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Kate Gosselin is a Lady Land Cruiser

Kate Gosselin is a Lady Land Cruiser

Kate Gosselin picks up her brand new wheels, a black Toyota Land Cruiser, at a parking lot on Thursday (June 18) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother of eight recently said on a new TV clip, “We’ve been dealing with this for a long time.” Her husband Jon continued, “It just got worse and worse and worse.”

Kate ended with, “We can’t go back now, we can only go forward. And that’s what we’re going to do. And we’re gonna learn a lot going forward and I know we’ll come out of this on the other side hopefully stronger, better, wiser.” Check out the interviews on Extra.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin, the lady Land Cruiser…

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kate gosselin land cruiser 02
kate gosselin land cruiser 03
kate gosselin land cruiser 04
kate gosselin land cruiser 05
kate gosselin land cruiser 06
kate gosselin land cruiser 07
kate gosselin land cruiser 08
kate gosselin land cruiser 09
kate gosselin land cruiser 10
kate gosselin land cruiser 11
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  • Rhonda

    Radar online reports their getting a divorce but nothing about giving up the show.

  • shaun

    so what, who cares about this lady? enough already, she’s a nobody. geesh!!

  • roxanne

    Sour Pu$$ face is out and about looking for a good photo op again.

  • roxanne

    That’s the most heidious hairstyle I’ve ever seen…who the heck lied to her and told her that sh! T was high fashion.

  • NativeNYker
  • Jared

    she prob got it for free, as usual

  • Debbie0608 AKA BABY MAMA

    Oh now, that is not fare! You can’t make those statemants about Kate, you wernt their you didn’t seen Kate kissing the bodygard. Your just trying to bring the family down. It is not fair and I will not tolerate it.Kate is a wonderful mother. I am super supportive of Jon & Kate and proud to be a big fan of them and this show. The Gosselins do not get gifts anymore are request all funds be sent directly to Cancer research. Do not claim you know that they are GIVEN gifts as that again is just your opinion. They are giving back because they are good people that ignore negative criticism and are doing whats right for the sake of the charity.

    GO JON & KATE!!!

    Whose business is it how much they have? Its not ours. This is one families interpretation of struggling to get it together. Its not everyones. The show is a hit simply because of the controversy surrounding INTERPRETATION.

    These kids are fine. This IS a normal loving family that is doing what anybody would do if given the opportunity to get free stuff. They take it. The got a show, they run with it to make money for financial security in an uncertain economy. Some don’t like Kate some don’t. The kids are fine. They don’t need blogs with horrible comments of their family infecting the Internet. Those are her kids, and those that show deep concern for kids on TV they don’t know need to hug their own kids and move on.

    Whatever they are given is because these are fans of the show and promoters that see ways to market their products. The show has proven staying power and they obviously will continue till THEY say its over. Grab some popcorn tonight, put a sweet surprise in the box and make it a Gosselin Night…………….

    I am sure that the kids safety is of the utmost importance ans they travel now with security and will hopefully still be moving..

    So, they are safe, they are no longer being judged poorly to be shown in private situations like bathrooms. So yep! They are safe , private & well taken care of. Just like Jon wanted. GO JON!

  • Debbie0608 AKA BABY MAMA

    truly cant understand how anyone could not feel sorry for how horrible she must have felt giving birth to those babies. I personally was on bed rest for a MONTH and it was the worst experience I could remember. The pain, the emotions, the child that had to deal with her mother not being able to take care of her. No one seems to know how hard that is. How could anyone say Kate has resentment towards her kids? I don’t feel that way at all and its terrible to think that it would be another thing someone would bash poor Kate about.

    I know how hard it was for me going through several IUI’s and In-Virto and its a terrible and hard time both mentally and physically. I griped alot about it too and shes entitled to do it as well. I couldn’t imagine going through all that she did and then having to hear the about news articles ripping her apart for taking gifts trying to keep a nurse. . Granted how she said it was wrong. about society being obligated, but I honestly feel it just came out wrong. I know that it was hard for me to accept help from my family after my daughter was born and alot of times you feel conflicted. You want the help, but you resent it at the same time because your hormonal and don’t want the intrusion in your life. Your overwhelmed with emotion and recovery and I also said several things I wish I could take back that came out as being ungrateful to my family.

    Sorry to ramble but until anyone has been in those shoes, no one sholud assume things like that.

    And Kate didn’t humiliate Jodi at all. All she said was “please no more gum.” I would have totally said the same thing. I never saw anything hateful towards Jodi at all and why that episode was ridiculously titled “Gumgate”. Its so ridiculous. I felt the same way as Kate did. Jodi shouldn’t have been giving the kids gum no matter how great she is….

  • Debbie0608 AKA BABY MAMA

    Honestly this is very normal for people that go to events like comic book shows, conventions, speaking engagements or other places where celebrities sell an autographed photo. Like when you go to a book signing, you are basically buying the book directly from the seller in order to get the photograph. Most sotres do not let you bring in your own book.

    I find nothing wrong with this, but there is another thread here with a heated argurement going over the Gosselins selling their photos at speaking engagements. But you need to note the following

    1. Different venues do different things: Some people have gone to events where Jon & Kate will sign their photos for free. There are others the same month where they charged you $20. Its entirely up the church where they speak and how they are handling the matter. Some churches do the whole highly debatable love offerings and some do not. Its all up to the venue.

    2. The Gosselins DO NOT cry poverty. We all know that they now stalk only about how blessed they are and never speak in terms of “struggling”. When Jon & Kate discuss budgeting, that has noting to do with crying poverty. Why everyone always plays the duped card is beyond me. Poeple that come to paid events do so on their own accord. And if they are struggling, yet paying ot see the Gosselins speak, well, thats another issue.

    3. Selling the childrens photos: Its a matter of opinion that can be debated until the night is long as to whether they themselves feel comfortable about it. I see no issue with it. Its a family photo done like a Holiday card. If perverts are viewing that then that’s again, a whole other issue. They could be going anywhere doing something like that, including seeing children elsewhere. But because its the Gosselin kids THATS the issue?? There IMO nothing wrong with it. My friend PAID $20 for one and loves it.

    Saying your stomach hurts from it is dramatic, but so is so many peoples opinions on the “exploitation” of children they only know from a tv show. And with so many seriously abused, and neglected children, the fact that people are fighting over these kids is only because of their hate for Kate and all this family gets for free. Otherwise, the Gosselin children should not be an issure regarding selling the families photos at events.

  • Jon Gosselin

    Hope she flips her GREEN MACHINE bwahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • jj

    Some of you folks have no life. Look at the damn essay these bitch wrote above me. Come on now.

  • Jon Gosselin

    It’s for the kids

  • Kev

    nice green machine


    Oh please don’t say mean things about Kate, she is doing the best she can! She has 8 kids and Jon isn’t being very risponsabil lately so she has all of this added stress to deel with. You are just jellus that you don’t have a grey haired bodyguard to “take care” of you. You all shud just leeve her alone!


    iM Kates number1 fan I have a fan site your all just jealous of Kate because shes rich and you aint so shut up.

  • Kate Gosselin

    Thanks for the ride Kids !!!! , I owe you 1….

  • Julie

    I wonder why she didn’t buy one of those Land Rovers or what ever the Kardashian girls have. Kate has to have the best, suprised that a Toyota was good enough!

  • Jell US

    Any of yous who hate the haters are JELL US . You just wish you could hate like us. sloooooobbbbber

  • to Debbie0608 AKA BABY MAMA

    Thanks for the huge laugh you’ve given those of us who know that it is NOT normal to sell your children out like these two media who*res do.

    Normal people who care about their children don’t sell them out like this.

    Good parents, mother and father, would not air the family’s dirty laundry for all to see.

    Wonderful parents, deserving parents would make sure the kids are sheltered so that in 20 years they don’t google themselves and relive the pain.

    But then John and Katie are the worst parents on reality TV, so we all know why they are pimping their kids out, selling the pictures, and re-inacting their agony for millions of viewres to see. It’s all about the money.

  • kig

    @Debbie0608 AKA BABY MAMA:

    Please tell me you’re joking.

  • jp

    yeah baby mama has a fan site shes weird.

  • dabu

    Debbie 0608

    Get a life.

  • cindy

    Debbie 0608 – is baby mama an obessed fan that has a blog all about kate. Her link you can get off TLC.

  • jess

    There’s another intelligent decision by Jon ; buy an overpriced apartment in Trump Towers . Save your friggin money genius or you’re going to have to work for a living like everyone else.

  • crystal

    baby mama for one how old are you. You cant spell for shit. Two Kate was just as poor as the next person before that tv show came out. How do you think she got her money? A tv show exploiting her children!! If you think she was rich all along then you need to watch the very first episodes of the show. I wonder how much of that money is being set back for the children!

  • Ummm me

    So my question is if it is for the kids where do you fit 8 car seats at??

  • balls back

    So let me get this straight, this separated couple are both drivng two brand new cars…(land cruiser, doesn’t fit 8 kids btw) and Jon is driving around a brand new BMW????
    This family has thier priorities so f-ed up, it’s sad.
    They should be spending all this $$ on the therapy they’re gonna need for those kids.

  • Jenna

    You would think she would choose a vehicle that ALL eight of her kids could fit in. This vehicle seats eight total, two of which are in the front. Kids under twelve cannot ride in the front. So she can only bring 6 kids at a time. Wonder who she will leave behind ?

  • baby mama

    Kate made 60 thousand a year and Jon made 70 thousand a year. Jon was a computer tech person.

  • baby mama

    They made good money beafore ths show now there rich and your all jealous.

  • George Clooney

    I’m available Kate. Love your adorable kids. You’ll love LA it has warm weather year round. Hope to see you soon!

  • baby mama

    if you want to hear the real truth then come to my blog its a fan site.

  • baby mama

    Jon made less than 40k as a PA gov’t employee with little or no experience as an IT pro . The job was given to him as a favor after press about the sextuplets and the financial struggle — FACT !!!! and Kate worked weekends only ,and tlater every other weekend …..might want to check on the unknown causes of death during her shift.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Agree with you Number # 19. NUMBER # 14, where did you learn to spell sweeheart?
    Number # 7, who wrote the sad essay ! The show is NOT a hit anymore according to the news media. They were down 5 million viewer’s last week, and the polls said people were ” fed up with them and Kate’s antic’s outside the family home and how she spends more time away from home than IN the home.”
    The camera crew has a hard time getting Jon to participate in anything or even to show up on time to film an episode doing anything with his children outside playing or cooking in the kitchen or household chore’s. When he DOES show up, one of the producer’s said the tension was so bad, that the children automatically pick up on it, and start acting out which upset’s everyone around the house. He said, ” it makes for a very trying and depressing day all around. ”
    Kate has said she will ” continue to do the show with or without Jon, because it is her only source of income, and she needs it to support her children. ” But, I guess if the viewer’s tune her out, that will never happen. Kate’s father told Entertainment Tonight, that Jon and Kate , ” were not very smart in saving any money even after he offered to help manage their affairs, and open several accounts to save money for the children and their retirement. ” ( with the banks help of course. ) Kate was furious as usual and told him ” to butt out, ” and now they hardly have anything saved according to Jon’s family, because Kate ” has been through absolutely everything. ”
    ” She is a high maintenence witch,” according to a family member. She thinks she is a ” red carpet celebrity, ” and wants and demands to dress and look that way. I guess now it is all catching up with her.

  • Jenna

    Monday night’s highly anticipated episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will feature the warring couple as never before, highly emotional as they discuss – separately – what the future holds for the Gosselin family. As has been exclusively reporting, what the future holds is divorce. The pair hasn’t been living together as a married couple for months, and have each already consulted attorneys.

  • baby mama

    The haters are rejoicing because they think the had something to do with Kate canceling “The Healthy Kids Expo” In Canada. Well I called personally today and spoke to the girls from The Baily Group who is now organizing it.

    Kate had signed on months ago for this event. After issues with its planning, a group of Women from The Baily Group took over. The women no longer had the same lineup and needed to take the direction elsewhere. There was NO nasty public outcry of any kind. They wish to stress that it has NOTHING to do anything other than not having access and wanting to give the family the time it needs in the Fall.

    The trolls gloating like they think they got her off the venue is false. She is working on now scheduling more Southern Woman’s show dates, and I am double checking those before I post them and as they become available. And since they read this site everyday, (a little obsessively I might add) they will have no problems passing this along!

  • Healthy Kids Expo Canada

    We don’t want Wackos who live off of, and beat their children to pontificate in our civilized country. Stay home Khate.

  • Rick Garner

    While Jon & Kate are making some “life changing decisions,” what can you do to help them? Check out:

  • baby mama

    @VICTORIA # 1: . Kate’s father told Entertainment Tonight I went there and found nothing on kates father stop lieing on kate.

  • crystal

    I am totally against most everything jon and kate are doing. esp kate. But i do think the media is taking the spanking to far. i agree with her on that one. sometimes thats what a child needs. There is a difference between a spanking and beating/abusing the child.

  • victoria is stupid

    “where did you learn to spell sweeheart?”

    The irony of mocking one’s spelling with a misspelled word. It is sweetheart with a t, sweeTheart!

  • Baby Mama’s a nutcase

    Hey Baby Mama-weren’t you told to STFU?

  • kelly

    Kate’s father told Entertainment Tonight, hey do you have a link to that?

  • kelly

    Kate’s father told Entertainment Tonight, hey do you have a link to that?

  • Sally g.

    they pimped out their kids and this is what happens

  • Funkey

    Baby Mama

    Please irresponsible of Jon to me they both are to blame for a failed marriage it takes two baby to fail. But, Kate is over the top rude and self centered she treated him like some dog on a leash and no man wants to be treated with that kind of disgrace. She leaves her kids so she can travel and then makes some claim that she does everything for her kids. Where is traveling all over selling books for her kids be at home with them, get active in their schooling or PTA that is doing something for her kids not pressing them out to the media and making them kid celebrities. If they divorce I”m sure it’s going to be harder on the kids in the long run but, to me Jon has been more the hands on parent he did much of the care even when they were young and while she worked as a nurse. He took care of all the kids at night and packed up a house to move all while she worked.

    The kids more then likely will need therapy while the parents figure out their own life issue. I just feel for the kids not the parents.

  • ****

    Did you remember your coupons for the Land Cruiser Kate ? Huh?? Did You ? !!! …Why not ? !!!….. What a waste !!…… I Cant’ Believe it !!!!

  • baby mama

    @Funkey: you need to read the truth on my blog dont believe these jealous troll haters on here they dont have eney money and they cant satand it heres a link to my blog.

  • Sgt Friday

    Get something called a dictionary, BabyMama. You are brutally murdering the English language. “Risponsabil?” What in hell are they teaching kids these days??

    As for Katie Irene, yes, things have gotten worse and worse, because you forfeited you and your childrens’ privacy and opened your whole family up to criticism and being put under a microscope. No amount of freebies is going to make up for the loss of those childrens’ right to privacy and anonymity. She’s created a legacy that will last for their lifetimes. Pathetic.