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Halle Berry is Spa Sexy

Halle Berry is Spa Sexy

Halle Berry hides behind her bodyguard as she makes her way into her favorite spa in West Hollywood on Thursday (June 18).

While taping the Spike TV Awards last month, Jamie Foxx got quite physical with Halle — kissing her on the lips and grabbing her posterior. Jamie recently explained, “It was a joke. Everyone knows that I respect Halle Berry and her relationship [with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry]. When she won the Oscar, Adrien Brody came up and gave her a little tongue. She decided to get me back, and so I was part of her joke, which I didn’t mind at all. It was heaven. Incredible. I almost froze but then I got into it. People are texting me like I’m the hero now!”

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Photos: Fame Pictures, Carlos Maidana/Broadimage
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  • Adam

    Joke or not, it was still pretty low and disgusting for her! Don’t like those stumpy legs of hers.

  • shurly

    “When she won the Oscar, Adrien Brody came up and gave her a little tongue. She decided to get me back, ”

    Huh ? What is he talking about ? What did HE have to do with the fact that Adrien Brody kissed her ?

    Anyway, if they were a couple, it could have been a hot kiss, since they’re only friends, it was just GROSS.

  • http:// jonharules

    Right Jared she’s sexy and I love her! Her haircut reminds me of Victoria Beckham’s super cool hair cut. :)

  • suzz

    I am glad she is back to her pixie haircut .. it looks great on her and she looks so young and natural … she can give the girls on The Hills a run for their money! anytime!

  • Nahla

    Beautiful as usual. Hmmm Adrien Brody kissed her when HE won an Oscar, not when she did……Anyway, it was a bad move but I forgive her. I wanna see gorgeous little Nahla and hottie Gab! <3

  • boy johannes

    no comment she is very hottttt, myself i can’t wait to see myself working for her.pls can you help me to have a chat with my beauthiful halle berry, you can offer her my e-mail adress or my mobile no:+2771565222

  • http://JJ JJ

    She should have put an iron to that tacky wrinkly dress, that thing is fug

  • drop_dead


  • Hambug

    He means that the kiss was a joke and a spoof of all the times she was at an awards show and was molested on stage.

  • nyob

    Cute dress.

  • patty

    Two words to remember Jamie Foxx by. Miley Cyrus.

    If Halle Berry wanted to help improve the image of Jamie Foxx, groping his privates and engaging him orally, was the last publicity either of them needs. He has yet to atone for the comments about Cyrus. Very tasteless.

    The kiss with Brody was tasteful. It was a theatrical smooch. What Berry did with Foxx was lacking in taste and refinement.

  • bosie

    From the side pic it looks like she has bald spots

  • Hambug

    It was a JOKE and a spoof. And the whole awards show was supposed to lack taste and refinement…it was a for SPIKE TV. Regardless why all the outrage over a spoof but Adrien Brody is a hero.

  • NativeNYker

    Where is the hotness of a man of hers?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Lady

    I like her dress

  • Princess

    she has fat ugly legs, makes her look fat

  • mailey

    this color is good on her

  • ellie’

    Her and Jamie are close friends, Its obvious her man didn’t mind, and that all that matters. Halle is still a classy women and always will be. .Love her outfit.

  • Ladams

    Halle is a timeless beauty. People that are leaving negative comments are jealous.

  • suzanne


  • Dominica

    If the tables were turned and Gabriel had rubbed the no-no area of some model on a stage in front of a roomful of people, this “explaination” would fall just a flat as it does from the mouth of a degenerate who made a film called ‘Pootitang’ and who ago suggested Miley Cyrus make a sex tape and take drugs on his ridiculous radio show a few weeks ago. At the age of 40+, Halle should have known better. She is vulgar and has no class.

  • bettiep

    She just ended up looking like a big slut that’s all.

  • bettiep

    Joke or not she just ended up looking like a big slut.

  • esi

    Joke or no joke, it was still tacky. Different from the AB kiss etc. Funny, Halle’s spin doctors haven’t issued a statement. Why leave it to Foxx? Probably > flack after the show airs this weekend. USA Today had a little blurb about Halle wasn’t leaving Aubry for Foxx, can’t believe ppls stupidity. At least, she’s been laying low.

  • lakers fan in boston

    jamie foxx annoys me so much, she seems really cocky and he’s not all that
    still h8ing that short hair
    i dont think she really works that dress that well, it looks saggy and all, not nice
    i h8 weaves but i wish u would wear 1 to hide her short hair

  • diva

    ppl are still talking about this get over it ppl it’s her life!

  • Darby

    Hmmmm, me thinks there are a lot of bitter people posting on this comment section. But what else is new? Anyway, if some of you are that ‘outraged’ by that kiss…then save yourself the heartattack and dont watch. I seen a video clip of that kiss and it wasn’t as bad as the pictures would suggest, it was a hot kiss. Everyone in the crowd was going wild for it and Brad Pitt was whisting and clapping egging it on. That show is meant to be ridiculous. Rosario Dawson was onstage talking about how much she loves sex and Brad Pitt was rubbing his nipples. So again, if some of you that lack actual lives have that much of a probablem with a kiss that doesn’t involve you..DONT WATCH THE SHOW.

  • Darby

    And by the way, someone on here called Halle “classless”..that woman has ALWAYS carried herself gracefully and with respect. So please give us all a break…the woman is allowed to cut loose every now and then. Half of the comments some of you leave on here are very classless, yet you have the nerve to judge her? Please.

  • WTF?


    Halle’s spin doctors haven’t released a statement because there is nothing to spin. As Jamie said, it was a stunt, one of the many that happened during that awards show. It was a kiss, what else do you want her to say? Some of you people seriously need to get a life. Some of you are probably the same people that would be out in front of David Lettermans studio protesting for that stupid Palin joke. Outraged about something that doesn’t even concern you or your life. Some of you act as if you’ve never seen two people kiss before. After the show airs, the only people that will still be bringing up that kiss are some of you. No one with a life cares that much. I bet you that all the people in here cmplaining, will tune into the show to watch, hypocrisy at its finest.

  • WTF?

    Oh and Halle looks real good in these photos, very pretty woman. I can understand why envious cows would be mad at her for no apperent reason. Oh well, shes rich and beautiful with a gorgeous family, cant ask for much more then that. Good for her

  • #29

    Couldn’t careless about the Letterman/Palin thing. Don’t know why Jared etal are still bringing this stuff up. Agree, it was a joke, it’s over and done with, let it go and move on. Posters are right, don’t watch the show.

    Whether Team Halle should issued a statement saying it was a joke, I don’t know. Don’t see why JF even issued a statement nor is it necessary to rehash the other stuff.

  • MB

    Halle and Adrien did not swap spit; it was a chaste kiss. No doubt, Jamie is blaming Halle for his behavior. I very much doubt she agreed or consented to his disrespectful behavior by having him grab her butt. Tastless Jamie, parent of a teen daughter, is known for his insulting behavior and negative comments about women and girls (Miley Cyrus).

  • the video is pretty sleezy

    Ok this is only part of it but it looks like it got really sleezy. Yuck! Jamie is kind of gross! Halle really showed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she looks cute but video Yuck!

    You can see part of the video now on youtube. Got pretty sleezy!

  • she looks cute but video Yuck!

    UHHH from the video, looks like he was stopping and she started to grab him first. He looks like he was a little surprised by her. lol

  • hmmmm

    #bers 33,34 and 35

    You said the video is pretty sleezy, yet you went out of your way to go to youtube to look it up and watch it? Ignorance certainly is not bliss. smh

  • Adri

    She looks good in that haircut. It must be really freeing to be able to wear your hair so short and natural. However, I really wonder if men like it? I know they like her of course. But would they want the woman in their life to have it? What do you run your hands through? Seems like most guys want long hair.

  • Video of Halle kissing jamie

    FINALLY A VIDEO!!! I’m glad she kissed Jamie…she needed that chocolate fix in her life….

  • Video of Halle kissing jamie

    @Dominica: VERY TRUE! That’s why Halle is a joke!

  • Miss missy

    OMG!!!! To read so many comments slamming Halle Berry??? Jealousy is not a pretty color on anyone! For you females, you wish you could have 1/4th of the talent, class, persona, or even be 1/8th as pretty as she is! For the guys, please! If you thought for a sec you could get a kiss from Halle Berry, you’d probably pass the hell out! So she kissed Jamie Foxx on tv, I’m pretty sure most of you do a lot more in public places! Stop hatin’! Give congrats when it’s due, and stop being mad because you can’t be where she is! Losers!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    EHH not a fan of the outfit!

  • Suppress your appetite

    Super sexy !!!

  • neck pain

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