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Tori Spelling Breaks Out the Bikini

Tori Spelling Breaks Out the Bikini

Tori Spelling shows off her post-pregnancy bod as she slips into a teeny-weeny bikini while on vacation in Hawaii on Tuesday (June 16).

Husband Dean McDermott and son, Liam McDermott, 2, enjoyed family time as they splashed around the ocean.

The reality star couple had their second child, Stella McDermott, barely a year ago last June.

10+ pictures inside of Tori Spelling breaking out the bikini…

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tori spelling bikini 01
tori spelling bikini 02
tori spelling bikini 03
tori spelling bikini 04
tori spelling bikini 05
tori spelling bikini 06
tori spelling bikini 07
tori spelling bikini 08
tori spelling bikini 09
tori spelling bikini 10

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  • ali

    first!!! shes sooooo skinny.

  • jj


  • anna

    a stick with boobs

  • Xavier

    She’s a big phoney,
    I hate how she always trys to play the victim
    Boo! to her AND her boobs!

  • LuckyL

    Okay, this is not healthy. WTF.

  • Dristevski

    Skeletor called and wants his bones back…….

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMG! She looks amazing!!! Everyone with two kids should look this good! Damn Tori!

  • sheryl

    A stick with boobs does pretty much sum it up.

  • Me

    She looks happy but she’s still way too skinny.

  • jenny

    that boobs do not belong to her either!!

  • jami

    i stick with float and not so fun bags, she’s so obsessed with being skinny.

  • irene

    she really thinks she looks good and sexy, poor thing. It is good to have self esteem, but not realising that you are too skinny for your plastic boobs, it’s a problem.

  • kasey

    yall really need to shutup……@irene how in the heck do no if she thinks she looks sexy and goo..ohh wait you dont and to all the haters on this post…SHUT UP and get a life cause you dont no what shes going through!!!!!!!yall dont no her.

  • fendi

    Hi Tori!

  • Adri

    She actually looks like she put on 5lbs or so. She really, really looked unhealthy a few weeks back. Maybe she did realize that she was too skinny and needed to put on a little weight to get healthier. Sometimes people don’t realize how thin or heavy they are until they see theirselves in photos. She could stand to put on another 5-10lbs I think.

  • Madeleine

    Stop judging her! It’s Tori’s body and she can do what she wants with it! She looks very happy and is doing a good job with her kids, just leave her be.

    Love you Tori!

  • whatever

    She has the absolute most gross boobs I have ever seen….why do they look like that :/

  • aubrey mackenzie

    yuck yuck

  • fendi

    I love you Tori – you are beautiful godess. I watch all your TV show every week. I love them and also on the 90210. You are such good actress. You are amazing – give big kiss to babies. I will always love you.

  • booyah

    Hey Guys

    If you haven’t already heard, help Peter Facinelli win his bet!!!

    follow him on Twitter

  • hermit crab

    Their little boy is really cute. And they always look happy together. so what’s not to like?

  • annie

    tummy tuck! lipo inner outer thighs!! boob job!

  • brush yo teefs!

    while some celebs’ ugly appearance is sometimes exaggerated, this is not the case for tori, she truly is an ugly piece of trash that actually is making me dry heave


  • Christina Bledsoe

    Too bad Tori Spelling’s face is so ugly her body doesn’t look half bad.

  • fendi

    Shut up bast^urds – Tori is so pretty – you are just so jealous!!
    So many azzho*les Tori – don’t listen to these fat losers!!

  • LUma

    too skinny

  • han

    I think she looks great in a bikini~

  • nora

    I just threw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner…this is nasty..

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    She looks nasty. There is nothing special about this homewrecker. She needs to get a better boob job.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    She looks nasty. There is nothing special about this homewrecker. She needs to get a better boob job.

  • jdub

    ugh, i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. bi*** is GROSS!

  • eekomeeter

    She can thank her Doctor for a good rummy tuck and lipo…other than that, it’s clear she’s not eating…she got into that while on 90210 and now that she’s back on that show it seems she feels she needs to be a bean pole again..I think she’s happy with this creep she’s with…he pretty much bows down to her…They sure know how to parade themselves around and love the attention…

  • deraj tsuj

    so hott


    After all the interviews, I guess, she needed a swim. She misses the jungle already….

  • Meream

    Eek! Skeletal. She should eat.

  • jo

    Nice legs, shame about the boat race!

  • remember da truth

    A bunch of fatties on here apparently…..

    Obviously, she has fake boobs BECAUSE she’s a lean individual who does not naturally carry as much fat as you jealous hags! She’s obviously not skinny — she has muscle tone. Just no FAT so the wide a s s es on here can’t stand it! HA HA!

    She’s never played the victim — her mother has, and Tori just shrugs and tells it like it is. She doesn’t seem to care, she’s got a happy family. Too bad her mother can’t say the same. Tori just lives her life.

  • Natasha

    too anorexic

  • scrappinjoe

    I wonder if she swallows her food or just chews and spits it out. She’s way to skinny.

  • Nitro

    I hate to say this… She looks awful! U can clearly see her ribs and she her boobs seem out of proportion for her body. She really could do with an extra five pounds…. Just saying

  • cute-cute!!


  • ******

    She is a super mom and I love how she and Dean show affection. You can see how her son is happy watching them:)

  • E

    Tori looks fine, got the baby weight off and back into shape. Plus she is not stuck up and really down to earth.

  • Roxanne

    I actually don’t think her body looks that bad, but her face and boobs are jacked the hell up…if she could fix that she’ll be aaight.

  • jenna

    I saw her in Hawaii and that’s the way she looks.
    Her mother is like my mother, a nasty, miserable BITC*
    I would stay away from her too. I cannot stand when these Grandmother’s show that they only love their grandkids and hate their DIL or Daughters. What is that?
    Good luck to her and her family.

  • Abby

    I think if she re-did her boob-job, she wouldn’t look that bad. She is just way, way, way out of proportion.

  • Ela

    I think Tori looks the best ever. Keep it up, girl !!!!!

  • Jill

    She looks HIDEOUS. She is CLEARLY anorexic.

  • Jill
  • Lisa too

    I think she actually looks a little better in these photos than she has in the last month or so. It looks like she may have put on about 5lbs but like some of you posted., she could use another 5lbs. I do rememember when she was on Beverly Hills 90120 she was alway think back then too. She wore lots of belly shirts and little dresses and it clearly looked like she was about the same size as she is now. I think she must have a fast metabolism but she doesn’t look as thin as she has been looking. BTW…. Where is Stella on this beach outing? I think she would have fun playing at the beach too!