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Bridget Moynahan Has Fun With Friends

Bridget Moynahan Has Fun With Friends

Bridget Moynahan arrives at a friend’s house on Father’s Day in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (June 21).

The 38-year-old actress will appear in the TV movie Bunker Hill later this year and is currently preparing for her role in Ramona and Beezus with Selena Gomez and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Moynahan has a 22-month-old son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, with ex-boyfriend Tom Brady. It was confirmed last week that Brady‘s current girlfriend Gisele Bundchen is indeed pregnant.

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52 Responses to “Bridget Moynahan Has Fun With Friends”

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  1. 26
    lollipop Says:

    Tom is trailer trash. Father to two different baby mothers. Wait til he knocks up #3! Leopards never change their spots……Gross! He had the best in Bridget. Now he’s got Giseledface. He ruined that boy’s life giving him a fractured home life. Men will exploit his baby boy because Bridget as a single mom will be an easy target for all the leeches out there. That bitterness will haunt Tom for the rest of his life. No amount of money can fix a broken home. Tom is pathetic! Bridget has class! There is no trapping! If he didn’t want the possibility of a baby with her, he’d had zipped it up or snipped it off for that matter.

  2. 27
    Girl Says:

    Geez…what is with all the negativity and cattiness? Did you ever stop to think that maybe they all worked it out and have moved on? Tom and Gisele seem really happy…they just got married, always make time for John/Jack and are going to have a baby soon. And we don’t hear about Bridget much but she seems like a great mom and a generally nice person. I doubt that after all this time she’s still holding a grudge about anything.
    You talk as if you actually know these people…nobody knows what really happened with the three of them, half of it is just lies from the media to sell magazines.
    From what I can see as someone who doesn’t know them…all three seem like nice people who have moved on and are living their lives and really care about the child. So why is everyone so convinced that there is a Tom and Gisele vs. Bridget feud going on?

  3. 28
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i use 2 find her so sexy on sex and the city
    i mean she still looks pretty good but whenever i think of her i go back to her in that show

  4. 29
    annie Says:

    Callie-when Gisele has her baby in late October, early November (hence the rush wedding in Feb) will you say she trapped Tom? That dumb idiot should really use some protection!

  5. 30
    Girl Says:

    #29 Annie- The baby is due in December/January. If she was due in Oct/Nov it would mean she’s about 6 months pregnant right now which is impossible because you can’t even see a bump on her right now.
    Also, it was not a “rushed wedding.” Gisele said in Vanity Fair that they were engaged for a long time, before any of the rumors started in December. She also recently said in a Brazilian interview that they had two weddings because the first one in the Church was for Tom’s Catholic parents and Jack.
    And Gisele has expressed her desire to have children repeatedly so its not unlikely that this was planned rather than a mistake.
    Get your facts straight before you start calling people you don’t know “dumb idiots” because it makes you come off as one.

  6. 31
    cc Says:

    girl do you belive everything that gisele says you do know she not good at telling the truth like the fact that she said that her and tom have jack 50 % of the time which is not true tom stated that he gets jack one week out of the month

    what do you half to say about that girl

  7. 32
    Bob Says:


    What nonsense,you can’t possibly know what exactly happened. All 3 seem to get along just fine. Tom looks really happy, Gisele looks ecstatic and Bridget looks calm. So what’s the big fuss.
    Don’t believe everything you read. The 3 of them seem to have their lives in order.

  8. 33
    Green Tea Says:


    THANK YOU!!!

    Tom Brady is a loser! If he didn’t want kids then he should have zipped it up or worn a condom.

  9. 34
    Girl Says:

    #31 cc- Read it again, she said they have him 50% of the time *when they’re in California*, not overall. So it does make sense that he said one week a month.

  10. 35
    Girl Says:

    #31 cc- Read it again. She said they have him 50% of the time *when they’re in California*, not overall. So it makes sense that he said one week a month.

  11. 36
    Bonitto Says:

    Green Tea – Bridget Moynahan is a loser, if she didn’t want kids she should have close her legs and not have sex with Tom brady (without protection).

    She is not 16 yrs old – she is almost 40 yrs and tom didn’t rape her.

  12. 37
    anon Says:

    The Bradys must be soooooooooo happy to call Bonitto a fan. HaHaaaaaaaaaa. If they read his s**t, they would be embarrassed. Bonitto, you are the most crude, rude, obnoxious poster on any blog. You cause more people to hate the Bradys than to dislike Bridget.

  13. 38
    Bonitto Says:

    And oh yes anon, you are the niciest poster on any blog – you are lilly white aren’t you anon – I am still shaking my head at how stupid you are – and keep on following me around and chat your nonsense because I am not leaving – when you came here posting your garbage about Tom & Gisele and people reply we are of a sudden crude, rude and obnoxious – but when you are bashing them you are not – what an idiot you really are – but like i said you are going to tired to see my face.

  14. 39
    QT Says:

    CC you need to learn how to read Tom NEVER said he see’s John one week a month. He was giving an example of a parent being away from their kid & how hard it is not seeing them everyday. Go re-read the quote fool!! BM is the insecure one in this whole mess. Tom wants to have a baby with his wife, that doesn’t make him trash. BM also had a hand in giving John a broken home as well.

  15. 40
    robb Says:

    I think Bridget looks great. She is such a natural beauty. Can’t wait to see herr in bunker hill.

  16. 41
    Green Tea Says:



    I did read what he said, and he implied that if he had to do that stuff every day, it would be boring. But since he only has to do it every now and then, it’s fun for him.

  17. 42
    Anonymous Says:

    Green Tea- He said that there is a “different appreciation” for it. It doesn’t mean that if he had his son every day he would care about him any less. It normal that when a person has someone or something for a lesser amount of time, they appreciate that time more.

  18. 43
    cc Says:

    i think he likes being a part time dad instead of a full time father to jake i quess one week out of the month is good for him

  19. 44
    jasmine Says:

    bridget is so much prettier then gisselle i dont even thinkgisselle is pretty she has a man face with a nice girl body..i know why tom was attracted to her and thats because she has a nice bod..her face is ugly though she is a butt-a-face…

    bridget is very beautifull and im glad that she didnt give her son his last name he wasnt there for her thru the pregnancy and he skipped out on her, so yeah i would have not acknowledged his last name either…not to gisselle bridgets son only has 1 mama and she is the mother you stupid psycho bit*H…..

  20. 45
    maryb Says:

    Tom and Gisele seem to forget that because of their relationship and marriage that , John (Jack), they made him a ******* and illegitimate because his father never married his mother and that’s why his name is Moynahan, not Brady. It has no effect now, but at some point in his life it will unfortunately. Gisele will always be a step-mom to him and can never ever be a 100% mom because she didn’t birth him, didn’t raise him from an infant , when he teethed, was sick, took his first steps and was cared for most of his life by his real mother. They see him one week a month, maybe, and that’s zilch because it takes more than one week to raise a child. I give Bridget credit for the wonderful way she has raised him and has kept her mouth shut and not like big mouth Gisele. You can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth or Tom Brady’s because they are despicable liars!

  21. 46
    Wickedly cute Says:

    @MeganRebekah: The comment current girlfriend was not meant by anything just like you say Gisele words were taken out of context!!!

  22. 47
    Wickedly cute Says:

    @James: Ugh, stop it! She is not the most gorgeous mom, she has a slammin body but Bridget takes her hands down in the looks dept. And if your so confident let their actions do the talking, Bridget does. She has not said a word and she walks with her head up. And have you seen Gisele without make up? Ask JET who is the prettiest and he will tell you, you ask Gisele’s baby who is the prettiest and she/he will tell you? Tom and Gisele are together leave Bridget the hell alone, she is leaving Tom alone! The only words that have ever been spoken with Bridget and Gisele’s name in the same sentence have come from either Tom or Gisele, so get a grip, I am looking to read up on her upcoming films and find myself defending her from attacks. If you say that Tom has moved on “Leave Bridget Alone”!!!

  23. 48
    Wickedly cute Says:

    @maryb: That’s not entirely true, if you want the child to have the last name then Tom could have given it to him. I think Bridget decided against it because of his insensitivity.

  24. 49
    Wickedly cute Says:

    And Y doesn’t anyone really Blog about tom or Gisele, without mentioning Bridget. Because they aren’t as interesting as all their fans profess them to be! They have not had one interview without mentioning Bridget’s name you know Y “Tom n Gisele fans” b/c without her they are the same run of the mill unscrupulous stars, in n out of everyones but the right one’s bed. Its like Angelina and Brad 2 nasty *ss people. Tom will be with someone else when the pressure of being injured, not winning, fatherhood, being Mr. Bundchen and living in the spot light creeps up on him. It won’t be part time then, he wont be able to run, Bundchen and the crew will be there, and the nanny won’t stop them from getting into drugs ask Michael. 4or 5, ****, don’t do the talking show me the money! And u r no Heidi.

  25. 50
    Sweet tooth Says:

    @callie: have you ever heard of rubbers, abstinence, waiting til you get marrired, and all those other things a man can do if he isn’t ready for kids. I feel sorry for your daughter’s since you will make them feel it was all there fault. Unbelievable and you call yourself a woman. Your mom was wrong you don’t make children by yourself you need a man. Let me know if you need more reeducation about the birds and the bees, don’t worry I’ll tell you the truth!

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