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Nikki Blonsky: Three Cheers for Chéri!

Nikki Blonsky: Three Cheers for Chéri!

Hairspray breakout star Nikki Blonsky keeps cool in a sheer LBD as she attends The Cinema Society’s screening of Chéri held at the Directors Guild of America Theater in New York City on Tuesday evening (June 16).

The Long Island-born actress came out to support her Hairspray costar Michelle Pfeiffer, who covers the July 2009 issue of InStyle.

Chéri revolves around the son of a courtesan in 1920′s Paris who retreats into a fantasy world after being forced to end his relationship with the older woman who educated him in the ways of love.

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
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  • http://www.justjared. lia

    (awaits fat jokes from the Zanessa fanantics or however the hell you spell it)

  • ck_always

    Not a fat joke ..but that outfit is absolutely horrifying.

  • marisa

    i love that she’s a bigger girl and is in hollywood. it’s different than all the pin thin looks.

  • cute

    Thanks for Nikki!
    Please post some pics of the beautiful Ms. Pfeiffer too.

  • Audrina

    Has she gain weight or something?
    what a fatass.EWWWWW.

  • pah

    dress is hideous.

  • naomi

    That’s not healthy at all! she needs to work out and eat better.

  • Sue

    More like BBD

  • naomi

    That’s not healthy at al!! she needs to work out and eat healthy food omg!

  • julia

    ewwwwwwwww lose some fat! she is so fat!

  • anthony

    I didn’t care that she’s overweight and unattractive but then she got into that fight and I saw she had no class as well… too many negatives adding up

  • awurbii

    The fat jokes are inappropriate. Seriously people she’s a pretty girl. It’s great to see somebody who is comfortable with you they are. I’d always wondered what happened to her after Hairspray. Great to see her out and about.

    P.S Some of you seriously need to get a reality check. Some of your comments are ridiculously insensitive. You wouldn’t say it to her face but you think that it is okay to say it just because you are behind a computer. Let me tell you, it does not make the comment any better.


    What are you talking about?? She has nothing to do with them. She’s her own person. I’m a fan of them and I see no problem with her. Anybody who does that just because of that situation has a problem, I agree but by posting that you are asking for it to happen.

  • Havana Club

    one word: blob

  • Jennifer

    Work out BIATCH.

  • Olivia

    not being immature..
    but it is seriously not healthy, even if she feels like bib. (big is beautiful).

  • Jessica

    honestly, I think she needs to lose some weight for the purpose of being healthy…

  • johanna

    she is the WORST rolemodel for young girls and boys, by not even trying to loose some weight for her health, just accepting that being very obese is all fun and good for you..

  • NativeNYker
  • alliee

    I don’t have anything against fat people…cool that she feels ok in her body…but I think she’s a bit too fat…it’s really unhealthy…
    in hairspray she looked very cute but now…um…

  • Zana

    I loved her in Hairspray and I think she’s a very pretty girl. Her face is gorgeous. I agree that she needs to lose some weight, though.
    It’s not that she’s big, but she doesn’t look healthy. Just like a lot of people need to gain weight to be healthy, some need to lose weight.
    I’m not saying she should try to look “skinny” or anything. She’s a big girl and she’s beautiful, absolutely. I just think she should lose some weight for the sake of her health. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • bella

    Wow . . .she is pretty girl but who picked out that dress. It is very inflattering.

  • amy

    Normally I’m all about HEALTH. Too skinny is just as nasty as too fat. A little meat on the body is perfectly fine. But this girl is indeed overweight. If she ends up getting diabetes, are you still going to insist she’s healthy?

    And I don’t care if other peoples comments are “insensitive” not just the comments directed at this girl, but at any celebrity in general. You choose this type of life, you put yourself out there, YOU know you are going to be criticized, always. Get over it.

  • Ann

    Great to see Nikki out and about. She is still as beautiful as ever.

  • http://justjared tanii

    Oh, lord. Can’t she just disappear? She can’t act or sing to save her life. I haven’t got anything against *ahem* large people, but really she needs to lose weight. It’s unhealthy.

    She came out to ‘support’ her former co-star? More like she wants attention.


    she looks older than her real age :(

  • roni

    She is so pretty and oh so talented but really, what chance will she ever have in this business with all that weight? She was much thinner in HS and seems to have ballooned up again. I have nothing against heavier people and she is truly a super talent but unfortunately thin is in in Hollywood. It’s a rotten shame but that’s the reality of the business.

  • bell

    Love her and love her moxie. However she put on some weight since her HAIRSPRAY days and it is so obvious in that outfit. In a perfect world with her voice and acting ability she should be appearing in all kinds of productions. Unfortunately that weight issue will haunt her and hold her back.

  • bee


    Please, don’t lump everyone up with the few immature posters that have no intelligent thought-out responses.

    My sister used to be overweight, but she lost it due to her HEALTH. && she’s far taller than Nikki is, whom I assume to be about what, 4′ 11″, maybe less?

    Someone of Nikki’s height && age shouldn’t be that large for health reasons. It’s all well && good to be comfortable in your own skin, but that has nothing to do with the fact that her BMI (body mass index) doesn’t seem to be anywhere it should be. She’s far too short to be that large && have it be healthy && conducive to living a healthy life.

    I’m all for loving curves && being able to embrace what you’ve got && not being pin-thin, I come from a very diverse family, I think we may have one ‘skinny’ family member, the rest of us are of average body proportions — but she just looks unhealthy. && her face looks older than her age would suggest. She was such a pretty girl back in 2007, dunno exactly what it is, but she looks different in her face.

  • LuckyL

    The b*tch is back, The b*tch in black, still limiting her acting roles, etc. etc. etc.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Seriously! She is a cute girl in the face but, it is not healthy to be that fat!

  • HockeyGurL

    Wtf is up with that dress?

  • royal beauty

    Ok…it’s great to celebrate one’s body…but guys, there is no reason she should be this big. Very cute…super talented, but all that will go to waste if she doesn’t start living a more healthy life. Isn’t she coming out with a show called “dance the fat off” or something on Oxygen. I like her, even though she and her family jumped that chick for ANTM, but hey, one’s has to look out for fam. Whatever the case, and no matter how one tries to slice it, .this isn’t a good look…for anyone!

  • royal beauty

    @Zana: Great point!

  • Tazina

    The outfit is not that bad. It’s the body inside of it that looks awful. Dressing in dark colours is not going to make Nikki Blonsky look any thinner. There’s no excuse to be this huge. Join the gym! Walk an hour a day! Cut out the crap in your diet! Watch your portions! Get with the program, Fatty.

  • ustmyviewpoint

    Cute face but way too big! It’s not healthy for her to b this big. Could try to loose a little bit. She is young and it’ll be easier now.

  • Mailey

    Yes, she’s fat. But this outfit itsnt making it better. Queen Latifah is big, but her outfits always fit well and she always looks awesome. This girl looks like a mack truck that’s about to run shizz over.. get out of the way..

  • Justmyviewpoint

    Queen Latifah worksout and her body is toned. Nikky doesn’t

  • Justmyviewpoint

    Queen Latifah works out and her body is toned. Nikky doesn’t

  • zanessa4everrr!

    i personally dont like her. i have my reasons.
    but i just hope she loses weight because its at the point where it’s a health problem. shes what, 20 years old? thats not healthy at all.

  • anna


  • bitchetta

    Somebody take this meatball to the fat farm…..she’s borderline obese….not healthy at all…..and the dress….makes her look like someone squeezed her into it to fit……if she kept her fat mouth out of the table or kitchen she could lose a ton…..

  • Courtney

    That outfit is incredibly unflattering on her.

  • TWPumpkin

    Oh come on! No one wants to see a fat star!

  • brenda

    If this girl is going to be in the public eye that I think she should lose some FU(KING weight. How old is she anyway 12.

  • Cari

    Love you Nikki!! Team Blonsky!

  • CaribbeanGyal

    omfg, she ganed ALOT of weight!!! :O, not to sound harsh or anything, but she better buckle up or someone REAAALLLY will!!!

  • T-bone

    This biatch has a hideous body with a hideous outfit! She needs to stop hanging out in the kitchen or else, she’ll explode!

  • Yoshi.6

    All of you blabbering about not liking hte fat jokes and saying how “pretty” she is…..well, she is a fat hippo and looks like an inflated sumo wrestler! Fat IS NOT PRETTY no matter how you slice it! Do you ever see FAT women in magazines other than adds for Jenny Craig? Do you ever see them in playboy? They are a heart attack waiting to happen. Most of them have deadly viseral fat and extremely high triglycerides, etc… They are unattractive and even borderline disgusting. Fat rolls, big guts and tripple chins are not nice to look at. I cannot eat in a resturant and watch a fat person eating. They turn me off my food!

  • Suppress your appetite

    @marisa: :) =]