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Kate Gosselin Defends Spanking Her Daughter

Kate Gosselin Defends Spanking Her Daughter

While outside watching her kids, Kate Gosselin publicly spanked her daughter Leah, one of the sextuplets, around 11AM on Saturday (June 13).

Leah was blowing a whistle loudly and Kate told her to stop because she was on the phone. But as soon as Leah blew on the whistle again, Kate said, “Did you not hear me?” Then she stormed over to her daughter, grabbed her and hit her. “The girl was screaming and crying,” a witness reveals to In Touch. “Kate just pushed her away and walked off with her coffee. Her older sisters were trying to make Leah feel better.”

In response to the incident, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom tells released a statement through her reps to Life & Style: “Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.”

As for ratings for J&K+8, Monday‘s show was only seen by 2.9 million viewers, down 31% from last week.

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  • VL

    So tired of this trainwreck…I am a “FORMER” viewer and cannot stand this woman.

  • spank ‘em!

    When kids don’t behave, they need to be spanked. I’m not a fan of this show or Kate, not by a long shot, but I hope people don’t give her trouble for this.

  • emma

    oh an eyewitness? I hate Kate to but this may be innocent. Maybe the kid was having a fit and she grabbed her shoulders to calm her down. And so what if she spanked the kid she should of done it to Madelyn sooner.

  • Denise

    We knew this type of anger was going to bust through in her “discipline” eventually. These poor kids have to live with this maniac; I pray they will be OK.
    The look on Leah’s face is heartbreaking.
    The look on Kate’s face is terrifying.

  • sophie

    the kid was prob crying more cause she was throwing a tantrum than anything else.

  • Jocelynn

    thats normal who doesn’t spank their kids?

  • Anonymous

    If she felt that was the appropriate discipline method then I don’t have a problem with it. It’s a way to get the kids “attention” that Kate meant what she said for her to stop.

  • Skye

    Leah was screaming because Kate was using her fist! Go look at the pictures and enlarge them. This was not a spanking!

  • MKS

    Spare the rod and spoil the child

  • Kellytx

    Oh gosh. Every kid needs a spanking or else they will never learn. It’s called Discipline.
    It’s a shame that in today you can get in trouble for showing your child discipline. There is a fine line between abusive and just teaching them a lesson.

  • Donzey

    Mother gave child a warning, child didn’t pay attention, child got a spanking. Better than parents saying, “I’m going to count to Five. 5,4,3, 3 1/2,,2,2 1/2, 1, 1/2″ and then the child stops. Deal with the issue at hand, swiftly and in the moment. If Kate removed the child from the situation, DCF would be called because she left the other 7 “alone”.

  • Donna

    It’s a telling sign when your own husband says to one of the OCC guys that “you could be my bodyguard”, refering to Steve on last week’s show. I think this is what started all the mess when Jon put one and one together and confronted Kate then the start of the downfall. Was a fan but are totally turned off from a all American family to a total meltdown. Wish the best for the children.

  • Diva

    I’m a mom. I spank on the bum too – not often, but i do it. Get over it America. Good for Kate for not pretending to be sorry for it and allowing people to suggest she’s a bad mother.

  • Therese

    JEEZ. It’s a NORMAL thing to spank your children if they really need to be disciplined.

  • Ralph

    In other words Kate, “if I want to beat my child for blowing a whistle outside, I’ll damn well do it. If I beat my child, it’s none of your business.”

  • Denise

    Kate put your damned phone down, get up and take away the whistle! Problem solved.

    Discipline comes from “teach” not “hit”.

  • Mousse

    I don’t know this woman (never watch those shows). But spanking a kid for a reason is NOT a crime. Some discipline has never hurt anyone. And when you have 8 kids, well, best be firm and clear. She did the right thing.

  • brita

    @Skye: I thought it was a fist too, but it’s really just a hand in motion.

  • bEA.

    She’s a horrible mother, what does she excpect from her kids? Let them be kids for gods sake :S

    Kids doo whissel , kids doo play, kids are sometimes annoying.. They are NOT roborts.

    I feel sorry for her children, because she is really taking away their childhood, since she doesn’t let them play or be them selfs.

    Anyway I dont liker her, and I think her husband (?) needs to stand up and take some responsibity, now she is both the father and the mother its seems like.

    Btw how did all of the kids got brown eyes, because the dad got Green eyes and the mom Blue? :S

  • Skye

    NO, it is a fist. Protecting her manicure probably!

  • sarah

    Hit = Spank, in the 2nd paragraph right?

    Can’t wait to see them on My Super Sweet 16 wanting it all! That is…. unless their fame dwindles and they become forgotten like Elian Gonzales

  • Leah

    OMG this family is going crazy!

  • LolaSvelt

    So glad this woman is getting slaughtered by the press, but I’d rather she disappeared.

  • Deborah

    That is the problem with the world today….to many people butting into the way one raises THEIR own child. I have spanked my children if I saw that it was deemed fit…I was spanked and so was 90% of the people who grew up in the 70s along with me! Everyone tells you not to discipline your children in this matter…well, taking away things and time out doesnt always work with every child. BUT you can guarantee that if your child acts up in public or becomes a menace these will be the same people to complain about how they were raised. She isnt beating her child….she was spanked…THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. If you dont like the show…DONT WATCH.

  • http://aol susan

    Well, good for her! I don’t like this Kate, however, there is NOTHING wrong with spanking a child. If more parents went back to that method, I think we would have far fewer mis-behaved children and sometimes that is the only thing that will work.
    One time when I was baby sitting my 3 year old granddaughter. While she was watching a movie, I was crocheting. When I went to the kitchen to get something, she took them off my work area. I told her to not touch the scissors, they were dangerous and she was to not do it again. After she did it 2 more times, I slapped her hands. She was appalled and cried for a long time. I don’t believe there was any other way she would have stopped. I do NOT advocate hitting or spanking on a regular basis, but sometimes it must be done.

  • HA HA HA


  • duh

    spanking is normal and needed when child is stubborn.

  • P

    I can’t stand this woman and the show has been a snooze since it became so glaringly scripted. However, I don’t think she did anything wrong here. She has the right to spank her child. I think people are grasping to get anything negative on her. Surely they can find better stuff than this.

  • Camib

    So, Kate’s priorities are phone, coffee, then children.

  • Shannon

    As a fan of the show, I have wondered for a long time why these kids are not spanked. At times they are very rude, especially considering most of the fun things they do are free! I do think that Kate has things to work on but I am glad to see that she knows how to discipline. A good swat on the rear never hurt anyone. Normal people do it everyday except we just don’t get it published on the front of a tabloid. Paparazzi needs to give this famly a break!

  • me

    whatever, if more kids got spanked now & then, maybe they wouldn’t be such entitled, out of control brats!

  • rustyt

    If the spanking was not overly violent, then it was fine. So many small kids today seem totally out of control because they know there are no true repercussions for their bad behavior. Undisciplined kids are going to grow up to be messes as adults. Of course more violent, systematic child abuse should not be tolerated, but if this was just a few well-merited slaps on the rear, then brava for being a mother! (For the record, I’m not a fan of Kate in general, so I’m not be a Kate apologist just for the sake of it.)

  • Shelly

    Who was the witness that heard what was said? I thought a pap got these pictures? Do their cameras have the ability to pick up words now? So she spanked her kid. I spank my kids when they need it. The media needs to quit reaching for crap to keep these people in the news.

  • tud

    Growing up in large family myself. I was too punched around many times over by a parent.

    To this day I never want children of my own.

  • E

    Jared you never corrected that it wasn’t Leah on Sunday, it was Alexis….I think Kate was pulling a fast with damage control. She probably scared poor Alexis with the “P-People”. She thought she would pull a Katie Holmes/Suri.

    I think Kate might harbor ill will towards Leah because Leah was only copying Mommy by posing in her little bikini like Mommy and get friendly with Steve like Mommy. I think TLC and Jon said something to Kate about the pictures taken of Leah posing and friendly…and Mommy didn’t like Steve is gone from her life. Steve did keep Kate calm, that’s for sure.

    Kate should be told that she has to attend counseling or no show, period. She is going to seriously hurt one of the children. Jon, get a good lawyer.

  • Frida

    Oh my god I can’t belive the comments on here! IT IS NOT NORMAL TO SPANK YOUR KIDS! I’m a preschool teacher and believe me there are better ways to discipline kids than spanking them!!!


    The intention of spanking a child is to hurt them in order to teach them a lesson. Should I be able to do that to my employees when they don’t do what they are told. How about my grown children or neighbors?

    Hitting a child is assault plain and simple. How bout a connection with your children to get them to do the right thing? Do you feel bad when your child gets a booboo? How can you hurt them on purpose?

  • steph

    Apparently the little girl was blowing a whistle? Where did she get the whistle and why didn’t it just get taken away and the girl sit down or something? Mommy on the phone too much?

    Kate should wear a bra with that dress too.

  • http://justjared think +

    Such a pity to have caught that in pics, I mean come on, and then to strategically place the pic. with the police in the same segment is misleading.

    whether we agree with what is going on or not, they aren`t child abusers………… at least last I heard.



    Thank you!!!

  • sarah

    #34 that’s true Shelly. I think everyone subconsciously looks for someone or something to be angry or complain at. Kate, Spears, Lohan, Miley… are just easy targets for the firing squad. I wonder who we’ll find next.

  • carrienae

    Kids do need a little spanking for discipline. GET OVER IT….

  • nat

    @Deborah: I agree with you. one thing is discipline other child abuse and spanking is discipline.

  • steph

    Why do adults get arrested if they hit another adult? But they hit a 5 year old, that’s okay? Has Kate bought her kids’ sewing machines so the kids can start sewing her new children’s line from HealthTex? She has to keep those kids in line and make them keep momma in spa money. “Mine a far as the eye can see, all mine”.

  • Kelly

    They live on 26 acres with a bodyguard, a nanny, a babysitter and a personal chef. Why are they always confined to top of the driveway? Every picture that is taken of this witch shows her always talking on that phone. Maybe if she took away the whistle or talked to her kids more than she talks on the phone, she wouldn’t have had to resort to spanking them. She slaps her husband, Emmeril Lagasse. Let one of them slap her and see how fast she calls the cops.

  • Lenno56

    Yesterday at Wal-Mart I saw a handicapped elderly woman knocked over by some out of control little brat while Mom stood there and thought it was funny!!!! The problem is not the kids-it is the parents who are afraid to punish and discipline their kids. Ask any teacher today-as soon as some kid gets in trouble Mom and Dad are in defending what their kid does because “everyone else does it and gets away with it” or “You teachers are singling out my kid”. What a kid learns is to do anything they want and Mom and Dad will bail them out!!!

    Kudos to Kate for trying to get a handle on an out of control child!!!

  • jOAN jOYCE

    One open handed smack on a chid’s butt..does no harm..It lets them know enough! On the other hand..hitting with a paddle several times..or hitting around the other parts of the my wrong.. Children need to have limits as do parents!

  • broing

    When will this crappy rags drop the reunion thing? Will they ever learn? People sick of it.

  • dawne

    Look, anyone on this thread defending ‘spanking’ is really so 1950. Hello, the Psychological Revolution taught us that showing any form of violence towards a child is simply setting them up to use violence over reason later in life.

    I do realize America has a rather violent culture, but what is spanking to one person………a light tap, might be a ‘belt’ instead of a hand to another.

    I am Canadian and it is ILLEGAL here to hit a child under any pretext, at any time, anywhere or for any reason. As it should be. There are other alternatives such as time out or privileges withheld.

    For those pro-spanking,it’s time to enter the MIllennium.

    As for Mommie Dearest herself, can’t stand the woman. She has gone all celebrity on us and was just pizzed that her phone call was interrupted.

    And if Mommy is so upset by the Papz, why are they not in the back forty playing??? She is a fame ho of epic porportions. She was likely checking her ratings with the TLC crew for the Monday night episode and was peeved her star is fading with the low viewership.

    It’s child abuse anyway, the show itself. Leah will be sixteen and have a crush on a guy and he will remember her from watching her being spanked and humiliated in front of the American public.

    This show should be off the air yesterday. These poor kid will be haunted all their lives by the fact that everything they did was observed by the general public as they grew up; amid their parents cheating on each other………….n i c e. They fcuked, will have issues that will never end. This is no different than child labour except at least that is private.

  • Niki

    I have been a teacher for years and never once felt I would have to spank the kids even if it was allowed or my own children. There are other ways to discipline your kids and get through to them and besides all you are doing is putting your anger in them and teaching them its ok to hit someone who isn’t doing what you ask them to do. I don’t know how anyone can look at that picture and think its ok. I’m not saying Leah shouldn’t have been punished or wasn’t in the wrong for not listening to her but there are other ways to handle this and stil have them turn out to be good, unspoiled kids. And I am a fan of Jon and Kate and their family so this is nothing against them….this is my opinion in general.