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Chris Brown Plea Deal -- No Jail Time!

Chris Brown Plea Deal -- No Jail Time!

Chris Brown heads into an L.A. court on Monday (June 22), where he pleaded guilty for felony assault and received a slap on the wrist — 5 years probation and 180 days of community service in Virginia.

This plea deal follows months of speculation following his alleged assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

According to LA Times, judge Patricia Schnegg says she plans to issue “a stay-away” order barring Chris from having contact with Rihanna. But an attorney for Rihanna said she doesn’t want the order.

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  • Matt

    What a joke.

  • chu


  • Raquel

    And they say celeb’s are the same in front of the law, pfft!

  • TWPumpkin

    Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you a plea deal. What a JOKE!!!!

  • kiara

    why am i not surprised

  • coco26

    Yeaaaa he isnt goin to jail! Hopefully my baby has learned his lesson.

  • you know..

    I know they said that Rihanna was going to cooperate, but lets face it she did not want him to get in any real trouble or do any real jail time. The DA had to know that, and I just don’t think the case was as strong for them as they wanted. I just think we don’t know everything that happened that night. Chris will be punished in more ways then he can see at this time. He is still very, very young. And unfortunately the internet makes it impossible for things to be forgotten.

    The drama is over and time will tell what happens after this for both of them. I condem what he did and felt he should be punished. I just can’t forget how young he is.. NO not an excuse just a fact..

  • kiara

    coco26 y r disgusting

  • annie

    he doesnt deserve this!!

  • LEss time

    Annie you’re right … he should get 6 months of probation not 5 years. Go Chrissy!

  • sunshine

    @you know…you are so right and I believe she didn’t want that order on him either…so she can’t have any contact for 5 years or am I wrong.

  • Not impressed by JA

    lol, now he pleads GUILTY. ?
    A few months earlier, he said he was innocent, that people shouldn’t react as he was guilty even when the pic of a beaten Rihanna was released.

  • Tracie

    I think the plea deal is unfair. He does not deserve 5 years of supervised probation. I wish this all never happened, but at least he knows to leave that damn girl alone now. Damn!

  • fresh


  • yawn

    i refuse to believe once and abuser always an abuser though some men can be awfully wicked but do u think all men are the same? just because one punch you doesn’t mean all will punch you to the point they can’t/won’t change. if it was one of your family members in chris position i’m pretty sure half you americans would stick behind his/her back no matter what and that’s because you love him or her.
    and also its young love between the two of them…. adults ask yourself if you were once in love come on now remember yourself and your first love all of you… you learn from first experience then you’d know better next time.

    chris has never had a real girlfriend and rihanna never had a real boyfriend the stupid media needs to stop circulating rumors that chris or rihanna is dating someone each time they see them with someone its bogus why can’t it be a friend

    from my point of view i think rihanna wanted a committed relationship since it’d be her first one and not a one day two day thing and i think by chris is young he just like every guy just wanted to bam all the prettiest girls he could

    not saying it should happen but all that happens when it comes to first love.

  • marisa

    just like OJ in round one. dispictable. just dispictable.

  • Aspen

    I am glad that the trial is over, now he can start to rebuild his life.

    I would like to see Chris get rid of his current manager and to get a professional man as his manager. Someone with the intellligence and tenacity like Matthew Knowles or the intelligence and newtworking capability like Nick Cannon.
    In my opinion Chris Brown with all his talent can obtain the same levels of sucess that Beyonce has, but he needs the right guidance..

    I would like to see him as good friends with Kristinia DeBarge.

    I love me some Chris Brown !!!

  • Love

    I dont understand why people are sayin’ just cause hes a celebrity he got away with it’I have seen people abusing each other and this guy got taken away by the police and released the next morning he wasnt even charged with felony or abusing her let alone going to jail for couple months or years,the girl was beaten up so badly worse than Rihanna. She spent couple of days in the hospital.
    PS they weren’t any celebrities

  • aep

    Disgusting…We just had a lady in our town killed by her ex. He was abusive too. Guess money can buy anything these days. How sad. How incredibly sad.

  • Catnip

    180 days (that’s 6mos ) of community service? That’s not EZ .
    he is a first offense & he has a felony on his record.
    Once you’re in the system (his DNA is now in the database)

  • Annie

    Gross Pig. But not to worry, he will do it again and MAYBE go to jail. But unfortunetly, the woman he hits will have to suffer.

  • Black people

    The Black entertainers got to Rhianna and told her to go easy on him(Blacks sticking together bs) let Chris take the lighter penalty and she can still have her justice(private compromise) and Chris will give her side andRhianna their sex tape and both parties will have big anmeswriting/producing for their next projects. A win-win for Chris and Rhinana.I think it is bs..He brutally beat the stuffing out of her.

  • wtf

    ————F U C K————–
    so bloody unfair. no justice in the entertainment world. EFFF this s h i t!

  • pen

    Now this story is done. Can we please talk about something else. like something meaningful.

  • http://justjared tiana

    i knew he would not get any jail time it’s his first offense but if he hit another woman again bye,bye Chris. But i’m not gonna judge him at all Rihanna did something to him that’s why she went easy on him…

  • jets 46

    SHE DID NOTHING WRONG. Why do black people especially black women HATE other black women? I see this EVERY SINGLE DAY. They will jump to the defense of any violent n!gg3r, but the woman who he beats??? no way. Black society is f*cked up.

    I agree with black people #22.

  • jess

    jets 46 @ 06/22/2009 at 7:04 pm

    Go kill yourself sweetie.

  • Jaye

    I don’t think this is a surprise for most people.

  • Roof

    Maybe he can get back to life

  • elizab8th

    I have an ex boyfriend who is going through the same charges right now for hitting me. 245 PC ASSAULT W/ A DEADLY WEAPON and/or an ASSAULT W/ INTENT TO CAUSE GREAT BODILY. He threw me on the floor, held me down, while punching and kicking me, and smashed a 13lb foot stool across my face.

    The injuries were bad and I received a few cracked teeth. I’m no longer with him, but I’m wondering what type of sentence he will receive??? I live in Los Angeles county as well, however, I’m under the jurisdiction of Beverly Hills Municipal Court and not Los Angeles Superior Court. The punishment is 2, 3, and 4 years in California state prison. The prosecution is asking for prison time, since this is his 3rd felony conviction for 245 PC Assault w/ a deadly weapon. The other 2 prior offenses were not domestic, nor did they relate to me. However this man is 40 years old. You can see the pattern of violence from him.

    Chris on the other hand, is half this man’s age. and the violence cycle usually begins in one’s 20′s. I’m glad that he was convicted of a Felony. Felony probation is no joke, and neither are those domestic violence classes. Screw up once, and he can easily be re arrested. He will be randomly drug tested, and prohibited to leave the county of his residence in Virginia, without a month’s prior approval. Not to mention the restraining order against Rihanna.

    Brown’s career, is most likely over, sad to say. But after seeing the pictures of her beating, I’m pleased that the prosecution intervened, in this ugly violent cycle. We don’t need another Nicole Simpson.

    He will no longer be able to board a private jet, at a moments notice, and to crash at Diddy’s mansion, on Star island, to receive some R&R.Beleive that!!! His movements will be monitored and documented. His requests to his probation officer, may be authentic, but to the overseeing probation officer, they will seem frivolous and trivial. Therefore, most likely they will be denied!

    Unlike my ex, Brown is famous, has a famous victim, has a lot of money, and has hired one of the best attorneys that money can buy. I’m certain that if he did not have these assets, he would have received a harsher punishment, and definitely some jail time, as the minimum sentence is 2 years prison time. The fact that he only received, community service, is disappointing.

    But let us look at the amount of time, 1400 hours, equaling 180 days of 8 hour, physical labor. We are not talking about reading bedtime stories to blind children. We are talking about long, hot/cold (depending on the weather) days of undergoing back breaking, and often disgusting, physical labor.

    He will clean blood out of jail cells and vomit out of the back seats of patrol cars. Believe me, I have personally undergone this. Sometimes, it almost is better to take the jail sentence, then to be tortured and humiliated under a constant, and watchful eye of the presiding police sergeant.

    The bottom line is this: Chris Brown was punished for his reckless and criminal behavior against Rihanna. Was it the punishment we all wanted or expected??? No, but is it ever, when a celebrity is involved? 25 years ago, Brown would have received a true “slap on the wrist” and nothing more would have been said or done, judically or in the press. Today, society demands more accountability from individuals that commit crimes, celebrity or not. Women will not tolerate Domestic violence, nor will the courts. Those days are over. However, even today, if you have a fat wallet, no priors, and are a celebrity figure, you can easily fall through the cracks of the justice system.

    But I can honestly say that Brown dug his own grave, when he took the plea deal and admitted to the Felony, therefore subjecting himself to all the punishments and requirements that came along with the sentence.

    Quite honestly, with his current lifestyle, Chris Brown, may not even make it through this physically harsh labor punishment and may very well subconsciously rebel, by means of procrastinating his court obligations, and end up back in court for a Probation Violation.

    Closing, should I mention what will happen to him if he comes into contact with his ever forgiving, love Rihanna???

    Girl needs to move on!!!!

  • Littlemiss

    Well, all i got to say is he not going to jail. I’m happy. End of story.

  • Jennifer

    @elizab8th: Drama Queen alert.

  • Vicki

    stupid shit

  • Rhianna threw the first punch

    Rhianna threw the first punch. Chris Brown did not do anything wrong.
    That beaten image of hers is photo shopped.
    This is all just a Femnazi propaganda to demean men.

  • Debbie

    Are you kidding me? He did not get off easy because of his celebrity. He got exactly what a non-celebrity would get for a first time offense. Hopefully, he will LEARN from this mistake. Somehow, I doubt that Rihanna is totally innocent in this mess.

  • Delsy

    actully in a case like this they do not realise that he proberly won’t get jail time i have said this on perez site(i don’t vist it anymore) in legal eyes if you own up you will get hard community service restraning order or more maybe a big fine. i did say this but people said he is prberly going to get jail time this was from advice from myuncle who is a judge ohwell don’t care really rihanna is a lil bitch and chris is a douchbag lol like perez

  • bruges101

    Has any body asked this question?what if it was Rihanna who hit him with her shoe and had him bleeding at over,would she have gone to jail for that?Now we can see her running around with all sort of men.Yep!,you can call me an asshole but all I ask for is equal rights for us all.

  • emily

    bassically ive never liked rhianna and although beating is very very wrong and he shouldnt have did it , i stil think rhianna made up alot of it but if chris said no shes lying about that itll just make the situation worse. I love chris brown so much and what ever happens im going to be on his side . i hate rhianna with passion i only like some of her songs shes a hoe no matter what. and i could cuss her all day. So well CHRIS BROWN IM TOTALLY ON HIS SIDE
    i love you !..and i hate her.

  • Suppress your appetite

    Chris :):):)