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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty: Kissing Couple Again!

Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty: Kissing Couple Again!

Still together!

British actress Sienna Miller and boyfriend Balthazar Getty enjoy a kiss-fest as they enjoy a vacation in Positano, Italy on Father’s Day Sunday (June 21).

Sienna, 27, and Balthazar, 34, arrived in Italy with his mother on Friday. They took a speed boat to Nerano, where they lunched at Lo Scoglio.

The pair had not been seen together since February, with the relationship possibly over. Not so! The couple raised eyebrows when they were spotted last year (where else? Positano, Italy!) canoodling on their hotel balcony.

15+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty, the kissing couple again…

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sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 01
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 02
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 03
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 04
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 05
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 06
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 07
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 08
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 09
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 10
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 11
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 12
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 13
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 14
sienna miller balthazar getty kissing couple again 15

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • Ckayed

    Wow, and today is Father’s Day no less.

  • Yawny!

    Just the thought of them sucking face with that disgusting cigarette breath is enough to make me want to barf! She literally has a puff on her cigarette and then kisses him! It must be like kissing a stale ashtray. Yuk! So much for all the BS in her Vogue interview! If she thinks she was having a hard time before this, she should brace herself. The woman is a clown. She should join a circus. So should Getty, for that matter…

  • Happy Fathers’ day

    Why does everyone criticize the woman-he is the one who is married and has four children. I guess his children don’t matter on Fathers’ Day-HE IS A JERK!!!!

  • Irish Girl

    Looking slim and beautiful, as always. If I could look like any female celebrity, it would be her. Yes, I’m utterly, completely jealous. :)

  • jaime


  • Both r sleazebags

    At least she has her clothes on this time.

  • Connie

    Both of them are worthless trash!!! What woman would slobber all over a married man with four children on on FATHERS DAY!! They both suck!!!!


    i thought she was with hayden again, so many men it’s hard to keep track!

  • Deborah

    Irish—would you act like her as well? Because if you would, shame on you!!

  • anna

    whatever, they look goood!

  • jess

    They’re both jerks.

  • M

    The woman has no morals! Getty is a jerk. His kids deserve much better.

  • Deborah

    I am just disgusted with what pigs they both are. So much all that “I’m single” bullcrap she layed out for Vogue. Just more evidence that she is the biggest liars there is. It’s father’s day for gods sake and he’s crawling all over his nasty biombo. Both of them should rot!!

  • Diego

    Just another day of worthless ho’s being worthless ho’s. Who cares about them? Neither of them are worth looking at. I’m gone.

  • Furby

    How do you know when Sienna is lying? When her lips are moving.

  • kelly

    Ok, cringing that she’s back with this married (divorced??) man. But post said they arrived Positano with his mom???? What’s up with that?

  • sheryl

    What a diabolical hypocrite she is! Whose magazine will she grace next with her load of sh!t whining?

  • whatthefug

    That’s okay, Balti, I’m sure your WIFE is happy to console your kids since you are not with them on Father’s Day. She’s been both parents to them this last year, anyway so what’s one more day. Of course, one might think this was a day that you chose to be with them since neither you nor your brainless druggie twit girlfriend have any work. You maybe could have worked your schedules out better. But, hey, if this is the kind of father you are going to be, then maybe it’s just better. I hope twenty years from now when all you have is a beat up aged old blond hag and your kids don’t talk to you, it will be worth it.

  • Derby

    Balti, I hope you had no hope of ever having a set visitation schedule with your kids, because taking off on fathers day to swim with your naked girlfriend is going to pretty much kill it. But hey, like any court would allow the kids to be in Sienna’s presence lol.

  • sheeez

    Lying stupid ugly tramp!! Find a single man, beyotche!

  • Karma

    Good for Rhys Ifans, getting a role in Nottingham! Crowe, Blanchett, Ifans….
    Sienna who?

  • sheeez

    both of them are lowlife scum!

  • Dulcie

    Oh yeah…this should pretty much kill her career for good. Good riddance.

  • sheryl

    Hey Vogue, when will we get Rosetta Getty’s Vogue cover and “I’ve had my heart broken” interview? Huh? She’s got a bit more reason to whine than this filthy virus ever did.
    I will never, ever spend a dime on anything she is involved with.
    Getty is a scab, and Rosetta needs to pick him off her life and move on. Let the filthy virus have the filthy scab.

  • Dobbins

    What do you want to bet that her “Freinds” are going to say this was a reconciliation.

    See, the problem with all of this is that Sienna is way to incredibally self-absorbed and stupid to realize how her actions will be portrayed and to listed to the advice of others..

    As for him, he’s the kind of man that give fathers a bad name….on father’s day, no less.

  • H.

    The s.lut never learns.

  • eww

    she’s really gross… and so is he…

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Hes a jerk!! She is cheap.. S L U T

  • I

    One slut with another. Perfect.

  • eww

    funny thing is I used to like her, but now I think she’s so cheap… she truly grosses me out…

  • Irish Girl

    @Deborah: What if I did act like her? Jealous you’re not getting any?
    Deb, go read the Kelly Clarkson posts; I’m sure they’re more your speed.

  • i

    One slut with another. The perfect duo.

  • Chili Pepper

    Stupid b-i-t-c-h!

  • I

    Oops. My apologies for the double post!

  • callie

    that’s disgusting fathers day and he’s with this slut instead of his kids…..Is she trying to get shot?

  • jj

    Both are pond scum and SM proved beyond a doubt she is a pathlogical liar. So Rosetta, take him for every penny,get full custody and never let the Slutty one ever near your children. Boycott everything they do and hope they both never work again. Just disgusting.

  • Boycott Vogue

    I’m actually thrilled at the amount of money I will be saving by boycotting Vogue and G.I. Joe so, thank you Sienna! LOL

  • mju8

    JJ I don’t think it’s his mother accompanying them in those photos I think it’s just her mom. I really doubt his side of the family would condone their relationship

  • mju8

    Oh and Sienna is a pathological liar just like Paris, Lindsay and Megan so I never believe a word that comes out of her mouth

  • Whataslapper!

    #16 – Sienna turned up on Friday with her mother and some of her friends. Getty didn’t roll up until yesterday so the story is wrong. The problem with Getty is he is weak. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was supposed to be a no-strings fling but Sienna did her usual clinging on for life and Getty is too much of a coward to say goodbye to her permanently. It will be interesting to see how long Rosetta puts up with this for. I just hope she doesn’t divorce him until he gets his inheritance then I hope she stakes a claim to the lion’s share of it for her and the kids. That would serve the skunk right! :)

  • Yawny!

    @Happy Fathers’ day:

    People criticise the woman because a woman who sleeps with a married man is an ENABLER. If she refused to have an affair with him, he could not have an affair. It takes a particular kind of woman to sleep with a married man with kids. That woman is selfish, immoral and sleazy. Enter stage left: Sienna Miller.

  • Deborah

    Irish Girl

    If you acted like her,I’d call you a trashy hore, just like her.

    And I’m not so desperate to get some I have to find a married man!

  • Yuk!

    Getty looks dreadful! I thought Brad aged with Angie but Getty looks diabolical after just a year with Sienna! She must be wearing him out but good, like a succubus. At this rate he will look 80 in two years time!

  • sheryl

    People also criticize Sienna because she is a diabolical hypocrite of the worst kind. She whines to a magazine about how she has had her heart broken, but fails to mention how she cheated on/broke Rhys Ifan’s heart when she hooked up with Getty. She then goes on to whine about how “trusting and naive” she was regarding Getty, but then here she is. If she’s going to talk about her private life and lie about it, expect some backtalk.
    That’s all there is to it.
    Apart from that, these two really should disappear together.

  • Ms.puke

    Ugh….these two nasties are back

  • jj

    Believe it is her mother, not his. Agree his family will not have anything to do with her. Also agree BG has aged since sleeping with her, that’s what drugs and vodka do to you. Boycott SM and BG

  • A

    poor his three little daughters. they’re gonna hate him anyway.

  • A
    and his three little daughters will be remembering SM for a very very long time.

  • rachel

    sienna is such a f***ing whore. so is he. he is one slimy douchebag. why hasn’t his wife filed for divorce?

  • A

    sending her to the boarding school was a huge mistake, to say the least.
    but what a shame we can’t go back in past. right, Mum? take a look at that photo again.^