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Rihanna Testimony: No TV Coverage

Rihanna Testimony: No TV Coverage

Rihanna stays dry with a leopard print coat and thigh-high boots in the rainy weather of New York City on Thursday (June 18).

It was recently announced that the 22-year-old’s expected testimony related to ex-boyfriend Chris Brown‘s assault charges will not be televised. RiRi will most likely be called to the stand by prosecutors on Monday afternoon.

A conviction for two felony counts of assault and making criminal threats could land Chris in the slammer for up to four years and eights months.

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  • opus

    She gets more ridiculous looking each day.

  • tweetie

    Is she really 21?
    Hard to believe. She looks much older.

  • k

    Does this girl not have a home?
    Only an entourage but no real family or friends nearby?
    Can she not cook?
    I don’t understand why she’s out every single night.

  • http://aol susan

    We can see where she spends ALL her time…shopping. Shallow young woman for sure.

  • harper

    I wonder if Brown will actually see jail time.

  • harper

    I wonder if Brown will actually see jail time

  • ross girl

    LOVE you RiRi… 4 haters in here I see!!!!

  • ivy

    Good. It should not be televised. Why make a circus out of the event?
    Now if this bitch would stop with the constant photo opportunities, maybe people would like her again.

  • beats

    The only hater here seems to be Rihanna. Why else would she paint her face up like a clown? Something is missing if she has to seek attention like that.

  • narnia

    Even for 21, she leads a very shallow existence.
    No idea why she’d want it on display.

  • breezy

    Wait, I thought she purchased an apartment in NYC but she’s still staying at a hotel?
    Maybe that’s why she’s constantly photographed?
    The paps know where she’s staying and camp out.
    But where do the photos end up?
    Cause you rarely see her in the papers.

  • here we go

    Something is wrong with this woman.
    Ugly coping perhaps?

  • Stevie Wonder

    Ms. Warwick doesn’t look a day over 45.

  • echo

    She looks like a mannequin.

  • kixxy

    Her face looks really scary in those pictures.
    Maybe it’s the angles.

  • ghost

    Eartha Kitt Lives…

  • lana

    I am so over her style.

  • beauty

    love her she looks amazing the reason she is being photographed everythime she makes a move is because of chris she was never followed by the paparrazi like this and she looks hot all you haters need to stop hating on her its Chris who is the idiot not her she looks great and she is actually working with sugar babes for the time being read the story here

    and @breezy she was looking at the apartment she didnt purchase it.

  • pomm

    Rihanna’s too young to be dressing so old.

  • apples

    She is really nothing but a money making gimmic for her management camp. They have no sincere interest for her. They can very well be the ones tipping the Pap’s off as to her whereabouts. Her family needs to step in now but where are they? talk about “abuse” !She is not profiting from all this overexposure. If your are going to allow yourself be pimped out at least you should be banking for it. This “Bitch” need to wake and learn how to look out for herself by saying no to her management team! Where will she be in a couple of years at the ripe age of 25? She need a devine intervention or at least 1 caring person around her.

  • Black

    Nah, Rihanna does not hot. She looks like a tranny.
    Nothing pretty about this bitch at all.
    Why no photos of the howorking if she’s doing something besides shopping?
    She’s taken a page out of Mr. West’s book with the constant photo-ops. She probably calls the paps on herself.

  • shizzle

    wow, rihanna is really getting annoying. if this were survivor, she’d be the first voted off the island.

  • way too much

    Way too much Rihanna. Give it a rest. We don’t need to say her every single day.

  • TRUE


  • TRUE


  • K.G.

    She looks like a man,

  • mertz

    love this coat. who’s the designer?

    nothing substantial will happen with this case. i mean look at the latest punishment handed out to a so called “celebrity” for causing the death of another person.

    i think it can be rightly argued that she has no style, because she is so over styled…and there are certain rules in fashion that preclude you from becoming played out, or always having the latest thing and doing fashion, the designers a disservice by becoming 2 dimensional. i love riri, but people can definately argue that, and it doesn’t have to come from a place of jealousy. her style is not original. gwen stefanie has style. fashion etiquette. lol. she can wear whatever she wants and what makes her comfortable so i’m not hating…lol @ drake holding out the confirmation on if they are going out. people are going to be disappointed.

  • love her

    she doesnt look like a man she looks good dont like the red lipstick though love her.

  • becca

    Rihanna looks GOOOOOOD!
    i love her!

  • Izzy


  • wft

    jj, who requested it and who annouced it.. where is the link????anyways that will not stop people.. will see how far this announcement gets respected.

    on a real, is she a street kid???? she where is her home..she looks like a gecko though.. an ugly one too…

  • apples

    Poor girl, she is about to ruin her and chris’ life. Young love going horribly wrong and two lives left in ruins. The tragic and once too often story depciting young ….. people in America.

  • AC

    Overstyled. She looks like a tranny in red lipstick.

  • midgetf0x


  • Adam

    She always looks gorgeous!

  • riri fan

    she looks beautiful but very sad. i´m so sorry for her about what happens on monday.

    keep it up girl, we love u!!

  • Smile4me

    She does look very sad.. And i agree she should be around her family at this time, her album can wait. But the Label is not going to have her stop. Its sad really.
    And if Chris doesn’t do time, it has nothing to do w/ being a celeb, people should look at other domestic violence cases.. W/ worse pics they don’t get a felony charge.
    I hope she starts to lay low, the public doesn’t need to see she’s doing “OK” dressed in all the top fashions etc.. She needs to collect herself, be w/ her family. and i hope its not true about another relationship.. its too soon.

  • hhh

    she is clown…ridiculous totaly!!!

  • enoughalready

    #20 Dont blame the camp for her family not being around her, blame Rihanna; this short lived success (I hope is over soon) made a monster. Rihanna thinks only of Rihanna. She could’ve had her mum around her but she choose Melissa (another immature) chick. Now she walking around probably trying to get sympathy for something she started..

    I for one is tired of looking at this chick, walking around in free clothing with her broke self. Why is she not in LA were her home is suppose to be instead of living out of a label rented hotel?

    Cause she is broke!

  • Meream

    A TV coverage would be horrific. And I hope Chris does get jail time.

  • Jane

    Why is she still wearing boots, People tell me she is “daring” fashion wise…I call it attention seeking and trying to hard. That Hoodie is cute

  • Lady


    You can’t tell her worshippers that, I think she is a Label whore, that lacks originality, she can’t ever look laid back because she is “daring” and a “Fashion Icon”. I think she looks overdone also.

  • HA HA

    remember the times when she used to “pretend” she doesn’t want the paps around now look at her NOW

  • happybeingme

    No smiles, she’s just back to being herself. It’s about time people started tiring of her.

    #40- too bad for your hopes.

  • chick

    Rihana is a media whore she aint saying shit about chris,but he is innocent.

  • Meagan

    I wonder if she will go to court wearing a pair of Tall boots and bird hair do

  • black beauty

    she making more dollars in a hour than some of u make in a year. keep hatin!

  • тИМОН

    Лучше Рианны никого нет, пусть это и звучит банально)

  • timon

    She looks so hot everytime and everywhere

  • fresh

    This girl is paying for all her expenses. The label is smart. They make her foot the bill for all the big pimpin’ lifestyle shit. She’s not making more in an hour than people here make in a year unless you’re thinking of the ones filing for bankruptcy. lol
    That’s why she’s broke and always looks a mess. Girl needs an education and a good accountant to manage her bills.