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Bruno's Big British Premiere

Bruno's Big British Premiere

Sacha Baron Cohen sports another hilarious red carpet ensemble, spoofing The Queen’s Guard at the premiere of his new comedy, Bruno, at London’s Empire Leicester Square on Wednesday (June 17). His girlfriend Isla Fisher (pictured here) arrived separately.

And here’s some more fun Q&A from the July 2009 issue of GQ:

Dear Brüno, who are the other best-dressed world leaders of all time? JFK. Obama. Castro. Timberlake.

Dear Brüno, I’m a big believer in a “uniform””wear the same clothes day in, day out. If you had such a uniform, what would it be? Sadly, the glory days of ze Austrian uniform vere sixty-five years ago. Zis season’s vardrobe essential, thanks to Madonna und me, is ze “Little Black Child.”

25+ pictures inside of Bruno‘s big British premiere…

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty, WENN
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  • Davids

    This guy is ridiculous that is all I can say about that.

  • H.

    No comment on Sasha but Isla looks fabulous. Totally rocking that little dress!

  • Hotnspicy

    Bring on the LAME “it’s not his wife it’s his gf” comments, who gives a flying * *. I love all this ridiculousness and am glad to see her supporting him.

  • londongirl

    I wish this idiot would just go away. Along with that other eyesore and 80s throwback Mr Motivator, I’m embarrassed on their behalf.

  • new york

    shame on this family

  • Lily

    It seems a lot of people here NEED to get a damn sense of humor, they both ROCK so get a life losers!

  • jpfans

    Isla and Sasha are nasty.Its sad that people even consider watching this film.

  • Posh

    I adore Isla, she’s so cute. Her and Olive must be so proud!

  • twifanatic Amanda

    Jared, arn’t they still just engaged?

  • jewel

    Poor Isla, guess she puts up with his weird in-character act all the time because it helps pay the bills.

    Hope his movie bombs, may put him down a peg because since Borat, thinks he’s like the king of comedy, but he’s so not funny.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    isla’s such a lame. major nobody, with a unfunny loser for a baby-daddy.

  • patriot


  • Charlie

    she’s adorable. =)

  • CaliWriter

    This guy, even as himself is a complete and utter moron. He is beyond rude even if you meet him as himself. Who the hell thinks treating people like garbage is cool or funny….if you do you need to grow the hell up and act like an adult living in the real world.

  • Sandy

    this dude (if you can call “him” that) is seriously ridiculous and stupid, and thats what happens when people try sooooo hard to be funny when they’re NOT!
    Total IDIOT!

  • fanny

    Poor Isla !!!!!!

    she’s so cute

  • matt

    some people above me need to lighten up!!!

  • too funny….

    SBC is wasted on many Americans…… passes straight over their heads……………..too much irony for them to understand…

  • lakers fan in boston

    isa looks pretty bad
    the dress is ok but it doesnt look good on her
    boring hair and that red lipstick looks bad as well
    cant w8 for bruno, looks hilarious from lil clips ive been seeing

  • scott

    i was there tonight and it was a great night and a really good show

  • love him

    I love this guy, he is hilarious!

  • P

    Well, I am American I love Sacha! As far as Isla she looks kind of weird here. Nice to see them together, they seem to never be in the same place.

  • Kate

    Isla looks amazing!! so sexy with red lips..

  • Kate

    Isla looks amazing!! so sexy with red lips..

  • Kate

    Isla looks amazing!!

  • Tom

    Loving the sexy red lips.

  • James

    sexy Isla Wow!!

  • Carol

    Yes I love this look on Isla the hair and makeup is stunning and I think her dress is so cute. I like her with red lips.

  • Tom

    This is the most tedious Pr campaign in the history of entertainment. It is so forced I cant stand it. I am sure the movie will be funny but I cant wait for it to come and go already.

  • bet betty

    Stay. Strong, Woman.

    You. know. Everyone. And. Their. Dog. Are. Laughing. At. You. To. Have. To. Put. Up. With. This. Idiot.

    Got. To. Swallow. Your. Pride. And. Put. Up. Your. Bravest. Face.

  • anon

    Isla looks like a hooker in that dress. Mini-dress, tight dress or low cut dress, pick one. All three together just look trashy. On the other hand, she’s better at standing around hal-naked than she is at acting, so what’s a girl whose movie just bombed to do? She’s damn lucky he lets her ride his coattails. When the movie premieres in Australia, she’s supposed to unveil a giant penis statue. What a lady! To #30, I bet she’s swallowed a lot more than her pride to get where she is today.

  • mertz

    i love him. i love her. WHAT IS SHE WEARING. ugh…there are so many not happening things about her entire look from the shoes, dress, makeup, hair, that i am just closing my eyes and typing all of this blind (seriously kinda grossed out…although i’ve seen worse. that patterned flirty dress she wore for the paris prem was better than this. ugh!!!!!!!!! remindes me too much of pam anderson ;p). good interview

    love him!!! lol @ cambridge. classic ali g. miss back in the day tv.

  • lola

    I so agree with #18. Sacha’s humour is totally wasted on so many Americans-of course not all Americans, but at least the ones posting here. This humour is ironic and as ridiculous and rude as his characters can be, they are actually making a larger comment on society and how the world is. Of course, this would be much too difficult for some to figure out as they can’t see the irony at all–but he is actually quite brilliant. But I guess for some–fart humour and stupid Ben Stiller and (some) Adam Sandler films are as deep as their intellect goes (and I don’t just mean Americans, I mean the general public around the world).

  • Wanda

    This guy is a disgusting creep. He’s not funny, he’s nasty! What a Media Whore and pathetic way for a married man and father to behave.

  • Victoria

    why are peopel hating on sasha? Get a sense of humour! I cracked up on the Ojay Simpson joke

  • Victoria

    why is everybody hating on Sasha? Get a sense of humour! i cracked up at the Ojay Simpson joke.

  • Meream

    I believe what’s he’s doing is art. People should be more open-minded.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Bruno is so hilarious!!

  • Suppress your appetite