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Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin: Kissing Couple

Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin: Kissing Couple

Robert Pattinson and his on-screen love interest, Emilie De Ravin, share a steamy kiss on a beach for their latest movie, Remember Me, in New York City on Friday morning (June 19).

In the film, Emilie, 27, plays a young woman who, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest. Rob, 23, is caught in a love relationship while coping with respective family tragedies.

Two weeks ago, Emilie announced her split from Josh Janowicz after three years of marriage.

15+ pictures inside of kissing couple Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin

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robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 01
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 02
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 03
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 04
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 05
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 06
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 07
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 08
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 09
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 10
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 11
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 12
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 13
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 14
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 15

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  • pixy

    I think this guy can have chemistry with a brick wall…..he just has that in him.

  • math

    so is she 19 in real life or reel life? she was married at 16? that’s young!

  • asui

    Age is wrong. She’s 27.

  • Just Jared

    Already fixed, thanks!

  • fashion blog

    Rob is hot as always. I didn’t know that he is 23 already. I thought he’s 20 :p

  • nikki

    Robert Pattinson isn’t even average, he’s borderline Fug. I REALLY don’t get the hype.

  • rocknmovies

    Nikki, like in Nikki Reed? Sorry he dumped you for Kristen?

  • bey


  • hannah

    Lucky Emilie

  • Clare b uk

    Lucky B*%$£, get u’r hands off my man!

  • erica

    I am so envious of Emilie. Oh to be able to lock lips with him.

  • cheryl

    Wouldn’t they be a great couple :p I feel the chemistry

  • lola

    @rocknmovies: LMAOOOOO YOU GO GIRL ( i suppose you are a girl)


    agree with you #1 !!! love him!

  • Christine

    Which bEACH?

  • cheryl

    I think they would be a great couple :p I feel the chemistry

  • nikki reed

    this guy has a flat face, noone would even notice him on the street if it wasn’t for twilight.

  • mailey

    theyd be cute IRL too

  • k

    He is soooooooooooooooooo f*cking UGLY people UGLY

  • karool

    jealous :(

  • Aline

    The only thing Rob has really got going for him imo is one hell of an irresistable English accent!

  • Kira

    Was this while filming or IRL? LOL.
    They´d be the cutest together.
    Remember Me looks cool.

  • jj fan

    LEGS!!! his that is….oh and it still amuses me she got her divorce thru the week prior to kissing rpattz in this film…

  • Sarah

    Ooh la la. Can’t wait for this movie to come out.

  • rob

    Rob is a poor girls zac efron, and an even poorer girls taylor lautner

  • Rory

    I’m so sick of EDR already. She’s clearly loves trying to ride Rob’s fame as she hasn’t denied the off screen romance rumors and she still technically married. Broke up just in time to be linked with “it boy” Rob. She’s a disgusting piece of trash.

  • mailey

    i like emilie in Lost. she looks so tiny here.

  • why

    Why did he have to be edward, he doesnt deserve all this fame, why didn’t they choose someone , with some talent! No girl would take any notice of who he was on the street if he didn’t play edward, ewwww, why was he chosen!

  • Sissy

    ROB I S SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I don’t understand why on earth this woman was chosen to be with him in this movie, I don’t think she is pretty enough…sorry, no offense…I had never heard of her before this movie…ROB IS MESMERIZING!!! he doesn’t look that into her,though… it seems to me that she is trying to seduce him..maybe this is part of the scrip…right???

  • Tami

    Is there something wrong with that beach? ahhhhh sooo funny!!

  • Mary

    The truth is Rob is extremely talented and very charismatic. He is an absolutely gorgeous man! I feel bad for him though. He has no breathing room now, his fame is definitely taking a toll on his privacy. Stay focused Rob, ignore all the negative BS out there and know that you have fans who truly appreciate your work and want the best for you.

  • rebeca

    ok they don’t look great together he’s going out with krsaten people and he doesn’t look happy at all he is just acting

  • helen

    Rob has chemistry with anyone he works with. Its amazing.

  • jes

    Rob looks happier filming with Emilie than with misery guts stuttering actress Stewart.

  • pixy

    Oh rebeca…you and all those like you…keep telling your selves that…besides if he is only acting with her, why can’t he be doing the same thing with Kristen..? Are you aware that Twilight is fiction? I stick with my point…he can have chemistry with anything…

  • Isabeli

    wow…the first time we’ve eva seen him in shorts

  • alison

    They look great together. I cant wait to see this film. I hope they do a website on Remember Me

  • sarah

    I adore this guy so much. I hope he’s done music for the film.

  • cynthia

    Was that filmed at Long Beach? It sort of looks like it cause of the buildings.

  • em

    she’s cute – but while I agree Rob could have chem with a brick wall (very funny!), there is no response from him. Look at his arm and hand when she is kissing him. Limp! I wonder if that’s in the script, or if he’s just not selling it. Compare to the response he gives in Twilight. Very different. Again – wondering if it’s the script…..

  • Jayckson Lucy

    I know I´m being really stubborn,
    but I dont like this at all. Oh gosh, I really wish Kristen would come over to visit him.

  • Ann

    It is so great to see him with another woman besides Kristen Stewart. And barefoot, too, in shorts!! I’ve been rejuvenated!

  • the last laugh

    i thought they wont have chemistry, but they have! wow. rob has amazing chemistry with kristen, the one who played lorca, and this girl!

  • noth

    *rob* Rob is poor girl’s Zac Efron and taylor lautner???? hahaha!!! Funny!!!! He is so different than these cutesy American boys. Simple and interesting….no, not boring at all!!!

  • babe_luv_ya

    They’re great
    Cant wait for Pattinson and DeRavin on screen!
    I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!!!
    u go girl!

  • luccia

    hey! sorry but he is of kristen stewart

  • bey

    you jealous fangirls and robsten lickers are really starting to make me sick. Stop talking trash about Emile and bolstering rumors.
    1. I doubt she’s after Rob.
    2. It’s just a damn movie!
    3. K.stew is busy filming a movie. Leave her the hell out of THIS movie.
    4. You all don’t know whats going on in this scene so stop noting things like “oh he so is not enjoying this” or “look how limp and unhappy he is”.



    HA HA HA HA HA YOU ARE SOOOOO FUNNY !!!! Zac Efron ??? Please !! I like my men to look like men not women !! And Taylors cute but he’s 17 he isnt even a man yet !!! Rob is just sexy ! Plain and simple. And obviously Emilie enjoys kissing him !! Lucky her !

  • Karla

    I am so sick and tired of Robsten shippers!
    Emilie and him DO have an amazing chemistry together.

  • IvyMades

    Ugh. This thread is making my head hurt!

    I have been a fan of Emilie since her Roswell days. She’s been separated from husband for a LONG time. It has nothing to do with any rumors with Rob. And I definitely don’t think there’s any going on there AT ALL. Any girl Rob does a movie with there are rumors.

    I think Emilie is awesome. I loved her as Tess and I’m happy for the success she has had on Lost.

  • Aitch CS


    haha No shit!