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Neil Patrick Harris Not Expecting Baby

Neil Patrick Harris Not Expecting Baby

A baby is not on the way for Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime love David Burtka.

A source had told Star, “Neil and David were so relieved and excited once they were approved [for the adoption process]. Now they have so many surrogate profiles to go through to find the right woman to carry their child.”

A spokesperson for the couple just released a statement debunking these rumors. The rep told AfterElton,
“If Star says it, then it must be true! No, we are not currently expecting a baby. Maybe someday…”

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  • marisa

    good. gay couples should not be able to have children. every child deserves a mother AND a father.

  • Rhonda

    I’m so glad to read that Neil Patrick Harris isn’t expecting. That would have to mean he already had the Chasity operation in reverse? No, theres REALLY no way he can be expecting.

    The more normal, sites like Perez and Just Jared try to make this sort of thing appear, it really seems to having the opposite effect on me..

    Its all getting very abnormal and more like mental problems.

    We still haven’t seen Wanda Sykes “wife” who had “their” children.


  • Meg

    I hoped it was true.

  • mailey

    NPH is hott.

  • geez

    @Rhonda: YOU are the one with mental problems.

    Wanting to have children with someone you love is perfectly normal.

  • !!!!!!!

    LOL @ GAYS!!

  • anna

    whaaaaaaaaaaaat? he is gaaaaaaaaaaay?
    imagine kids being bullied in school for having to dads=s

  • cubanita

    I’m not understanding the term “adoption” if they’re using a surrogate. Wouldn’t one of them be the sperm donor/bio dad?

  • Rhonda


    Yea, normal for a male and female. Otherwise its two women or two men, adopting a male and female child. Nothing mental about it I actually studied anatomy.

  • Heidi’s used tampon


    NPH is gay? When did this happen?

  • forever56

    agree with #1

  • Lovewhoyouwant

    @marisa: AS long as he is happy and will provide a good home for a child, he should be able to have a child if he wants.

  • hmm

    Star magazine came up with that one? I didn’t know they could be so creative. Did they hire new writers?

  • hollywood fags

    ewwww so sick neil.

  • lakers fan in boston

    who cares about this nobody
    even his character on how i met ur mother is boring
    btw when is the main character finally gonna meet his wife
    im getting bored of that show

  • jj

    I spot some disgusting ugly trolls here. urk

  • Benny’s mommy

    Ya know? There is a reason why God made women with vagi*as and men with pen*s’. The parts fit.

  • Spoony

    All the prejudices spewing out of folk. It’s unkind. I feel sorry for you all.

  • Heatherlynn

    WHAT!? He’s gay!? This is the first I’m hearing of this!?

  • smilla

    Totally agree with Rhonda. No matter how normal gay people try to make it seem (that they have kids together) it is NOT normal. Nature speaks for itself. If it would be normal for a man and a man or a woman and a woman to have a child then they would be able to have it by having sex with each other, like a man and a woman. This is (of course) not possible.

  • Stacey

    @marisa: Harsh! who are you to judge! There are many people who can breed and shouldn’t be allowed because they simply abuse their children and the system that supports them… grow up and get off your high horse…

  • Chelsea

    @smilla: who cares if they raise kids. I know plenty of straight indiviuals who should never have kids and i know plenty of gay couples who should have kids. Grow up already! its the 21st century and people should be allowed to do whatever they want. In Canada same sex couples have had the right to marry for many years now and Canadians are very accepting of it and they just happen to be more religious than America. Americans are much more gay than we realize, (We are a country with more gay politicians than any other country in the world) we just need to come to terms with it and deal with it.

  • jamie

    @Chelsea: i agree with chelsea. America does seem ot be very gay nowadays because for example, instead of most americans cheering sports like football we cheer our singers and dancers on american idol and dancing with the stars.

  • NativeNYker

    I’ll have his baby! Fire away…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Lenny

    Push it all you want it’s still not normal.

  • getreal

    Please don’t.

  • fan

    stupid ignorant bigot…where do you live? in pakistan?…

  • Leslie


    OMG! ITAWU!!!

    Hell, I’d do NPH even if he is gay! Love him. My best wishes to him and his partner in adding a child to their family. Baby will be loved that’s for sure!

  • rocky


    What century are you living in? Who says having a ‘FATHER’ around is the best thing? I know alot of people who had ‘FATHERS’ who were the lowest of the low. If two people, whether they are both male or female can take a child and raise it with love and caring, then THAT child is the better for it. People like you and others who think like you are the reason so many children spend their lives in foster care or as orphans. A child needs love and protection. What makes you think that two women or two men living as partners can’t give that love to a child. Open up your mind woman!!

  • rocky


    Hey! Get in line girl!! HA! HA! LOVE HIM!!

  • rocky


    Why isn’t it ‘normal’? Just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean it’s not ‘normal’. What’s not normal to YOU is very normal to others.

  • Jayla

    @marisa: gay couples should be able to have children. A child should have loving parents regardless man or woman. you marissa you are so close-minded. saying a child should have a mother and father. grow up! this is a time for change. if you were gay, you would know how it would feel.

  • Jayla

    @Lovewhoyouwant: I agree with number 12

  • Tricia


    Yeah, we should also take children away from their single parents after a mother of father dies, or they have a divorce.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    That’s sad. :(

  • Suppress your appetite

    Nice :!!!