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Ryan Reynolds Naked = Big Box Office

Ryan Reynolds Naked = Big Box Office

Ryan Reynolds strips down to his impressive birthday suit in the new romantic comedy, The Proposal, in theaters now.

The flick, which also stars Sandra Bullock, smooched its way to No. 1 at the box office this weekend, raking in $34.1 million. That’s the best opening of Sandy‘s career!

The Jack Black-Michael Cera comedy Year One opened at No. 4, pulling in $20.2 million. The Hangover and Up! placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

15+ stills inside of naked Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal

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ryan reynolds naked 01
ryan reynolds naked 02
ryan reynolds naked 03
ryan reynolds naked 04
ryan reynolds naked 05
ryan reynolds naked 06
ryan reynolds naked 07
ryan reynolds naked 08
ryan reynolds naked 09
ryan reynolds naked 10
ryan reynolds naked 11
ryan reynolds naked 12
ryan reynolds naked 13
ryan reynolds naked 14
ryan reynolds naked 15
ryan reynolds naked 16

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  • Not impressed by JA

    yummy !

  • Not impressed by JA

    What a beautiful man !

  • layla

    oh my god. he is sooooooooooooooooooooo yummy.

  • kamilah

    best part of the movie ;D

  • Funkey

    Why is it we never see him with his wife starting to wonder if this was some arrangement marriage they never are together must be a very hard relationship to handle.

  • Liliana


    Maybe because they want to protect their privacy, don’t you think? They are together at home and don’t need to show their happiness at red carpets and magazine covers.

  • katie

    he is deliciouss <3

  • You/Me

    LOL, these stills look almost pornographic! hee hee

  • Irish Girl

    Wow. He does Canada proud.

  • Tina

    Nice body, fugly face.

  • Mike

    Love Sandra Bullock, always have!

  • ck_always

    Can’t wait for all the retards to say this is also photoshopped.

  • dg95

    raunchy pic!! i wish i was in her position… ;-)

  • .

    This movie was really cute and funny, I’m glad I saw it

  • Karin

    *loool* Can’t wait to see the movie. <3

  • elena

    OHH i feel so jealous…he is soooo fine !!!!

  • jojo

    Is he still marrie to Johanson or have they split could never see them together lately

  • ryanfan

    Oh what I would do to be in Sandra position! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to see what Ryan looks like down there? I bet he is very well hung. lol.

  • rachael

    That Scarlett is one lucky girl!! MAN HAS GONE SOME BODY!!!!

  • amy

    yummy!!!!!!!!! damn you scarlett! LOL

  • gretchen

    I wasn’t expecting much, but I actually enjoyed the movie.

  • nikki

    i think he is one lucky guy
    have u seen scarlett
    shes gorgeous

  • jessd

    douchebag galore!

  • saweet

    I don’t watch rated R movies and so I had no idea this is the stuff that goes on. I always thought that Bullock and Reynolds were respectable actors and so I am surprised that they participate in rated X scenes.

  • bella

    @Irish Girl: Agree, I am Canadian and i have no idea where these guys are :)

  • stella

    Agree with Tina (comment 10) – hot body. Very average face. Without those abs you wouldn’t give him a second look so hot diggity damn, thank goodness for those!

  • JGP

    Betty White is the hottest part of this film! lol

  • marina

    watch the trailer, there is that scene, but of course you do not get to see everything!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    saw the movie
    it was really funny =]
    wish me had more pics of sandra, i dont like ryan pics =[
    im still jealous he has scarlett =[

  • hannah

    i saw the movie and loved it im so buying it ,ryam is hot his face is hot 2 u should see him in that movie everything he wore looked good on him! dont know what your talking about i mean come on!!~

  • courtney

    i saw it the first day it came out.
    it was a very good movie! I was cracking up the whole time. :)
    that scene was the best part. ;)
    the ending was hilarious too.

  • Jen

    Great movie… Better than expected, very funny! Ryan is hot, face and everything! He was flawless in that movie and so cute and funny too! Sandra was awesome her funniest movie for sure and so was Betty White!

  • H.

    Saweet, this movie had nothing that was remotely x-rated. Leave the house once in a while, geez. There were never any sexual parts showing! The scene was very well done and absolutely hilarious! BTW, Jared, I know you’re all about Ryan but Mrs. Sandy has an absolutely fabulous body, especially at 44. I’m a straight woman and I can even admit that. She looked fab!

    The movie was lotsa fun. They had terrific chemistry and I’ll definitely be getting the DVD.

  • Dreamer

    you’re not giving her enough credit…she’s just as big of a reason for it’s success this weekend

  • um

    They did great promotions for the movie including being on Letterman and the Tonight Show. Congrats

  • saweet


    “Leave the house once in a while, geez.”

    Leave the house and go to a strip club? Or are you saying I will see two naked people pressed against each other on any street? Don’t tell me it is just about naked bodies. I am not into voyeurism, just because you are used to it, doesn’t mean I am closed-minded and you’re open-minded. In fact, I think that people have gone backwards, people a few decades were more respectable, and mainstream movies and shows did not show this degree of vulgar filth. Humans are turning to animals, doing their business out in the open. Actually animals are one up as there is no voyeurism. No decency is left!

  • Jazz

    Not gonna lie, i did not go to see The Proposal for Ryan Reynolds. I went to go see it b/c I LOVE SANDRA BULLOCK!! She is hands down one of my favorite actresses and it was nice to see her back in the romantic comedy genre again. This movie was a nice surprise since i wasn’t expecting too much from it, but now I’m pretty much obsessed. Ryan Reynolds was also amazing in the movie, but Sandy takes the cake. Betty White killed it, she is more hilarious than I could ever have thought! Go see it if you haven’t yet seen it!!!

  • Megan fox rocks

    what the hell happend to ur site jared ????

  • Marieme

    I hope to see this sometime this week. Funny thing is my mom hates going to the movies (too many rude people she says), but she is willing to go see this one. In fact she asked me to take her. Lol! Such is the appeal of these two actors.

  • The Dame

    sweet mary mother of god!

  • Sassy

    THat scene is hilarious. LAughing my ass oFFF hahaha

  • who?

    LOL @ #36
    you’re overreacting… so “Leave the house once in a while, geez.”
    follow this advice, ok? :)

  • david

    the cameraman caught the frontal, why got cut?!?!?!

  • Anchie

    mmm,he’s sooo FINEEE! <3
    <3 Scarlett is one lucky lady :P

  • Felicity

    he’s just perfect! congrats to both of them :)
    MUST see the movie!
    yum. ryan truly is a piece of cake.

  • me

    this movie was great! loved it!!

  • saweet


    YAWN. Does “Leave the house once in a while, geez.” have a symbolic meaning? Is ‘leave the house’ a symbol for ‘stop using your brain’? Because I do go out and I don’t encounter filth, but I guess if I stopped using my brain I might do something that makes me encounter filth. Hmm, now it makes sense.

  • snoopy


    I don’t see ryan reynold showing us his all as filth, on the contrary. I see it as a beautiful thing. lol
    If this type of movie bothers you just go watch something else. That’s the beauty of cinema. Plenty of genres for us to choose from. Everyone can pick something they like and go see it.

  • pearl

    One word to describe ryan reynolds HOTTIE!
    Wow! looks like he still has the same gorgeous body as he had when he did the Blade Trinity movie. I like him not only cause he is totally hot but also because he is a good very talented actor…he is good doing comedy films he is very funny. i saw his interview on the david letterman show and he seems to be a cool & nice guy. Miss Scarlett Johannsen is one very lucky women. They are perfect for each other!
    They are one of hollywood’s hottest celebrity couple.

  • adventuress

    @The Dame: I’ll second that! I WISH a man would dance naked with me in the living room! Knocks me breathless imagining it. Oh PLEASE GOD send some of THAT to me!!!!!