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PETA Slams Barack Obama For Killing A Fly

PETA Slams Barack Obama For Killing A Fly

President Barack Obama reflected on what fatherhood means to him and wrote down his thoughts. Read his original piece at

On Tuesday, a fly intruded during Obama‘s interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood at the White House. Obama swatted the fly and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is not happy, so they sent him a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside.

“We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals,” PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said Wednesday. “We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals.”

Watch fly-killing President Obama below!

Barack Obama Swats Fly
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  • HA!

    I f*cking hate PETA.

  • evalynn

    wow big deal
    the spotlight is on him for the smallest things…
    people from PETA probably killed flies…

  • sam b

    I can’t believe how ridiculous PETA is

  • mertz

    lol. did anyone see colbert’s tribute to the fly/flies? gah. peta…uh huh. i hate flies. and he let the other one live that was resting on his head for the longest moment during the primaries (see jeanne moss’s cnn bit. hilarious) so maybe it was time for him to obliterate one. SMACK!!!!!! the smack heard worldwide. i hate flies. john stewart did a funny thing on this too.

  • claire

    what’s the big deal?! it’s a freakin fly!

  • Rocky

    are you kidding me? its just a fly . I am a mass murderer if you take it that way
    I killed thousands of flies, ants and other insects
    you should rather report about petas sexiest vegetarian 2009

  • annaversary

    PETA is ridiculous. They need to stfu!~

  • lacey

    uhh slow news day??

  • mertz

    gosh. after reading that comment i feel completely heartless and stupid. i still hate flies (no i wasn’t brought up that way so no one brainwashed me) and it’s an ingrained irrational fear. i understand that all animals also have a right to live but people have been killing flies since the world started…if we don’t kill them they get eaten. frankley i don’t care and it’s not news, and the fact that this became news lol because people anticipated that ofcourse peta would get their panties in a knot over this made this absolutely hilarious and took away valuable air time that should have been dedicated to the iranian protests or health care reform or something else. gah. this fly is not more special than all the other one’s many people kill. WHERE’S PETA TO CHASTISE ME WHEN I KILL A FLY ALL THE TIME…nowhere to be found. eat it peta.

  • wow

    PETA, you’ve got to be kidding me…

  • stoph

    And this is another reason why PETA has no moral authority in the public domain when it comes to animals. The good work that they would like to accomplish is wasted by stupid acts like this one. Shame on PETA.

  • mary

    FLY is not a pet or animal….it’s an ANNOYING BUG…..gross!!! PETA is dumb!!

  • mertz

    lol rocky. me too. i should also be branded mass murderer. i take my slippers (because i’m not good at snapping a cloth) and SMACK. lol. i’m the worst kind of fly killer. how is this NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh. it’ll be news too if we find out he picks his nose and doesn’t use his non-good hand to wipe his bum. gah. silly silly sillies.

  • Andrea Marrama

    Why is this news? It’s a fly, they only live for what a week? Peta needs to calm down, there are bigger issues in the world.

  • rpatzfan

    fly are annoying so kill them! stfu PETA

  • katia grenier

    fu**k this is stupide!!!fu**k PETA !!!! ?&%##*!!!!!!

  • anna

    PETA was ridiculous this time, they only use this to show they hate obama..

  • Amanda

    No one takes PETA seriously because they get worked up over tiny things like this.

  • shoe89

    kill the fly obama…kill it

  • Jacky

    PETA is doing toooo much! WAYY TOO MUCH

  • Jacky

    PETA is doing toooo much! WAYY TOO MUCH

  • hollister

    peta…….go to hell and burn you effers……….thousands of babies are murdered in the country …..A HUMAN LIFE!!! THROUGH ABORTION!!! NO ONE DEFENDS THEM………….AND YOUR WORRIED ABOUT A EFFN FLY!!!

  • jack


  • anthony

    They should really try to keep peoples respect by doing things the right way and not looking like idiots.. it was a fly!!!! Who cares they die in like a day anyway

  • Donna

    holy shit peta! everyone kills flies everyday…if obama gets slammed for killing an annoying fly, why won’t you bust all our asses for killing flies? Man, talk about wanting cheap publicity…

  • Laura

    PETA is ridiculous !!

  • idril

    PETA can be so ridiculous sometime…

  • Lauren

    PETA are such idiots.

  • emma

    for killing a fly ? really? hahahahahahahah oh my god hahahahaha
    chill out PETA hahahahahahah

  • huh?

    oh for heavens sake…… a fly…that is a maggot first- spreader of disease….

    PETA is stupid this time

  • ebmo

    jack @ 06/18/2009 at 3:41 pm PETA IS DOING WAYY TOO MUCH!
    I think they are doing WAY TOO MUCH drugs and watching the old “The fly” movie at the same time!

    “Help Me Help ME”

  • lisa

    Talk about jumping the Shark.. How can anyone respect or listen to thie Organization… I think they could do some really great things, but every chance they get they reveal that they are a bunch of NUTS..

    I hope they reissue a statement saying that this was a joke.. If not.. Well ….. What is there left to say..


  • ebmo

    jack @ 06/18/2009 at 3:41 pm PETA IS DOING WAYY TOO MUCH!
    Way too much drugs?
    Or Way too much watching “The Fly” on late night TV?
    Maybe Way too much of both at te same time!

    “Help me! Help Me!”

  • mertz

    hey hollister peta only cares about animal abortions no? don’t realize that humans are animals too. anyways. go peta. keep up the funnies. what happened to ya’ll pushing the campaign to save all the cute animals of the world. where’s the seals full court press. i don’t knock peta…and i think saving animal species is all good and all even if i am a meat eater…but it’s good to know that peta is not perfect and are as hypocritical as i am. i hope they use 100% recycled paper for all their campaigns, and use 100% recylable inks and humane items all throughout their offices. i hope they also wear 100% biodegradable meaterial things. gah. i can’t knock them for trying though. i just wish they were smarter.

  • elzee

    Thats really stupid and annoying from PETA. A fly, seriously. I guess they’re looking from attention from Mr. President.

  • mare

    omg! PETA loses credibility when they say sh@# like that. Ridiculus!

  • Roxanne

    My Goodness they’re acting like he harpooned a deer or something…it was a sh! T carrying disease infested fly of pete’s sake…PETA needs to calm the bleep down and go look inside JLO’s closets for the sheep she skinned for her next coat.

  • monica

    how stupid is that?
    so we are supposed to leave mosquitos that cause malaria alive too?? even if they harm your health? PETA give us a break

  • Charlene

    oh for f***s sake!!! I am the most hysterical animal-lover who cries over dead worms and while i admire the fact that PETA sometimes openly criticise people in the public eye (although unfortunelty not always in a mature way) for not respecting animals – this is just ridiculous. Flies are dirty and apart from having a minor position in the food chain, they really are completely useless and most of the time, goddamn annoying. What was Obama supposed to do? Get up in the middle of his interview and lovingly catch and release a fly?! It’s an automatic reflex to swat away a fly for gods sake! If only people would use their energy, creativity, time and money for something more important than inventing a f*****g fly-rescue tool.

  • E

    peta is effin crazy… wow.

  • Roxanne

    @Ms lola: Seriously you’re one of the reasons why hate and ignorance will always exists.

  • rach

    Pete will do anything to get money and attention they’re just embarrassing they’re coss, and embarrassing everyone who do or once did support PETA stop being so ridulous and go eat a hamburger….idiots

  • dee

    I was just waiting for some ‘ethical’ bigwig(s) to jump all over this story. Everyone swats flies, including a great deal of PETA members I bet. I try to avoid harming them but if they’re persistent what are you suppose to do?

  • mertz

    If only people would use their energy, creativity, time and money for something more important than inventing a f*****g fly-rescue tool.
    lmao. hey flies need love too. i never knew there was such a thing as a fly rescue tool…all i knew was how to swat flies. see i learn something everyday. lol.

  • jdub

    PETA is ridiculous!! if that big behind fly was buzzing near me, i’d slap the sh** out of it too. it’s not like the man shot a deer or something. goodness

  • mertz

    Roxanne @ 06/18/2009 at 3:57 pm @Ms lola: Seriously you’re one of the reasons why hate and ignorance will always exists.
    truth. the hater must be a bristol lover. saw that there were only a few people protesting outside letterman. meh. dead topic. karma is such a great thing.

  • jenni

    B.S. like this is totally counterproductive for the supposed mission of Animal Rights Advocacy touted by PETA. they lose credibility and authority, and people will start ignoring everything with the PETA symbol on it if they think that it’s a total joke.

  • middle-aged hippie

    Please do not condemn or ridicule all PETA members. We see beauty and worth in all living creatures. And I would say it is a safe bet that most PETA members supported Obama so this was not done out of hatred for him as someone alleged. I would also say that you would find most of us very ordinary and not at all odd.

  • Lithiumus

    Are you kidding me? PETA seriously needs to complete a refresher course in science! Their organization stands for: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. And a fly isn’t even an animal. It’s a freaking insect and one that carries diseases no less. Animals and insects are completely different classifications. PETA is attempting to stir up negativity for the President and it’s obvious they are trying to make something out of nothing at all. In the end, what they don’t realize is that they are making themselves look like idiots. In addition, flies have compound eyes so they can see anything coming for them even from behind. So the very fact that the president was even able kill it proves that the fly was in a weakened state and was going to die soon anyway.

  • Jasmine

    hes so hot