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'Fresh Prince' Co-Star Slams Will Smith In New Tell-All Book

'Fresh Prince' Co-Star Slams Will Smith In New Tell-All Book

Forner Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Janet Hubert, aka Aunt Viv, has penned a tell-all memoir that lashes out at Will Smith for sabotaging her and other actors who worked on the hit comedy.

The 53-year-old actress was fired from the show in 1993 and replaced by actress Daphne Maxwell Reid. Her book “Perfection Is Not A Sitcom Mom” will be released in early 2010.

Here are some explosive excerpts from the book via BVBuzz:

On Will Smith sabotaging his co-stars: “Smith had people around him who made sure no one outshone him. I was happy to see Don Cheadle become the quality actor that he is, and often wondered how he made it past one episode, as Hilary’s boyfriend, being such a fierce actor. No one could be on The Tonight Show, that first season, except Will. And I mean no one.”

On a guest star being too impressive an an early rehearsal: “I recall the lovely and incredibly talented Countess Vaughn coming to guest star. Oh my God! The day of table read, she was pee-in-your-pants funny. The writers were howling, we were howling, so I knew she was history – banished into the cornfield. Many years later, after she had her own show, I had to tell her when she asked me why. ‘Miss Janet why did I get cut from the episode,’ she asked? Simply, my darling, you were too good.”

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79 Responses to “'Fresh Prince' Co-Star Slams Will Smith In New Tell-All Book”

  1. 1
    F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n Says:

    wow.. she’s bitter. now we all know why she got replaced. hahahahahahahahaha.. jared didn’t even right her name in the title – that’s how unknown she is. hahahahahahahahahaha..

  2. 2
    HockeyGurL Says:

    Sounds like shes STILL pissed over being fired, Will is laughing now one of the popular bankable men in flim. I always wonder what happen to her.

  3. 3
    boo Says:

    the message is clear: thin, dark skinned black women have no place in ho-wood.

  4. 4
    T Says:

    Um, really? She needs to build a bridge and get over this.
    None of the other co-stars have any problems with Will.

  5. 5
    ginger Says:

    I saw something about this on tv. i think it was a biography on her and when she was talking about being fired, she sounded so extremely bitter and had absolutely nothing good to say about will. well, sucks for her because just about everyone forgot about her or didn’t even bother to check why she wasn’t on fresh prince anymore.

  6. 6
    jake Says:

    Hey Jared, its Former not Forner, just letting you know

  7. 7
    jsw Says:

    i love janet hubert!!! she was such a better mom than the one that replaced her. i totally believe the stuff she’s saying!

  8. 8
    fresh Says:

    Everyone knows Will Smith has the biggest ego but Im not sure how much I trust a disgruntled former coworker who was fired years ago.

  9. 9
    Lola Says:

    Is she that desperate for roles that she has to cut others down? Maybe Will had a bit of an ego, but who cares?

  10. 10
    royal beauty Says:

    @boo: I challenge your opinion…but you have a point. One does not typically see thin, dark skinned women….it’s too unconventional. As much as Ho-wood….or Hollywierd would like to say they view everyone equally, it’s just not true. As a beautiful, dark skin woman, I would love to see women who look more like me, but I don’t let the media, tv, or dictate how beautiful I know I am, others should follow suit. There are beautiful woman in every ethnicity, I wish everyone could just appreciate that fact, and move forward.

    I can believe Aunt Viv…I like her better she always did the “Phhhhiiiilllppp…” LOL, so much better. Will strikes me as someone with a very big ego, confidence is fine, but ego can be dangerous!

  11. 11
    Roxanne Says:

    Boo…you have a point, black actresses that look like her does not make it too far in hollywood. Unless they are playing a certain type of role. Halle Berry made it that far on her looks, because I don’t think she’s that great of an actress.

    To me she was the funnier of the two Aunt Viv, and maybe she’s right about Will Smith because he does come across as having a big ego, and Don Cheadle is indeed a wonderful actor and doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  12. 12
    rocky Says:


    ITA!! Good for her! Let the world know that Mr. Smith is not as sweet and wonderful as he portrays himself to be. Someone once told me that the bad things you do will come back and haunt you, no matter what. Well, they sure have for Mr. Will.

  13. 13
    kate Says:

    She’s desperate to sell a book. She was the better Mom, but it seems odd to me that no one else has come out with stories like this. Seems opportunistic to me.

  14. 14
    F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n Says:

    she cant blame will for what his handlers did, and wanted. he was new, and the STAR of the show – so much they didn’t even change his name. LOL.. cant blame them for wanting the star to be, and stay the star… not to mention ALL the other cast members shined, a lot.

  15. 15
    rocky Says:


    Whoopi once said that dark women don’t get the roles because Hollywood is hung up with ligher skinned women.

    I so much enjoyed Janet Hubert than Daphne Maxwell Reid. I’ll never forget the episode where she wanted to show up her friends that she could still dance. The woman is a great dancer!

  16. 16
    Vickie Says:

    Who would read a book by Janet Hubert? Who would even know that name? She had to put some dirt in the book to sell it. Trying to get back in the spotlight.

  17. 17
    Felicity Says:

    I always thought she was the *better mom*
    but now?

    that ***** -.-

    just wants to get into the little spotlight again.

  18. 18
    Mailey Says:

    Well, the book is prolly the only way she can rake in some cash. People have to eat and live, afterall. And someone might be better esp since Will is super hot and and super rich lol I luv Will tho, I think he’s awesome.

  19. 19
    janelle Says:

    She was a much better mom than the second lady. She claims she was fired because of her skin color being darker. Is that true or is she just really bitter? Either way she is a pretty lady and great actress.

  20. 20
    shell Says:

    I’m glad America isn’t buying into this crap. We have never heard anything from the other co-stars about Will. Not to mention he was a kid back then what kid who’s made it big on a huge tv series doesn’t have a huge ego. This ***** is just trying to sell her book because no one remembers her name. This is the only way she’s able to get the book recognition. Sad part is she’s trying to attack one of America’s most beloved actors for stuff he may or may not of done when he was a kid.

  21. 21
    momo Says:

    Janet was fortunate to get a role in a very popular and successful sitcom — during the height of it’s popularity. It was called “The Fresh Prince of Belair” not “Miss Viv of Belair.”

    Time to move on.

  22. 22
    sya Says:

    Well, I’m judging her on her acting ability alone (which is only fair) and I still think that she was the “better mom”. Without a doubt, I loved her fab portrayal of Aunt Viv. I’m not going to get into the ‘black actresses- hollywood debate’ but I will say this, light skinned actresses are hardly making headway in Hollywood, just look at Halle Berry’s career path (and the new level she’s having to stoop to get noticed), and she won an oscar. Any hint of black, that’s noticable, is going to go against the actress…. sad but true. Black men have it slightly easier.

  23. 23
    Anon Says:

    Even if she were getting spotlight from this, the point is she is risking more by revealing the ugly truth of what went on behind the scenes. for sure she will be blacklisted as a result.

    It is an unspoken ugly truth that black actors all know..that very few black who once they make it on top do they like sharing the spotlight or want another black actor/actress to shine ..the solidarity is not there because of insecurity.

    It’s stupid for anyone to think she’s going to get rich off this book..tell all books don’t make mega $$$..

    The same people who call Tom Cruise for being a egocentic loony toon Scientologist won’t see that his best pal Will Smith who is also a Scientologist could very well not be just as egocentric.

  24. 24
    Leslie Says:

    For those who have negative things to say about Janet Hubert, why don’t you wait to read the book before doing so? I’m sure the entire book is not just on Will Smith. Some of you people just make me laugh!

  25. 25
    Mailey Says:

    #21: snap! ur so right lol yah it was fresh *prince* of bel-air totally.. so of course it should focus on will. plus, other posters are right, im pretty sure i read will is still good friends with alfonso (i think the guy who plays carlton?) and also jazzy jeff, as well as the girl who played carlton’s sister! so they dont seem better at all, it’s just this lady………

  26. 26
    M Says:

    Bitter bitter old hag. And nice of her to throw the race card in there too. Sorry black people… you can’t play that card anymore. We have a BLACK president now. All of your whining about how you are denied this and that because of your skin color is all BS. Get over it.

  27. 27
    Bittersweetrc Says:

    E! THS talked about this…the reason Janet was fired and I wasn’t and am not surprised. I’m quite happy she’s revealing it all, despite the critics..I think she was unfairly treated.

  28. 28
    taylorswiftfan Says:

    @M. Obama is light-skinned and mixed so his presidency doesn’t refute the fact that it’s a lot tougher for dark-skinned blacks. I agree people ought to complain less and stop blaming others for their obstacles in life but don’t think for a second discrimination was somehow magically eradicated. Try to have some compassion for others and their struggles. Life is never an easy journey for anyone but we can still be empathetic to them.

    Janet, you were definitely the better mom but this book comes off as desperate and trashy. Try to take down the most bankable movie star in the world just to make a dime won’t help you. I love Will so I’m biased but how many years later is this? Get over it girl!

  29. 29
    Max Says:

    Oh pooh pooh pooh. Fresh Prince was a vehicle for Will Smith because he was so popular at the time. Millions of young black people tuned in because of him, not because of her. And if she was all that how come she never made it on to another show? If dark skin really was an issue there is a thing called make-up.

  30. 30
    LuckyL Says:

    Lmao, why do I believe this b*tch?

    But anyway, I don’t know where she mentioned skin color, but I remember from True Hollywood or whatever, is was more about her demanding more pay and not getting along with her co-stars, sort of like that blond chick from Cheers or many other such shows back in the day.

  31. 31
    Roxanne Says:

    @taylorswiftfan: I agree with you, not because we have a black president doesn’t mean that discrimination still doesn’t exits in this country and around the world.

  32. 32
    amber Says:

    #21, you took the words out of my mouth!! it was a show about will smith, not the old washed up wannabe actress.

  33. 33
    lyn Says:

    she’s just jealous and bitter that Will Smith is a star and makes tons of money. Also she just wrote this book that no one will buy because she probably just needs money

  34. 34
    jake Says:


    Why is it that when a black guy is doesn’t something wrong, just like Chris Brown, the argument is he is just a kid.

    For all the Black Women here please explain to me why ? I honestly don’t get it. Shouldn’t black men be held accountable ? Kids are not naturally bad. Their behavior usually stems from their upbringing and home.

  35. 35
    Tj Says:

    This kind of stuff goes on ALL the time behind closed doors on sets everyday, Some “Cleberties” who seem like the nicest people can be quite the diva! trust me…
    It’s pretty amazing that Janet came forward to talk about this, She took a big risk and she should be applauded!
    Alot of actors NEVER disscuss this type of thing in fear of losing future work.
    good for her! I had heard from “other people” that Will Smith was a bit of a Diva ( well more than a bit )

  36. 36
    Jen Says:

    I give her the benefit of the doubt. I always did wonder why she was fired, she was the better mom for sure.

  37. 37
    bitchetta Says:

    What a bi*t*ch……..she needs to crawl back to the deep hole she came from…..

  38. 38
    shurly Says:

    I think she’s right and I can’t wait to read her book. Nobody is perfect and Will Smith is certainly not. All of this doesn’t surprise me at all.

    People think she’s bitter, but maybe she saw stuff that none of you saw. Why not let her give her side of the story ? She has every right to do so.

  39. 39
    Voice of reason Says:

    The race card is so overused that it’s hardly holding up anymore. I believe it’s this easy excuse to throw out there anytime someone loses out to someone who was most likely more qualified or things don’t work in their favor at any given time. Come on… how many times do things work out UNfairly simply because people are afraid to get the word racist labeled on them? And if I threw the race card every time something didn’t work out for me, I’d be the girl who cried racism.

    BUT going back to topic rather than dwelling on your comments: I do believe she was the better Viv but I definitely don’t think she was fired based on outshining Will because I see no evidence of that. And her throwing her skin tone in there when it was an all black cast? That screams desperation syrup over an already desperation sundae.

  40. 40
    roosta Says:

    I didnt even know she was fired, but I don’t really remember her on the show anyway. She sounds bitter and butthurt lol

  41. 41

    This ***** is just jealous and bitter Will Smith was the star of the show of course the focus was going to be on him.
    People like Alfonso Ribeiro and Tatyana Ali don’t have a problem with Will they are actually his friends I remember Will being on Tatyana’s music video for support when she had her first single I remember because I loved her song and the video and the fact that Will was in it .
    Neither of her arguments hold water .

  42. 42
    LUma Says:

    I believe her, I can’t stand Will smith and her wife Jada(we are the happiest couple in the world, we are so in love, we have great sex , arghhh )

  43. 43
    mertz Says:

    i love janet hubert-whitten. i was always glad to have someone i saw who represented me be on tv. always been glad to have great family based sitcoms on tv among the saved by the bells, full house, seinfelds, etc…miss the cosby show (but i can see it on reruns on tbs). not sruprised by her allegations though. lots of people who were on the show said the same thing, and also have great things to say about will. it’s nothing new. yeah it sounds bitter, but she’s telling her truth.

    just because obama is president, or just because sotamayor is going to a chief justice in the supreme court, just because oprah maintains a media empire in a business dominated/owned by men (white men at that), just because there have been so many other firsts, with people of colour/ethnicities earning their positions of high power like the govenor general who is haitian canadian, or ms sirleaf becoming the president of liberia, or angela merckle being the most powerful politician in germany/most influential women in the world…that only helps the change to continue BUT that DOESN’T change the REALITY for many many many many people of colour of all ethnicities, and also for women to be treated equally. times are changing, sometimes i think not fast enough, but i am patient enough to know that good things will happen, if not for me then a couple of generations down. i never believed (although i hoped) that there would ever be an african american, mixed race or not, to ever be president in america. lol. and yet it happened.

    chris brown needs to repent for what he did. being a youth doesn’t make his actions excusable, and the same goes for rihanna and her behaviour. that stuff happens all the time in relationships of couples from different ethnicities…it’s not just because he’s black that he did what he did, or his race is what makes his actions excusable. also society had to realize that individuals should be held responsible for their actions, and that the collective of a society has a huge responsibility of the perceptions that it represents itself’s to kids as real or acceptable. i mean if a person grows up and doesn’t have parents in his/her life…how are they supposed to know what’s right or wrong, or know what to do. there is a huge children raising children syndrome going on in the world, and society needs to know that it’s okay to help out someone who doesn’t have what you do. there’s a lot of kids growing up finding their own way who have nothing, and their struggle of survivable is truley admirable. adults need to stand up and set good examples for kids.

  44. 44
    royal beauty Says:

    @jake: Jake—I am an African American woman, and I have an African American husband, and he is the father of our two children. He is responsible, loving, and faithful. He is a provider, an anomaly, (not just as an African American but as a modern day man) and I have never, and will never make an excuse for him not exercising ethics, because I don’t have to. Honestly, we can go there, but if you’re going to ask the question, look beyond color. It is my belief that there is a disportionate amount of discussion about African American men not be responsible, but the same can be said about every other race. When one behaves inappropriately, they should be held accountable. I don’t make excuses for anyone, but please, get off the pedestal, it happens in every race. Poor parenting can also lead to feelings of inferiority which manifest in creating laws that deliberately inhibit others to compete (i.e. banning African Americans to read, Jim Crow laws separate but equal etc) and incidents such as the Oklahoma city bombing, the recent murder of the security guard at the Holocaust museum, just to name a few. EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBLITY for their own actions.

  45. 45
    M Says:

    @ taylorswiftfan: Are you telling me that if he was darker he wouldn’t be as accomplished as he is? Wow you sound like a racist. Again… another excuse to play the race card. It’s not good enough a black man is in the White House… now he is merely a “light-skinned mixed black man” so it’s not the same. Whatever.

  46. 46
    s Says:

    Wow she is 63? Time just flies.. Thanks for the post.

    lol at you people running around defending Will Smith without even knowing jack about Huberts experience with him. The show was great, but please, don’t act like his crap doesn’t smell just like yours.

  47. 47
    marisa720 Says:

    Jake #34 .What are you talking about? And everybody doesn’t make excuses for Chris Brown or other black men. But what are people supposed to do be ignorant and send him death threats. He’ll have his day in court. Besides you don’t know what she is saying is true or not because she’s the only one who has been complaining for 20 years. So the question may be why do white men believe everything they read about black people and judge them more harshly? See how ignorant of a blanket question that is?

    Anyway, I don’t see where race was talked about in the above article. However, I have heard Janet talk about how Hollywood is a celebration of youth and being white.

    And it’s true about how darker skin women are treated that’s no secret that proof is in the movies you see etc. And for people who are tired of hearing the race card , well there are more subltes about race than people realize so that’s and ignorant statement and people who say that aren’t very observant and delusional.

    However, what does she want somebody to do about it. It’s easier to do the best you can and attitude whether you are black or white goes a long way.

    As for Will having a big ego 20 years ago who cares. I wouldn’t want to be judged by who I was 20 years ago. We evolve. She has chose her own career path after that. Is that his fault too? I’m guessing she may have been fired maybe because of her own ego and attitude. She wasn’t just part of the cast the premise wasn’t based off her.

  48. 48
    mertz Says:

    lol. if he was darker he probably wouldn’t have made it in the white house at all, and if he was darker there would be more things like what that republican staff lady did recently putting eyes on a black square to symbolize obama. i may be perpetuating the cycle of racism, which isn’t good, and this isn’t an excuse, but i’ve lived knowing that i was always second class to my counterparts, and always known my family will always be a certain way and fit a certain demographic and all that stuff. it’s real. you can meet some of the nicest people and you will never know that in their heart of hearts they hate you/are racist. i wear mine on my sleeve, and i continue to learn from my prejudices. i am not a “racist” but i may think in a way that fits that despcription at times. anyways the reality was changed a little by obama’s election but there’s still time to go. it’s not only about blacks. it’s about people of all colour. i never knew why i was one of 3 in a school of hundreds where i was one of the only people of colour, i didn’t know why it was okay to laugh at me and not others, i didn’t know why my italian friends all live on one side of the tracks and me on the other and why i have to live a certain way without affluenece and have to struggle for everything i get while my friends can click their fingers and get everything. LIFE ISN’T FAIR, but there’s no need to wallow in the sh*t. you can take lemons and make lemonade. yeah you have a point about people who always subscribe to certain mentalities but if it’s their reality then why can’t they say that…not all black people are like obama, and not all dark skinned people are like osama. the colour of people’s skin is relative. don’t see colour first, see people first.

  49. 49
    cutiepie32 Says:


    Where did you read 63? It says she 53.

  50. 50
    jaey Says:

    Will Smith isn’t the ‘nice’ guy people think he is. I saw him on Tavis Smiley’s show a while back. Basically he said NO ONE helped him to get where he is today, he said he did it ALL BY himself. I could tell Smiley was taken about by the statement and tried to at least to get him to admit that people gave him a chance by putting him in tv or the movies, but he wouldn’t sway from the statement that it’s ALL HIM. I didn’t know at the time that he was involved with Scientology, but what he said then fits in with their teachings.

    Tavis asked him what would he have done if people hadn’t financed his movies or distributed them, he said he would have done it himself. But of course he would have needed the MONEY to do that and in the beginning , he didn’t have it. He has lost most of the money he made as a Rap Singer. It’s only because people DID take a chance on him that he got to be where he is today, but he’s so STUCK on himself that he doesn’t want to give ANYONE else any credit.

    As far as him being friends with Jazzy Jeff, Jazzy said himself that getting in touch with Will Smith is near impossible. IF Will was truly his friend, he would have Will’s cellphone number; I bet Tom Cruise has it. . Smith doesn’t have time for his OLD friends. He’s most likely to be hobnobbing with Tom Cruise than Jazzy Jeff.

    Janet Hubert was and is a better actress than Reid. I never understood why she was replaced. As for what she said, it is easy enough to verify since she named names. Those in a position to do so can asked these other people if what she said took place. Of course, there might be those AFRAID to do so since Will Smith has a certain amount of power in Hollywood. Never underestimate the power of money.

    As for the question about color, yes prejudice because of color very much exists today even among black people. Why wouldn’t it exist in Hollywood. Will Smith’s co-stars these days are likely to be anything OTHER than a BLACK WOMAN. Why isn’t he using his millions to promote his own people in movies since he’s all that?

  51. 51
    mertz Says:

    lol. how funny is it that he says that stuff but always brings up how much tom cruise has helped him no? yeah. what janet said is nothing new. it may sound/look bitter but it’s her truth and i bet she’s not off the mark. still love him though. pompousness and humbleness, flaws and all.

  52. 52
    truvy Says:

    She was by far the better Viv. I thought the show went downhill after she left. If I were her, I’d be bitter too.

    Will Smith is an egomaniac.

  53. 53
    taylorswiftfan Says:

    @M. Janet says she was fired because she was too dark. She was replaced by another African-American with lighter skin. I never said Obama would not have gotten into the White House if he were darker (whether that’s true or not I don’t know). I’m saying because he is lighter, you can’t use his presidency as an example of darker skinned blacks not facing discrimination anymore. Even if he were darker skinned, that doesn’t mean that suddenly there is no racism against all dark-skinned men in America. Yes it’s fantastic you (Americans) have reached a place where a person of colour can be elected to the most powerful position in the country and possibly the world but that doesn’t change the fact racism and discrimination still exist. Comments like “there’s a black guy as president so no more excuses” which even Will Smith who I adore has said, can be misleading. I hate excuses, and there is no reason for ignorance to hold you back but just to be redundant, ignorance, hatred, and discrimination still exist.
    I’m not racist and I don’t see how that can be concluded from anything I’ve posted…

  54. 54
    kim Says:

    woman still upset and crying that will has a big career and amazing career and tons of people who love him.

    get over it.

  55. 55
    andrea Says:

    a little jealous i think
    just because will smith made it big and she didn’t

  56. 56
    marisa Says:

    don’t like will smith. never will. he has too big of an ego.

  57. 57
    love will Says:

    Will got what it takes to make it he proved it over an over again with his number one movies and number one albums and his Oscar nomination that is why he is one of the biggest and more powerful celebrities out there and this woman is a no body AND HAS TO NAME DROP HIM TO SELL HER BOOK OTHERWISE NO ONE WOULD KNOW WHO THE HELL SHE IS AND WOULDN’T BUY IT.

  58. 58
    Splum Says:

    Anyone who slams Smith…I’ll read their book.
    I don’t remember Cheadle on the show, and I’m a big fan of his.

  59. 59
    suzz Says:

    I thought she was excellent … the other actress was so so boring.

    So, maybe she got a point … she was good … they got rid of her. hmmm

  60. 60
    aeon Says:

    # 27 Bittersweetrc @ 06/18/2009 at 12:30 pm
    E! THS talked about this…the reason Janet wa

    # 50 jaey @ 06/18/2009 at 3:46 pm

    Kudos to Jaey and Bittersweetrc well thought out comment. I like Will but I am not blinded by his ego or status. I remember reading about this a long time ago regarding Janet Hubert and how unfair it was that she was so unfairly treated. Plus she was pregnant at the time and yes it had to do with her skin color. According to the execs she was too dark for the role and not pretty enough. That made me so mad.

    However, having said that she does sound a little bitter after all this time to come out with a book. Everyone in the black community knows the story and of Will’s ego. That’s too bad she came out with the book now that he is on top. I guess she is looking to get paid.

  61. 61
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    who cares
    she’s just mad that will is the only guy that has an actual career after that show
    personally i hated all the aunt vivs
    they were boring
    i always wondered why they changed it as a kid lol
    now i no =]

  62. 62
    lori Says:


    can she PLEASE get over this bullshit. okay yea he sabatoged you. you said that 10 million times!

    what are you going to do about it. nobody cares. he’s famous. your not nearly as famous as him. and nobody else on the show was bitter about that “if its true”.

    i liked you as aunt viv okay. but will was the MAIN ACTOR!.

    of course he’s supposed to do the late shows and ****. not the other ones, before the show even gets around.

    god get over it

    will has, everyone else has, not you

    GET. OVER. IT!

    AND GET ON WITH YOUR CAREER. you’ll fin that people will actually give a **** if your more fmaous.

  63. 63
    just me Says:

    She was a customer of the bank I worked for at the height of her time on the show and into the time after she was fired. She is the nicest, sweetest most down to earth woman you could ever meet! Her little boy was very young at the time and she had him with her often and they would be on their way to the park or to go horseback riding or some fun thing. We all loved her and her big smile. I believe her and wish her the best!

  64. 64
    Adri Says:

    Politics suck whether it’s in Hollywood or in real life, but the fact is that politics always exist. I wouldn’t think it was Will because he really was just a kid for the early part of Fresh Prince. It was his people who knew what to do to make him the biggest star. She was the better mom, I remember wondering why in the world they would replace her w/ the new one who really didn’t bring much to the table. Janet was funny! It probably was unfair that she got fired. I think there’s some truth to what she says.

  65. 65
    selena Says:


    thank you lol

  66. 66
    Orig Malibumom Says:

    I think she should have a discussion with Isaiah Washington. Acting is not a privilege, it’s a job. You are basically owned for a while by those who pay your salaries. I agree that it was not her show. I agree that there is a disparity between the success of some African Americans and others. However, we must remember Denzel is not light-skinned. He is talented. Honestly I believe the true issue between the races has more to do with economics than race. But that is a really long discussion that I can’t engage in at this time. I believe Mrs. Hubert-W. should have learned the profitable way of disagreeing. There is a difference between the profitable way to disagree, and the non-profitable way to disagree (not just limited to Hollywood). I think Tyler P has shown us what it takes to go forward and it’s not necessarily light skin. Love the discussion-
    Oh yeah and by the way – to the poster a while back-You have every right to disagree-I have nothing against JJ-I don’t have the same amount of time to post as I did years ago-I still love jen and BP and AJ-it’s not an inclusive/exclusive issue with me-They are just ppl

  67. 67
    mertz Says:

    Splum @ 06/18/2009 at 6:43 pm Anyone who slams Smith…I’ll read their book.
    I don’t remember Cheadle on the show, and I’m a big fan of his.

    In 1990, he appeared in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air titled “Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy”, playing Will Smith’s friend Ice Tray.

  68. 68
    midgetf0x Says:


  69. 69
    Martin Says:

    I like the guy in the movies. I think in real lifer is a kind of…not a nice person to be around.

    just my 2 cents.

  70. 70
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Why?? Will Smith is amazing!

  71. 71
    Fresh prince fan Says:

    I believe Janet Hubert. Take Carlton for example: He was a smart and confident student who aspired to go to Yale or Princeton. By the end of the show, he was portrayed as this loser dork who had no friends, couldn’t have a girlfriend, and became known for the “Carlton dance.” And Hilary: She was a confident “snob” but ended up being portrayed as an “airhead” who can’t decide “with the hat or without the hat.” Maybe Will wasn’t the one who sabotaged everyone but there was definitely something wrong. Janet really had character and brought in some energy to the show.

  72. 72
    nunyabidness Says:

    notice this show has ended 10 years ago and shes the only co-star that has anything negative to say about will or nbc or the show in general? 10 years, and not one peep out of anybody else. i guess james avery, alfonso ribeiro, karen parsons or joseph marcell must have been brainwashed into thinking what she thinks about will.

    and to those of you saying it was a race thing, why then was tatyana chosen to be ashley banks? they couldve gone with someone with lighter skin, right? it had nothing to do with the color of her skin and or else. will smith didnt have that type of influence at the time.

    and guess what? characters change. remember when family matters basically morphed into the steve urkel show? you think jaleel white demanded that the directors give him more airtime or something? any changes in characters are done with the writers and exexcutives.

  73. 73
    krissy Says:

    Let’s ask Oprah what she thinks about Will after wats her face have a sit down interview with Oprah. Oh yeah she doesn’t so far so let’s hold our breathes. Maybe she isn’t as innocent as she seems. When she first left the show word had it she was too demanding about her wardrobe, lines, and the food that was prepared for her. YOU ONLY GET SO MUCH YOUR WAY IN HOLLYWOOD and everything your way at BURGERKING!!! LOL!!!!

  74. 74
    Liz Says:

    Janet, was accomplished long before the “Fresh Prince” I believe she has finally decided to spill the beans, I personally like Will Smith, however I do believe he was disrespectful and the yo mama so black jokes is totally awful, r u kidding me. I had so much admiration for he and Jada and their little family. His ego is out out bounds and he and his wife need to stop swapping partners. NASTY!!!!!!! Just NASTY!!!!!!

  75. 75
    Anotherhuman Says:

    She always struck me as, “having an agenda.” While she is a very good actress, if you REALLY watch her (movements, speech patterns, etc), it seems that she almost thought she was better than all of her co-stars. There were a few episodes where it was evident that she really doesn’t care for white people. Daphne Maxwell just seemed more down to earth and laid back.

  76. 76
    rOBIN pERSAUD Says:

    It is easy to say “get over it “,but actors make so much more money than the average worker. Imagine making such a lucrative check and then all of a sudden being fired unjustly. This unjust firing probally affected her entire family and nice lifestyle. She was really good on Fresh Prince, tall, model like ,with beautiful clothes and a sense of style, she really brought a lot to the show. It’s a pity that blacks are a race of people that work against each other instead of supporting each other. I believe her about what happened. If it had been my show I would not have let such a good actress be fired without trying to put in a good word for her. I believe when you do ugly things to people you get it back eventually. God does not like ugly.

  77. 77
    john Says:

    That was one of the best moves the show ever made, letting her go. The replacement mother was much better. I always hated Janet on that show.

  78. 78
    Suppress your appetite Says:


  79. 79
    Scott Says:

    Hollywood is a cut-throat industry wrought with stories of back-stabbing, wrist-slitting contract negotiations and ego’s; all centered around one thing…MONEY. Only the elite get what they want most of the time but there are still fights, accusations and of course…ego’s and MONEY.

    The industry is less about talent and more about…MONEY…than anything else. Not money for entertainers but a return on money for investors who make it all happen to begin with.

    Not all investors are greedy little ******** with a bottom line to make.

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