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Joe Jonas: Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Reconnect

Joe Jonas: Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Reconnect

Wily television host Larry King managed to get some interesting information during his interview on Thursday (June 18) with the Jonas BrothersMiley Cyrus and Nick Jonas have “reconnected.”

Larry asked Joe Jonas if his girlfriend was as famous as Nick‘s girlfriend, and he said, “No, I don’t think anyone’s as famous as Miley Cyrus!” Oops! Check out the video below!

Miley and Nick previously dated in 2007. Since then, Miley went out with model Justin Gaston. Nick and Miley are both 16.

Jonas Brothers – “Larry King Live”, 6/18
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Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • jen

    joe i love you for this

  • Julie

    Whaaw! They’re beautiful together! <3

  • lovebug :]

    i loved that :] as hot as i thin JG is he is not one one for miley.

  • jo


  • dundies

    i laughed so hard at this video, when i saw it a couple of hours ago

  • eva

    hahahaha joe is so funny!

  • amanda

    the most hilarious part was Nick looking at Joe like YOU JUST DID NOT SAY THAT!!hahaha.i think Nick & Miley are adorable!they are mini Brangelina!lol

  • lakers fan in boston

    they’re just gonna get together and soon they’ll be over each other

  • maggie

    Larry was clearly knowing what was he doing!hilarious!love them!

  • NativeNYker

    I wonder where they put the rings….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • jen

    whats up with u people ? they do NOT look good together..she is way too um.. WIERDDD for him.
    i dont love nick anymore
    now i love joe

  • jj

    These guys are fug

  • Haley

    they arent dating! she JUST brke up with justin! larry was all like so nick are u dating miley and hes like no we’re just friends reconnecting and so later larry goes to joe is ur gf as famous as nicks and joe goes no not as famous as miley! cuz they were just going with things joking around like they always do! i dont think nick would go out with her right after she broke up with justin and RIGHT before she was leaving for 3 months duh :p

  • YAY

    I think they are very cute together…miley seems like that type of girl that can bring nick out of his shell and i think they can have lots to fun and laughs together.

  • abbey


    i agree with you on this one…Miley just seems like the completely WRONG person for Nick

  • Michelle

    Why in the world would you give up Justin Gaston for THAT?!

  • pinky s.

    I think Nick is so cute.I think he likes Miley.

  • Joni

    Miley and Nick make a cute couple.

  • Joni

    Larry King Tricked them.

  • Courtney

    I’m happy if they are happy!

    Its none of our business, who they date!

    I love JB! :)

  • giovanna-brazil

    they’re sooooooooo cute ! love them

  • Laura

    @Haley: He never denied it. They both say that they’ve “reconnected”, and come one … it’s obviously another word for dating. You don’t fly 2000 miles just to “hang out” with a friend, and get all cosy on the jetski. Plus, didn’t they kiss?. They’re obviously dating, stop being so delusional

  • Emmaa


  • jen

    thanks abbey ;)

  • lindsay

    she gets around. when will this end with her?
    she’s another lindsay in the makinggg

  • sammy

    why would Nick go back to her for???? she just broke up with her bf!

  • Gigi


  • clarissa

    Nick and Miley are so happy right now, so it’s great to see them together.

  • please

    miley is just another attention whore.
    oh please she wants attention everyday

  • dada

    i honestly dont like miley anymore i dont know why.. i just dont… but i still love nick and now all three! :DD

  • anna

    the jonas have bad taste

  • mdx23

    makes me wonder if the recently leaked miley pic was with nick…..

  • dadaly

    oh man, i ve been waiting for that…hehe..
    its gonna be perfect…i love them..

  • gina

    Nick could be using Miley just to get the JoBros more noticed and all. More pr and all.

  • pup


  • Winter


    I may not be a big fan of Brad and Angelina but YOU DID JUST NOT SAY THAT THEY’RE THE MINI BRANGELINA! That’s just too much and ABSURD! They are in NO WAY near that level! That’s just delusional!

  • Mandarine

    I used to like Miley A LOT but now she looks as if she’s always seeking attention. Like she always wants to be talked about. I used to hate the Joe and Camilla tandem but now I like them. I think they’re cute and sincere.

  • groovacious

    AWKWARD! That Larry King JUST wouldn’t let them speak and they were so awkward as interviewees.
    So I guess it’s official that N.Jo is dating Miley! EXPOSED!

  • BRianna

    You know, I don’t get it. Why can’t Nick just fess up to it? Joe said flatly ” Yes, I do.” Kevin even complimented his girlfriend. Poor Miley has to struggle to keep her mouth close while Nick just sits there and gives everything away by doing impersonations of tomatoes. Look how the crowd went “Awww.” I mean, Joe and Kevin still keep their relationships private even with the photographers, so why can’t Nick?
    But I do have to say…. It is adorable to see him squirm about like a giddy school boy every time they bring up Miley. It’s adorable.

  • BRianna

    @Michelle: \
    because. Nick Jonas was her first love, her first boyfriend, etc. I’m never one to believe in falling in love when you’re so young, but I think she really fell hard for Nick. Justin was obviously just somebody to keep her from being alone 24/7.

  • val


    16 is too young . PERIOD

    Just another hollywood bimbo starting out life wrong,.

  • Julia

    best couple


    Nick — RUN FOR YOUR LIFE — before she rubs her pox-ridden clam all over you!

  • http://www, Carly

    i love you so much too tell miley i said hi for me okay

  • Vicki

    ugly slapper

  • nece

    Okay I though she was with justin and I think that miley and nick are back together but they are keeping it quiet. And they say they are just friends yeah sure friends don’t hangout with each other all the time well they could be friends or maybe they are making a movie or something or a music video or they might just be having fun with each other we don’t know what’s going on between them.

  • lulu

    They are too cute together,
    especially now that Nick is maturing a bit
    he doesn’t look like a 9 year old anymore :)

    I always knew Miley was still inlove with him
    and together they are a power couple!

  • U all suck

    You ALL need to get a damn grip on reality! You act as though you know either Joe or Mileu personally. Get a life of your own and stop worrying about people you will NEVER meet or be! PATHETIC!

  • chrissy

    why does everyone seem to think that what Joe said proves they are dating now. Did anyone listen to Nick when he was talking about “Before the Storm”…it was a nice way to “end our story.” Hello, that would mean it’s over. As for to explain how uncomfortable he looks, who isn’t uncomfortable when people make decisions about things and run with it, whether or not they are true. Plus, wouldn’t you be freaked out if Larry King was asking your 16 year old self about your love life in front of a bunch of your fans?

  • k

    miley is cute