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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Back Together Again!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Back Together Again!

One big happy family?

Jon & Kate Gosselin are seen together for the first time in a number of months playing with their eight kids on Wednesday afternoon (June 17) in their front lawn.

Upon coming home, Jon kissed two daughters on the head while Kate played with the other children.

Looks like Kate is giving Alexis a spinning ride while she holds her Starbucks coffee!

10+ pictures inside of Jon & Kate Plus 8 back together again…

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jon kate gosselin back together 01
jon kate gosselin back together 02
jon kate gosselin back together 03
jon kate gosselin back together 04
jon kate gosselin back together 05
jon kate gosselin back together 06
jon kate gosselin back together 07
jon kate gosselin back together 08
jon kate gosselin back together 09
jon kate gosselin back together 10

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  • Rachel

    Wooohoo -

  • jen

    Last thing she need is caffein

  • trout pout

    Of course they are “together”…we were being played y’all for the shows ratings slump. Who else would be interested in taking on this gong show? Not to mention that any child support $$ would be wicked crazy.

  • Rachel


  • 2.9 Million

    2.9 Million Viewers………….damage control…….ratings down the tube

  • AA

    She looks drunk

  • mazzie

    Is Hannah drinking starbucks yet? Now THAT would be worth two or three episodes. Kate is looking fit! Go Kate Go.

  • Kelly

    Big Deal —–Jon stopped by for his allowance .

  • lakers fan in boston

    @AA: lmao i totally agree

    looks like jon had 2 come back 2 calm the drunkie down
    and of course they’re lowest ratings was another factor

  • mmm

    They really need to start playing in their backyard away from the photographers. I just don’t buy that one would choose to play in plain view for the paps.

  • Joe mama

    Look at John with the bling in his ear!!!!! What is he a Korean Gangsta?? Little J gonna hang out with the thugs out in PA?? Tragic… They were both two no ones that think they are “stars” now…. I stopped watching after he got hair plugs and she got the tummy tuck… They are no bettter than someone sitting around giving birth and collecting a check each month from the welfare system…. Wake up America, stop watching these idiots!!!!

  • sarah

    Wow! A Mom who’s more worried about carrying her coffee than her child.

  • TINA

    they are not back together..maybe on the same property , but if they were together they would be at least looking like they wanted to be together.

  • walker

    It doesn’t look like she’s changed. Still the same B*tchy Kate.

  • k.g.

    FINALLY!! I am so happy for them! See everyone…..I told you it was all going to work out!

  • JJ


  • maryann

    They are back together to do a show, that is it!!!! The ratings are in the toilet. Bet TLC is sorry they signed on for 40 episodes. They get more boring each week. Time to move on………



  • pen

    Waste of time and money for these two idiots.

  • PAUL

    There just together to do a show money hungry asses ive never seen a kid born to work like these poor kids have to.

  • trisha

    Damn she is so ugly. She always looks so sour. What is really in that cup? Probably an Irish Coffee.

  • cindy

    I hope this show is cancelled.

  • Barbara

    “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Back Together Again! “…. In a picture……well that’s proof of nothing

  • Aubree

    You said it all. A five year old CHILD is blowing a whistle, OUTSIDE and her mother goes crazy. You teach your children by YOUR actions. You can talk all you want, but they learn the most by what you DO. Kate should have simply warned her to stop, and had she not, then taken the whistle away. This (photos of the angry spanking) is what she does when she knows she is being photographed, it scares me what goes on with those poor children in private. Enough already. Won’t someone help these kids before it’s too late?

  • jalewis20009

    She is hot, just saw her profile on—–i n t e r r a c i a l s i n g l e o n l i n e dot c o m—–so many hot pictures about her are shown there, I even can’t believe it.

  • crumpet

    Why don’t they play in the back yard? Well, All of the money is in the front yard

  • maryann

    RIGHT ON!!!! I agree totally. I made me very angry also. I hope someone reports her. This is totally out of hand. She is scheduled to speak at a “Healthy Kids Show” on Oct. 3rd in Canada. This must be stopped. Do they have any idea what she is all about??????
    Child abuse……REAL HEALTHY!!!!!!

  • nicole

    Since when does Jon have an earring?

  • dawne

    In Canda spanking is illegal, what is she going to have to say here about healthy kids???????????????? She is not a healthy parent, she is $$$ grubbing fame ho who is obsessive compulsive and controlling.

  • 531nsl

    Is that the only place on their 22 acre spread that all of them (parents included) can hang out?

    She is such a fame monger!!!!

  • tony

    The second photo of kate oh my gosh she scares the hell out of me ugly.

  • party in the front

    Kate + Jared = True Love

  • ken

    shes such a star oh doing a fake reality show hey kate why not spank your kids on your show it is a realty show.

  • bella

    Thank God she is wearing that hat to cover up her stupid haircut.

  • bella

    Thank God she is wearing that hat to cover up her stupid haircut.

  • evalynn

    she kinda looks like a psycho mom

  • nonymouse

    Jon Gosselin is now responding to allegations that he and his family have been mistreating their German shepherd puppies, Shoka and Nala. A June 4 interview published on in which Gosselin said that his kids often “beat” their dogs sparked an outcry of complaints to the local branch of the Humane Society.

    “Those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they’ve done,” said Gosselin, who described the dogs as “loyal creatures.”

  • protect the gosselin kids

    Damage control and Kate is on the wine.

  • protect the gosselin kids

    Kate looks and acts insane. The woman is out of control. She is lost without Jon to abuse, so she will take it out on the children.

    The kids and dogs love Jon, it is plain to see. Sue for custody of the kids and dogs, Jon. Your wife is a dangerous woman.

  • Shaun

    Kate is such a bitchy hag. Uggghhh. If I were Jon I would ditch her too.

  • Chau

    UGH. I’m sick of these people!!!

  • protect the gosselin kids

    The Gosselin kids beat their dogs and each other because their parents are beating them. They learned from mom and maybe dad. Poor parenting. Kate looks and acts insane.

  • DJ McGuinn

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTA IT!!! WHO CARES………..

  • anonymous




  • anon

    I think Kate needs to stop with the tanning for a few weeks.

  • nora

    She looks so retarded in a hat…put the coffee down

  • Kateisfkd

    Why do we have to hear about the psycho everyday?


    IT’S SIMPLE…………….


  • Kateisfkd

    Why do we have to hear about the psycho everyday?


    IT’S SIMPLE…………….


  • http://justjared think +

    well, her choice of clothing today looks really nice and comfy. Ideal for hanging around the house with the kids.

    I`m not so convinced, however, that Jon & Kate are actually back together………….. on another site there were a few add`l pics in this set that also showed him entering the door up to the garage apt. ……………so who knows. ??

    I hope that somewhere on down the line, they are able to find privacy and happiness again…………………. they certainly have been blessed alot more that just 8 times !!! I think they have lost sight of this.

  • cosi

    does this btch have an OFF button!?