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Zachary Quinto: Hugo's Tacos Tasty!

Zachary Quinto: Hugo's Tacos Tasty!

A solo Zachary Quinto picks up lunch on Saturday afternoon (June 20) at Hugo’s Tacos in Atwater Village near Glendale, Calif.

Despite his success as Spock in Star Trek, no one recognized him in line!

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old actor was seen taking his best bud Noah for a walk in Silverlake, Calif.

Yesterday, Zach and costar Milo Ventmiglia were spotted on the set of Heroes. Zach will be reprising his role as the charismatic sociopath Sylar.

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zachary quinto hugos tacos 01
zachary quinto hugos tacos 02
zachary quinto hugos tacos 03
zachary quinto hugos tacos 04
zachary quinto hugos tacos 05
zachary quinto hugos tacos 06
zachary quinto hugos tacos 07
zachary quinto hugos tacos 08
zachary quinto hugos tacos 09
zachary quinto hugos tacos 10
zachary quinto hugos tacos 11
zachary quinto hugos tacos 12

Credit: John Shinn; Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sweetness

    Mr. Sexy is back! Thank You his style.

  • sILVIA

    OH. he is sexy.

  • Dance Teacher

    SEXY?? he looks like he drools!

  • cmelle

    mm, brown shirt…he cleans up nice.
    can’t wait to see the new season of heroes!

  • cmelle

    mm, brown shirt…he cleans up nice.
    can’t wait to see the new season of heroes!

  • What THE HELL

    how come we always only see him with his dog? why can’t it be something like…him and his boyfriend.

  • mailey

    jared always posts pix of this douche bag, i dont get it. i have no effing clue who zachary quinto is. but he’s not even nice to look at.

  • Daphne

    i think that’s probably coz he doesn’t have one. maybe he’s not gay. i love him in this style!! no tight pants for once. and his noah is adorable. how old is tat dog?

  • Sarah

    So hot.

  • http://Kateisaladylandcruiser Auntie

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers !!

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Love this dude :)

  • lol

    @mailey: what rock are you living under? he was in Star Trek..

  • vainjain

    WHY is everyone assuming he is gay & if so, who cares? I applaud him for managing to keep his private life private. I feel bad for him in that he can’t do something as simple as pick up lunch w/out paps all in his face. Unfortunately, his career choice makes him a target. At least he doesn’t have an entourage around him yet but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change ’cause I know that the crazies are probably waiting to pounce. Anyway, he is indeed a handsome man…there’s just something about him…

  • stacie

    I just love him regardless. He’s so Dreamy… I swoon. And photos twice in one day . Thanks , JJ !!!

  • V


  • casey

    Love him <3

  • SajiNoKami

    agree with vainjain…
    there is just something about him…
    and Star Trek was definitely not a movie for a private person
    Trekkies will get ya,
    they will patiently wait at your house for ya
    [nimoy had this happen]
    and know how much the sarmy is into stocking
    i wish him good luck with handling it

  • John Shinn III

    @vainjain: I took those pics (above) of Zach saturday, june 20. No, I didn’t get into his face to take those shots. In fact, Zach didn’t even know that i got his pics. That’s how I work most of the time—taking celeb pics without them knowing—-which is called “Old School Paping.”

  • NativeNYker
  • st09 fan

    It’s funny how all the men in line, except for ZQ, are looking away from the photog. The photog may have called his name, and then the man behind him is looking at him. I don’t think any of them watched ST09 or Heroes !!

  • sweetness

    Well Mr. Papa who took his pic..I like them and if it is true you were up in his face..I think many of us out here want to say we love seeing pics of him…if they were gotten by being invasive. And yes Zach is a celebrity..each and every one of the stars and celebs we adore accept this is part of the deal..You don’t cry I want obscurity and then go into a business that intentionally is about splashing your face all over.

  • melissa

    I need to catch up on heroes, they started gettng redundant after running out of ideas

  • AL

    Oh Zach <3

  • eli

    hehehe i love this guy!!!! so nice and good looking!

  • riley

    Zach did not get into this to be a celeb, he did it to act, he does not care about being a celebrity.

    This is proof Zach is completely hetero. He chose a taco over a hot dog. Remember the SNL skit?

    CLEARLY this means Zach is straight.

    Oh and I am a female and I had a one night stand with him very recently. I met him at H Wood one night in Hollywood. He was fantastic, I invited him back to my place and we had sex.

    It was great, he is far too busy for a relationship. So we will hang out from time to time and have dinner and then get off with each other.

    He has a great body, soft lips, strong hands and we are keeping it casual. I am very happy with our arrangement he confirmed he never slept with the women he was rumored to have had sex with like Hayden, Zoe and them.

  • vainjain

    @John Shinn III: Well thanks for the explanation Mr. Shinn. I’m sure that there are some paps that are not as considerate as yourself when it comes to taking these types of photos. Either way, I still feel bad for him.

  • vainjain

    @riley: Snort….well, there goes his “privacy”….Riley, you are cracking me up. If that’s the case, I had a one night stand w/him too… oh brother…LMAO! Hey, I’m not gonna hate…if it’s true then more power to ya…I’m sorry..LMAO again.

  • JackieO

    Zaaaach, my love!

    He seems like a sweetheart. I hope he doesn’t let the fame get to his head. Fame and fortune doesn’t last but being real does. Peace.

  • Doll

    I dont think it was that no one recognized him in line
    It’s just that in Glendale (Ca) People don’t care about stuff like that.
    I see “famous” people all the time out there and nobody bothers them.

  • redizthenewblack

    Riley, nice fan fic, but you try too hard babe. You have as much of an agenda as the people on the other end of the sphere who are constantly screaming that he’s gay.

    As for the pap thing, that comes with the territory.

  • sparkle


    How was he in bed?

    Heard he was an aggressive top. :)

  • Marian

    @John Shinn III:

    If you were the photog – not for one moment saying you are lying, but I’ve been caught before – but if this is so – THANK YOU!! thank you!! ThAnK YoU!! for your style of candid pics.

    Hate watching E! and seeing actors etc with crowds of photos around and they can’t move. Or the recent problems Hallie Berry had with the photogs getting into her face when she had her child in her arms coming out of a restaurant.

  • Andrea

    such a great actor!

  • T

    I just wanna do him

  • vainjain

    @T: Maybe you should hang out w/Riley. Perhaps she can hook you hook next time she has “dinner” w/the man…LMAO

  • vainjain

    @riley: I never saw the SNL skit but I like tacos..does that make me a lesbian? Well, I like hot dogs too so maybe I’m bi. Gosh, thanks so much for pointing out the tacos vs hot dogs thing. I never would have known my “true” self. Next time you..uh..have “dinner” w/Zachary (snort) tell him that I’ll have to pass on the lunch that we were supposed to have because I’m going body surfing w/Chris, Anton, Keith, Eric, John & Zoe but you guys can join us at the beach party later that evening. Have fun. Toodles.

  • jenny

    Zachary Quinto is terrific. He’s a handsome and talented actor (Star Trek and Heroes) and I love finding pics. It is good to know the photographer is so courteous.

  • riley

    You can believe me or not, but it is true. So many people are quick to believe that he is gay etc. with no proof, just someones word, why is it I am branded a liar?

    Zach is a fantastic person and makes me happy in more ways then one, we are both very busy, too busy for anything serious but care for each other a great deal.

    The taco vs. hot dog was CLEARLY a joke, it was an old SNL skit with Dana Carvey. ;)

  • sparkle


    Look at it this way, you really haven’t added much detail to your affair or whatever with Zach and that’s why the fangirls are at your throat. It’s all in the details girl, what he’s like in bed, how he smells, what music he likes, stuff a normal fan would not know.

    Personally I don’t care if it’s true or not, it’s an entertaining read.

  • rich

    Silver Lake… 2 words.

  • vainjain

    @riley: Riley, OK…let’s get serious. If you ARE indeed involved with him, WHY in the world are you putting this on the ‘net? That’s worse than the most intrusive paps, wouldn’t you say? Are you going to sell your story to the tabloids if he pissed you off? I mean really! I’m sure that Zachary guards his privacy (he told me so..) so for someone to put such “private” matters out there is not cool at all. I guess that when I see him next time we hang out, I’ll have to tell him to be careful of his “hook ups” or else all his business is going to be out there. Seriously. There is no need to defend his sexuality…who cares what he is??? Now I don’t know if you know him or not and if you do, then good for you..he’s a hot guy. Of course you probably don’t know him as WELL as I do but hey… Have fun on your next “date” and tell him that I wasn’t ignoring his calls, I’m just kicking myself for turning down his offer of a monogamus relationship. (I’m kidding, of course…he wanted to marry me). I’ll have to call him this weekend. Have fun next time you hook up. (Ok, I’m going to stop now…unless of course… toodles)

  • whocaresreally

    @John Shinn III: I bet you work for Zack or for his production group “before the door”. And I bet riley is part of this joke also.It wouldn’t surprise me if this is all for the pre-promotion for the “buddy n andy” video release. Zach is wearing the same clothing in these photo’s that he’s wearing in this bogus Pap video here .So these photo’s must of been taken’ the same day by the same person who made the video’s also. I’ve also noticed that no new Zach photo’s have been posted here at JJ since the release of buddy n andy. hmmm…

  • Naonopoly


    Was it…painful?D:

  • riley

    I wasn’t trying to so much defend his sexuality, I was just trying to defend him. People think they have him pegged and they don’t. He is very special to me and I care about him deeply.

    Vainjain, your sarcasm is not lost on me. I am not trying to flaunt our relationship or anything, I just think it is sad that when people say he is gay, everyone believes them, yet I say he is not and I have been with him, no one believes me. I would say those who say he is gay are as obsessed with his sexuality as those who say he is straight.

    I am with Zachary and care for him.

  • vainjain

    @riley: OK, Riley. If you’re with him, then why not keep it OUT of the public. He seems to be a very private person. I don’t care what he is: straight, gay, bi or whatever and I agree w/you that people should leave him alone. I’m just waiting for some crappy tabloid story to come out in which someone claims to have slept w/him, got pregnant by him, etc.
    Now as for my sarcasm, can you not see why I’m doing it? As I said, if you are involved w/him..then why not keep it between the two of you? No of his other friends are blabbing about their relationships w/him so why should you? I’m glad that you care deeply for him but try to show just a little more tact (for lack of a better word), OK?
    Well, I gotta run. He’s calling me now to see if I want to go…oops, I’m blabbing. My bad.
    Have a good day :)

  • t. maree

    well riley, if you had enough common descency, you would treat zachary with a bit more respect than what your doing, it’s such tacky talk.

    talking about zachary like his a piece of meat, is a shocker, i think zachary prefers his women to be a bit more classy, a bit more stylish and a bit more feminine and mysterious, he is a man of good taste and i think zachary likes his women friends to be of good taste, great style and most of all, have good manners and be great to company to hang with.

    your comment is in very poor taste, sure, zachary is a gorgeous and creative soul and just because i am 6 foot 2, with blue eyes, a natural dark redhead and, i have a wicked and fiery side to me, i would be a little bit more of a lady when it comes to talking about zachary, he deserves better. oh, and i hear zachary has a bit of a wicked side to him as well but i’m sure he would keep all that under wraps for that special woman.

  • t. maree

    hey, i’m coming to los angeles soon so maybe i should hook up with some of you guys who claim to know zachary so you could introduce me to him and i could get the chance to hang out with him i mean, a 6 foot 2, redheaded, fiesty, wicked, blue-eyed woman would certainly catch the gaze and the interest of zachary, don’t you think?

    in reality, respect for the man and respect for his privacy goes a long way, people should just let him live his life and do what he loves doing and that is, being an actor and his a damn fine one at that…

  • M.e.

    It’s no one’s business….let’s just leave it at that. tho i have to agree with whoever said this – it’s certainly entertaining.

  • claire

    I want to hear more of Riley’s fanfiction…

  • Suppress your appetite

    @riley: :) =PPPPPP