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Jon Gosselin Rushes Son To Hospital

Jon Gosselin Rushes Son To Hospital

Sporting a backwards cap and Ed Hardy clothes, Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin rushes one of his sextuplets, 5-year-old son Aaden, to the pediatrics hospital on Saturday (June 20) in Reading, Penn.

Aaden walked out of the doctor with a bandage over his left eye but it looks like he’ll be okay!

Mama Kate Gosselin apparently is getting in some alone time this weekend. She took off by herself so that the kids (all eight of them) could spend Father’s Day weekend with Jon.

Will Monday’s big announcement really be about divorce? Jon‘s still wearing his wedding ring! Could it be counseling?

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Credit: Tom Meinelt-Jason Winslow, INFdaily; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, GSI Media
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  • Frances

    I think (hope) it’s counseling!

  • So so sad

    Instead of this family, rotating weekend at their 1.1 million dollar home, why don’t the stop being so money hungry…quit that d*mn show, and get counseling.

    Well, if Kate is spending the weekend away, Jon is looking for an apartment in NY, then I can guess what the big promo, um I mean announcement from Jon and Kate is.

    Oh, and why is Jon looking for a 1 bedroom apartment. That dude has 8 kids. 60 plus acres and they can’t build a smaller 2nd house of that property for Jon to live? Be closer to the children.

    Money bought them a lot, new home, new breast, fancy clothes (oh, no wait those were freebies), new cars (range rover), Jon with diamond studs………………………..but it sure as hell didn’t buy happiness. Hope they have saved for their children’s therapy bills. In a few years, the cash will dry up, the show will be off the air, no more free trips for the children and their parents won’t be talking to each other. How very very sad.

  • asha

    I love Jon but he has totally be dressing like a douche since Kate gave him his balls back.

  • jdub

    omg i love little aaden. poor thing.

    if i have to hear about jon and kates divorce one more time, im gonna cut someone. if the show was only the kids, i’d be so much happier.

  • what

    Mama Kate Gosselin apparently is getting in some alone time this weekend. She took off by herself so that the kids (all eight of them) could spend Father’s Day weekend with Jon.

    Yeah her and her body guard play mate got together she has no family or freinds where would she go alone?


    how could you not notice jon? he wears the brightest most obnoxious shirts. dress your age dude.


    oh and you should change the headline – jon does not look like he is in any rush.

  • aaden…

    omg aaden is my favorite of all 8 of them i hope he gets better!

  • mslewis

    I don’t think Aaden looked like he needed to be “rushed” anywhere!! He has one band-aid above his eye. Jon probably took him to a clinic for a couple of stiches. Stop being so dramatic, Jared.

    I was the first to say I thought they will probably announce that they will get counseling. That’s what they need . . . and they need to give up that show and live a normal life with those babies.

  • baby mama

    if your tired of hearing people talk bad about kate I have a fan site if you want to get away from all these jealous people that talk bad about kate.

  • ello

    Dear Jon,

    I know you life must be miserable living with such a witch as Kate. I’m not sure if you did or didn’t fool around with that teacher. I’m really trying to like you. so please STAY AWAY FROM THOSE ED HARDY SHIRTS. they scream douche bag.
    Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day (without your wife)


  • ello

    Oh and Baby Mama # 10

    I NEVER EVER EVER EVER get sick of hearing people talk bad about Kate.

  • ello

    Oh and Baby Mama # 10

    I NEVER EVER EVER EVER get sick of hearing people talk bad about Kate.

  • met

    I have a feeling that Ed Hardy stock just plummeted.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Right, NUMBER # 5 ” WHAT “. Usually the entire family does something special for Father’s Day, especially when young children are involved. It does NOT sound very good to me, when Kate takes off to La-La Land somewhere, probably with her boyfriend Steve somewhere.
    If you have noticed he has remained out of the picture for the past 2 to 3 weeks. HIS family has stated that Steve loves Kate (X-17 online ) and (( ) and will do anything to protect her and the children and make their life easier. I’m sure he has scouted out a private spot for the two of them already, if she IS with him.
    At this point and time, I could really care less anymore.

  • http://justjared think +

    I hope that we see some great pics tomorrow of the kids celebrating Father`s Day with Jon.

  • jerri

    How can we have the mentally disturbed “baby mama” removed from this website?
    besides that, this show, this family, everything about this entity makes me sick. The two of them are formally separated, and this is no way to have a healthy program on TLC. It’s depressing, and it’s old. We need to let this family get on with thier separate lives, and start living for the kids.
    Makes me sick

  • ali

    I’m not liking that Ed Hardy on Jon that much. It looks immature for a dad who never wore something like that on the show. Just my opinion.

  • the irony

    Hmm I’m noticing a pattern here…the earrings, the sports car, the motorcycle, the loud tshirts, the dating girls in their early twenties, the drink binges, the apartment in New York…It seems to me that Jon thinks he is still 23! I wonder what age he will pretend to be once he has his midlife crisis…or is he already in one?

  • fu victoria how cares

    @VICTORIA # 1: shut up syupid ass.

  • saweet

    I am never going to type a long comments here. I spent so much time pouring out what has been bugging me in a three paragraph post. After I submitted it yesterday, it said your comment will be posted after moderation (paraphrasing here). I am assuming this happens with only only long posts. Hours later that message was gone and my comment was never posted! I should have posted my comment elsewhere had I known my comment would be censored for no apparent reason!

  • wtf

    Douche in tacky clothes.

  • mare

    Jon is so immature. He is dating a 23 year old proves it. He does not even seem like he cares about his kids or Kate. He married her and decided to have kids. Man up &*^^%%$.

  • E

    BabyMama wants attention. She’s Kate’s stalker from what I’ve read, the reason Kate got a body guard, the reason the affair started, the reason for the demise of the marriage. Way to go, home wrecker!

  • Jon Gosselin

    Aaden, why do you have to get hurt now. I’m in the middle of my second toke. O.k. now I have to clear my head and act like I’m sober. Relax, Jon I know I could drive, I know I could drive. Maybe the E.R. room is the quicker way to go cause I got to be back home ASAP to relieve my daily stress. Oh boy.

  • ****

    Did Kate haul off and slug the kid?

  • Crappy Parents

    Momma Kate is off playing hide the salami with Steve who must have deserted his own children for the weekend also.

  • me

    ED HARDY IS SO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaeit

    The reason Jon is acting so young is because he got married too young. People that get married too young – there is a bright side – they get divorced young and can start over young. That’s what Jon is doing – as you all can tell!!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    nobody wears ed hardy. well, nobody cool. LOL.. kid(s) look like poop.

  • K Lin

    Jon is not wearing his wedding band – he switched it with the one he wore on his right hand. My heart goes out to the kids…

  • JJ

    Somebody’s jealous of Just Jared

  • jell us of gwop

    Cum on over to my blog where big fat lonely barren white trash women pertend they are mommies and grandmommies of the the Gosselin children. Don’t worry the stoopid won’t rub off on ya.

  • Jessica

    Aww….Poor little Aaden. Hope he gets better. Such a little cutie, he melts my heart. Jon is a good dad. Wish them the best.

  • such a low life

    As much as I think Kate is a money loving, OC, pain in the a**, I also think that Jon has turned into a real douche.

    Agree, with comments above about Jon acting dressing like he is 20 something without responsibility.

    He needs to grow up and realize he has 8 children. Sure the show supports them them now. Not forever, though.

  • Carly

    Why is Jon dressing like this now? I wonder if he keeps wearing this clothing as a walking advertisement for the designer. Nothing would surprise me with this couple at this point. And when did he get his ears pierced? He’s been shopping at malls lately and maybe had them done at one of the kiosks when he was with the young female friend. Is the Gosselin business incorporated?

  • Isabelle

    Will these people never go away???? Jared, when is this insanity going to stop??!! This is my favorite sight and day after day, these two attention whores are on your site. Love you alot but the truth is both these two whoring parents are both screwing other people, ripping their kids off and don’t give a crap about anything other than the “finer things” in life and I’m not referring to the kids either! Beaver head Gosselin is taking a magic carpet ride with her bodyguard this weekend. Hope I summed up the drama, past and present with these two pimps. Hopefully, we can move on to REAL celebrity crap!

  • Donna

    Hey dude all the chronic or bud with Pink floyd, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Acdc, or any music along with some low life chicks is not replaceable with what you HAVE. I know, cause I been through it. Get out of this phase that you are in and really focus on your family. Good luck.

  • Carly

    Is Kate really with her bodyguard this weekend? She has two. Maybe she’s with both of them breaking in her new SUV.

  • lori

    Poor little fella bumped his head.

  • joan

    Poor children i feel so sorry for them.

  • joan

    It is terrible to see a marriage break-up with all these children.

  • Sgt Friday

    Aaden’s my favorite. I hope Kate didn’t slug him one because he asked for a drink of water.

  • Sgt Friday


    I’ll tell you how – flag her for repeatedly spamming the site with her blog site link. She’s a PITA.

  • Sgt Friday

    Hey man! Look at homeboy Jonny! He’s so badass! What a douche. He and Kate are on their way to becoming a separated version of Speidi. At least Heidi is making a living on her own by selling dry shampoo and not pimping out kids. :P

  • Diana

    “This is cool. This is hip. I have a picture of Kevin Federline wearing the exact same thing.”

    “What’d you do, mug K. Fed?”

    Thank you, 17 Again.

  • Anna

    Aw, poor little Aaden! :(

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Who the f-ck are these people?? I don’t watch that damn show because its a piece of crap. These people have done nothing to deserve all their fame and money, NOTHING. You may as well start photographing my grandma when she goes to get the groceries tomorrow…………


  • Sally g.

    Ugly man
    Ugly kids

    Women must marry better looking men for good looking kids

  • sakura

    @Jon Gosselin:
    Hope you have a nice Father’s Day! Hope things work out for you and your kids. I love the kids. They are adorable. I can’t imagine life living apart for the kids. I do agree that the kids grew up in front of the camera. Without it, they will have a hard time adjusting to it together with the family problem. Try to make it easy on the kids.