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Megan Fox is a Military Woman

Megan Fox is a Military Woman

Check out these new stills from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, out this Wednesday, June 24.

When Megan Fox was asked about working with the members of the military, she said, “I was really pleasantly, not surprised with them, but they’re all extremely chivalrous and very respectful. Clearly because they’re disciplined and they’re so much better behaved than the rest of the cast is, [laughter] including myself though. They listen and take direction really well and we’re all just f—ing off… I have an immense amount of respect for the soldiers and for our troops.”

20+ pictures inside of miltary woman Megan Fox

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megan fox military 01
megan fox military 02
megan fox military 03
megan fox military 04
megan fox military 05
megan fox military 06
megan fox military 07
megan fox military 08
megan fox military 09
megan fox military 10
megan fox military 11
megan fox military 12
megan fox military 13
megan fox military 14
megan fox military 15
megan fox military 16
megan fox military 17
megan fox military 18
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megan fox military 20

Photos: Jaimie Trueblood/Robert Zuckerman/Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures
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  • Irish Girl

    Gorgeous as usual

  • jerri

    Soooo, sooo sick of this girl!
    When she starts to come down of her high horse, maybe I might invest in her movies..
    bi tch

  • zara

    she look like a bitch …!

    she never lokk like angi

    she is much better than her…!

    go away sluty…!

  • jenny

    She is good to look at but she got a brain of a pea

  • Irish Girl

    She can’t be that unintelligent. She’s getting tons of press and getting us talking about her.

  • jdub

    megan is as retarded as people put her out to be. just because she says strange things, does not mean she’s dumb. there is such a thing as someone because amazingly gorgeous and also intelligent. megan may not be a genius, but i think she’s very smart in the fact that she doesnt go out to clubs and make scenes like other people her age. i have alot of respect for her. she’s just tryna get hers.


    My new title for this girl (COPYCAT FOX). COPYCAT FOX, as I stated before the faster you rise the faster you will fall. No talent. A new pretty thing will come along and COPYCAT FOX will be gone. History always seems to repeat itself. The original we all know is Ms. Jolie and we can only have one. You can not patent yourself after some one else and succeed. Marilyn Monroe had many wannabes for example Jane’s Mansfield which was one out of many but the only one I can think of right at this moment. The movie studios had so many of them like COPYCAT FOX. COPYCAT FOX PLEASE GO AWAY. As I stated before COPYCAT FOX will be hot for a while but will fade really quickly. Talent will always have staying power over youth and plastic fake beauty. I will not see the Transfomers instead I’m opting for GI Joe when that comes on in July. I do not want to see meagor acting of COPYCAT FOX. The plot looks lame anyway.

  • Bella’s mommy

    make her go away

  • jdub

    megan isnt as retarded as alot of people make her out to be. there is such a thing as someone being amazingly gorgeous and still intelligent too. yea, she says some strange things, but she’s not really an airhead. i have alot of respect for her. she may not be some big genius, or someone who goes out and tries to save the environment and animals, but i think she holds herself together very well. she doesnt go out clubbing everynight and make a fool out of herself like other people her age do.


    Megan COPYCAT Fox. That’s better. I want people to know who I’m talking about. I might not waste my time talking about this fake as wanna be girl anymore so anyone who feels the way I do, please feel free to use COPYCAT FOX when referring to this girl. The one thing that makes me agitated is when a person is clearly stealing another persons style and not owning up to it. I would cut her a little bit of slack if she would just omit that Ms. Jolie is her idol and that Ms. Jolie is the shit, instead of acting like she’s new and I’m referring to MEGAN COPYCAT FOX. SO PLESE FEEL FREE TO USE THIS TITLE. I’M DONE WITH MAKING COMMENTS.

  • Delusional, much?

    seen this movie twice on the big screen (in the uk) and i dont remember this outfit at all…weird

  • pink

    i agree, she is a copycat as i said all along, there are so many good looking girls in Hollywood, he won’t last, she has no talent, Angie wore an open leg dress at Cannes, got a lot of attention, guess who copied that not too long ago?, for someone to keep saying she don’t won’t to be like Angie she sure does do and say a lot of what Angie do and say.

  • bella

    Wow so pretty and then she speaks and it takes all that away.

  • military wife

    My husband was on the ship that they filmed this movie on. He said that EVERYONE thought she was a bitch. Usually when stars go out to the ship they take pictures and talk with them She did not do this. She wouldn’t even talk to any one. One of the guys said hello to her in passing and she looked at him and then turned away. He also said Shia was rude. My husband held the door open for him and there was not a thank you, thanks man,nothing. He said Tyrese Gibson was really cool with everyone and stayed and bs with everyone. Really taking time to appriciate the navy guys. The conditions on the ship are not ideal, but our men and women live like that everyday for 6 plus months. So suck it up be respectful and get over yourself. That makes her very UGLY in many eyes now.

  • John

    She isn’t dumb nor is she a genius. In her interviews, Megan is just a real chic. She isn’t one to sugarcoat things at all and often is really blunt and sorta cocky.

  • Thay


  • Frenchy

    Megan and Shia kissing on a french tv show last week ;)

  • Frenchy

    just click on the 17/06/09 video, under the enlarged video

  • lmao

    lol. this is all for a show people. she is trying to be this intelligent nice girl now. after all, she once said she is “trying to build” this wild & edgy image before. she must’ve probably got sick trying to be this wild chic she is trying to portray because nobody’s buying it. guess what megan, nobody’s buying this nice girl image too.

  • dpgirl

    O, Megan!

    watch HD – video Megan Fox –

  • Ryan

    Watched the movie today. :-)

    Megan looked hot all the way through, which was good.

  • ali

    beautiful girl!

  • TWPumpkin

    She is very pretty but comes across as a self indulgent bitch. She tries to sound wise beyond her years but sounds like a smart ass dumb chick. See her on the way down!

  • abbie

    Angi is getting old looking fast. Meagen and angi look plastic no talent both of them.

  • meh

    Wow how gorgeous does she look in the 4th pic! Stunning.

  • Barney Frank, eats winers

    What a tramp. Tats all over, bisexual, foul mouth beyond belief. She ain’t THAT cute. Oh and to add just plain stupid. Did I say STUPID? ////wanted to make sure that I got that in there. Every time I hear one of her comments, it sounds so ingant. lol ingant… Just another Ho-llywood Tramp.

  • Barney Frank


  • NOt a homo

    Just a thought, it’s a good thing that she and Bahama aren’t married. there wouldn’t be anything else on the tube. enough of this street slut.
    Sick of seeing her and Bahammma all the FN time.

  • lakers fan in boston

    this time i didnt think what she said was that bad other than she said the f word
    cant w8 for the movie, not for her really since she’s a bad actress but i like action movies, i thought the last 1 was pretty good
    and megan looks hot in some of those pics

  • betty

    The girl in the 9th pic is FAR better looking than Megan will ever be. Perhaps that’s why Megan refused to stand next to her during promotional appearances. Megan is plastic.

  • Jughed

    Sooo fine :D

  • Greengrass

    The only thing good about this girl is her looks. She dosen’t have solid acting skills and she even knows that. How long can she act based on her looks? Not too long.

  • badbadgirl

    What a load of garbage.Hey Megan you are not beautiful.Just plain old tramp. Anyone can go and get implants and collagen fillers in their face and lips to look pretty. Maybe you should consider plastic surgery for those ugly club thumbs of yours, since you are all about image minus any substance and acting skills.They look really disgusting and are very distracting when they appear on the big screen.
    Not to crash your dreams of becoming the next Angelina but whoever said you look like Angelina Jolie is just kidding with you. You are not even on the same level as her in terms of acting skills,humanitarian efforts and personality. Getting a few meaningless tattoos and dying your hair black will not make you on par with Angelina.Saying stupid quotes to sound edgy does not work either.It makes you look very unintelligent and crass. A total trash is what comes out instead.
    Lets just state the fact that you are not an A list actress and will never be. Hope you fade away soon.

  • LuckyL

    Irish Girl @ 06/21/2009 at 12:32 pm

    She can’t be that unintelligent. She’s getting tons of press and getting us talking about her.

    It’s called not being born deformed and acting like a famewh*re. What’s so f****** hard about that?

  • Liverwurst

    She’s prettier than most girls at the local mall. (I’m trying to be nicer)

  • jen

    i saw the film friday in uk thougth it was great but at the same time all i could look at where her lips and not in that kinda of way but they where awful so over done they just didnt look nature at all

  • jeeze

    I will be so glad when the hoopla over Transformers is done. Then this girl can go away. she’s really doing herself a diservice going on this way. Who will take her seriously from this point on. Next she’ll be blaming her lame duck career on the fact that ‘everyone’ keeps trying to compare her to Jolie and thst she can’t get a fair shake because of her beauty. She keeps saying she NOT trying to mimick Jolie when everything she does or allows to be done to her is EXACTLY that: mimicking Jolie. Her only problem is…Jolie is still VERY much alive and Still VERY much a HUGE boxoffice draw. I doubt that if given her OWN movie, Fox will EVER bring what Jolie does. Transformers was a huge hit and this 2nd one will be too but NOT BECAUSE of Fox…despite her actually. the bigger draws are the dang robots and Shia. She’s not even in the movie as much as you would think. We have been previewing this movie for the last two days with 2 more sneaks coming up tonight. Sorry she is not the new Jolie (that title will rest with Jolie’s daughters…most likely Shiloh) and less we forget while Jolie kicks major buttocks on the screen, she also kicks major at the awards…which to my knowlwdge Fox has yet to even breach the waters of that forum yet. (doubt she will, not all that talented)

    blah…she and that Jessica Biel girl need to go take a few deportment and acting classes…maybe trip over some talent. Having said all this, I will say that I agree with one poster in the sense that Fox knows exactly what she’s doing. She trying to remain relevant and who better than Jolie (a woman quickly on her way to becoming a legend) to attach yourself to? Fos needs the new tomb Raider role and she knows this. The Transformers series is pretty much all she has, she needs another vehicle, Transformers wasn’t hers it was Shia’s, so now she’s looking for a movie she can star in ALONE. unfortunately she may not bring in the money needed to offset the price tag of a new Tomb Raider, so she has to get the globe talking about her. But I don’t think she succeeding in the way she thought she would.

  • sweeper
  • Karen

    i LOVE Megan!

  • jack

    you are all jeluz!…megan fox i soooooo F***ing sexy.and she is just as smart as she needs to be!…and who says gorgeous???? the correct term is SEXYYY!!!!!!!!!

  • jack

    an the bes pic is the 10th one…showin off her sexy legs in leather!!!!!!!

  • Suppress your appetite

    she’s cute!