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Henry Cavill is Upstreet Sexy

Henry Cavill is Upstreet Sexy

Henry Cavill is featured in yet another sexy photo shoot for the latest issue of Upstreet Magazine.

The 26-year-old British actor talked about why he decided to star as Theseus in the upcoming Tarsem Singh-directed movie War of Gods.

Henry shared, “I adore historic novels, especially when they speak about Rome, ancient Greece, Egypt or The Crusades. They naturally, without a doubt, pique my imagination.”

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Credit: Rach/IntenseVibe; Photos: Simon Harris/Upstreet
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  • Shaya

    He’s gorgeous! But he’s 26, not 36 ;)

  • Lauren

    Should have been Edward Cullen for the Twilight movies, I don’t care if he’s a little bit older. Just look at that total sex appeal! *sigh* Robert Pattinson doesn’t look 17 either so I don’t see why that mattered.

  • Pocketful of sunshine

    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
    SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. . . Who’s 26 NOT 36!!!!

  • Lauren

    @Shaya: Yeah lol I’m sure he’ll still be damn sexy at 36 but my baby’s not that old yet lol

  • Pocketful of sunshine

    He’s 26!!!
    And By the way, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM!!!

  • fedita

    he’s 26!
    I love him!

  • Pocketful of sunshine

    If he had been Edward Cullen, that Bella girl would have been even more stupid and clumsy around him.

  • lucius

    oh jared, you’re so in love with him…

  • T

    He is just divine

  • winter

    Yes, now this is sexy. YUM. Pattzie may be cute…but…he really doesn’t live up to the books descriptions. anyways, I’m glad Cavill never got asked for the role. He deserves better.

  • Just Jared

    Haha, oops. Thanks!

  • Liliana

    He’s very handsome man and his voice is just incredible. Too bad that he is actually not really well-known.

  • Mailey

    Henry is only 26..! Jared caught it, nice *heehee* Go Jared.
    Henry is cuuuute.

  • Hello, i love you

    Why isn’t he on any of these “lists” being published by the rags? Hmm? He is so freaking handsome!

    taking deep breath, fanning with right hand… left… breathe!

  • serafina

    Jared, thank you for some Henry Cavill! I really don’t get why he isn’t a bigger star than he currently is! He is delish!

  • theunluckiestmaninHW

    Cavill is by far the best looking man i have ever seen on the big screen these past 25 yrs i have been alive. he is perfection incarnate. having actually seen him in several roles, it cuts me to the quick to see him never being recognised enough. eg that fraud VF poll? they dint even feature him. i felt really bad at first when i found out he’d been denied his breakout role again (after Bond and Super-or-was-it-batman) in twilight, but in hindsight, maybe …

  • anna

    he def. should have been edward cullen, im inlove=)

  • CM

    THANKS JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are so awesome :D

  • Blanche

    He’s so damn hot oh and talented for sure

  • mailey

    i only know henry cause im an avid watcher of The Tudors, but he’s a cutie on it..

  • kara

    I’ve never heard of him but he looks great.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Pretty, is very attractive, who had close …

  • Winter

    The first time I saw him was on The Count of Monte Cristo. He looked really “cute” there but now he’s HOT!

  • lauren

    dang he is fine

  • Mrs

    Henry is so beautiful, classy, polite and sown to earth. Best wishes to him.

  • meh


  • me

    YUM!!!! Me Likey!!! He’s so HANDSOME!!!

  • Olivia

    So im not the only one who’s fasinated by ancient Greece and ancient Egypt!!
    I think i love this man!!

  • Elena

    he’s totally gorgeous!!!

  • M

    Thanks Just Jared. More Henry Cavill please….

  • British Latin American

    Very intelligent, artistically talented, and beautiful man. Ideal.

  • sharifa>>kuwait

    i also know him from the count of monte cristo and i think right now in these photos he looks exactly like he looked in that movie its like he hasn’t aged a day except 4 the facial hair and its a good thing he’s taken things slowly so his career will flourish not die out..i love his taste in career choices i don’t think he’d be good 4 twilight..looking forward 4 his movie with woody allen..and if he wants a stunt double i have a brother who looks exactly like him except 4 the blue eyes :)

  • cheska


  • CM

    If he looks like your brother….can i meet your brother ? lol

  • pup

    damn! He should of been Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh.

  • bebe

    sexy. and sweet.

  • elli

    Very attractive man, loved him in the third season of “The Tudors”, but completely wrong for Edward Cullen…he just doesn’t have the edge.
    I still think he would have made an excellent Volturi member though

  • Oh, yeah!

    I agree, he would have made the PERFECT Edward Cullen. This man is absolutely beautiful while Pattinson looks a bit weird to me. No comparison IMO.

  • ellie’

    I’ll say hes gorgeous.

  • Michelle

    Gorgeous, hot, and talented!!! Can I have him??? :)

  • sharifa>>kuwait

    hahahahahahyyyyy ur welcome 2 him but he’s married and has 3 kids but he used 2 be a heartthrob back in college and now he’s out of the market..
    as 4 Henry he would not be good 4 twilight he’s better suited as a serious and period actor and that’s what he’s more passionate about and i think the speed he’s working in is good 4 him instead of the overexposure some were talkin about cause some shoot into fame like rockets then they shut down completely and some face tragedies like the late Heath Ledger and ORLANDO BLOOM worked non stop and in blockbusters then there’s no word of him it’s such a shame so i respect HENRY 4 his career choices and i wish him all the best..and i have a thing that i always say british actors are the spice of any movie :)

  • summerlicous

    He’s the best looking man I’ve ever seen. And I’m kind of glad he didn’t get to be in Twilight because imagine all the stupid girls who would turn him into this overtalked, overexposed god of a celebrity. I like how he’s like a hidden gem. Makes me feel like I belong to a secret exclusive club with all the rest of you ladies. There’s more of him to go around.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Oh wow! What a hottie :)

  • Jess

    Oh. my. dear. lord. Have mercy. His best photos yet. He truly has to be one of the best looking men on the planet. Def not perfect but close to it. He is so handsome it hurts. His bottom teeth aren’t perfect so he wouldn’t of been able to play Edward. I agree he would of been a good Edward but the vid of him talking about never being asked is beyond cute. I listen to him talk and then I go “Where am I?’
    God thank you for putting this beautiful, stunningly handsome man on the earth.
    Oh yes and his seems intelligent and articulate also and a deep thinker.
    Hope he doesn’t smoke. Thanks Jared, hope you put more of him up on your site in the future. I’ve always wondered how in the hell has this mans career not skyrocketed?

  • Martin

    He’s not British, he’s Jersiais.

  • Alastair

    Anyone met Mr Cavill ?

  • Suppress your appetite

    nice :!: :!!:@:!@:!:@:!:@:!:@!:@:!:@:!:@

  • Katie Weill

    It’s almost physically painful to see a guy this perfectly gorgeous!