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Beyonce Knowles & Jay-Z Kick Off American Tour

Beyonce Knowles & Jay-Z Kick Off American Tour

Beyonce is joined by Jay-Z on stage at Madison Square Garden, NYC, on (June 21) the first stop of the “I am Sasha Fierce” American tour.

The 27-year-old singer performed “Crazy in Love,” which featured Jay-Z.

Beyonce is being threatened with a million-dollar lawsuit for canceling a Manhattan club show. She was supposed to perform on Saturday at the M2 as part of her tour launch. “They said they were too busy with the launching of the tour and that they wouldn’t have time to do the kickoff party,” the club owner told Page Six.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce Knowles & Jay-Z kicking off the American tour…

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  • Me!

    That outfit is so ugly! Why would she make you focus on the part of her body that’s the most unflattering?
    Jay-Z must be one of the ugliest black men out there; his teeth make him look like Mr. Ed!!
    Fix those chompers, Jay-Z!!!

  • Bittersweetrc

    Jay-Z’s so ugly…and Beyonce’s concerts all look the same – so blase

  • Bussiness

    I love Jay and bey is just bla bla bla!!!
    That’s a business marriage (at least for her part)!!

  • humid

    Thunder thighs herself! UGH!!!

    Cover those thighs……grossing us out!

  • Lady gaga rocks!

    Beyonce is the definition of a media atticted person. lolol

    I wonder how many times a year they both see each other?? every 2 months. i bet divorce is coming next year!!

  • humid

    We imbeciles have made these two mediocre talents into billionaires.

  • currlycutiepie

    I am so tired of these two why don’t they take a damn break! Over-exposure does not endear you to anyone, yah hear me Bey. Jay-Z aren’t you supposed to be retire? please both of you, take a break for a year or two.

  • Lady gaga rocks!

    Jay is not ugly!! haters shut up!! He’s such a nice guy. Ya’ll have no idea at all!!! way nicer than beyaki!

  • cute

    Her outfits do emphasize her thighs but she’s still beautiful.

  • humid

    Mediocre at best! Done!

  • She will never sit down!

    Jay should move on. She will never sit down. Ya’ll can write this comments the next 10 years. She will never start a family with Jay. that’s probably the truth.

  • http://Justjared Susan

    Message to the #1 Post

    Bey dresses this way because she can; because she is comfortable and CONFIDENT with her body and not trying to starve her body to a size one. Unlike you White girls who buy into all the media crap and think you should be a size one. Yeah, maybe thats fine for a nine year but not woman or girls over the age of 12. Get real. Look in the mirror and love yourself and love what you see. AND EAT A MEAL EVERY NOW AND THEN!

  • Love her

    To the 2 Haters above…
    That woman’s skin is flawless & she oozes talent…
    Get Over It!!!

  • sian

    Amazing talent, and she knows it, but doesn’t ‘rub you the wrong way’. I feel her marriage to Jay-z is for status purposes, but she does love him. These two want to make the most money possible hence why she likes to endorse dreadful commercial products…. soft drinks, gum, fast food. Would I do the same if I was in her shoes. Hell no, I’m not that greedy. Like I said, she’s talented and that compensates for her poor taste in product endorsements … and perhaps men.

  • fatu sankoh

    they look so good together the most talented couple ever hatters have norting on them the nailed the show i cant wait to them in dc god bless bey and jay from the hate monger keep doing what you are doing god and we your fans love yoy

  • Love her

    I Mean #1 & #2 when i first started to comment only 2 people were there now i see 12 or 13…
    So to #1 & 2
    That woman’s skin is flawless & she oozes talent…
    Get Over It!!!

  • MissG

    The first elevent comments are null and void, because none of you were at the show. Beyonce should never sit down or worry about the looks of her husband, that’s your job. While hers is to put on A+ performances which she did last night at MSG.

    The crowd was at capacity, her voice was through the roof, and her presence was undeniable. Beyonce is the best artist out gracing the stage along with her husband. Her vocals were on point, and it truly was an amazing experience being in Madison Square Garden to witness it. For someone who said her costumes, are all the same, has just witnessed a Beyonce show from the outside looking in, you definitely WERE NOT in Madison Square Garden last night. Stop the hate and recognize this woman is amazingly talented, and did a wonderful job at the Garden last night ( to stay on TOPIC!)

  • sian

    Amazing talent, and she knows it, but doesn’t rub you the wrong way. I feel her marrriage to Jay is for status purposes, but she loves him. These two are out to make as much money possible, hence why she likes to endorse dreadful commercial products… gum, soft drinks, fast food. Would I do the same if I was in her shoes…. hell no. I’m not that greedy. Still, her talent compensates for her poor taste in product endorsements… and men perhaps.

  • MissG

    Obviously the first ten posters were nowhere near Madison square garden on Sunday night. Beyonce lit the place on fire with her amazing and soaring vocals which tore the roof down.. Everyone was pleased. So for those of you saying mediocre, or that she never changes her costumes you’re speaking from hate. Because you would know that the show, as A+, and noone left unsatisfied. The energy in the Madison Square Garden was over the top. Great vocals by Beyonce, and dancing skills. As long as she is on top, why would she sit down? And why wouldn’t Beyonce and Jay want to make money in this economy? Stop the foolishness. There’s no need for her to sit especially since her husband is standing by her side on and off stage every step of the way? You wouldn’t sit down at your job now would you? She’ll break when she wants. Anyway, Beyonce looked GREAT, sounded even greater, and rules the stage. Go queen bey!

  • MissG

    ignore 17 an error came up didn’t realize it went through!

  • Nalan

    she has the most beautiul leg in the world!

  • Emma.

    She’s so pretty and so talented. That girl is fierce. Work that stage with yo’ husband. Lol.

  • g.b

    she looks grate!

  • g.b

    she looks grate!

  • TC

    I don’t think she’s overexposed considering she’s on a world tour. At least she’s not out for a photo-op every night like Rihanna.
    Agree, Beyonce is a beautiful woman.

  • Cheryl


  • fierce being

    LOVE these two!!!!!!

  • Me!

    #12 Susan
    How did I become the poster child for skinny white women?
    You know nothing about me or my race, so back off!
    You don’t really want to talk weight and blacks, do you?
    Beyonce is bottom heavy—-that how she looks. That may appeal to you, but I don’t think it looks good.
    Just my opinion:-)

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    jay-z – richer than every poster’s top 3 favorite musical artist.

    beyonce – other than oprah she made double/triple what your favorite whoever.. actress, r&b/pop/country artist.
    must suck to be them. LOL

  • Noticias de famosos

    Each has its own style, but they are good together.

  • http://twitter swtbrownsugar

    With the good and bad comments regarding B&Z; they still get paid and hopefully they are enjoying life; there is not a perfect world or perfect people and some of us keep what we are born with. All have a good day.

  • MAx



    I think she’s rockin that outfit and IT IS A STAGE OUTFIT for goodness sake! I’m not a ‘fan’ per say, but people dissing her because of her weight is just soooo STUPID!!!! They wish they had that body!! I bit all the girls dissing her all watch The Hills! Typical white girl crap!!

  • rocky

    I think she looks good. If it works for them, then good.

  • girlygirl

    HOT! She looks great!

  • NO. 6 ROCKS


    I love you number 6 XOXOXO (so true so true…)

  • Anita

    She’s so beautiful!!!!
    And the tour is fantastic and amazing!!!

  • royal beauty

    @humid: OK, seriously…thunder thighs? DAMN….You certainly don’t appreciate the beauty of many African American body types…I am not a fan of Bey, but I know beauty when I see it, and she is…would you rather her have thighs like that troll Tori Spelling shut the phuck up! If she has to cover her thighs, you should cover, or better yet behead yourself (as should Jay Z). No Bey is not shaped like a flat ass, 11 year old boy the stereotypical Caucasian, blond haired, blue eyed beauty…and you know what that’s okay. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so please don’t go there, because your feelings will most certainly be hurt!

    Moving on, we all know what what we’re going to get with Beyonce, so this really not a story, but ok, I suppose.

  • royal beauty

    @Lady gaga rocks!: Yes he is…no amount of money or fame can change that, sad, but true!

  • royal beauty

    @Susan: Thank you Susan…I could not have said it better myself, well…probably, but thank you! LOL!


    u’re all jealous
    the are together since 2002
    Bee say : between her and Jay , it’s not fake
    they are in love . i agree
    people enjoys critisize
    all about her , her life, man , style
    it’s ridiculous
    Beyoncé , u’re the QUeen
    Number 4 in Forbes Magazine with $ 87 million
    who can do better?

  • Paranel

    Fat, trashy and ghetto. That’s Beyonce for you.

  • black beauty

    im over it

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    beyonce has the biggest tour in the world right now. hurts doesn’t it?
    beyonce and jay-z have been together for almost 10 years and the media knows NOTHING about them. not one negative story was wrote about their relationship – like all other celeb couples (who didn’t last half the time they did). hurts, doesnt it?

  • omg

    I know i will get a lot of angry comments on this comment.
    But she has the weirdest shape to her body. It looks fake and unproportioned.

  • bjday4

    I love them as performance and as celebrities. And they work hard now so they can go on holiday for the rest of their lives,Ya’ll just hating.Their a cute couple and both great performers.And jay seems like a really nice guy.Look at Chris B he’s supposed to e the hot one and he abused his gf so stop hating!!!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    @omg: that’s the shape of the costume, you fcuking idiot. you cant be that fcuking dumb. ROTFLMFBAO

  • Pandora

    @ Susan — what’s up w/ the “unlike all you white girls”? Is it fair to make a blanket statement? I’m one of the white girls and I think she’s gorgeous. She has a great body and I always love her outfits (whether on stage or out and about). She looks good whether she’s up or down a few pounds because I think her greatest accessory is her face. She’s just a very stunning woman w/ perfect skin and great features.

    But cut the “white girl” crap, okay? I don’t find all the white women (or men, for that matter) featured on this site to be anything to rave about. So doees that make me anti-white otranti-black if I happen to think (and I do) Halle Berry (for example) is not much to fuss over? It’s a matter of opinion dear, and shouldn’t have anything to do w/ color.

  • christina

    seriously?anyway-back to her tour review. i was at her show last night and it was absolutely amazing. she looked stunning, sang beautifully, and everyone was in AWE of her stage presence. she was funny, classy, sassy, and most of all: THANKFUL. you can’t ever deny that this woman loves her fans. it definitely shows and she has some of the most devoted fans out there because of it. you can hate on her, but you can’t deny that the girl can SING and knows how to BREAK IT DOWN. she makes people happy and you can see her passion in her performance. i had nosebleed seats last night but it sure didn’t feel like it!! it was the best concert i have EVER been to.

  • omg

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n: LOL I find your comment quite funny in return, as I am sure I would get a response like this. I know it is her costume, and I am not an idiot (to put it with a lot more class and a lot more respect than what you called me) I was refering to her shape in general. She has the weirdest body shape in general. . . i apologize for your ignornace in not understanding that to start with.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    @omg: well i too find your comment quite funny. and… i’m sorry you’re so fcuking stupid you cant spell ‘ignorance’ correctly. LOL..