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Cher Speaks Out About Daughter's Sex Change

Cher Speaks Out About Daughter's Sex Change

Cher is speaking out for the first time about her daughter Chastity Bono‘s decision to become her son Chaz.

The 63-year-old pop diva tells People, “Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support. I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny, and although I may not understand, I will strive to be understanding. The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child.”

Last week, news of Chaz‘s gender reassignment process broke.

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  • Jolie hot chin not

    I feel the same way as share. I do not understand Chaz’ need to do this but I support her or anyone who is going through that process. I can’t imagine being born in the wrong body. I don’t get it but I won’t judge either.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    Oop, I meant I feel the same way as “Cher”. lol. I don’t understand it but I respect people’s choice to do it.


    Those words could only been uttered by a true mother. I admire Cher’s devoted love to her child. Good luck to both of them !

  • Fred Smithson

    Whew – that must’ve been a tough P.R. script for Cher to read… the thing just oozes with sincerity…

  • rocky

    @Jolie hot chin not:

    I could not agree with you more. The torment that an indivudual must go through is something only they and others who are in similar situtaions can understand. If I had a child, I know I would have my reservations, but I would support my child 100%. Very proud of Cher.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Wow, nice words from Cher. I totally understand her.

  • OMG

    @rocky: Could not agree more.

  • Pat

    This is a VERY old picture. Chastity now looks 100 pounds heavier, with tatoos and a crew cut. She is NOT a guy and never will be, no matter what she adds or cuts off. Her DNA is female and her internal organs are as well.

  • Rhonda

    I’m so conflicted about this, I totally support Cher in supporting her daughter. I do feel however, Chasity needs a shrink more than surgeon. Its so EXTREME!

  • i like it

    That’s great. At least she did not disown her. I don’t understand it either but whatever … if it makes you happy who am I to say anything … none of my beezwax

  • jo

    This is a very, very personal and private issue. Im sure Chaz and Cher are experienced enough with the media to know it would get out and made the choice to let the public know themselves…although I strongly believe this is none of anyone else’s business but thiers. Cher was not obligated to make any statement at all but acted professionally and maturely and did. I wish them both all the best in this journey. It’s not my body or life and therefore not for me to judge. I do hope this allows others who have walked in these shoes to feel less harshly judged.

  • Jaye

    She said what every mother who loves their child would say. She didn’t try to sugar coat it and pretend that she understood it. I can’t imagine how hard this is for her.

  • Lisa too

    It’s really great that Cher can be so open minded even if she doesn’t understand. I will always remember Chasity as a girl though. I can rememember her when she was a little girl on the Sonny and Cher show since we are close to the same age and she being so cute and shy. Hopefully she knows what she is doing now? It’s got to be a hard decision to make.


    that, right there, is a wonderful mother.
    good luck to both <3.

  • Lily

    This is such a horrible ordeal for any person to go through, Chasity has my full support. I understand that Cher might not understand, its specially hard for a parent, but for once in her life she made a sincere statement.

    NO ONE who isn’t going through this will ever be able to understand, it is incredibly complex and difficult matter, i had a dear friend who felt he was in the wrong body, but who sadly didn’t get the support of the family, and friends and ended up taking his own life in the end.It is horrible so if anyone is faced with someone who feels this way, please try and be as understanding as possible.

  • Mary

    Good luck to both of them!

  • liverwurst

    Recent photo’s of Chaz show a person dangerously over weight. There obviously needs to be many other life changes as well.


    I am very happy to be a fan of Cher. She has always lived her life honestly and it makes me proud to know that she gives others the same right. Bless you Chaz–live your life honestly.

  • Lauren

    What else is she gonna say?

  • lauren

    what else is she gonna say?

  • love him

    She’s a man, baby, maniac!

  • disgusted


  • Liza

    I feel bad for Cher. No matter how liberal, this is not a situation that any parent would want.

  • Sara

    You’re right, haters. Chaz woke up one day and thought – you know, I think I should go through genger changing surgery…yep, that’s sounds like fun! Jeez, people. He’s thought a lot about this issue and wants to live his life in peace. And his mom is doing what I would expect any and every mom to do…love her child and support him no matter what. Some of you must not be parents, or are disasterous ones. Best wishes to Chaz and her family and friends. Everyone has the right to seek their happiness.

  • Sara

    P.S. – Lily, I’m sorry about your friend. I hope those in pain for whatever reason know that there are kind, supportive people in the world who wish them the best.

  • trout pout

    I thought Chastity didn’t want any publicity over this decision to become a “man” What’s with all the interviews. Yeah, right…wink wink

  • ganymede30324

    It’s just horribly sad. The surgery won’t make her a man. What a horrible way to reject her mother and the feminine she must have represented while Chastity was growing. Well, she got back at Mom, didn’t she. I’ll bet it doesn’t improve things in the long run.

  • Tom

    Poor Cher having to deal with this situation. She deserves better then what her daughter is putting her thought. No matter what Chasity does to herself she is still a female. But she will be a really gross one who mutilated her privates. I am not a hater, I just think this is the worst thing in the world one can do to themselves and to their family.

  • Tom

    Good thing that Sonny does not have to see this.

  • woodhorse

    Why doesn’t Cher ever talk about her OTHER child? Elijah Blue? Does she even remember him?

  • bonzo

    I’ve gotta hand it to Cher…to say she doesn’t understand but will be understanding is so generous of her. Of course she loves her daughter…how difficult it must be for her to accept this.

  • marisa

    she chaz a dick now

  • Joe


    its funny you mention that chaz needs a “shrink”. The truth is it takes years of intensde therapy before being considered for gender reassignm,ent surgery. For the first year Chaz can take hormones, and have her breasts remove then he will have to wait and undergo more therapy before the sexual organs are operated on. Just thought you’d like to to be better informed

  • Sarah

    I can understand gay, bi, and unsure. That’s how you are. Maybe you’re born that way, maybe it’s environment, no one knows. But it’s just how you are.

    I cannot understand “I’m in the wrong body”. This to me is playing god and it’s wrong. Modern science needs to be curing deadly diseases, not cutting off parts and attaching them to others just because someone doesn’t like the gender they are.

    This is totally ridiculous and appalling. And a waste of both money and medical care.

  • Lenny

    I feel bad for Cher, because I remember when Chasitity told her she was gay and she almost upchucked through her nose. Now comes a bigger punch in the gut and what else can she say. This is liberal Hollyweird and everything goes. You’ll know if this was your kid you’d scream after picking yourself off the floor ten minutes later. I would just say tell me that you’re dating farm animals, smoking crack or got knocked up. Just don’t tell me this because I can’t breath or go to work tomorrow.

  • Kitkat Hersey

    I agree with Sarah and Lenny.

  • sam

    To each his own.

  • DX


  • Suppress your appetite

    @jo: I agree ::::!!

  • wizdado


    I think the “shrink” comment was referring to her having to shrink down a few sizes… gender change would appear to be the least of her problems.