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Sophia Bush Premieres The Narrows

Sophia Bush Premieres The Narrows

Sophia Bush attends premiere of her new movie, The Narrows, at Bottino Italian restaurant located in Chelsea’s gallery district on Friday night (June 19) in New York City.

The Narrows is about a photography student from Brooklyn (Kevin Zegers, pictured below) who takes a job making deliveries for the local mob boss to help pay for classes at NYU. Sophia, 26, plays the character of Kathy Popovich, a beautiful, intellectual young woman he meets at NYU. The Narrows is currently in limited release.

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Credit: Johns PkI; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Astrid Stawiarz/Getty
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  • Bree

    love her!
    she is way too pretty..

  • lily


    but…does anyone think that she has a baby bump?

  • M

    Love her to death. She looks fantastic.

  • anna

    woow too high, but she flaunts what she haves;)

  • T

    no just recently pics came out of her flat tummy

  • laura

    ohhh boy that dress soooooooooooo do not flatter her body or did she actually gain weight??? she looks at bit fat lol

  • mb

    The camera always adds on her, in person she’s soo petite, not short but thin and healthy. No where near fat! She looks beautiful at this premiere! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • sam

    are you kidding me she looks chubby as hell and in person she is not that petite… she has a beautiful face but her body is just not flattering at all

  • T

    in person she’s sooooo tiny. its shocking.

  • anonymous

    pretty lady

  • lol

    she really is not that tiny in person, she just knows how to dress for her body type if you notice in real life she almost never wears real tight clothes, she did look like she lost some weight after she got her tonsils out but it seems like she gain it back right up…
    not saying that she is fat cuz she isnt but she really is not tiny and definitely got a little more weight, it almost looks like a baby bump

  • Amy

    dude she looks like shit there.

    she norm looks good but i hate the make-up and that dress

    her hair is not bad but it just looks like nothing was done to it :/

    she is by far not fat but she is not tiny and that dress looks BAD on her body. it makes her legs look HUGE

  • mb

    I met her for the 2nd time like 2 weeks ago and I’ve extrad with her and she has always looked very tiny to me, smaller than she seems on TV. Her body was really fit too every time I’ve seen her. If Sophia’s body is considered chubby, then what is thin or normal in our society today? A unhealthy size 0 with bones sticking out from all directions like so many other young celebs who are just making young girls anorexic? Sophia’s got a perfect body and she’s naturally beautiful, she doesn’t even need makeup.

  • Amy

    ^^she is not fat at all. but she is not super thin/toned and does not have the body for that dress (i hate the dress mind you and it would be so hard to find someone who would look good in it)

    she is smaller in RL then in pics but she is not some toothpick

  • I


    Right on. The image of women in today’s entertainment world is downright disgusting. Sophia looks healthy and beautiful:)

  • Ali

    Gorgeous face, not a fan of that dress, maybe it looks better in person. It sure doesn’t photograph well.

  • Shaun

    Woopdi Freakin Doo. So not a fan.

  • celebrityobsessed.

    She’s not a good actress, but the dress suits her :)

  • Sophia’s Bush


  • Julie

    #19 you are wrong. she is such a good actress, she is so talented she makes me laugh and she makes me cry watching her on OTL.

  • Julie

    Someone saw her with James Wednesday, I wonder if they are back on?

  • wilmi

    she and james are definitely not back together, they were all together on wednesdey for the season 7 reading and she was shooting with austin on thursday…. no idea from where you heard that she and james were hanging out on wednesday but i was around the set and just saw james alone with some guy…

  • Love Brooke!

    LOVE HER!! Gorgeous as always.

  • lol

    hahhaah and let the rumours beginn:) if she and james are back together then boy is she screwed cuz he has been going to bars with a bunch of girls in the last weeks…

  • sidney

    She has no waist and constantly chooses the wrong dresses for her figure.

  • laura

    damn that was fast the season just started like a day ago and people are already into the whole james and sophia thing heheh

  • Liv

    It looks like she’s growing out her hair, which is good. Long hair looks better on her.

  • ordinary

    FU you all haters! FU lol, FU all other haters!

  • Jenna

    I saw The Narrows tonight! It was so well done, the entire cast was so good. Sophia rocked her scenes she was in the movie throughtout the whole thing. Kevin was fantastic. The Q&A was great, they all get along and were joking around, Kevin, Vincent and Sophia.

  • dee

    How does someone so pretty so consistently dress horribly? Its like she’s determined to make herself looks squat. Why does she do that?

  • Jennifer

    She cheated on Chad. SLU*

  • lalalla

    @Jennifer: um wow okay. i don’t get why people feel the need to mention him whenever theres a post about her and vice versa. they’ve been over for like four years get over it. and he admitted to cheating on her and screwing up their relationship, he told greg prange himself. and if she cheated on him then it would have been out by now.




  • :)


  • ana

    she is beautiful!!

  • Dannyboy

    I wish to see Kevin Zegers more often on Just Jared !

  • g.queen

    first of all she didn’t cheat on chad !!! everybody knows that.
    and is it me or doesn’t she look unhappy .
    i knows the sophia bush happy smile now it’s just this facke smile, would she be pregnant??? whats wrong SB.

  • heeeey

    yay finally the premiere of the narrows

  • sweettie

    i hate the dress but i love her

  • ali

    ahhhhhh sophia bush is my favorite! she looks amazing as always!

  • cablady

    She is not pregnant! I know a reliable source. She saw her last night. In New York. June 19, 2009

  • cablady

    Chad was a dog cheated with Paris Hilton. I know a reliable source She is a wounderful person down to earth she does not cheat and is not pregnant!

  • terri

    This movie was awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect after waiting so long for it to be released. It was intense, violent and funny at times. The photography was great and the cast WONDERFUL. Kevin carried the movie but Vincent stole the show. Sophia had a very good role and she played it excellently.

  • Candice

    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    This movie was SOOOOOOO good. The theatre I went to last night to see the movie was completely sold out!!!!
    I was blown away by the film. It was excellent!!!
    And Sophia Bush is incredibly beautiful and talented. Everyone in the movie was great.

  • Jim

    That dress is skanky as hell.

  • Tammy

    My friends went and said there were alot of French people there. They were raving about the movie and said Sophia was very good. And that Kevin has killer dimples as well.

  • lurker

    I like Sophia but I really really hate that dress. It didn’t give justice to Sophia’s rockin body. So sad about that.

    Anyway, I’m so glad she attended the premiere!

  • lyla

    she is GORGEOUS! her face has gotta be the most flawless thing on the planet. anyways she isn’t as petite as she used to but still looking HOT, the dress doesnt show it though

  • Jenny

    @T: \
    she must have been sucking WAY in.. girl is thick.