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Gerard Butler Puckers Up

Gerard Butler Puckers Up

Gerard Butler gets into a liplock with his co-star while shooting his new movie, Bounty Hunter, in New York City on Firday (June 19).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud will be filming scenes with his friendly co-star, Jennifer Aniston, in Atlantic City this summer.Jen, however, has been hanging out with former Jack & Bobby star, Bradley Cooper. We’ll see if it works out!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler puckering up on the set of Bounty Hunter

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gerard butler puckers up 01
gerard butler puckers up 02
gerard butler puckers up 03
gerard butler puckers up 04
gerard butler puckers up 05
gerard butler puckers up 06
gerard butler puckers up 07
gerard butler puckers up 08
gerard butler puckers up 09
gerard butler puckers up 10

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  • nyob

    Looking good. Except that last picture where he is biting his lip – looks a bit like a doofus there. LOL.

  • theevilterminator

    what an ugly woman!

  • theevilterminator

    what an ugly woman!

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I never like Bulter.. he is so ugly

  • Irish Girl

    Lucky lady! Siobhan Fallon was in Men in Black (the first one). This looks funny…

  • anon annoy

    JJ, you are a day behind on this one. These pics were already posted on the last GB thread.
    Damn we’re good!!!!

  • Nummy Scotsman

    Why couldn’t I be in town for this? I would have had a better liplock for sure!

  • boring

    Getting tired of this non news.

  • pafan

    What a lucky woman. Wonder how many takes she asked for to get it right!!!

  • mwj

    G looks drunk and seems kissing indiscriminately, hahaha.. The woman looks like in shock and not expecting a kiss. G looks hawt in a sexy way, dirty and hot’n bothered and drunk, a real rough bounty hunter. That’s G, lost in the character he is playing and becoming the character he is playing.

    If the on-set pics keep coming and posted the way they have been, we would know what the movie is like by the end of the 3 month shoot.
    Hey I am not complaining. Can’t wait to see the final result.

    Thank you JJ. Keep the pics coming.. we love them.

    By the way, on Youtube there is a Spanish version of TUT movie trailer which is really really raunchy, much more so than the US version anyway. the title for it is “La Cruda Verdad Nuevo Trailer” Enjoy!

  • pafan

    The money shot is going to be GB and JA smoozing on The Bounty set.

    Any bets on which site will get it first?

  • Ted Rapey

    I have that kind of effect on women, too. I don’t know why. You know I don’t deserve these restraining orders.

  • bailey

    you always fulfill my gerry crave Jared.

  • luckee

    Their arms are the same size. So much for Mr. Muscle.

  • boring

    The woman’s name is actually Siobhan Fallon Hogan. She plays a bail bondswoman in the film.
    I think Butler is slowly becoming more and more fugly.

  • deraj tsuj

    gross who’s the fatty? puke city

  • xxx

    His name is Gerry.

  • ok

    Just wanna say True beauties are actually among ourselves, check this out…millio naire and sincere young girls and handsome men there are much moreattractive and charming!!!! search and find our own beauties today!!! lol

  • Sugar

    He’s beautiful, sweet and kind. Always thinking about other people. I adore him and wish him the best!!!

  • anyonecansayit

    His name is Gerry, and that’s a beautiful full-on closed mouth lips-to-lips kiss. Even acting with a mature woman stranger/actor/extra — the kiss looks planted there with enthusiasm brought about by a man who looks like he’s kisser indeed. Yes, that woman is lucky and won’t be forgetting that kiss anytime soon. She seems overtaken by the sudden (although albeit restrained) combustion behind it! Can you imagine kissing him? No—wait, I have. ;) I jealous without a doubt!

    He has the most beautiful lips, and mouth on the planet, and I mean that. But let it be known, that’s not all that’s beautiful about the man. He’s heart the size of Texas whose compassionate soul can love, nurture and protect of those he cares about beyond measure as well. He’s a unique individual, rare as a emerald found from the deepest recesses of an African mine that even untumbled coated by the film of ages he’s still precious, made more so by film that hides it. There’s only one Gerry, and I love him.

  • http://wtf WTF

    Oh, that gives me tingles, wish I were that woman (she looks like she’d have more passion than all those stick-thin Hollywood rakes put together). Actually, wasn’t sure before, but will definitely be waiting for this film to come out, now.

  • Teresa

    What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of that kiss!!!!!
    Looking good, Gerry!!!!!

  • angelique

    I hate to say it, but this guy looks like one of those infamous people who looks like nothing if you see them in real life, but looks fabulous on the big screen. I’ve seen him on screen and he looks gorgeous. But every photo from this shoot he looks…ummm… tragic! He does have a hot body but the way he mawks his face around…it’s really odd. Either he has the IT factor- screen chemistry – or he has some serious detox to do.

  • east coaster

    oh my..that lucky she the one that played kramer’s girlfriend on seinfeld??. is the man, jeff garlin?

  • Sugar

    no 20, you right. He is the perfect man inside and out.

  • bj

    #24..FRom what people have been posting,Siobban Hogan played Elaine’s roommate on Seinfeld.She also was in “Men in Black” and many other movies. She recently played Renee Zellweger’s secretary in the movie “New in Town”.

    Yes, I think that man is Jeff Garlin,who was recently added to the cast.

  • mwj

    Check this trailer out….. total new perspective on TUT….no wonder a “R” rated movie

  • NativeNYker

    Gerard is the Alpha Male!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://yahoo agsouth

    Actress Siobhan Fallon Hogan can be a real comedic, so this scene will probably be hilarious between her and GB.

  • yvette

    wish i could be on the receiving end of that kiss!!!!!
    ohhhhh gerard!!!!!!!!!

  • zapp branigan

    The daily reporting on this guy has become tiresome. I realize that he and his people are desperately trying to make him a big star……everywhere he goes he’s trailed by his manager and assistant who take pictures of him and film his every move so the footage and pics can be sent to the media and to his fansites. Meanwhile the fans are duped into believing that he’s a major star with Paps chasing him all over the globe. NOT! He should be wary of courting celebrity so much. It does have a way of backfiring. Hello Overexposure. He should aspire to try to be a good actor and not Kim Kardashian.

  • StinkyLouise

    “………..he should aspire to try to be a good actor………”
    I’m afraid that ship has sailed. It’s unfortunate.

  • http://n/a Trythis1

    Are these pictures of him in character for the film ? I see no charm , class or charisma in the person depicted in these pix. I hope it’s just the character he’s playing that’s coming through.

    Whatever , where is the GB that wowed so many at the beginning of his career ? Been absent for a long while. I know some still claim to know ( through some kind of “chanelling “? ) his ” inner soul ,” but I’m not buying it .

    I do feel bad for the fangurls , however , who have had downright obscene trash hurled at them here .

  • luckee

    The fangurls got what they deserved, Trythis. If they were dumb enough to post photos online of them in bathtubs with Gerry dolls and giving mock blow-jobs to the dolls, then it’s open season on them.

    I definitely don’t see class, charm or charisma in these photos and he doesn’t have it in person either. Just a stereotypical self-absorbed actor who requires a lot of makeup to look good on film. Nothing new there.

    Someone should make him shave though. He always looks unclean.

  • east coaster

    thanks for the reply..i thought i was right…never knew jeff garlin was going to be in the pic…sure would love to run to brooklyn and atlantic city. have to check out the times and when. wondering if brooklyn is done.

  • east coaster

    i don’ t think the 2 will become an item..but then you never know.

  • StinkyLouise

    Oh, I think her people tried desperately to make them an item. But G wasn’t interested in playing along and went to India instead. So she’s hooked up with Bradley Cooper.

  • mondieu

    Just want to reiterate what some people said on this site and other sites: There may be a few younger and prettier faces in Hollywood, but NOBODY in Hollywood is sexier than Mr. Butler.

  • saywha

    Stinky you have to be joking. Aniston is a household name. He isn’t anywhere near that status. If anyone would benefit from hookup rumors, it’s him.

    Mondieu, that’s your opinion. To many of us, he looks like a hobo in dire need of a bath. Nothing sexy there.

  • StinkyLouise

    Saywha- And yet, despite Aniston being a household name , he STILL wasn’t interested in playing the dating game.So she’s moved on to Cooper,just in time for the release of the trailer for Sh*t……er…..Love….Happens.

  • @39

    saywha, enlighten me, what is a hobo? Is it a word to call your dog? Oh, how cute is that. hobo hobo hobo hobo…..come here you hobo…..where are you hobo

  • saywha

    Stinky, you’re the first one to say no one here knows what goes on with Gerry. So how do you know that Aniston or her people wanted to play the dating game, hmm? She doesn’t stand to gain anything from being associated with him, whereas he has gotten worldwide press he didn’t have before just by a rumor circulating that they were dating. Same thing with Cameron Diaz when that rumor spread. Cameron looked horrified when they asked her about dating him. Aniston might feel the same way for all you know. He’s definitely not an A-lister nor is he anywhere near her financial level. He’s the one who would gain from any relationship, not her.

    You criticize others for criticizing Gerry, but you’re slamming Aniston every opportunity you get. Jealous cuz she’s doing a film with Gerry and you’re not? Jealous cuz she’s also shagged Brad Pitt and you haven’t? I hope not, but it seems that way.

    Thanks for proving my point #41. Gerry could be called a hobo or a dog. Either fits.

  • #40

    GB is his own man. This not-wanting-to-play-along makes me respect him even more, tho you may disagree.

    Saywha, to benefit from a hook-up is all you care? and you have been calling GB a famewh**e? What hypocrisy.

  • yuck

    @zapp branigan:

    I totally agree with your comment. The over exposure is getting ridiculous and boring. It seems manipulative.

    And all the posts about how awesome the kiss is….WTF? It looks horrible and part of the script. Those people have romanticized this guy and are dreaming sh/t up. Obviously they have confused the man with the roles that he has played in the past. HE IS NOT THE PHANTOM. More then likely he is a manwhore with very little depth past getting laid and becoming more famous. And his looks have really gone south in the past 4 years.
    I haven’t been impressed with the photos coming out of this movie shoot.

  • StinkyLouise

    Saywha- Oh dear…. Did someone p*ss in our cornflakes this morning?

    Where to begin? How did I know Aniston’ s toadies wanted to play the dating game? Even before his participation in the film was formally announced, the rags already had them secretly dating. The rumours were becoming rampant. Until he left the country.
    As for Diaz, who I believe is also a very well known A-lister, G denied those rumours quickly. Hmmmm…….A bit of a pattern……He obviously isn’t interested in the extraordinary perks and benefits associated with dating these stupendous superstars.
    I have clearly forgotten the fangirl mantra: Criticism=hatred or jealousy
    If that’s the best you’ve got, stick to the fanboards.

  • @everyone

    he’s gay

  • anyonecansayit



    Fact. Gerry Butler is NOT a homosexual.

  • @Saywha

    Saywha, you are the biggest embarrassment to your idol J Aniston. You are trash talking about the co-star of JA when JA’s success of this film and any other film depends a great deal on the good rapport among co-stars. what an ignorant idiot.

    Gerry’s fans may be crazy sometimes, but they would never sabotage Gerry’s chance at success. Now that’s called loyalty you can learn from, unless you just want to be an opportunist and be manipulative towards JA.

  • he’s a homo

    You obviously haven’t seen pics of his NYC loft. No straight man would decorate his loft with floral furniture or homo-erotic murals on his ceiling; i.e. The Rape of Ganymede. And before the fangurls come out in force about the mural, do your research about the symbolism. There is a homosexual angle to that myth and anyone who has studied mythology will acknowledge that. Regardless, I doubt a studly, alpha, straight male paint a mural that has various meanings including the homo-erotic one on his foyer ceiling. i also doubt they have floral chairs, couches and multiple chandeliers in their appartment either. But whatever. It’s a moot point because no one will change my mind, and I’m sure the fangurls will never change theirs. So we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • http://netzero ags

    Stinky, I thought the same thing and was a little bit afraid for him as the filming for this movie got closer.
    I am not knocking JA……… but I don’t picture GB the type to be called a “Mr. Aniston” or whatever name would have been thought of if he dated her.
    Just an opinion – “I’m not being negative towards JA”…….. just agreeing to a fact for GB.
    He doesn’t need the distraction and it would have been a huge one……………would not have been a gain for him.