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Angelina Jolie & Hillary Clinton: Meeting Canceled!

Angelina Jolie & Hillary Clinton: Meeting Canceled!

Angelina Jolie and her sons Maddox and Pax arrive via private jet on Thursday morning (June 18) in Washington D.C.

The 34-year-old actress was scheduled to join Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at an event for World Refugee Day but Hillary has canceled her day’s events (she needs surgery after falling and breaking her elbow on Wednesday while en route to the White House).

Hillary‘s chief of staff Cheryl Mills said in a statement, “On the way to the White House late this afternoon, Secretary Clinton fell and suffered a right elbow fracture. She was treated at The George Washington University Hospital before heading home.”

Today, Angie will appear also on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

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angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 01
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 02
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 03
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 04
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 05
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 06
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 07
angelina jolie hillary clinton meeting canceled 08

Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • QQQQ


  • an oldie

    I’m sorry to hear Hillary Clinton broke her elbow. Wish you a speedy recovery, Hillary.
    Can’t wait to watch AC tonight.

  • Alexanderina

    oh that is to bad, I hope Hillary have a speedy recovery. It is good to see Angie and Mad and Pax. Can’t wait to see her interviews. Thanks Jared

  • Alexanderina

    Is that Holly?

  • hilary

    Broken elbow – ouch!

  • pheony

    aren’t they distant relatives?
    i was hoping she would bring the girls with her. :)

  • Jan

    I am sure Hillary who is very organized had her reps tell Angelina’s reps last night. Angelina has other plans in DC also.

  • snowy

    Can’t wait to see her on AC360 tonight. Get well soon Hilary.

  • joan

    Welcome to D.C. Angelina and Family.

  • hilary

    Forth picuture looks like Zahara.

  • http://justjared angie lover

    I am sorry to hear about Hilary but, I am happy to see Angelina again. Also I can’t wait to see her interview with AC.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Ouch! Hope Hillary is up and about real soon!

  • snowy

    umm… i think it’s Mad not Pax?

  • hilary

    Correction – 5th pic looks like Zahara and doesn’t usually carry a large cream blanket – the one Jolie is holding.

  • BBFan

    The event is NOT cancelled. It is still taking place — but without Mrs. Clinton.

  • pomm

    Hope Senator Clinton is feeling better soon.
    Glad we’ll still be seeing Angie on 360.

  • marina

    Probably there will be other meetings in DC related to refugees, or instead, they may go to take a tour for the kids, since they had already the trip planned.

  • QQQQ

    That’s NOT Zee’s blanket…. this blanket has pom-poms on it.

  • sweetie

    Nice to see new pictures of Angelina.
    She is so beautiful and kind. :-)

  • LuckyL

    Omg, poor Hillary! =(

  • Orchid

    I hope it’s not the elbow of her writing hand, so after the surgery she can read and write.

  • hilary

    Mad is standing alone to the right of the pictures – closer to Jolie — in picture 8 you can see there arer 3 children – one to the left (Maddox) and two to the right . In picture 6 you can clearly see one of them is Zahara.

  • fresh

    A broken elbow?? Im in pain just thinking about it. Damn–that must hurt. And Angie looks gorgeous from what i can see.

  • BBFan


    This year, the main focus of UNHCR’s activities during WRD and the week leading up to it will be in the United States, the biggest donor to the agency. High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres will be in America all week….(on 6/18) he will be at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to meet journalists and present UNHCR’s “2008 Global Trends” – an eagerly waited annual compilation of statistics on the number of refugees, internally displaced people, stateless people and others of concern to the agency.

    On Thursday, Guterres will attend an annual UNHCR public ceremony for World Refugee Day in Washington. A number of high-profile guests are expected to appear with the High Commissioner… Participants will hear from a couple originating from Bhutan who were resettled in the United States after spending years in a refugee camp in eastern Nepal.

    This showpiece event will also feature winning entries for a World Refugee Day poster contest under the patronage of Angelina Jolie, who has made a special WRD public service announcement that will be seen on the Internet as well as in airports, public transport and TV stations around the world. Elementary, middle and high school students were invited to design a poster around the “Real People, Real Needs” theme.

    On World Refugee Day itself, Guterres will attend a breakfast at a restaurant in Chicago owned by a former refugee from Ethiopia. His table guests will include people involved in refugee issues as well as local and national political figures. The High Commissioner’s week in the US will enable him to highlight the refugee issue at a time when donors are tightening their aid budgets.

  • BBFan

    The event is STILL taking place, without Sec. Clinton or Anderson Cooper (who had flight problems). Ann Curry is now the MC. Angelina is still participating

  • BBFan

    Ann Curry is now the MC. Angelina is still participating. The event is STILL taking place, without Sec. Clinton or Anderson Cooper (who had flight problems).

  • Alexanderina

    I think we all know that the event is still taking place just not with Secretary Clinton

  • viva la vida


  • dawne

    Too bad about Hillary. It is apparent these two women have a lot in common; a big heart for the disenfranchised children of this world. I’m sure they are in communication more than we know.

    Anderson Cooper couldn’t get a flight from NYC to Washington. How is that possible? Does CNN not have a private jet?? As for commercial flights I would think they would leave on the hour at least.

  • lucky

    Angie’s live on CNN right now!

  • dana

    Heh. So Angelina JUST got to D.C.? You mean she hasn’t been there for weeks on end? That’s going to kill so many peoples’ conspiracy theories.

  • lucky

    What a beautiful speech she has made at this conference. She is amazingly compassionate woman! BRAVO, Angie!!!
    The conference is hosted by Ann Curry

  • marina×49/stream3.jpg videostreaming from the meeting in cnn

  • lucky
  • deena

    This is why the trolls are envious of Angie, she mixes with the elites, recognised and respected by head of states, top politicians and head of corporations etc while their idol, maniston settles for crumbs. Angie is brain and beauty with a heart of gold.

  • melinda g

    I called a friend of mine who’s an intern in Washington D.C. She assured me that Clinton’s injury was minor; not a broken elbow at all. My friend speculated that HC was using her minor mishap to get out of having to appear with the homewrecker. The Sec’y of State doesn’t want to be a part of what is known to be another PR ploy to whitewash the master s.k.a.n.k’s disgusting reputation. Good girl Hill, don’t let that b.i.t.c.h use you.

  • wfb

    *rolls eyes*

    Minor injury my ffot, she had to have surgery please, go away you freaking trolls!

  • http://Neleh Neleh


    Good morning Neleh here. Top of the Morn 2 all JP+6 fans Lurking & on board Now. How are you. Blessings 2 Our Secretary Of State Mrs.Hillary Clinton. Um Ouch,.God Speed.
    Soo Excited 2 see Angelina& her sons+ Holly. Angie looks Amazing & will be AmazinG On Anderson’s show 2 night. What you wont hear is huh um ah Whoa ya know uh ah huh. Wow..
    No fingers twirling stringy pomade bleached out hair/weave..Okey I digress. Only the glib foiled Ole girl does that & her trollops..

    OT..regarding last thread I briefly looked through;
    Um yeah yeah trollops we get it 4 the kajillioneth time what Lies youre throwing out AGain..
    Angie doesnt love Brad, Brad is cause he doesnt love Angie, Old McDonald doesnt live On A Farm, Chicken Little Never Said The Sky Was Falling, Little Bo Peep, Actually Stole All those Sheep..blah blah , um booo & shoo shoo trollop/s..Your Maddness/glibness doesnt Interest Us, Um ew…trollops Are so Not kewl…

    Anyhoo doing the Roll call be4 2night In Honor Of Ate Char/Missouri Fan.
    Bailey/ Bampsky/Neiah/ \\/ Mel/Lulu/ Beeloved/ Beremy girl/ Showers of Blessings/ Paradin/ Ate Char aka Missouri Fan/ Alexziel/Jayla/ Sexymf/The real lou/ Angel/Jaye/Alia/ CMAR/ Nyl/ Phili/ Maria(shorty)/ CHM /Mslewis/Missy/Camille b./ LOVE4FOUR/SERA/ Ms.JOLIE4ever/JM/ Nora/ Gracie/ Angfan1/
    Mnlrjv/kikka / Swettcoconut/ Scottam/ Mertz/ Angjolie/
    Voe/ Gena Bonds/ La madrelingua/ Neng Geulis/ Angheal/ Koolayda/ Alice Maria/ Retuor/ Bushfirereporter/ Kats/ Kataya/ Bellacullen/ Scooter111/ Marieme/ T.m.delafonda/ Releka/ Snowy/ Jolie- Pitt fan/ Sammy/ Kc/ Joe/ Cristine/ Reality Check/ Petra/ Ellen/ BBFan/ Dark14orbit/ PittLap/ Layla/ Gretch/ Scooter/ Observer/ Jubilee/ Dana/ Dabu/ Dawne/Caribbean/ Akim/ Chin cant act/ Sal
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    Morning Jared&staff..

  • wfb

    ffot – foot


    maybe the intern you knew was named Monica?

  • briseis

    This is OT for lurking from work:
    I saw your post to me in the last thread. I hope you get this message. It was Jared who showed me how to see/use comment section via blackberry. When you get to Jared’s home page, scroll to the bottom of page (or just press the B key). When you see the link “View Original Site”, press your ball tracker. That’s it, you should be getting the original home page and the comment screen, etc via your blackberry. Have fun, I know I do.

  • DANI

    I can’t stand Hillary Clinton, because I don’t like how treacherous,and dangerous she ran her campaign.

  • http://Neleh Neleh


    Morning briseis thanku;
    Hottest Couple Ever/ Life is da pitts/ Drew/ Rien/ Jjoy/ Missy/ Nasim/ Fyi/ Solid/ Sissy sissy/ Jezebel/ Love Bampzskv/ Dark angel/ Dancer/ Dits/ QQQQ/ Bijoux/ Love them/ Pretty In Pink/ Reality Is this/ German Fan/ Val / Kleo/ Phlegmatic2/ Meggie28/ Clearview/ Bee/ Pink roses/ Alister/ Daniel/ LookwhatIcando/ Old Lady/ Kay/ Karin/ Cheerios/ Perpetual Lurker/ Pinot/ Mrs.Smith/ Pacita/
    Alister/ Xenia/ Debjosy/ Luceabb/ Dulcinea13/ Spicylily Thailand/ LadyG/ Marieme/ Dumb Hag/ Momiji/ Neer/ Cinnamon/ Oringinal jpf/
    Piper with a low/ Wakeup&s.t.c./ Mildred/ Kate/Saracita -aleine/ Lylian/
    Carolina/ Boo(real) / Sharon /Sheri/ Orchid/ Coal/ Yes/ Susieqt/ Su zy Qt / Ocean View/ Thomas Howard -Nik/
    MS.Dina#1/ FALP/ Fan/ Iamrealfan/ 4everangie/ Oringinal ruth/ Mike/ Bdj / Hallefan82/ Pampur/ Pitt48/ Screamingangie/ Windrose/ Ello

    Luvangie4ever/ Mrs.lenny/ Frenchy/ Andy/ Schlumberger/ Teri/ Inthepink715/ Sherra/ huh/Spicylily Thailand/ Whinnyson/ Llm-butterfruit / Iloveshiloh/ Mimi/ Rdt / Decency/ Bbad/ Missy?

    PittLap/ Dianad1968/ Tlol1365/ Peaches/ LuckyL/ Nike/ Nisha/Senior/ The Shiznack/ Krung krung/ Original sonia/ AG / Mrs.Soopx/ Andamen2that/ The real tita / Keep1/ Gogo1/ Nicole/ Shae/ Alexanderina/ ICouldCatchAMonkey/ Oceanview/ Angjoli/ Sonia/ Allaturca/ TCLRT/ RyanED/ Alaturca/ Jen The Hag/
    Dmargarind/ Manis/ WeeKatiexxx/ Cotillardfan/ Thingsthatgob00m /Prue Halliwell/ Abigail/ Original Truth/Hi ya/ AddictedtoBampza/ Love Angelina/ Prada/AddictedtoBAMPZs/ Love Angelina/ Teds/ Isam/ Tw
    No Mod Please Jared, a bit lol.

  • Chloe

    @melinda g:

    you are twat! She too needs surgery HATER!!! go away
    On World Refugge Day for children & women..SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • E

    Ouch! Get well soon, Hillary. I hope Angie and the boys take in some history since they are in DC. I like Hillary and Angie both. Both great women.

  • cassie

    @dana: Why is she with Holly, Didn’t Holly quit? According to the trolls Holly is on Team Mickey.

  • Joe

    I admire Ms. Jolie so much each day for bringing needed awareness to Refugees. What a heart of platinum.
    tx, Jared.

  • QQQQ

    The woman who received the UN award has been thru soo much…. and assh*les have to nerve to be taking up for some rich bitter hag over a divorce that happened more than 4 yrs ago… U all need to get a f-ing grip on reality

  • debra77

    I missed Angie speech.. Hope to see it on youtube.. PLEASE.. But I can’t remember the name of the woman who won the Humanitarian of the Year Award.. Her story is just so heart breaking. To keep you spirit and faith in such harsh circumstances.. She said some beautiful things about Anderson, Angie, UNHCR, Susan S. and others who have helped. This is face of the people these organizations have helped..

    To all the people who say the most vial things about Angelina… Open you eyes and see what this woman and other are doing.. She and all the people who do this kind of work deserve praise and admiration..
    ‘I am so proud of her and so proud to be Angelina’s fan… No wonder Brad and the people who know her love her so much. She is a special gift…

  • cassie

    @lucky: Darn I missed Angie’s speech. Angie has in inteview with Ann on the Friday’s Today show.

  • http://Neleh Neleh


    Ot ;
    2 my Aunts/friends., Mails acting up. I will mail be4 class 2night, soon as its glitch has been fix. Muaah okey. Greetings.Senior, Soopx Irma, Ms.Dina, Ate Char, Ebmo, Anoble, Vickie,tlol, trt,trl, Lylian, beremy girl, FALP, Jill, mertz, And Amen2that,Estelle, Frenchy,Mongo, Alia,Cecile,Anistin,Pt,Frenchy,Besane,Feline,dulcinea,dawne,bdj,keep1, angjolie,aleine,Alex,LuckyL, ground control, an oldie,Elaine fr,JJB, AG/decency,briseis,A2B, kenyaluv,Shae,cook debra77, diandad.
    Take care every1, lets all enjoy seeing Angie & the family,pardon if I left out any names, I post as their sent 2 me..Neleh

    Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.
    Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.
    The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.