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Katie Holmes & Tyce Diorio Hug It Out

Katie Holmes & Tyce Diorio Hug It Out

After rehearsing for her dance number on the show So You Think You Can Dance, Katie Holmes flashes a big smile as she leaves CBS Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday (June 17) with her choreographer Tyce Diorio and daughter Suri.

It was announced yesterday that Katie will be doing her own rendition of Judy Garland‘s “Get Happy,” from her 1950 musical, Summer Stock.

A source has said, “She has talked about doing musical theater for some time now. And even though it feels strange that she’d do So You Think You Can Dance, it could be good for the next phase of her career.”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Tyce Diorio hugging it out…

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katie holmes tyce diorio hug 01
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 02
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 03
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 04
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 05
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 06
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 07
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 08
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 09
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 10
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 11
katie holmes tyce diorio hug 12

Credit: Eric Brogmas; Photos: GSI Media, INFdaily
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  • Lola

    poor katie, her careers gone down the drain.

  • deraj tsuj



    Although it looks like there’s only one photo of Suri, it looks like
    the word got to someone in the Cruise household that Suri looked
    terrible 2 days ago (pictures are on X17online) when she had her
    hair in her face and looked very messy and unkempt. It looks like
    someone was able to convince this little girl to comb her hair.
    What a difference one’s hair make in their appearance.

  • myra

    wrong Lola. She had meetings at Dreamworks and Disney
    and is next filming a Deltorro movie.

  • &

    beautiful mom and baby…so precious

  • deea


  • Lemon

    awwww how touching haters breathe on Katie and her family.

    Their obsession and devotion is so amazing.

  • Pug Nose

    Suri is ugly with a pugnose. Katie is a frump has been.

  • anonymous

    So that’s Tyce Diorio.

  • jared thanks

    classy and
    as always

  • Winter

    SURI IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benjii

    I can already foresee the meltdown of unhappiness and envy from the trolls. They’re the ones that need hugs sooooooooooo badly.

  • Mihay

    Why doesn’t Tom ever take care of the kid?? I guess he wouldn’t since he isn’t her father anywway.

  • factoid

    Other sites have pics of Tom and the family with Suri visiting Katie @ CBS.Ofcourse JJ rarely shows pics of those even Connor and Isabella to keep the trash business going.

  • sushi


  • Yar

    God bless this beautiful family. Katie is a sweetheart.

  • Jennifer

    First time i have seen her smile. She must cheat on Tom Cruise and get away from him and marry this guy.

  • twilight

    She’s naturally beautiful and very talented also a great dancer and singer. I enjoy her various hairstyle but I prefer the longer hair on her.
    Nice to see her growing it out now.

  • Sharon.G

    Katie the pathetic gold-digger that has her sugar daddy buy her some d list career.

  • for #17

    advocating adultery,cheating etc….no wonder the world is going to hell
    signs of the times indeed

  • gemma

    class act

  • sd6

    Oh my my could they be any cuter? Suri and Katie are
    heart stealers.

  • sd6

    Oh my my could they be any cuter? Suri and Katie are

  • karma

    Katie is like the female Maverick. Its cool she is taking risks with herself and her career, elevating herself but also having fun.
    She is working hard and really showing real talents
    not busy taking off their clothes most actresses do today.

    Katie and Judy Garland Get Happy Rendition = masterpiece

  • iron chef

    She’s the real deal!

  • pretz

    Im so excited for this. Katie’s dance no. is somewhat similar to her SNL NBC live show with Will Ferrell with many men dancing with her except it was tap dancing that time.
    The Holmes Garland performance is also like Marilyn Monroe’s classic movie that Madonna followed for her music video that’s also timeless classic Material Girl with all these men around them.

  • amber

    suri is lovely!

  • mertz

    love tice. it could be good it could also really hit the shitter…so like i said in previous posting of same subject…please just do ms garland justice. goodluck to her. wonder what she thinks of her friend victoria’s boob redo…couldn’t kattie just lobby anna wintour on wag beckham’s behalf?

  • KatienotthatInnocent

    #24 nope…you seems not a KH fans coz you dont know the real she is hehehh.she had naked in the pool n having sex scenes befoe married to Tom. I saw her in youtube. sooooo can type her name on youtube. She not that innocent artist like you thoughts. I just watching her naked n sex scenes with Tom welling 5 minutes ago. Hahahahha..

  • poppe

    Katie smiles at everyone except the photographers who stick their cameras in her and Suris face. How enormous is her security guard.

  • LuckyL

    Oh God, I didn’t know this was HER OWN rendition! Oh boy

  • To karma #24

    It’s ok if you admire homely, but don’t judge other actress whose really talented and great as actress, not like homely.
    Here i give you example who is homely before she marriage tomygirl, she do also naked job in her movies.
    You are so stupid katie homely fans.

  • LisaJane

    To Poope # 30. I couldn’t agree with you more. Katie is such a loving and happy person. The reason we see her looking down all the time is because of the papparazzi taking her photo! I love Katie Holmes :D

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    tyce diorio is the worst choreographer on sytycd. and.. he’s a very annoying, unfunny judge.

  • -

    chewing gum? eew. very classy huh?
    atleast she let the spolied brat walk for the first time again. poor little girl, still hiding her newly collagen injected lip.

  • TI: # 24 Karma

    OMG…you cannot compare Katie Bimbo, the talentless Ms Pugface with elephant legs and praying mantis head to Judy Garland!

    Now, that is sick!


  • anon2

    Tyce Diorio twitted, a week ago, about needing a miracle for a new broadway number he was about to start.
    Makes sense now.

  • jen

    .. you guys really need to get a day job.. she’s so stunning and classic.. she’s doing her job and doing it well fabulous mother and wife and i cant wait for her performance .. she’s going to be great .. go pick on someone who really needs to be picked on like amy winehouse or someone else

  • to jen

    Excuse me? Stunning and classic?
    Most of the time she is dressed like a teenager or a bag lady.
    And how do you know she is a fabulous wife and mother? Have you observed her close up and personal? Most of us feel pimping out Suri on a daily basis isn’t what one would call a good mother–more along the Kate Gosslin mothering–selling your child for fame.
    Winehouse doesn’t need to be picked on because she is her own worst enemy.
    Katie is oblivious to her lack of talent. She thinks because she is Mrs. Tom Cruise she is deserving of things like acting on broadway when she clearly hasn’t the talent compared to other Broadway actresses. Dancing on Eli Stone where she looked like an elephant trying to gyrate. Delusions of being a fashion designer when the public consistently rates her designs n the lower quarter on People, InStyle and other fashion polls.
    To say she is stunning and classic is an insult to all women who really are!

  • dabu

    As usual she is wearing the most FUG things for her body type. How this woman expects to succeed at a fashion line is beyond common sense.

  • this

    o my… always happy to see tyce :D he’s a great dancer! love him to bits
    plus he is a real sweety in person

  • Peach

    I wonder who Tom had to do – to get her on this show. I love the show but I think I’ll feel different after she is on it.


  • lakers fan in boston

    at least thxs 2 this new thing she’s doing she’s trying 2 dress up a lil more
    i mean she’s wearing ponytails and more colorful stuff
    i really hate her short hair bad

  • diaper-Suri

    I don’t get why can’t someone potty train Suri… If Katie is too busy learning how to dance (sic), maybe someone else in the Cruise clan could do it? Or is this a Scientology thing?
    A 3-year-old should not be wearing diapers!
    Check these X17 photos from just some days ago:

  • cp
  • to diaper-Suri @ 06/18/2009

    Scientology says children are just young adults. You aren’t suppose to force your will on them. Suri, in their philosophical ideology will choose her own time to rid herself of the diapers.

    However, since Suri lives in lala land and doesn’t seem to play with “normal” children as opposed to her Xenu friends etc., she won’t be subject to the teasing a “normal” child would get at this stage — you know the “you’re still in diapers?”

    Personally it seems strange to me that a child who seems so fastidious about her clothes, hair etc., would choose to wear a diaper. It doesn’t seem like she would want to be carrying around a load in it. The Cruises do have nannies (although their confidentiality agreements prohibits them from being seen in the same area as Tom and Katie so that the general public feels that TOMKAT has no nannies), bet the nannies have to change that disgusting diaper. So what does TomKat care if Suri carries around a load?

  • Megan fox rocks

    can’t wait , love her

  • melanie

    Has Katie seen Dancing with the Stars???
    They don’t dress that frumpy, Katie.
    They don’t dress like boys, Katie.
    They dress YOUNG and Sexy.
    Katie, you need to get a stylist, and NOT one from the Church of Scientolobots.

    Sorry, Katie, even Tom’s Millions can’t buy you a career. Tom likes you to look like a BOY, but you used to be a cute, pretty Girl, Katie.

    They’re going to have to tape this piece of Katie “dancing” and edit it using lots of far shots using body doubles.

  • forever postpartum depressed

    mrs. cruise is telling us to GET HAPPY?

  • Dancing with the Stars is

    a competion. mrs. cruise would never go on it because it’s hard work. there’s no REALITY in her being on on reality tv