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Kelly Clarkson is Much Music Ready

Kelly Clarkson is Much Music Ready

First-ever American Idol Kelly Clarkson rehearses for her 2009 Much Music Awards performance on Saturday (June 20) in Toronto, Canada.

The show will air live TODAY (June 21) @ 9PM ET from MuchMusic’s Queen Street West HQ in downtown Toronto. The Jonas Brothers will be hosting the event.

On Monday, Kelly is also expected to perform on Live With Regis and Kelly. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is also a guest on the show that day.

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • http://Kateisaladylandcruiser Auntie

    Good for you Kelly!! And to think HollyWIERD accepts you even though you’re not a size 2. Oh yea, I’m first !ha-ha.

  • rocky

    Love Kelly. Play my ‘Love Actually’ CD just to hear ‘The Trouble With Love’. She’s amazing singer.

    I know alot of IDIOTS are going to come on today and talk about her ‘weight’ just to be A**H***S, but there are alot of us out there that see an amazing singer PERIOD!

  • rachael


    ITA! Hollywierd seems to forget that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 and she was and still is the number one SEX SYMBOL EVER!!

  • rachael


    ITA! Hollywierd seems to forget that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 and she was and still is the number one SEX SYMBOL EVER!!

  • Millie

    I’m one proud Texas gal! Go Kelly!!!

  • male



  • mela

    normally i’m all for celebrities who are not stick thin but she looks fat in a really UNHEALTHY way…i bet she’s a candidate for gastric bypass with her weight gain..

  • Jan

    Wow mela, you have an UNHEALTHY opinion on weight. Kelly may be somewhat overweight but she is far, far from a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. She is not obese by any means.

  • Gen

    she looks pretty

  • boom baba boom

    Those legs are like tree trunks.

  • dorie

    Kelly is amazing. She is to singing what character actors are to acting – she can express herself so naturally in so many different genres. And she makes it look easy. I can think of no other singer with this kind of artistic range.

  • Pam

    she’s amazing. nothing can beat that voice.

  • stopobesity

    No, Jan#8 YOU have an unhealthy opinion on weight. While Kelly may not be obese, she certainly is not a healthy weight for her age and size. There is an alarminglly growing number of obese teenagers and young adults in America. I believe the number is between 18-22%, and growing. So in a few years a quarter of American’s young adults will be obese!! Some of these people look up to Kelly and just because she sings well then it’s ok to be fat ?! At least that’s what some of the comments here implies. Kelly doesn’t have to be a size 2, but for her sake she should eat healthy because if she’s, ummm, “plump” now. Can you imagine what she’ll be like in 5-10 years when her metabolism slows down?

  • Sarah

    Are they going to air those awards here in the U.S?

  • cg

    stopobesity shut the hell you stupid heath nut freak, let Kelly be, she’s just a little chunky that’s all, i have read stories about people seeing Kelly at GMA, or meeting her in public, etc and they says she’s tiny, looks healthy and hey Kelly’s like hey you don’t have to be a size 0 to be successful but knowing Kelly I doubt she’s meaning it like “hey kids it’s all right to be fat”. And Kelly is not fat, just a little chunky. You and the others who say she is you have no self respect.

  • Daniel

    All haters please f*** off.. shes amazing!!! kelly is the best

  • Daniel

    all haters f off! shes amazing!!!!!! kelly rocks!

  • jamie

    if you don’t think anything is wrong with her weight, then don’t bring it up to begin with.

  • Sam

    Kelly rocks, and the new album is amazing.

  • stopobesity

    CG#15 – are you a fat slob?

  • barbie

    Leave the girl alone

    No one can be perfect like me

  • barbie

    Leave the girl alone

    No one can be perfect like me

  • Irish Girl

    It’s alarming that this can be considered an okay weight. It’s not. Personally, Our societies are so accustomed to seeing fat people that an average weight is vilified. personally, I get tired of hearing that I am too thin, when in fact I’m a normal average adult weight.
    She’s obese and needs to lose weight. Even she knows it. Look at the cape she’s wearing to hide her body. I’m in T.O. and it’s really warm here today, so a cape isn’t necessary.

  • steve

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!! The weight thing is really getting old. WE GET IT! You think she’s fat. Same ole sh*t every single time a picture is shown of her.

    Jared, maybe just take away the options of leaving comments on her. because it’s just wash, rinse, repeat every f-n time. And as much as I like to see new pictures of her, the comments on this site ruin it for me. I guess I’ll go find the pics somewhere else. The people that come on this site disgust me!

    Reminds me of another blog site I went on, where the blogger ripped her a new one for her weight. Yet, she has a small picture of herself on the side panel, and she was 10 times bigger than Kelly. I bet it’s the same as some of the people that come here to comment as well.

  • steve

    Irish girl, this was yesterday, when it was cold and raining in Toronto. She ain’t trying to hide sh*t.

  • kay

    Seriously, what the hell happened to Kelly? Seems like her weight gain was sudden.

  • mk

    Oh, Steve. Stop being so sensitive! Is that really you Kelly? Or Kelly’s Mom? Nooo, Steve (yeah, like that’s your real name) is the president of Kelly’s fan club. We get it. You’re a big fan. If you don’t like what’s being said of Kelly’s weight then don’t read her posts. Ba bye!

  • gossip gril

    And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell … You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

  • TWPumpkin

    Great singer but still a fat chick. She will never reach the career heights she can if she does not change her look. She can say she does not care all she wants. Well guess what Kelly…..people will not care about you back. No one wants to pay to see a young fat artist.

  • zoey


    Sadly I agree. Image means everything in the pop world. For all of you in denial, Kelly will continue to have mediocre sales as long as she continues to ignore he obvious weight gain and negative image. Sad, but true.

  • dorie

    Wow! the godlike omniscience of some of these posts! I’m to believe that at least one of you knows the innermost workings of her mind and health better than she does.

    Those of you still obsessed with the weight and health of a person you’ve probably never even met should take your concerns elswhere – like maybe a qualified therapist. Has it occurred to you that even as a flawed human being (as we all are – even you, Irish Girl) she is still way more accomplished than probably any one posting here? Yes, fat and all, she’s accomplished more in 27 years than most people will in their entire lives. Is this what’s fueling your obsession?

  • Forocoches

    BLUE WHALE!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!

  • TWPumpkin

    dorie- how the hell do you know that? All we are saying is that the girl is fat. In todays world much of a stars success is based on how they look. People do not like fat singers. So shut your stupid pie hole!

  • Lido

    This young woman’s career will never be as hot as it could have been. She plainly cannot keep her weight stable. I don’t think she cares enough. The weight issue means a lot. It means photoshoots and magazine articles lost. They don’t put overweight people on the covers. Kelly has an amazing voice. So does Clay Aiken. You can easily see how their “issues” have made a negative impact on their superstardom.

  • Jan


    Anyone saying gastric bypass surgery is the answer for someone who is not morbidly obese has an unhealthy attitude about weight. Gastric bypass is a serious operation. To suggest someone like Kelly needs it is sick. Does she need to lose weight yes. But anyone saying she should have gastric bypass is coming from an unhealthy attitude about weight.

  • mela

    Jan I never said Kelly should get gastric bypass. Those words were not in my post. To clarify, I do have people in my life who have received gastric and Kelly is getting to look as big as them.

    For clarification, how much do you think she weighs? i’d say close to 200lbs.

    And for your personal referene, I have a relatively healthy attitude about weight. You can catch me running almost every day of the week. I love to work out and I love to eat and think people like jennifer lopez are great examples of celebrities who are not “stick thin” but healthy.

    Face it, Kelly Clarkson is way over weight and I’d bet on it that any doctor would tell her to drop some weight. It’s too much for her tiny frame.

  • mela

    To be honest, I see that picture of Kelly Clarkson and think that a person has got to TRY to be that fat.

    I work out and eat WHATEVER I want and i’m no where near ever being the size of Kelly Clarkson, even at my heaviest.

    Honestly…she is putting down some MAJOR calories EVERY day to maintain her weight. I wonder what is driving her to eat so much (because she can’t be THAT hungry to justifiy that sort of calorie intake), poor thing.

  • alyson

    I think most of you people have forgotten that Kelly has suffered from bulimia already so to think she looks this great at her weight right now is great. She’s comfortable and she looks happy. It’s stuff like this, that led her to bulimia.

  • katie

    she just looks like trash lately. its like she doesnt even bother to brush her hair or wear flattering clothes or put on some blush. its just gorss. its not even about the weight, its about how she presents herself lately. its so trailer park tacky

  • kc

    I agree with Katie – fine if she feels good with this weight (yeah, ok), but try a bit harder to look like the part of a pop star. There are a lot of meaty girls (was that nice enough) who dress well to flatter their “curvy” figures. She should do the same and maybe people will back off about her looks.

  • Irene



  • rocky


    Don’t bother KC! The idiots who continually bring up her weight won’t listen because they HAVE to say something negative about everything. Some people forget that the camera puts on 15 to 20 pounds on a person, hence the reason models have to be so rail thin. She’s a talented young lady and I’m happy for her.

  • TWPumpkin


  • Fabienne

    Where can I see this show if I live in the US? Is it going to be streaming or ?? I would really love to see it. Kelly is a great singer, doesn’t really matter what her figure is like does it?

  • mo mo

    all ya’ll that are constantly going on and on about her weight are annoying! how insecure and jealous are u? ur probably bigger than her since all yall do is sit at the computer all day commenting on “how fat she is”. she never stood up front and claimed to be miss america she feels good about herself and what do you care anyway the main difference between u all and her is she doesnt waste her time commenting on your stupidity

  • mo mo

    u people that are constantly commenting about her weight are freakin annoying! you probably dont have any right to talk since all you do is sit at the computer telling everyone “shes fat”. she has never claimed to be more than what she is and shes content with that. the main difference between her and you idiots is she doesnt waste her time commenting about u…. you rock kelly, keep doin your thing!!!

  • britney

    She is overweight plain and simple. She would look and feel so much better if she got healthy. Go for a walk, go to the gym stop eating fried food or what ever she eats. She is much too young to look like that and be in the public eye as a performer.

  • TWPumpkin



  • Jen

    She is an amazing singer and talented artist but she is overweight and that is unhealthy! You can say what you want but that’s the truth…

  • Michael

    Kelly is amazing! She has came this far without the haters, she doesn’t need them now.