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Katie Holmes Gets Happy With Judy Garland

Katie Holmes Gets Happy With Judy Garland

For her performance on So You Think You Can Dance, Katie Holmes will re-create Judy Garland‘s “Get Happy,” from her 1950 musical, Summer Stock.

An Us Weekly spywitness says Katie will twirl her hair and “seductively shakes her hips” in an all-black ensemble similar to Garland‘s: black velvet fedora, patent leather heels, nylon stockings, body-hugging skirt and micro-mini skirt.

Tyce Diorio choreographed the routine while the show’s producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe directed.

Katie‘s performance “might broadcast this week as news has started to leak out — but they’re trying to save it for July 8th, as that is the 100th episode.”

WATCH: Judy Garland – “Get Happy”

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  • mitch

    omg ugh!

    she can’t even shake or roll her shoulders right when she did the dance on Ali Stone. Hilarious!

    Now…she’s supposed to shake her hips or whatever??

    She is not coming anywhere near as Judy was!

    These directors need their head examied!

  • lioness

    JJ…..thanks for the WARNING!!! Don’t think I’ll watch, I might gag!!

  • Halli

    Tommy Girl will ONLY allow Katie to do as he pleases. We all know how much the gays love Judy Garland.

    Poor Katie.

  • anna

    omg people chill, give her a break, lets see her dance habilities

  • fran

    # 4- anna

    That’s the problem anna…she has NO dance abilities!

    If you saw her on Ali Stone……you would have laughed yourself silly!

  • bald outing

    tom let her out of the house?

  • deea

    wow?really?i didn’t know she could dance

  • lol

    Judy Garland looks more like Katherine Heigl.
    BTW, can’t wait to see gold digger “seductively shakes her hips” that would be ridiculously hilarious!!!!!

  • anne

    So funny, Halli. Great point. Ugh, I feel sorry for Katie. Why is she doing this? She should def not wear a mini skirt. I won’t say why but to me it’s obvious.

  • dal

    This site is turning into negativity central. Are you all from Perez’s site?

    Katie did a fine job on Eli Stone. I am looking forward to seeing her perform on SYTYCD.

  • pr person

    She isn’t dancing ‘live’… her dance number is being recorded… so what exactly does that tell you about her supposed ‘dance’ abilities? That she doesn’t have any! Blahhhh! What an insult to those talented kids on the show… Why not bring on someone who is actually KNOWN for their dance abilities? Those kids are probably going….. WTF? Crazies robot? WTF? Just another show to taint with the Crazy. What a shame..

  • xXx

    deea @ 06/17/2009 at 12:15 pm wow?really?i didn’t know she could dance

    ugh, she can’t. i don’t know why she is continually publicly humiliating herself. publicity perhaps.

  • nicole

    dance with those elephant legs? Hilarious!

    she is such a fool.

    wait and see….soon…….Matt Murdoch aka Brucie Boner will come to her “rescue” LOL

  • kelli

    She DOES look like Katherine Heigl.

    If a director or producer were smart- they could have used her instead of Ms. Pugface.

    Katherine looks like Judy and is beautiful as well. I think I have seen Katherine dance before…… she would have been a better choice.

    Guess Tommy boy is pushing money and his cult power to get these gigs.

  • n.o.l.a

    WHHHHHYYYYYYY??? I don’t care about Katie Holmes. If she wants to be on the show, have her try out.

  • wtf

    For such a skinny haggard woman she sure has thick legs.

  • dabu

    Well, this should be good for a laugh. She was truly awful on Eli Stone. I gather since it is a taped segment, they will be able to piece together something half way decent from the millions of takes!

  • Annie

    What a joke! I have never seen that show and still have NO plans to watch.

  • zzzz

    Is she a contestant? I don’t think anyone wants to see Katie Holmes trying to be sexy. She’s about as sexy as Kate Gosselin.

  • holly

    that’s OK it always backfires on the very few sad haters

  • !!!!

    beautiful and all around talented

  • medic

    Cant wait it will be classic!!!!!!

  • cupcakes



    look at how haters are on Katie’s pics and news 24/7

  • lurking

    Judy Garland show with Katie in it. Count me in.

  • tw900

    I think she will be wonderful. Katie was awesome on Broadway,Eli Stone and that SNL tap dancing and singing she did with Will Ferrell.

  • reality

    Hoooray but I wish the paps would stop stalking her.
    They are crossing the line especially for
    katie and lil suri.

  • natara

    WoW I hope she will nail the part.<3<3<3<3

  • 90210

    I dont watch the show nor care for it but will watch out of curiosity and for Katie’s sake. I guess after this she will leave for Australia for the Del Torro movie.

    I hope Suri and Tom are with her.

  • to reality

    If Tom and Katie truly wanted the paps to stop with the stalking, they would take steps to minimize the invasion. Brangelina is one of the most bankable and sellable pap and tabloid favorites. Covers with them on it outsell covers with Katie (you can check the figures out yourself by googling one of the rating services).

    Yet Brangelina has taken steps to protect their children who go to school and do many activities just like Suri.

    Have you ever noticed that we see very few pics of the couple and the kid when they don’t want to be seen? For instance Tom has pretty much been out of sight for the last six weeks or so. Does this mean he has stayed home and communed with Xenu? I seriously doubt it. He knows how to get in and out of his fortress without getting caught in the pap limelight. Katie does too. Makes you wonder why they use Suri as prop?

    And have you ever noticed on Katie’s “unannounced” trips that the paps are inside the stores (you rarely see this with the Brange as the store owners generally don’t allow the paps in) and are there before Katie is–they are there in time to take copious photos of her getting out of the car etc.

    I don’t particularly care one way or the other for TomKat, Kurban, Brangelina, Bennifer etc., but TomKat seems to invite the paps to take the photos. As much as you see Violet Affleck, the photos aren’t as intrusive.

    Personally I think Tommy Girl is terrified of losing his popularity and is desperately trying anything and everything to stay relevant an on top of the game. Unfortunately for him he has been supplanted by a younger crowd and the reality stars. He doesn’t get the fact that he is closing in on 50 and he has lost touch with the younger set which are the ones that do the screaming, following, ticket buying etc for the most part.

    Tommy Girl is passe.

  • peace

    Its hilarious the ones who demean Katie sound jealous, their hatred and envy are pathetic to the core and one thing they have in common is their awful grammar and spelling errors. Katie is miles beautiful and talented than them. Heigl cant sing and dance and her personality stinks like Megan Fox.

  • kit

    Katie is an amazing dancer and kudos to her for challenging herself and also having fun.

  • Just Gotta Point Out…

    garland doesn’t dance in the number. she kicks her leg once. she SINGS while 7 guys dance around her.

    watch the clip:

  • ck

    Oy. Did she lose a bet?

  • A Has Been Who Never was….

    remember when kate desperatly auditioned for the musical film NINE? well check out who made it! it’s like The Hate Kate Club:

  • hmmm

    love her to pieces and she will rock this role

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Do not have Katie in any movie. she is not good and very ugly. Body not so pretty at all.

  • new york

    Looks like an interesting
    program for Katie.

  • Elsa

    omg, epic fail on the way!

  • To Peace

    If I were you honey, I wouldn’t criticize other posters spelling and grammar. You need a refresher course yourself.

  • Annie

    Oh Sweet Jesus…..why doesnt she just go away!!!!

  • Charles

    Comparing Judy Garland to Cankle Girl is like comparing Dom Perignon to Boones Farm.

  • mar

    nowhere near truly talented Mrs. JUDY GARLAND. Why can’t they be original?

  • A Has Been Who Never was….

    Auditioned for the role of Carla Albanese in Nine (2009), but Penélope Cruz was given the part instead.

  • Vl

    My tivo is ready and Im also excited about Cruise and JJ Abrams reteaming again for MI-4.

  • What the heck?

    She has really hit rock bottom hasnt she??? Disgusting Pig. Go home and toilet train your kid. Space Alien freak.

  • mac

    Why does she look like she should be standing in a soup line wearing a kerchief and carrying a sack of old potatoes?

  • Scott

    Thanks #34! Ha-Ha, gross Katie lost to both of his Ex’s!!!!! So funny. What a joke Cruise and his clan are. As a guy, Penelope and Nic are HOT. Fat ass Katie, no way.

  • Babu

    Twirls her hair, wow. Shakes her hips, gross. She is about as sexy as a piece of dog poop.

  • mike


  • rocky

    Katie bring old Hollywood glory back and she’s gifted and beautiful in & out.