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Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin: Kissing Couple

Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin: Kissing Couple

Robert Pattinson and his on-screen love interest, Emilie De Ravin, share a steamy kiss on a beach for their latest movie, Remember Me, in New York City on Friday morning (June 19).

In the film, Emilie, 27, plays a young woman who, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest. Rob, 23, is caught in a love relationship while coping with respective family tragedies.

Two weeks ago, Emilie announced her split from Josh Janowicz after three years of marriage.

15+ pictures inside of kissing couple Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin

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robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 01
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 02
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 03
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 04
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 05
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 06
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 07
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 08
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 09
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 10
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 11
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 12
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 13
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 14
robert pattinson emilie de ravin kissing 15

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  • becca

    hot. and emilie’s got a cute bottom!

  • Jessica

    I’m so used to seeing him kissing Kristen, and I still see him as “Edward”…which is not a good thing.

    This dude has been typecasted. poor guy

  • Jen

    Rob in shorts is cute lol

  • Sarah

    “Rob is a poor girls zac efron, and an even poorer girls taylor lautner”

    Wow, this is up there with one of the dumbest comments ever posted here.

  • k

    ugh!!! i’m so jealous! i liked Emilie a lot when she was in Lost, but not as much anymore. haha. i know it’s just for a movie, but…UGH!!!

  • babe_luv_ya

    I think you’re wrong…I see Tyler Roth,ont Edward Cullen,they’re different,Tyler is funnier…Rob is going to go far and i just can’t wait for Remember Me.
    I can tell that there is a chemistry between DeRavin and Pattinson…
    Stewart was so boring as Bella…

  • haha

    He just broke millions of hearts all over the world. x]

  • =]

    let the rumors begin….

  • evalynn

    lol rob in shorts, so cute
    but rob and kristen forever!!

  • Shaun

    Dig me some Rob. Even with his pasty white legs. Seriously needs a tan. Emilie is cute, but it’s definitely not the same spark as with Kristen.

  • Hannah

    These pics are so cute! Can’t wait for this movie!

  • nina

    remember me looks good but i think rob and kris are better…
    rob looks cute in shorts. haha. just dont like his white legs :|

  • Katie

    They look awesome together, so sweet and funny. I love to see him with Emilie, she looks pretty and he seems to be comfortable with her. Can`t wait for this movie.

  • the last laugh

    i really cant stand kristen stewart with her frequent moody glares. and i like emilie since her lost days, so i like this.

  • tenamoore

    I think this will be a great movie and i hope it comes out in the uk aswell :)

  • alexa

    My sisters friend knows him and says he loves himself

  • Bee

    ugh! people need to stop talking about his and other peoples personal life. who cares who’s dating who. they’re gonna be with the person they want whether we like it or not! I love Rob! Im a huge Twilight Saga fan but Edward is FAKE! and girls who only like him for that reason need a major reality check. Rob seems great. Funny, hot accent, humble and down-to-earth. I’m really excited to see him in this film! – oh, and for the fans in NY who mobbed him on his way to his trailer, how embarrasing. you just gave urself a bad name. it’s one thing to visit and just watch on the sidelines on set but to mob him!! ugh! give him some space! have some respect for him.

  • maha

    I love this guy he is just adorable I cant wait to see the movie it seems so amazing …..

    and I feel pity for those who feel jealous of Robert
    they are sick , all the time they are trying to convince themselves that he doesn’t deserve to be famous looooool poor people He is famous and so popular

    GOo Robert YOU are the best

  • bellcullen:-)
  • Isabellacullen

    @kristen: I totally disagree w/ that comment. He is very talented and you need to shut you trap, hater.

  • S

    he doesnt press her to him, he doesnt even touch her…LOL
    he is smiling like he always does when he is uncomfortable…

    could ROB look more frigid? SORRY FOLKS, i am sure he will
    give it his best, but, UHHHH, IT LOOKS EMBARASSINGLY AWKWARD…

  • allison

    It’s Rockaway Beach, Belle Harbor NY– not Long Beach.
    IF this has been posted already sorry!

  • isabellacullen
  • jorja

    now this is what i call a nice and cute couple :)

  • ana

    they look cute together!

  • pearl

    Looks like rob is really enjoying himself next to his co-star Emillie De Ravin…its nice that he happens to have on screen chemistry with this actress such as he did with kristen. Its probably going to be a cute romantic movie. Some people should stop calling emillie such horrible names and stop saying bad stuff about her she is only acting…its not like she has the hots for RPATTZ. Besides if they end of likeing each other rob & her after this film who cares…she is single now and rob is too( i really doubt that he is dating kristen) so if they hook up so what! Oh! i almost forgot rob needed some tanning spray on his his legs they are soo white even whiter than emillie legs.he looks cute though wearing shorts.

  • Maddie

    He’s freaking gorgeous. Anyone else feel odd that’s he’s kissing someone whose not Kristen? Haha. Even if it is filming a movie? LOL

  • eira

    rob looks so effin hot with his hair like that.

  • pbj

    God Rob looks good in everything he does. Can’t wait to see him in this movie. Not feeling the chemistry here, not like when he’s with Kristen; just not the same for me. I think the love scenes with Emilie will turn out great because Rob is a great actor but the spark isn’t there, I feel he’s “playing the part” here as opposed to the unmistakeable, natural, sizzling chemistry he has with Kristen, on and off the set. And the writer said “gentlemen prefer blondes” and “he’d pick Emilie over Kristen any day”…. well, I believe Mr. Pattinson prefers brunettes, especially Kristen’s auburn hair; when asked during an interview what he liked about his co-star during Twilight, he said “her hair”! I don’t think anyone could lure him away from her… he’s quite smitten from the looks of things!

  • Evilgummibears

    RPattz was probably all like, ‘This is the most sun I’ve had in ages! omg!’

    And I’m being totally serious. x3

  • sweetness

    if he looks like he’s playing the part and not into his role..that’s bad news because the critics will certainly make note of that and that is not good for his reputation as an actor…he can only rest on his laurels as being a good looking heartthrob for tweens but for so long..if he sucks as an actor outside of Twilight why cast him in anything…The dude better get an acting coach.

  • moonshine


  • j


    The only disgusting piece of trash is you. She doesn’t need Rob’s fame for one thing. She’s already had marriage trouble in the past and has nothing to do with Robert Pattinson. And sorry, the poor guy would never go for a delusional fangirl like you who can’t tell the difference between making a movie and reality. He is not Edward. He is an actor trying to keep from getting type casted as a sparkling vampire. Let the actors do their job and go to therapy.

  • j

    @Jayckson Lucy:

    It’s so funny that you fangirls are overreacting to a scene that is obviously scripted. You all can sleep easy, I doubt Emilie is after your precious Rob. For goodness sake she worked with the good looking men of lost and to most of them Robert Pattinson can’t even compare. Yet she managed not to fall in love with any of them. So I doubt she’ll fall in love with Robert.

  • silly lilly

    haha j i think ure right

  • babe_luv_ya

    I can feel the chemistry because Rob’s character is akward and Emie’s character is supposed to enjoy the life!

  • Fruzsina

    OMG people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is the movie (REMEMBER ME) they are doing together, and in the movie they are a couple so ofcourse they have to kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fruzsina

    She is so DISCUSSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but they are doing the movie for the money so we can’t really do anything about it.
    Robert should be with kristen
    or anyone but a BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fruzsina

    ROBERT+KRISTEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope this is just for the movie (REMEMBER ME) not anything more (offscreen)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • olivia
  • Katie

    j, you are completly right, it`s funny how the fangirls defend the “love” between kristen and rob.
    And Rob can`t be together with a Blonde? Why not? Because Bella/Kristen is brunette? Ridiculous.

  • M

    i like her.(i’m not Rob’s fan though) so it seems cute couple =) love it!

  • tenamoore

    Why do you people think Rob can’t have chemistry with anyone else than kristen, this is a totaly differnt movie from twlight so lets give rob a change if he didnt have any chemistry with this girl and was not good in the role i don’t think he would of been pick would he :)

  • Dessa

    PUUUTA _|_

  • sara

    with kristeeen is waaaaaaaaay betteer and u all know it

  • theresa

    I think he going to come out as a gay drug user soon. Sorry little girls just facts

  • pernilla

    “nikki reed”: you can take basically any actor/musician/pop idol put them on the street any day and without status and fame they would look like a “nobody”. And so what if he has a flat face? that makes him ugly? Well, you don’t think he is attractive. I do. To each his own ;)

  • Kay

    Rob is a versatile actor !
    Can’t wait for new moon and this movie

  • MAri

    This doesnt even come close to the way he kisses his costar in TWILIGHT…..Stewart has nothing to worry about…LMAO…I agree though he could have chemistry with a brick wall and make the world try it to….

  • chantanna

    i think he maks a pretty couple with nikki reed or vanessa hudgens [ if sher dumped zac efron] now thats a pretty couple!!!!! can i get a O YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!