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Gerard Butler Is A Hired Hunter

Gerard Butler Is A Hired Hunter

Gerard Butler relaxes for a bit in between filming scenes for Bounty Hunter in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday (June 16).

The 39-year-old actor was filmed running through a Forth of July parade on a chase. In the film, a bounty hunter (Butler) is hired to track down his ex-wife, Casidy (Jennifer Aniston).

Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock regular Jason Sudeikis (Floyd) has been cast in the Columbia Pictures comedy Bounty Hunter. Sudeikis will play Stewart, a work friend of Casidy’s who falsely believes he is her boyfriend and takes off after her when she goes on the run, THR reports.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler as a hired hunter…

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gerard butler hired hunter 01
gerard butler hired hunter 02
gerard butler hired hunter 03
gerard butler hired hunter 04
gerard butler hired hunter 05
gerard butler hired hunter 06
gerard butler hired hunter 07
gerard butler hired hunter 08
gerard butler hired hunter 09
gerard butler hired hunter 10

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  • me first again


  • yawn

    Another day of boring set pictures… So bring on the war… about… what?

  • Anonanon
  • anon annoy

    Apparently he can wear his own clothes in this movie. Must be saving the wardrobe budget a staggering $30. lol
    He’s such a good guy!!!

  • NativeNYker

    That man is so fine!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • GeGe

    He’s lookin better today then the last, must have got some sleep finally. Nice eyes!!!

  • Sue

    As always,,,gorgeous and mischievous. Love this man.

  • Swansong

    A few of these pics really bring out the color of his eyes! He looks great!


  • joan

    Ah ma man is looking as beautiful as ever. He just glows with energy when he’s fiming. Can’t wait to see Ugly Truth and of Sci Fi thriller Gamer looks a rip roarer. Thank you Gerry for all the hard work you put in it’s really appreciated by all of us back home. Went to Paisley and you are a hero there. Love from the folks and we met so many that knew you. Grrreatt.

    Love Joan. (HUG).xxxxxxx

  • fresh

    I think this movie is a comedy–because I dont think it would be believeable having Jennifer Aniston on the run except if they were paparazzi. haha. But they could be good together—we’ll see.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    is she ever going to be in another good movie?!? 300 was a long time ago.

  • Yvette

    What a fine looking man!!!!!!

  • yvette

    What a fine looking man!!!!

  • so…

    How many guys in New york do you know who wear a white windbreaker? None! He looks like a dufus in those clothes.

  • Chili Pepper

    I don’t find him hot.

  • getting ridiculous

    Another Butler post?
    JJ are you on the payroll?

    If he wasn’t an actor and was just walking down the street, no one would notice. He’s so average.

  • Jen

    Love him

  • bonnie

    His eyes are beautiful. So is his smile. Just love him. Thanks Jared for posting the pics…. please keep it up!!!

  • michele

    Thanks JJ for the photos – as always Mr. Butler looks great.
    Looking forward to seeing this film.

  • Lily

    Awwww Gerrry!!

    He’s so fine!! :)
    Great photos!! Thanks…Good lucking on the filming!!

  • pafan

    Lots have said it, but I’ve got to do it one more time. Those eyes! It’s amazing how sometimes they are blue and other times green. I’d love to see him up close and personal just once. Beautiful man.

  • east coaster

    can’t beleive he is so close yet so far……………….

  • east coaster


  • action or comedy

    SO yesterday ‘s thread said it was an ‘action’ flick – today its a ‘comedy’ – was the first day’s shooting that bad? IMO a comedy is more likely with J Aniston, but who can tell – who cares either, really!

  • nyob

    He looks really good in the pics from this movie. Better than he has looked in a while. His eyes are gorgeous in that first pic with the white jacket.

  • GeGe

    I agree, he looks great. He seems to have that sparkle back in his eyes. Haven’t seen that in awhile.

  • GeGe

    I agree, he looks great in these pics. He has that sparkle back in his eyes and I haven’t seen that in awhile.

  • yuck

    Does this guy ever shave? He always looks dirty.

  • yuck

    Does this guy ever shave? He always looks dirty.

  • cubfan34

    He’s playing a part. It’s acting stubble.

  • @26

    “to have that sparkle back in his eyes”

    Oh please…..what sparkle?

  • anyonecansayit

    Kinda cute how you can “buy” the outfits! LOL He suited up the other night again for the CK thing.Those were flattering pics, nice smile, well groomed. A “smart” look. As for these… not too sure I’d like cameras on me while working, I know I wouldn’t. Poor lug. Seem to adapt to it. Waved at fans.

    Looks very “American”. The Nike’s do it!

    He is looking mighty healthy these days. Seems to be taking very good care of himself, heading out every night or not. Don’t think he stays out all that late. Good press. Glad he’s being seen out and about before the talk-show circut… but that might be more KH than him. Hope they get to go on one show together. That would be fun! He seems concentrating, focused, yet relaxed, carefree, smiling more than usual. Seems pretty content with his life right now. Good for him.

  • ?

    From an extra’s twitter:
    Yeah so Gerard Butler wanted a picture of me with him AND he took MY e mail address so he can send me a copy

    So does anyone seriously believe he has a girlfriend? Wonder what she’d say about him wanting a picture with an extra. And, yeah, of course she’s a pretty brunette, LOL.

  • Angus Ma Coatup

    Not another film with this fµcking aberration. God only knows how muck producer côck he has sucked dry to get any type of film career. The vile, hated, cµm sponge. Even his lips look like a giant anuš.

  • lol

    #33: He’s probably flocking a new herd, LOL. First the chillin’ girl and now an extra. And the shoot has only just begun. But several months in NYC can get really lonely when the socialites have all flown out on vacation, LOL.

  • muah

    Someone should tell this guy that everyone’s on Twitter these days and eager to spill the beans on any encounter with a celeb. If he’s not careful he might end up in trouble.

  • who knows

    @pafan: I have seen him in person and he is more beautiful in person. Nice man too. And for those who want to know, he smells good.

  • @#34

    LOL. Hilarious!! I love this board!

  • @36

    I agree – there are also faux twitterers (?) They’ll say anything for attention,.

  • Ilaughalot

    Why do I always think of the theme song “Rawhide” when ever anyone talks about Gerry and his ‘hurding’!!!!!!

  • Just kill me now…

    when does Rachel hit the set and bring her sad acting skills?

  • timewilltell

    Ha! When will Gerry bring his acting skills to the set!

  • GeGe

    He acts like a player, not sure if he really is. So he smells good…………would love to find that out for myself.

  • #39

    LOL! In the end, isn’t that was twitter is all about anyway? I mean, seriously, who’s interested in reading what some nobody does all day unless they have something juicy to tell? Everyone who drops a celeb’s name on twitter is seeking attention, what else? Could be the truth, could be a lie. But once it’s out, it’s there for the whole world to read. And with more and more people joining twitter I assume the day won’t be far when we’ll get a detailed minute by minute protocol of Butler’s and other celebs’ whereabouts all day (and night). And the funny thing is, it’s their own fault! If you look at when the majority of accounts was created or posting started, it’s been around the time of Ashton Kutcher’s bet with CNN that was so much publicised. After that, Twitter sort of exploded. So the celebs now reap what they saw, LOL.

  • StinkyLouise

    Rachel is still getting her hair done. This could take a while.

  • Just kill me now…

    Okay, I like the guy, kinda cute. But I don’t know if I can stand watching another Maniston whine fest. I am really torn on this project. To see or not to see…what a conundrum.

  • #32

    “not too sure I’d like cameras on me while working, I know I wouldn’t. Poor lug.”

    Poor lug is a fcking movie actor. I think he’s used to working with cameras on him, dumbazz.

  • #46

    Wait for the DVD and FF her scenes…

  • whatthef***

    Why on earth would a movie star have his picture taken with an extra? Oh wait, don’t answer that…

  • The Extra

    Hey extra what do you look like?? LOL