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Jon & Kate Gosselin: Divorce Announcement?

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Divorce Announcement?

Jon and Kate Gosselin will be making a big announcement in a a special one-hour episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 @ 9PM ET/PT this Monday (June 22).

In a new promo spot, Kate says, “Recently, we’ve made some life-changing decisions – decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK the big announcement is? Divorce? End of the show?

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Divorce Announcement?
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  • celebrities everyday blog

    nooooooo :( i love them and the show

  • Keira

    I think they are getting a divorce.

  • tyler

    Wow.. NO ONE CARES. They act like they are the biggest celebrities walking on this earth.

  • mslewis

    Well, my hope is that they have decided to quit the reality series and concentrate on rebuilding their marriage. They need counseling to save their marriage and save their children the heartache a divorce would bring.

    However, I doubt that will be the case since Kate is more in love with money these days than with her family.

  • getreal

    Who cares? They should n’t be on TV.

  • Lilac

    Those people should have divorced a long time ago, they never were meant to be parents. They are terrible representation of the human race.

  • bella

    I am shocked . . .I never seen this coming :P

  • my mom was like, oh hell no.

    Its going to be a show on “The importance of being a mom first” along with 21 reasons why spanking is OK.

    Honestly, I don’t give a crap. :) And I will not tune in to find out, I wont give them the ratings they crave. I’ll just come here and read what happens if I even remember too.

  • ethioma

    : (

    I don’t know why but I’ve wanted them to work it out and stay together and also stay off camera.

  • Monica

    it seems that may be what thier getting at. or it could be a publicity stunt.


    Kate I love you so much, wish my life was yours, Keep your chin up (oh, I guess you will with all the botox and plastic surgery), they are just haters and are so jealous of you and your fake boobs. I wish I had fake boobs too and all the freebies you get. Oh you are so lucky you faked your fertility issues and conned Jon to have more kids, look where it got you? You have so much material possession who needs love and family? Not us.

  • dj smith

    Another baby or litter on the way…..

  • Lilly

    During all those years, I wish Kate had been nicer to Jon. How can you stay in love with someone who continually belittles you in front of millions of people ? Kate is a nasty woman. Jon seems to be the nice one. Even in the current shows when Kate CONTINUALLY throws nasty demeaning shots at Jon, it is HE that remains quiet, making her look even more foolish. Kate has grown to love hersel more than anyone else in her life. Hopefully, even if they are divorcing, I am hoping Jon can continue to live in his house too. And without the show, sooner or later they will be forced to sell that house.
    A really sad outcome.

  • clAudinha

    i love that show!

  • asdfghjkl;

    i bet their decison isnt even big.
    alot of tv show makes the episode seem all big but whenyou watch it, its really not
    theyre losing their views so they need more people watching their show to get money

  • hmm

    The big announcement will be Jon getting the rest of his hairplugs plugged in. Congrats on the horse hair, jon!

  • Sweetcate

    Honestly. I think their going to either end the show or have a divorce. I think they should end the show anyways, for the kids sack.

  • Me!

    Who cares?
    My kids see the headlines about these two idiots and ask me why they are in the news all the time!
    How do you answer that question?
    Celebrity whores?

  • Rhonda

    I’ll bet divorce and cancellation of the show. Kate’s not gonna go away that easy. She’ll come back as the struggling single mom or something.

  • Rose

    Its definetly divorce. Kate is too much of a money whore to end the show.

  • Rhonda

    switch to the E channel, between kardashians and denise richards?

  • melissa

    I don’t think they are getting a divorce. At least I hope not …. I think the announcement will be that they will not continue doing the show.

  • Rhonda

    Not sure Kate fits the TLC mold anymore

  • sally

    there going to tell more lies they have been caught in every lie you can imagine I guess its time ti lie to your fans some moreJon&Kate.

  • jp

    there going to get a divorce teh show is there meal ticket.

  • Sally g.

    Hope they don’t have any more kids.

    ALL of them are UGLY.

    Kate is pretty and should have married a good looking man for good looking kids.

  • Sally g.

    Hope they don’t have any more kids.

    ALL of them are UGLY.

    Kate is pretty and should have married a good looking man for good looking kids.

    It would be a shame!

  • Nicole

    I think they will announce their divorce. Which is really sad – that show ruined their marriage but the show will go on! All they care about is the money now, not keeping their family intact! Please Kate and Jon, see a counselor and straighten out your marriage. I think you make a good couple and I can tell you guys love each other. Stick it out! Your marriage can survive this, it’s just going to take some work!

  • Veronica

    I could not blame either of these idiots. Jon being with Hailey who was a supposed lesbian, coke smoking girl with a gun in her arm, and Kate being caught making out with Steve by Mady. These are all facts. It is incredible that these people that was so enjoyable to watch every week have sunken this low. Used to watch but no more, I’m sure I”m not the only fan that was. Just disgusting.

  • sunny

    The life changing big decision is that Kate is finally changing her hairstyle.

  • jj

    Well they are worth over 10 million now. so yeah end the show.

  • Rhonda

    I read their worth about 10 million now, that should hold Kate for a minute or two. Probably will buy her a bodygurard too.

  • not on fathers day

    lets hope it is not a divorce announcement right after fathers day! that would be tacky. it could also mean that there would be two competing gosselin shows in the works. they could also make the alimony and child support court appearances into a show. NOOOOOO!

  • Kerky

    Very sad. I remember when the show first started and they seemed so in love with each other, with their children, and with life. Now Jon whines and just wants to be “Jon” not jon and Kate or plus 8. Well it’s a little late for that, he should have thought of that before having children. Kate acts like a diva, and spends all her time in the spa. Or on the phone with who knows who. They both need to grow up.

  • Idiots

    I always knew Jon was stupid, but how dumb can this idiot be by smoking a blunt in his HOUSE? If he really cared about his family this should have never taken place. I understand that Kate cheated on him by the eyewitness account according to Mady on the recent vacation trip where Steve and her were making out, but Jon should have laid low if he was smart. I would have to call this show dumb and dumber 2. So stupid.

  • lakers fan in boston

    some how i dont believe they’ll get divorced
    i think they’re making it look that way so ppl can watch the show
    that and the same thing happened with the 1st show this season, they kept it at the mood 2 grab ur attention
    i think they might try 2 get back together, i think that’s most likely
    2nd they cancel the show
    3rd she’s pregnant
    and most likely imo is divorce
    lol at jon, he looks like a stalker in the last secs of the video

  • LUma

    They make me sick, all they want is money, more people to watch this stupid show, I fell bad for the kids, they have no choice.

  • nora

    I agree with the comments that the show will be cancelled, and a separation/ divorce will follow. They’ve made no effort to make this marriage work, and they make every effort letting the viewers know they can’t stand to be around one another…

  • Jessica

    hmmmmm is it because they want their ratings to sky rocket again?? you never know with them..always something new *rolls eyes*

  • ratings savvy

    these people will stop at nothing….this big “announcement” will be a whole lotta nuthin. just like the show. this family is no more interesting and “star” worthy than the rest of us chumps.

  • Donna

    Beat a kid, smoke a joint, get a messy divorce, welocome to life in the, Gosselin Lane!!! Idiots should have been spayed and neutered before she downed the clomid..

  • shellrunner

    *sarcasm* They’ll probably come “clean” on their issues. Kate really CAN gas up the van and Jon really DIDN’T have an affair. Those 2 kids have sooooo much love between them, can’t you just taste it?!?

  • commentqueen

    My guess would be that they are divorcing. I don’t think she will ever give up the show, and he has done everything he could to get her attention back on him, but to no avail. I am hoping, however, that Jon is just backing away from being in every episode, thus letting her continue the show and giving him the peace and privacy he wants. He would probably make occasional appearences.

  • katia grenier

    good Jon,,,,Kate is a fu**ing bitch!!!

  • Karen

    As a fan of this show, our family are done with this show. A program which started out with a happy family but then turned into a show that is downright depressing and sad. No more support for this show forever unless we see some type of happy ending , which we doubt.

  • trout pout

    Let us guess….the kids are getting their own show? It will be something lame anyway.

  • E

    Who will Kate take her anger out on now, her sarcastic demeanor and her narcissistic personality has to have someone to abuse. Will it be the employees since Jon is gone or will it be the children? We already know the answer, don’t we?

  • Beatrice

    I hope all will come out in the end, which is that Jon caught Kate cheating on him in which case that he has the upper hand. If not he has to be the idiot of the year for exposing himself with the joint in front of the whole world. Let the truth be heard.

  • sickofkate+TLC

    Divorcing for certain- can’t fool people anymore. It was less than a year ago they renewed their vows telling their children they wanted to show them that mommy and daddy will be together forever. Yeah. right.
    These poor kids have no clue what REALITY means. Everything is for the camera.
    Kate will not let go of her money making tools- the kids. She will keep her claws clinging to fame and the money.

  • ok now what?

    I think they will annouce a separation.. trial.. Jon is already living over the garage.. They will just say that Jon is moving out of the house (which he has already done) and that they will share the raising of the kids. Jon will not be on the show as much because he hates it.. If only Kate had opened her eyes as saw what millions of people watchig could see. So the annoucement will just be what has already happened and they are now admitting it. Except they are acting as if it is a decision they just made..

    Sad that the show about the Family and kids is not as important as the Family and kids..

    Fame is a evil lover.. gives you everything you want, and then takes away everything you already had.. Shame they started out as a couple that was facing the challenge together.. Then Fame with it’s sister MONEY took that togetherness away and now all they have left is Fame and Money…

    The Family was worth more if you ask me..