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Stephanie Pratt Battles Her Demons

Stephanie Pratt Battles Her Demons

After scoring her first major magazine cover about her battle with bulimia, Stephanie Pratt decided to pipe in to impart some pearls of wisdom via her blog. Here’s what the 23-year-old reality TV star had to say.

“Wow well the headlines are definitely intense but i just wanted to address my interview with US Magazine. I try to be a very honest person because being honest is an important virtue. And from the time i was 16-to recently ive battled a lot of demons including- bad self-esteem, drugs, bad body image (bulemia [sic]), and depression. In my story nothing happened to me when i was young for me to find so many struggles growing up- unfortunately i was just my own worst enemy and never loved myself. I was in desperate and delicate situations and needed professional help-which i got. For any of my friends and fans who are reading this or who have read the article and can relate to any of the problems ive battled- i want you to know you can win the fight! Please do not give up on life… Today i live by the saying ‘this too shall pass.’ Every bad feeling and problem you go through will pass-i promise but when its something serious like depression or an eating disorder-you need to get professional help and talk to someone you trust-because they are deadly diseases. I did not get better overnight its taken years… you need to work at it to beat it! So talk to someone-i urge everyone to be honest with a friend or mentor if you are having a hard time no matter how old you are. I want to be proof that you can change your life around. I wish you all the courage to live happy and fulfilled lives. No one is perfect, but no one deserves to live in pain. I really hope i have helped in some small way anyone who can relate to my story -i love you guys and want to thank you for standing by me and not judging me for my past struggles. xoxo Stephanie Pratt.”

This too shall pass.

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  • nora

    US magazine…R U serious? who do you think is gonna buy this? Who the HELLLZ is stephanie Pratt….the sister living on the coat-tails of her self absorbed brother who no one wants to know? JJ…please…lets’ stick to the celebrities!

  • nora

    First is soooo GAY!

  • You/Me

    **rolling eyes** why do people like this girl and her brother think they are celebrities, much less anyone to look up too??? I mean, seriously, what the h*ll have they ever accomplished that makes them role models….been on a reality show? Pish, ANYONE can do that, they just got lucky! And they were most likely picked because of their shallow self-absorbed fame wh*re personalities anyway!

  • sammy

    why is she famous again???


  • LoveLeeR

    “In my story nothing happened to me when i was young for me to find so many struggles growing up”

    what happened to her is her brother…then heidi. Poor thing !

    But even my cat can make it to the cover of US weekly, stop thinking you’re famous and stuff,girl.

  • Martine

    i really hate her.

  • Matt

    I love how she talks about her “fans”….as if there is some talent to be admired in her, or some achievement she has done. What fans? I also love how she pretends the struggle is over, “from 16 to recently, I’ve battled…”. To “recently”? As if deep-seated image issues, self-esteem, bulimia, and all of that just vanish quickly? I’m calling BS, she just wants to pretend they’re gone for the sake of her lame cover story.

    She’s just another media attention wh-re like her brother and is trying to grab headlines.

  • stella

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH #1,3,and 4!!!

    God finally I am not the only one that thinks these people need to stop being called “stars” (this applies to Lauren Conrad as well)….They are nobodies who got lucky, who have no talent, but can go out to eat and go to clubs (anyone can do that). For them to even say “thank you to my FANS” baffles me. Why do these people even have Fans???? Can they sing, act, dance, are they supermodels, scientist, geniuses?? NO!!!

  • better than spencer

    i agree with all of you opposing her, but i also really like her blog response-it was really touching. i was surprised to see her on the front cover of US weekly, but i’d rather see her than her demonic brother.

  • kris

    Some of you are disgusting !

    Okay.. so i agree that she’s not famous nor should she be a celeb or anyone on the hills for that matter has no right to even be famous, but she’s speaking out about an important issue give her a break!

    i’m not fan of hers at all nor am i of the hills or anyone that’s on that show.. But speaking on personal terms on having had battle something similar to her situation of an eating disorder i can totally sympathize for her and what she went through because i went through a similar situations..
    think before you speak some of you .. She may be talentless and US weekly may be a cheap stupid tabloid magazine.. But what she has to say is important about this issue and any exposure it can get in helping people battle something as horrible as an eating disorder is deserved..

    In a way i can respect her for having the courage to get pass her struggles and move on .. it’s hard like she said it’s an every day struggle and everyone deserves to have their story told.


    ugh – why doesn’t the media stop covering her and her friends or enemies or frenemies or whatever so they go away?

  • jess

    WHO cares?! The media are wasting time covering stories that are irrelevant to our LIFE especially about someone who is craving for the media’s attention! This whole story is probably STAGE to promote her SHOW.

  • mertz

    been there…good for her to talk and all, but @jessimtv said it best on the aftershow. nice to see us give j&k8 a break…what…not enough juicy stories. good luck to steph.

    reality tv stars are not celebrities. they may be a new breed of that term, but if so then they need to coin a phrase/word or something because the public knows what’s up.

  • vmars111

    I’d really wish I’d care, but she grew up rich. These kids all have it coming!

    At least she made fun of herself on The Soup!

  • oda1

    why doesnt she battle her stupidity

  • Angela

    i dont think she’s necessarily a star either, but it took alot of courage to expose herself like this and i think she s looking to encourage others to seek help 4 these serious mental health issues! the more awareness the better!!!

  • Jen

    She is annoying and dumb.. famous for doing nothing but I do agree with her when she says you can be your own worst enemy sometimes.. for life all that is needed is confidence.. the blog response is not so bad but her I have trouble taking seriously

  • Really?

    Who is this girl? Can we get some real celebs? Really!

  • Kimbo

    I love how everyone complains about how irrelevant she is, but those very people are taking the time to comment! Priceless.

  • a

    I. DON’T. CARE!

    Where is the world coming to now that siblings of Speidi are starting to get magazine covers and be on reality TV?

  • my mom was like, oh hell no.


    Boohoo. Beautiful girl with self esteem issues.

    “I didn’t love myself” waaaaahwah. This skinny ass chicks (no offence to the girls who have killer bodies) that self destructed over stupid shitz make ME want to throw up. There are so many real problems in this world, looking like that and hating yourself because you don’t feel “pretty” shouldn’t be one of them. Dumb ass.

    Who wants to bet that, when her 5 mins of fame is over, and she becomes dust in the wind, she winds up just as “messed up” and depressed as she was when she was a teen.

  • alexa

    are you KIDDING ME? This girl doesn’t deserve to be shown on a magazine cover let alone be known in the U.S. She has done nothing for anyone to look up to. She got lucky and is on a reality show. Why should we care about her “bulimia strugless”? Why should everyone know about this person’s problems? She needs to sit with a therapist, lock herself up somewhere, and stop pretending she has fans.

  • cc

    Your 15 minutes too shall pass.

    Oh wait they already did. Honestly Stephanie, no one gives a shit about you or your stupid brother and his flesh-colored beard. You are both obnoxious attention-whores who will do anything to be famous. Too bad you are played out and fake. No one wants to hear it anymore, love.

  • michelle

    #15, your comment is too funny!!!

  • Eva

    The Hills makes me want to puke along with everyone i kno. Where’s our cover on US Weekly? I love that on Chelsea Lately you aren’t allowed to say Spencer, Heidi, or Speidi, you have to call them Herpies and I’ve been saying that for the past two years

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This poor girl is so messed up from living with Spencer her whole life. It’s actually pretty sad.

  • jl

    shes not famous. shes ugly and just trying so had to get attention.
    get a job =/

  • Suppress your appetite

    she looks AWESOME!