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Jennifer Aniston & Bradley Cooper: Date Night!

Jennifer Aniston & Bradley Cooper: Date Night!
  • Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper have a NYC date night out. Aniston and Gerard Butler will also film Bounty Hunter in Atlantic City this summer.
  • Is there a Leighton Meester sex tape?
  • Kristen Bell in a blue bikini.
  • Susan Boyle has been spotted crying out for her cats from her hotel balcony.
  • Paula Abdul holds up well.
  • Eden Riegel attends the premiere of Year One in NYC.
  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are seen together, again.
  • Madonna goes to London to meet her new daughter.
  • Britney Spears is looking very bright.
  • Is Jon Gosselin checking out real estate in Manhattan?
  • Angelina Jolie thinks about her own kids.
  • Selena Gomez shopped for summer must-haves for her closet at French Connection and Armani Exchange in SoHo in NYC on Tuesday, June 16.
  • Justin Timberlake was the master of ceremonies at an event to honor RCA/Jive Label Group President Barry Weiss on Thursday. Attendees say he was HILARIOUS.
  • Kanye West and his on-and-off-again girlfriend Amber Rose arrived to Bardot shortly after midnight on Thursday night. The pair sat cozy with one another in the lounge and had a bite to eat. David LaChapelle and Haylie Duff were also in the house.
  • Season 22 of MTV’s The Real World premieres Wednesday with eight strangers living together in Cancun.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith‘s new TNT hospital drama, Hawthorne, was seen by 3.8 million viewers Tuesday, no where near the premieres of the network’s Raising the Bar (7.7 million), The Closer (7 million) and Saving Grace (6.4 million).
  • Beyonce is inviting fans in NYC to contribute non-perishable food items at her concert at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. Monetary donations to Feeding America can also be made by visiting or via text-to-donate.
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  • ellie’

    I,m 1st I think gonna love this movie..

  • ellie’

    Date night.. nice looking couple. Loved him in hangover…

  • fresh

    they seem like an evenly matched couple. good luck to them.

  • sia

    Is this another relatlionship? Can’t stand her mug.

  • bambie

    Awaits Brangelina crazies in 5, 4, 3, 2..
    happy for bradley and jen

  • Rhonda

    The N Koreans have said they will launch a missile at the Hawaiian Islands to help us celebrate the 4th of July.

    The military has sent an “inceptor ship” to the south Pacific—–the ship, THE USS JOHN MCCAIN! hows that for poetic—Obama’s (supposed) state and ship named after McCains dad.

    Its all getting so exciting out there while Obama takes over the “private” sector and swats flys.

  • lmao

    her movie tanked and he just had successful blockbuster movie and she decided to date him. nice pr move jen. i wonder how much did you pay for him this time?

  • Paley

    There goes Aniston spending time with a male who is not long term material ….

  • Jolie hot chin not

    when you fail, try try try try try try and try again. soon, there will be no more d- list hollywood guys left to date when your “movie” is opening, then what?

  • ellie’

    Jen is a beautiful woman, hasn’t found love yet. Maybe she likes how her life is. Nothing wrong with dating. They look hot together.
    Also cant wait to see her movie coming out.
    Can’t wait till GB. and Jens movie comes out. Its Jens life and she may do as she pleases with it.

  • Worshipper of Goddess Jennifer

    Love you Goddess Jennifer,

  • wendy

    Why Jennifer? I dont like him for her.

  • Ceci

    Jennifer and Bradley surely make an awesome couple. God bless them.

  • joy

    Oh crap, now I’m just not into Bradley Cooper so much!! Yuck, why is he is dating a desperate, insecure woman like Jennifer who dates for PR purposes??? Makes me think much less of him now, boo.

  • a total fan

    Date night? Probably just a buiness meeting they are after all filming together.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    ugh, i like bradley, he can do so much better.
    meeester’s a loser, like i said.

  • a total fan

    Date night? Probably just a buiness meeting after all they had worked on a film together. Maybe anew project in the works.

  • bratt

    Please Jennifer movies makes money otherwise she would not be here..LMAO…. And it shouldn’t really matter to any of you of who she is dating…LMAO Jennifer is not fake as the Angelina Jolie…LMAO

  • YeahRight!

    Some idiots say Angelina is PR whoring because of her appearances for World Refugee Day. But what about Anus-ton? A date? With her next hired boyfriend? Yet, another YOUNGER guy? And that makes news? Are you kidding me? Jen’s the whore!

  • YeahRight!

    A n u s – ton
    Jen’s the w h o r e

  • Mary t

    Love Jen and love Bradley – I hope it is true that they are dating as they make a very cute couple!

    They did work together, but are not announced to be working on anything coming up as of yet. It is always possible it was a work dinner when you are talking about two people in the same profession, however there have been rumours of them hooking up for more than a month now, they appear to have left together, and there does not appear to have been any studio execs or others joining them. Definitely looks like this was more a date than a work dinner!

  • millicent

    Jennifer and Bradley look like two twinkies,twins.
    I am so happy for Jennifer Aniston.I bet she took
    him to her room last night.Forevah Jen and Bradley.
    Maybe they will have a baby together.That would be

  • millicent

    Hey leave Angelina out of this.Bradley and Jennifer look like a perfect picture.They look so much alike wow.A perfect couple.Maybe a baby.
    before its to late for Jen.

  • a total fan

    Please don’t start with the ” they make a beautiful couple, I hope they get married, maybe they will have a baby together”. Because for months all we have heard is how ” she is a strong woman who doesn’t need a man, she doesn’t need children to make her whole, and she doesn’t have to get married when she is happy just being with her friends.

  • a total fan

    Please don’t start with the ” they make a beautiful couple, I hope they get married, maybe they will have a baby together”. Because for months all we have heard is how ” she is a strong woman who doesn’t need a man, she doesn’t need children to make her whole, and she doesn’t have to get married when she is happy just being with her friends.

  • jaye

    I’m actually happy to see her with another man. I was missing the drama since John Mayer made his second departure. I can feel her fans hearts swell with hope and a little trepidation because they KNOW her history. They really really want SOME relationship, whatever it is, to last; but they know deep down that they’re going to be disappointed.

    I almost feel sorry for them. They go through every ‘relationship’ with her and feel her pain at the end. What they fail to realize is that’s she’s NOT IN PAIN. It’s only their poor sympathetic selves who are in pain for her perceived loss. It’s not by accident that the woman and her AGENTS go after men who are not suitable for her. She wants the ever churning sympathy of her fans; she NEEDS it. Those empathetic souls keep the money flowing at the box office. Theaters filled with women who are lonely, unlucky at love; women who have been cheated on and humiliated; women who can “identify” with her and the break up of her marriage and those who see her as an independent strong woman who doesn’t need a man and who are perhaps put off men by their own bad choices. .

    I applaud Aniston who I believe is a great actress, not particularly on the screen, but in her real life. She, along with her handlers, have created this market for her type of movie, by having them mirror her life. If you think that’s an accident, then you really haven’t been paying attention over the past 5 years. Where money is concern, some people can weather the ridicule; Aniston seems to be one of these people. If you’re going to be the brunt of jokes, you might as well go laughing all the way to the bank. People respect money, if not the woman.

    No one can tell me that something as silly and convoluted as her life just HAPPENS. Yes, the break up with Brad did happened and was the catalyst for the “making of Jennifer Aniston’ as we know her today. She let a man in enough to marry him and he left her. She was humiliated. Life happens, but when someone has been in therapy over half their lives, rejection is almost impossible to live with. She’s not about to let that happen again. But don’t feel sorry for Aniston, she really does have a hard core. She has done EVERYTHING in her power to build her fortunes as a substitute for a relationship.But there is no need to pity her; it’s a conscious decision. She isn’t looking for love and there’s nothing wrong with that; but she does need to keep herself in the news.

    As for truly having a family, she doesn’t want that either, she just won’t publicly admit it because that would be confirming what some people have always believed; that her refusal to have a family was the nail in the coffin of her marriage. She wouldn’t admit that for ANYTHING. She knows what she is going and how she is manipulating her public image. The woman is a bloody genius. She just might be more complicated than I realized.

    As I said, I’m happy that there is man news in her life. I look forward to many more such ‘hook ups’. I do so love a show.

  • Worshipper of Goddess Jennifer

    jeez,cant the woman go on a date without their being some conspiracy behind it.

  • simpleman

    I can not help but to say “Bradley Cooper today is a stable adult male, tomorrow he is just another unstable childish male like many other childish male in her past”. I believe BC is a smart man and I wonder what is he up to?????

  • CJ


  • sonia

    Didn’t his ex wife catch him in bed with another man and divorced him after 4 months of marriage. Be careful Jen take it slow. I can see the tabloid headlines next week. Star : “Jen agrees to have Brad(ley)’s baby”. Ok magazine” Jen may give marriage another try with Brad” Life ad Style” Jen and Brad 2.0

  • Shar


    jaye darling, well done, you hit the nail in the coffin. I couldn’t have said it any better.

  • CJ


  • Cheryl

    I went to BC’s wikipedia page. He has dated Cameron Diaz. Apparenly his wife was supposed to have left him when she saw pictures of him on a date with Cameron Diaz. Huvane has to be his publicist.

    Bradley’s personal life entry on the wiki was classic closet case, listing all the women he has dated or been rumored to have dated.

    In other words, HE IS THE ONE!!!!

    I still love him, he is completely yummy and hilarous. If he is even a little bit into women, she should work on landing this one.

  • jenny

    She’s not a strong woman! She’s a woman who cant stand loneliness. That’s why she jump from men to men. What a slut!!

  • cassie

    THis doesn’t look like late night romantic dinner attire (blue jeans) imo.

  • lakers fan in boston

    probably some made up shiz about jen again, whenever she’s single she’s supposedly dating tons of different guys
    i wanna watch that sex tape, she looks cute
    so freaking tired of susan boyle, she’s just overrated
    lol megan, i knew u were nothing but bs, u can never dump him
    o yah, jon is getting his new place with his mistress
    time for a spin off show plz!!

  • mailey

    I hope this isnt a romantic thing. he can do better.

  • sashina

    You Know that punk a…sacha cohen is on my last damn nerves his stupid gay a.. and has the nerve to have a girlfriend I mean what is the deal with all that dress up barbie BS who is he and what the F… does he want what is his/her purpose and he must be giving jj something I just started viewing the jj site and will not be coming back until the perv is gone forever I can’t stand that white stupid gay mf somebody just tell me why? why? is he here

  • Tina

    Yuck. She is so old and gross.

  • Linda

    Why would he want to be with that old hag? She has certainly been around the boyfriend block …

  • Linda

    Why would he want to be with that old hag? She has certainly been around the boyfriend block …

  • Worshipper of Goddess Jennifer

    the haters are coming out.

  • Whatever

    It must suck to be a fan of Jen knowing that you’ve been duped yet again and that this is not a real relationship but a publicity stunt to get her back into spotlight after her movie bombed.
    I predict she will either announce that things didn’t work out or that they were just friends in the first place. Hey whatever happened to her saying she was going to have babies?. She made the babies statement 4 years ago.
    If only she would stop lying to herself and deceiving her fans and get a real relationship. I don’t want to feel sorry for her but I think everyone deserves a shot at happiness.

  • Valencia


    How in the f.uck do you what Obama’s doing about N. Korea. Did he call you up to say he was going to ignore this one due to the fly infestation at the White House? I doubt it. It may surprise someone of you limited intelligence to know that there are things that take place outside of the glare of the cameras. Tell you what, why don’t you notify the White House and give them your ideas on the best way to deal with N. Korea. I’m sure someone there would be interested. “rolling eyes”

  • Whatever

    Not one to call names but Jennifer Anistons is like the 7 eleven cos she’s open for business 24/7.

  • bill

    it sounds like the same hags are posting over and over, only losers think this old woman is something, she is always so desperate to keep her name relevant even if she has nothing to offer, really, what man in his right mind would be caught dead with this s- l- u- t.

  • Yawn

    No flashlights No umbrellas. I guess she wanted to be seen with him. Time to sell her next movie. Yawn. So pathetically routine for her.
    So what established magazine is going to call her out on this. Come on US magazine.

  • shaun

    poor ho, no body cares about her so now she is hitching her wagon to some one else who is having a good run at the box office. for attention. sad, sad. get some dignity and finally go away, all these stunts makes you look stupid.

  • jenho the town slutttt

    jenho dating all the guys because she is single is getting to be tiring. Same story as with vince and the other guys. Jenho dating, engage, pregnant and getting dumped in the end. Can jenho just do another relationship with a new dog other than norman instead

    Management tanking at the bo is more exciting thatn jenho’s sluttttty sexxxxlife’
    The guys who date this sluttt should have a test first. Jenho’s sluttttysexlife is a roadmap to std

  • jenho the town slutttt

    Jenho cannot seem to close her legs 2 monhts after being dumped. Jenho is the poster child of an insecure sluutyho