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Jon Gosselin: Happy Father's Day!

Jon Gosselin: Happy Father's Day!

Jon Gosselin spends some quality time with his eight kids – Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – and dogs Shooka and Nala during Father’s Day on Sunday morning (June 21) in Reading, Penn.


This is probably the first time the Gosselin kids have spent Father’s Day without their mom, Kate Gosselin, who disappeared for the weekend.

Looks like Jon got a chance to teach Cara how to toss a ball around with a lacrosse stick! 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Tom Meinelt-Jason Winslow; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ashi JIJI

    HUMMMMM ????

  • okay


  • TLC

    Kate’s out bangin’ away at a fancy resort with Mr. Grey.

  • haley

    At least Jon is playing with the kids and giving them attention, unlike the wicked witch Kate, who multi-tasks then yells and beats the kids when things naturally don’t work out

  • met

    don’t they have a backyard?

  • odear

    where’s mady,leah,collin.

    maybe kate with

  • PP

    - the look on everyone’s face is one of of relief..ahhhhh.– all look calm and relaxed. When Queen Kate is around all are walking on eggshells and stressed out you can tell she dislikes being with her children because she must give attention rather than Get .

  • don’t tell me it’s raining..

    Don’t tell those paps couldn’t have followed that skank Kate and caught her with Mr. Gray. She was after Steve Neild when she wanted to renew her vows in Hawaii.
    Jon is better with those kids, Kate doesn’t cook anymore anyway, so keep the chef and housekeeper and Jon take care of the kids. They will be in school and you can go back to work or go back to school yourself. To hell with their attention seeking mother, Kate needs to go check in the mental hospital for narcissism and her own problem with the wine and mentally, emotionally and physically abusing her husband and children. Like you said Kate, we have it on tape.

  • anon

    I think Jon is a really good dad. Even from the beginning of the show he was the one who, while working full time and then coming home to a house full of kids, showed the most parental diversity as far as diciplining and paying attention and caring for his children. He is tough when he needs to be, while also being caring and loving. He is the one who relishes in being at home with the kids.

    It is sad, I think he really loved Kate but she treated him like crap. He put up with a lot from her and I think it was her that strayed first from the marriage. Whatever happens, at the end of the day, I think Jon is showing he is more interested in raising his kids instead of using them as pawns for the media.

  • emma
  • Ashley Banks’ analyst

    When I was a kid I used to get really nervous when I would hear my father’s truck pull into the driveway. When I see Kate ‘acting-up’ in her typical, ‘every thing is wrong and a disaster unless I am in control’ mode, I wonder if my kind of life-long nervousness is what is in store for some of her children. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone and I hate my dead father for it. Happy father’s day to all you good mothers and fathers!

  • jo

    For those who say everyone should leave them alone…do you see that Kate (or Jon) or any celeb can disappear when they WANT to.

  • E

    One would think everyone would be running around in swimsuits and be in the back yard. It would be cookout time, fun with all their new crooked houses and all that green grass in their back yard. why do they have to make such a production where the paps can see them clearly all the time?

    See for yourselves.

  • express

    why so many photos of this family?
    are they staged or are they really that popular with the paps?

  • Laura

    oh please the majority of the responsiblity falls on Kate. Lets not act like Jon is a hero or something for spending a little time with HIS children.

  • LolaSvelt

    Why would you wish such a terrible father a happy father’s day? He along with his c_nt of a wife should be disgusted with themselves and the fact that people watch their horrid show just tells us exactly what is wrong with today’s society.

  • anon

    Oh please, the not-a-nanny with her face blurred out deserves the most praise lately with these two. They both need to grow up and realize their children (who have earned the money, without the children there would be no show) come first before new cars, shoes, spas, clothes, they are both guilty. Meanwhile, the kids wear the same stuff because Kate got cut off from freebies from Gymboree. We all know Kate was spending on herself for clothes, as was Jon.
    Is Kate trying to punish Gymboree by having the kids in the same clothes over and over or are they working THAT much and have to wear the same outfit for the scene?

  • crissy

    I love this show. I hope they stay together.

    Gold Bless Them.

  • jaye

    She’s GONE! Good, everyone will have a great time and less stress. Just because he doesn’t want to be married to KATE doesn’t mean he’s not a good father. You don’t stay married for the sake of the kids. Kids rather have HAPPY separated parents rather than parents who are always bickering.

  • abbie

    What? They can’t play out in their front yard? Their bikes and toys are located in the garage. You watch the show enough to know that, E. Plus they also play out in the back(swing set and slide that Jon & crew put up).

    The paps are there 24/7 stalking them. Just like you, E. You want the kids to ride their bikes in the grass?

    You hate them so much but you post in every Jon & Kate story.

  • Lori

    Don’t these people have a back yard where the media can’t get to them? I mean, I believe their house is on quite a bit of land… so why are they always out where the cameras can see them?

  • abbie

    You want the kids to ride their bikes in the grass, Lori?

  • trout pout

    Great Kate will return full on as usual making funny twisted faces at the chumps around her. Like #5 asked. “don’t they have a backyard”? Why don’t they use it – cause their every move wouldn’t be filmed. I always get a hoot outta jon saying he didn’t want to do the show – wink wink $$$$

  • stephanie

    OMG, Look at how big Joel is!! The girls have all gotten bigger ( and Joel! ) but Aaden and Collin still look like lil babies! I love them!

    They need to stop taking vacations from each other. Thats all im gonna say. Im scared to watch tommorow’s episode

  • E

    abbie must be PR, huh or from just Another one of the Gosselin children exploiters? It will be good to see NO pictures of the kids or their parents. I think the parents, TLC and the paps plus this week site are all connected to exploit these poor kids in the first place…..greedy jerks.

  • Vfactorygirl

    Okay this what’s going on here Kate is off going out to places showing off her belly at beaches driving in cars and getting her nails done and on top that she is with grey dued i bet they are still going out.The deal with jon is he going out with this 23 year old teacher what ever she is and he staying away from the camra half of the time he is just chillin with his kids. I think there realationship is over they might want to work it out but they are going to need JESUS!!! For that big old mess they created.

  • lola

    agree with #15, and kate is a good mom in my opinion

  • Bellaroo


    YES, Abbie, I want them to play in the backyard. Falling on grass will hurt them far less then being smeared all over tabloids . They’re all use to pain. Kate beats the crap out of them every chance she gets.

  • abbie

    I told you before I was just a fan. You are the one spamming.

    Who do you work for, E? A rival network/show? You told me you guys were spamming for someone.

  • abbie

    OK, Bellaroo. They will do that because you say so..Who are you??

    Ride their bikes on the grass???

  • Vicki

    ugly kids

  • abbie

    They are adorable.

  • Jaz


    i was just about to say the same thing!

    but im sure they play in the backyard as well as the front yard with the paps, but we only see one side

  • jerri

    #15~Laura…..are you delusional? Kate does all the work? HA! Now that’s funny….actually, Kate only does work when the cameras are on, and even then, she bitchess and yells the whole time. There are so many caretakers for this’s crazy.
    How on earth does Kate do it ALL when shes tanning, working out, getting pedicures, manicures and as she says herself..”working a full time job to manage our business…” she means pimping her kids out.
    Jon at least spends quality time with them…you never see him yelling. He’s ralaxed, and that’s what the kids need.

  • Carly

    Where is Kate? Maybe she’s the backyard wearing one of her new bikinis sunning herself by the pool. On second thought, if she had on a bikini she would be posing in front of her house near the road. She could also be trying to straighten out the crooked houses.

  • Carly

    Where is Kate? Maybe she’s in the backyard wearing one of her new bikinis sunning herself by the pool. On second thought, if she had on a bikini she would be posing in front of her house near the road. She could also be trying to straighten out the crooked houses.

  • Peri

    Kate is a horrible mother and Jon is immature and dopey. The kids lives are ruined. They’ll always be gawked at, gossiped about and judged because of their idiot parents.

    It’s all lost folks. Both sides lost, Fans and Non-fans. Jon & Kate will not be staying together and having a happily ever after ending and The kids no longer need advocates because their lives are already in the toilet.

    Have a funeral, give a eulogy and lets all go home. R.I.P. J&K+8…

  • abbie

    Kate is out banging her lover steve.

  • kelsey

    i think its disgusting that you have spies taking pictures of jon gosselin and those poor innocent kids enjoying a sunday afternoon in their backyard.

  • abbie

    I hope they cancel the show im tired of them.

  • Shelby

    The only good thing that has come out of this show is that now Chaz Bono can ask Kate how a woman can manage to get a square manly body…

  • abbie

    I would never let them take pictures of my kids id keep them in the back yard or inside.

  • Joannie

    What on Earth will the blind and obsessive fans do when the Gosselin’s are no longer part of their regular Monday night, night life?

    Who will the haters, hate next?

    I say we throw a parety and invite BOTH sides and let them have a J&K deathmatch, blogger battle. Whoever wins get to pick the next topic of rabid debate. Loser gets to pay for all the therapy the G’s kids are going to need.

  • midwest

    Happy Fathers Day Jon !
    Glad to see you home with your kids. They are obviously happier when you are there. ( So are the dogs)
    Good luck to you and I am for you all the way.
    Go get her Jon!!

  • easy

    These pictures are the best. This is what attracts the massive
    audiences. Two parents who love each other and healthy kids
    going through life. Not the money or fame. I wish the show
    could go back to that. But maybe the only thing that will make things
    better is if folks just back off this family and let them try to work things
    out. I really hope these two stay together, not just for the kids…any
    life they have as a broken family will never be as good as it was in
    the beginning….. For Jon and Kate, life will be better if they work out
    their relationship now.

  • easy

    BTW Happy Father’s day Jon…and gorgeous kids.

  • Tracypartridge

    @jaye: I agree! 2 miserable parents will not have happy kids!!

  • TracyPartridge

    @met: They have a HUGE backyard. Acres and acres.

  • Nanelle

    The posts prove that there is no human more out of in touch with reality than a Gosselin fan.

  • Tracypartridge

    @Ashley Banks’ analyst: Very profound. Thanks for sharing. People don’t realize that it’s not “just a spank” that we criticize, it’s her overall anger towards the blessings she tried so hard to conceive. When you love people, you talk kindly and loving to them. All she does is yell, demand and criticize (this goes for how she talks to Jon too). My ex husband was like that and we are no longer married because I didn’t want our kids to think that was how love is shown. IT IS NOT! My parents loved each other and never would be as disrespectful as some of the marriages I see now.