate in private like 99% of all the other celebrities do?
    Why does their donations have to be publicized? Donations should be a private thing.
    No, dear. You are completely clueless about how philanthropy works. Please spare us your bogus percentages. You made that figure up.
    Almost all large donations are publicized. If you were a little more experienced or educated you would understand this. It is important to the recipient of the donation that the public learns that they are worthy of donations, that their cause is worthy and that they are considered capable of handling large donations.
    Even when a donor might prefer an anonymous donation, the organization almost always wants to publicize it. It always results in an influx of even more donations to the organization or the cause in general.
    That’s part of the purpose of philanthropy – to give in a way that encourages others to give and to show them how to give. You can’t do that in the dark.
    Just go away and take your mean spirited ignorance with you.

  • jasmine

    #35 dianad1968:

    Why? It’s just my opinion. Why does it bother you so?

  • D9


  • kc

    hey jasmine did you buy fugly’s used bag on ebay?

  • joe

    AMAZING couple..threy walk the talk, baby!
    Unlike the X who is a phony with Tshirts from Kitson LOL
    what a joke that rich X is. can we say…SCRUGE?
    can we also say PR?
    I se through you X

  • jasmine

    #37 GroundControl:

    How much did Tom Hanks contribute to chariites this past year? Or Steven Spielberg? Or Julia Roberts? Or etc etc etc?

  • petra

    kudos to brad and angie.

    Wonder why the weirdos, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes don’t donate?

    ah..i forgot…..they donate only to the cult

  • To jasmine

    Do you want a rundown- known donations
    Tom Hanks-0
    Charlize Theron-0
    Susan Sarandon-0
    Nicole Kidman-0
    Steven Spielberg-Split $150 mil with Lucas for USC (after all they are billionaires and announced by the university)
    Jennifer Aniston-0
    Vince Vaughn-0
    Reese Witherspoon-0
    Halle Berry-0

    Denzel Washington-Appr $2 mil this year, Boys and Girls Clubs, houses for wounded soldiers at Fort Sam Texas,various colleges
    (announced by the groups)

    If you know how much those others you named gave then give that info.

    None of the others even have foundations that must file tax returns like Brad and Angie.

    You are one stupid nonappreciative person who does not take time to thank those who do give.

  • ok

    This are the real golden couple.

  • jasmine


    Like I said, 99% of all celebrities keep their donations private. Except the ones that want the publicity and the kudos by saying “Look at me, aren’t I great”!

  • You/Me

    I’m no big fan of Hilary Clinton but I think it is f*cking awesome that Angelina is well thought of enough to be interviewed on CNN with the Secretary of State. It says alot about how much respect she has where it counts, where the real power is, not just the Hollywood bs crowd. Way to go Angie :-) !!!

  • groundcontrol

    jasmine @ 06/17/2009 at 11:01 pm #35 dianad1968:

    Why? It’s just my opinion. Why does it bother you so?
    It’s not just an opinion. You stated facts that are absolutely bogus which you deliberately made up. So, in fact, your opinion is based on ignorance or deliberate lies.
    Stop pretending you are doing anything except lying to attack the Jolie Pitts. You’re not very good at it.
    Shame on you for mocking an incredible donation to an extremely worthwhile cause. People are dying while you mock the help that can keep them alive. You are a totalbitch.

  • Kenny

    That’s great! I hope they keep it up.

  • dianad1968


    Because you are an IDIOT?