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Reese Witherspoon is a Drug Dealer

Reese Witherspoon is a Drug Dealer

Reese Witherspoon shoots new scenes for her latest not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie on Friday morning (June 19) in Washington D.C.

The 33-year-old actress recently signed on to produce and star in the new drug-dealing comedy Pharm Girl.

Her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal also will be starring in Love and Other Drugs, another comedy about drugs. Their dinner table conversation must be full of laughs… and drug discussion!

10+ pictures inside of drug dealer Reese Witherspoon

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reese witherspoon drug dealer 01
reese witherspoon drug dealer 02
reese witherspoon drug dealer 03
reese witherspoon drug dealer 04
reese witherspoon drug dealer 05
reese witherspoon drug dealer 06
reese witherspoon drug dealer 07
reese witherspoon drug dealer 08
reese witherspoon drug dealer 09
reese witherspoon drug dealer 10

Credit: Bret Thompsett; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Reese is fugly b!tch

    Enough of this bore!

  • yuk


  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Lainey is right – Reese Bitchface Witherspoon!

  • sheryl

    She looks GREAT!!!!!

  • f*g hag

    What boyfriend?
    Gay Jake Gyllenhaal she’s is using for marketing and self promotion?

  • f*g hag

    What boyfriend?
    Gay Jake Gyllenhaal she is using for marketing and self promotion?

  • lula


  • mailey

    Too much of Reese in DC. We get it, she’s filming there. Dont need shots of her by herself walking around in different outfits.

  • Saudia

    she looks great. I love her with wavy hair.

  • marisa

    wow can’t wait to see her new movies! she looks awesome. so classy. love you reese!

  • madmax

    she looks like she’s wearing a red hefty garbage bag! I wish she and Jake would break up. I know that is wishful thinking on my part. They’d be better off dating people not in the industry. The paps will never get off Jake’s back. She’ll be working here in DC (which I am not planning on making the hour trip to go watch HER work) for several weeks. Not sure if they are only filming here in DC I had heard they were going to film in Philly.

    We’ll see if Jake shows up here in DC too

  • Paul

    This must be a mean character she’s playing.

  • jo

    Why do women in HW have such ugly legs and wear such stupid shoes? Is it something in the water? A fashion thing, maybe. Go to HW, have ugly leg surgery and get stupid shoes. Why are all HW women so fake looking too?

  • lucas

    you all are the ones to blame for making this ugly b*itch rich, you Americans are the only ones who pay to see her c*rap movies, so why are you complaining?She is not that popular in Europe, no one gives a sh*it about her here, we love Art here, not money……

  • lucas

    You all are the ones to blame for making this ugly retarded looking b*itch so rich, you Americans are the only ones to pay to see her c*rap movies, we don’t give a sh*it about her here in Europe, we love Art, not money…..

  • Adam

    Very well said!

  • lakers fan in boston

    reese looks cute, i adore her =]
    loving that red dress, a lot of girls look good in that color =D
    and as always showing off those amazing legs
    love yah reese!

  • Anon


    Jake has been in DC since Wednesday.

  • emme

    Are we back to a daily dose of Reese Bitcherspoon Jared?

    Give us a break!

  • whortensia

    Jake isn’t gay and nobody can prove that he is. All that stuff is just idiotic gossip endlessly repeated by brainless idiots. She doesn’t need him for publicity. She got plenty before she ever knew him. If anything he needs her and her money. And stupidos who advertise their hatred for her merely look like sour losers who envy her success. It hurts that she’s so rich, doesn’t it, losers? And that she doesn’t care about or need you one whit.

  • Jen

    She’s beautiful!

    Just, I want to see pictures of Paul Rudd!

  • ReeseRocks

    I love how people love to call her a b!tch, yet NONE of you have ever met her. I’ve heard the complete opposite – she’s extremely down-to-earth and funny. I’ll take that synopsis over a bunch of snarky remarks.

    She looks fabulous in that red dress and hasn’t aged a bit. Keep makin’ those millions Reese, while the haters stock shelves at Wal-Mart.

  • Mario
  • Mario
  • Mario
  • Mario

    Really? Have you ever met her? It sounds as if you know her very well.
    Yeah, Reese, keep making those millions on stupid ignorant people like ReeseRocks, I guess you are probably going through credit crunch, but you will still pay to see Reese’s movies and make her richer and richer while you are getting poorer and poorer, well done, woman!

  • maria

    yeah, you are so right,…in these times the richer is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer,…and RW is making millions for working few weeks doing the crappest movie on earth and American people will obviously go to the cinema and pay for that sh*it! what else can I say?

  • Jo

    Well, not so sure people will pay to see her movies again, I think people are getting bored of the romance with Jake, it’s not fresh news anymore,..there are new goodlooking young talented people coming now, Adam Lambert, Rob P.,…etc,…so…RW is old news guys,…. I doubt it if people would pay to see her in a movie again…….imo.

  • Lynn

    Yep, I agree with you, so many talented young people coming now that cra*p people like RW will have to retire after all……..unless she shows some talent……

  • Sarah

    Is it necessary for everyone to be so harsh?
    Honestly I can bet none of them have actually met her.
    They should take a look at themselves in the mirror.
    We can’t judge someone from the things we read or hear.
    It’s just plain wrong.

    I think she looks great in that dress.
    Thanks Jared :)

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Wow, she’s been looking amazing lately…. looking forward to this movie !

  • Whortensia is reese

    There can be no other explanation.

  • JRM

    As you know, she is from Nashville, and when she and Jake are here, they are the most-polite couple on the streets, stopping by to chat with the Nashvillians and the guests who visit our city.

  • anna

    Ha ha Reese’s PR finally got here!

  • Adri

    She looks so tiny sometimes, like a little doll. I don’t think she’s a “B”, she just seems like she can be uptight sometimes, but that doesn’t make her a B. Not that I want to see anybody have to get divorced…but sometimes hardships teach people to let go and not get so upset over non-important things in life. I think she’s doing great.

  • ellie’

    Reese is a wonderful person. Her & Jake make a real nice couple. I don’t know I just seem to like everyone. Unlike all you nasty people. I wish you people would get bored with Jennifer Anistons romance.#28
    I always would see her movies as I will see this one.

  • Osiris

    @Whortensia is reese:
    Bingo!)))) I said the same.
    2whor@tensia: who needs to jealous? Who tell you that Reese is so happy? YOU DON’T KNOW THIS – OR YOU ARE REESE RATFACE WITHERSPOON, YEAH? So bad for you, poor little fat shorty monkey. She does nothing but money – so LUCAS said wery wery good – we want ART and GOOD CINEMA – and so f**k you Reese, I wouldn’t pay for you’re stupid empty movies. One great russian actress said one day: “To make bad movie is to spit into eternity”. That is what your lovely Reese do.

  • Osiris

    Oh yeah, BTW. What’s a pimples under this tasteless dress? Where is her boobs like before? In another bra?)))) She is WHOLE FAKE at all.

  • mark

    I totally believe that Reese would be the type of person to troll the internets and tell her haters to F Off. She just has that way about her ya know what I mean?

  • :)

    Push Up bra make miracles.
    Reese is Ok.
    You can’t expect from her to play in Tarkovsky movies
    BTW i am European too.

  • slambang

    #20, I agree completely. She and Jake have been together for over two years, and there is absolutely no proof that their relationship is fake.

    That said, I’d wish they’d break up. LOL

  • whortensia

    Osiris: makes you really really mad, doesn’t it, that she’s got lots of money and you don’t. You think your posts will impoverish her? Make her money rot and die? You’re a laugh riot.

  • whortensia

    I do note that she seems to be making lots of movies recently. My suspicion, only that, is that she worries about aging. Losing your looks can finish an actress (actor if you prefer) and she is getting along in years, though amazingly well preserved. (She doesn’t look too different from the way she looked in Election, made ten years ago). As her looks fade, her career may too and then her income declines, etc., etc. So she may be trying to fatten her bank account as much as possible in the time remaining to her. Perfectly sensible.

  • Osiris

    And you?))))) You can only talking over and over like a parrot: she’s got lots of money, she’s got lots of money… Who cares? Lots of money doesn’t make her talented and BTW doesn’t guaranteed happiness, you know? Well, I have enough, and for my money I want to see TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL actors and actress, not RW and others HW rubbish. And I will – and you may look at this monkey face right by sickness. I don’t care her fake relationship with this girl-looked queer, I just want her to get out of screens – she is disgusting talentless b!tch at all.

  • hairy potter

    I hate her hair extensions they look so fake. They look terrible on just about everyone I wish this trend would die.

  • whortensia

    Someone should write a book about how actresses deal with aging. Some just let it happen and gradually retire. Others try to shift to doing “character” roles, but those are not very numerous. Others go under the knife and get “lifted” but that can also have problems when the face starts to look 40 years younger than the hands, etc. Or the face becomes a frozen mask a la that “Rivers” woman. Kidman’s face also looks lifted and botoxed almost to death. Cher has even had “body” lifts, I understand, and that’s getting pretty desperate. A few actresses can survive (Burstyn, Page), but not that many. Those who manage usually are really actresses, not just beauties, and do a lot of stage work, like Page. Or Helen Hayes, etc.

  • Osiris

    TALENTLESS PRed wh**e. OMG, even with tons of plaster on her ratface this shorty b!tch looks ugly, and without she looks just like a nuclear war. And she don’t get a shower everyday¬©. Skunk. Off from cinema.

  • pippa

    As long as there are stupid and ignorant people like #36 and #40 who pay to see her movies, she will be making lots of money. #40, you must be European, but you haven’t got a clue what Art means, no worries, it happens here,too. Not all Europe is so intelligent, educated and open minded,there are thick people here,too.

  • :)


    Believe me i know more than you think. So please use your brain before someone call stupid.

  • :)

    You obviously didn’t understand what i trying to say. Stop and think before you make any conclusion when i said i am from Europe i meant at Osiris he is from Europe too so i think ok that make us two.. nothing else.
    About culture. i think that every country has it but yet American movies begin so tired in last decade. That has nothing about Reese she is ok, but nothing else.